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Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Loan for $2 Million – Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA

This applicant is trying to procure hard money financing for a land development and community recreation center project to take place in Carmel Valley, San Diego, California.

He is resorting to using the Internet, for the first time, to try and borrow $2,000,000 so he can go forward with his partners who are in on the deal as well. They need a total of $8,000,000 dollars to get the entire project done, and they know there won’t be any overages on the contracting costs – they firm contracts signed in place, with realistic estimates on the parts, supplies, and labor required to finish the entire development.

This commercial real estate development will consist of a community recreation center at the heart of the project, with an additional two wings for leasing to various retailers. The location is prime, and the land itself worth the investment alone in our borrower’s/applicant’s opinion.

We are starting to see more of these commercial real estate note requests online, now that commercial developers are now using the Internet to try and find hard money lenders for their spec. projects. Now a little about the classification of a “speculative loan”.

Hard Money Loan for Speculative Land Development

Technically, this loan is not really a “spec” job, because they have the full commitment of the Carmel Valley authoritative bodies (City Hall, School Board, and Chamber of Commerce) in that the recreation center will be used and all permits are in place and notarized already. The retail store rental space already has 5 out of 12 units confirmed for leasing as well – however, this development is still being called a “spec” job.

I don’t know what more you need to have in as far as confirmation of the utilized assest tham this scenario.

Hard Money Loan Request – $2,000,000

Below is the short version of the 2 million dollar loan request that this applicant put through last week. We don’t have any data on the status of this loan, as it is not approved (yet). We do have some lenders that provide hard money for land and real estate developers, so $2,000,000 is not out of the question by any means.

See Below.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Amount :: $2,000,000 for development in San Diego

Commercial Real Estate Loan Processing Speed (when is the note required):: In 2 months at the latest

Do you currently have a loan with us? :: No

Have you ever had a loan with us? :: No

Bank Name and Branch :: Torrey Pines Bank, Carmel Valley Branch

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? :: Carmel Valley, San Diego, California

Zip :: 92130

What is your employment type? :: Commercial Development Assessor

Employment Position :: Manager of Commercial Development – Owner – Self Employed

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly):: Completely various (grossing $34000 per month)

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: Currently bad due to land titles beef and lawsuit

How did you find us? :: Searched Google for Commercial lending in CA

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check):: cheques, direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: N/A

Do you agree to have this information published online? :: Sure – please remove my personal information though, and please send me the page on your site that will hold information regarding my application for this loan.

Extra information here please (some detail):: I am currently working with a real estate company and land development firm, as well as a long list of contractors to get the financing all in place, as build this recreation center on spec. – I personally need to raise a minimum of two million dollars for my end of the deal.

I can provide a long list of projects, investments, and land deals that I have been apart of in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego – I would like to keep my private information PRIVATE however.

Two Million Dollar Loan – Outcome and Updates

We will be updating the status of this loan request for 2,000,000 dollars later this week, once we find out if any private lenders for banks wish to take on this applicant’s request for commercial real estate development. To date, this will be the most money ever applied for and approved through CLF site.

As usual, regardless of how much money being requested and how much money being lent through our site, the same rules apply.

Reputable and trustworthy lenders allowed – ONLY. Must be  accredited with the Better Business Bureau, a must have a clean record of doing business in the State of California.

If you are wondering how our lenders contact the applicants and borrowers, this is how it works.

  1. the email used in the comment/request for financing in kept private and provided to our growing list of private and commercial lenders who have permission to access our applicants (1543 lenders across the United States and Canada as of this publication)
  2. if your pre-application comment is accepted by a lender, they will email you with a request for further information
  3. if none of the lenders send you an email, then that means they were not enticed by the amount of information you provided
  4. once the lender approves your formal application for the loan we are notified and our database tracks this privately
  5. if a lender does not approve the loan after the formal loan application is completed, we are informed to as why the loan was denied and our database tracks this privately
  6. if a lender asks for money up front, or behaves in such a way as to break CLF rules, or their local State and/or County/Community laws, they are reported the necessary authorities, and they are black listed from for life.

So that sums this application up for today – we’ll be back here soon to post the outcome of the request – thanks for coming by and visiting us at CLF!

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  2. Maria wrote:

    Looking for a hard money loan for a piece of commercial property .

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    My friend and I are opening a massage parlor in Silicon Valley. My friend already working 3 years in the business. Need money for location rental, upfront one time costs for furnishings and equipment, etc. I am a Silicon Valley engineer. Massage business is a side-project. $100,000 loan over five years. Would like no pre-payment penalty clause.

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    Hi I am looking for a loan 90,000. to buy an existing flower shop in Colorado. The shop is doing over 600,000. in sales and I know with my 35+ year in this business I will do well. I would like to get funding this month (May 2016) to buy the shop before they sell to somebody else. My credit is in the high 500s because of a stupid mistake in the past. I do pay my bills. I would like to a five year loan with no pre-payment penalty.Thanks for your consideration.

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    I need a $50000 loan to purchase a house from my friend whos moving out of state. She can’t do owner carry because she needs the money to purchase a house in new state. I am disabled and have had disability income for 10 years. My credit score is in the low to mid 500s due to student loans and medical bills. I have a coborrower, my mother, if needed. This opportunity is my chance to own a home to leave to my one year old one day as well as being less expensive than rent is eaxh month. Thanks for your consideration.

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    Need a loan for 100k to pay in a year

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