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Why Use Our Free Service?

  1. When you submit a pre-application from our site your information is ONLY shared with lenders and NOT used for marketing (spamming)
  2. Your credit score will NOT be damaged any further by using our free pre-app service
  3. Your pre-app will be reviewed by over 300 lenders at once!
  4. We have over 120 lenders that service people with really bad credit
  5. If you have any form of steady income you can be approved
  6. Reasonable interest rates because lenders compete for your business

Submit you application by getting started here please. It’s a good idea to read the information below before applying, but we understand you may be in a rush.

How To Apply

Please READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY before applying! If you submit a pre-app without following the instructions below it will be automatically rejected. Sorry, but we have to protect the privacy of all concerned. You can always try again as many times as you want.

DO NOT leave your last name, phone numbers, home street address, work street address, etc. DO NOT include any personal information that can identify you at this stage. Lenders that choose to email you back will ask for that kind of information.

In the COMMENT section explain IN DETAIL why you need the loan, how you ended up needing this loan, and how much you can easily pay back each month to service the debt. Include what kind of interest rate you intent to pay as well. Provide your credit score information if you know what it is.

Include as much detail as possible on your entire story AS LONG AS you don’t include personal information that can identify you. Your comment will go live on our site, so that is why you don’t include all your personal information in the pre-app.

Applying With Mobile Device

  1. Tap the CLF logo at top/left of the page you’re on / this will take you to our home page
  2. Tap any of the posts listed on the home page / doesn’t matter which one
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the “View Desktop Version” link
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page (yes, again) and fill in your FIRST NAME, EMAIL, and PRE-APP COMMENT

Applying With Desktop or Laptop

  1. Click top banner to get to home page
  2. Click any of the posts
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill in your FIRST NAME, EMAIL, and PRE-APP COMMENT

Thanks for using CLF’s non-profit lender/borrower matching service.