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Helping Borrowers and Banks in Santa Ana

This is our “getting together” page for the fine people of Santa Ana. Borrowers and banks are welcome to use this meeting place to find each other.

All banks, brokers, and credit unions are free to enter their information for communique with citizens of Santa Ana and surrounding areas.

Banks and Lenders; leave your full contact information so borrowers can find you.

Borrowers; contact the lender or bank or broker. Don’t post your email or phone number here please. This is to avoid you being inundated with emails from unsolicited lenders – usually predatory lenders!

We do our very best to make sure that predatory lenders do not see the light of day on California Loan Find, and we check this meeting-place-post for abuse and predatory behavior. Our team here at Clf is familiar with some of these parasites and we don’t approve their comments – so most the time we get rid of them quickly.

However, if you see a predatory lender, or loan shark swimming in our waters, nosing around for the smell of desperation, or blood – please alert us using our contact page. We will have the shark removed and sent back to the deep where they belong.

If you don’t how to recognize a loan shark, it’s quite easy; they will ask for a hefty fee up front for your loan approval, and/or they will try and charge you an APR over 13%. Some of these loan sharks masquerade around as if they were legitimate brokers, but in fact they are working for a group of investors who “provide” sub-prime loans for home mortgage purposes.

These brokers will ask for 25% of the property equity on a house, and then if you ever default, you lose your down payment. They also charge huge penalties if for some reason you can’t make a payment.

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