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Guaranteed High Risk Personal Loans

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams.

Finding a guaranteed, high risk loan is really easy if you are willing to pay the huge fees associated with this kind of loan.

Personal loans in the United States have been escalating for individuals who would normally be denied funds based on very poor credit. Unfortunately the predatory lenders are out in force for these kind of borrowers – and for good reason – profit.

When these lenders promise to guaranteed your approval, no matter how bad your FICO score is, and how bad the credit bureaus see you, then you need to be careful at every step of the way. You have to see what they are trying to sell you here. There are allot of scams out there whereby shady lenders will set up the borrower to lose even more desperately needed money.

You can be sure that if the lender is asking YOU for money there is a problem here, then you are guaranteed to get ripped off. I’ve heard of lenders online asking high risk borrowers to make payments (usually 2-3 payments) up front before the borrower receives the loan money.

There are plenty of lenders who offer loans to borrowers with really bad credit and they don’t ask for payments up front, so anytime some so-called bank asks for monthly installments run for the hills.

Legitimate Lenders That Guarantee High Risk Loans

There are legitimate and legal lending institutions that provide high risk loans to bad credit applicants, but they charge big fees and really high interest rates at APR levels that can make you wince. Of course there are the payday cash advance loans that pure cash with no down payment and they can sometimes ask for APR levels as high as 350% to 500%. If you pay back the short term loan on time, and in full, you will avoid rates that high, but their APR is still going to be over 150%.

There are private lenders that give loans to individuals and businesses for much more reasonable rates, and often the application process is not so stringent. There are private lenders that accommodate extremely high risk borrowers as long as they “feel comfortable” with the terms of the loan and the applicants behavior. These private lenders generally don’t advertise and they rarely give loans online.

New Age Online Solutions For High Risk Borrowers

What is coming online is very encouraging in the lending sector. There is a new way to get approved for an extremely high risk loan and it’s from individual people who lend money in “little bits”. First of all the name of the first major web site that provides a web system so that borrowers can get funding and private lenders can lend money –

This is a revolutionary new system of personal financing and is a sign post to what is coming. Lenders are getting a return on their investment that most banks cannot beat, and a better return than what almost all stock brokers bring to bear.

We will see more of these lending and borrowing cooperative web sites in the future. The standard banks don’t like these new upstarts systems obviously, but we’ll see if Prosper survives.

If you are a high risk borrower expect to pay higher rates of interest on Prosper. There is no free lunch if you have a wildly high FICO score.

The Only Kind of Guaranteed High Risk Loan You Should Want

Being in a really bad financial situation means the only loan worth getting is a debt consolidation loan. There is no time for wasting more borrowed money anymore. You need to bite the bullet and consolidate all your bad debt, and change your spending habits immediately. The whole family has to change their spending habits and lifestyle or else you can find yourself out on the street.

Nowadays high risk borrowers are more common that ever before. Due to the mortgage industry crash of 2008 and 2009, millions upon millions of Americans are considered high risk applicants, if not already in bankruptcy.

You need to be hopeful that you can find the loan required to clear up your personal finances, and I know that is hard to do, but please try to relax about it and remember you will eventually get out of the hole and back in the black.

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114 Pre-apps

  1. Bart wrote:

    Well I wanted you to know that I got approved for a high risk loan finally. I found out that online lenders who claim they guarantee approval, are NOT guaranteeing anything! You have to make sure you shop around.

  2. CLFadmin wrote:

    Congratulations Bart!

    How much did you borrow?
    What was the interest rate?
    Who was the lender?

    This helps all of the borrowers that come to CLF, so please update this.

    Not sure if you typed in your email correctly here by the way.

  3. Danny Markuson wrote:

    I was guaranteed a loan by many lenders who clainm they lend money to people who have poor credit or really really bad credit – I tried applying with all of them, and they just decloined my applications within a few minutes.

  4. Deborah wrote:

    I need 3000.00. I live in new jersey. I need it in as soon as possible. I would like to make monthly payments if possible.

  5. Candace wrote:

    I need a 15,000 for flight school. I live in Mississippi. I need it within this week. Thanks.

  6. Rick O. wrote:

    I need a $50,000 loan within 48 hours for a business deal. No upfront fees, so no scammers!! Contact if you can help.

  7. tiffany wrote:

    Hi, my name is Tiffany. I live in Texas, and i was looking for a high risk bad credit personal loan for $60,000. I was needing it no later than April 25th, 2011. I am willing to pay 12% interest for 10 yrs every 2wks. Direct deposit is available to ensure that my payment is made on time, with my vehicle as collateral and a coborrower if needed.

  8. mona wrote:

    I really need $1700 ASAP, willing to pay no more than 17%. meed to catch up on some bils

  9. Randy Padfield wrote:

    i really need a $7500 loan asap in south dakota am willing to pay up to 17%. Need to pay off some credit cards

  10. Randy wrote:

    Need 1700 asap will to pay 20% interest to catch up on bills. live in south dakota, never been late on loans just credit cards.

  11. Miguel wrote:

    I need a loan of $100,000 to set a high-risk business venture. I have 10 years of experience in the industry and would like to do it on a bigger scale. I have been turn down by banks because of the nature of the business. It is not risky for a person like me that has 10 years of experience. I can do 15% interest for 4 years doing monthly payments. I need the loan in the next 48 hours if possible.

  12. Terra wrote:

    I’m a 29 yr old single mother. I’m employed and have no problem paying payments. I need a personal loan of $30,000 which will be used for medical purposes. I have bad credit and have been turned down for every loan imaginable. If you can help please contact me.

  13. Gabino Munoz wrote:

    I’m seeking a loan for the amount of:

    48 hrs

    I need the loan to catch up on some personal bills. This loan should carry no penalties for paying early and in full during the life of the loan. I am open to listen to all offers but need to stay focused on the time frame for delivery. Thanks.

  14. Jeni wrote:

    My name is Jeni, and I’m in so deep with credit cards and bad credit score, Im desperately seeking help, I need $12000 as fast as possible, I am at risk of losing my husband and children because I got in this terrible money mess, “the root of all evil” I am willing to put up collateral and do anything for someone to help me get a new start and still keep my family together. I am at that terrible point that Im not sure why I should be alive but I really want my kids to have the mother I’ve always been to them and who they believe me to be. I will accapt any terms..this is all I live for, my family. Please HELP!

  15. Clarence wrote:

    I would likem to get a loan for $150k to start my own company. The funds would allow me to leverage it up to ten times the amount recieved. I would accept any terms that make sense.
    I live in Martinsville, Virginia.
    I would like to get the loan in 5 days.

  16. Harley wrote:

    I need a high risk loan of 25000, was unemployed for 2 1/2 years and ended up living off of credit cards, now they are unwilling to work with me. I have no problem with a high interest rate if the payments are not unreasonable. I am willing to pay for as long as it takes. I do not want to file for bankruptcy. Want to do the right thing but am finding it hard to do. Credit rating is horrible, or I probably wouldn’t be here. Please help.

  17. Patrick wrote:

    I am in need of $7500 . My work has slowed down I need to pay my house and two vehicles.

  18. Jaime wrote:

    Hi! I need an $8,000 loan to consolidate some pesky loans. I am willing to work with any honest and legitimate lender. Thanks!

  19. Jaime wrote:

    Hi! I need an 8 to 9 thousand dollar loan to consolidate some bills. I will work with any honest and legitimate lender. Thanks!

  20. LATOYA wrote:

    Hello’ I am a 27rd female with 1 15month old son I am looking for a legit lender to lend me 15,000 within a week if possible i am paying off debts on my credit, Buying a new car, & will be moving and looking for a new place to live along while buying new inventory for my small business please help me! My credit holds me back from alot of things and im sick of it! no scammers i will not pay money to get money!

  21. Carol wrote:

    I am looking for $5,000 by April 20th, 2012. I am finally getting back on my feet after a lengthy illness and need this money to pay off my car and consolidate debt. I realize that the terms will be steep considering my credit score. I am in Maine. Please only lenders in the USA. No scammers. I will only work with honest, legit lenders. Thanks.

  22. Kevin Deal wrote:

    We are a family of 6, one income. we nnned a to consolidate our bills so our weeekly and monthly out pay is managable. I had my work hours reduced and the wife lost part of her school funding. we need roughly 15000 to 17000.

  23. LARRY wrote:

    I am a single male and employed and am looking to borrow 1000.00 immediately to pay back some post bankruptcy taxes that we were not discharged. I am looking to have the amount paid back between 6-12 months with interest. i am looking only for legit lenders that can be verified. Thank you

  24. zane wrote:

    im disabled needing dental work would like a loan to consolidate bills an get dentures.
    im would like to get $12,500.00 for 4 years @ up to 17% intrest i can pay off all of my bills
    get my dentures and have only one payment. (except my car) my kids are married and moved out so
    i can get rid of my credit cards now as soon as i can pay them off. with the loan

  25. Robert wrote:

    I need $1000 for 12 months @ 15% as soon as today. Monthly payments starting November 1st.

  26. Tena wrote:

    Please help. Need 3000 asap. payback within 6-12 months in monthly payments. Thank you.

  27. Melissa wrote:

    Please help. I’m trying to get back on my feet and need a loan of $25,000.00 by this weekend. This loan will help payoff all my debt and help me payoff my car before it gets repossessed. I am able to make payments monthly and up until recently had good credit so I know that I can make monthly payments I just need someone to give me a chance. I fell behind on payments while I was on maternity leave and am now in serious trouble. Please only lenders in the US and no scammers.

  28. Mary wrote:

    I need a $15000. loan to consolidate debt. my credit isnt the greatest but i have the monthly payment.i recently had a breast cancer scare and now i have medical bills building up! i need this asap. i live in ohio. please help, no scammers please !!

  29. Steve wrote:

    Personal( ex wife pulled a fast one on daughters tuition payment)
    State: Ct
    Payment with interest <12mo
    need in 2 weeeks
    Have good paying after divorce…….well you know how that goes

  30. Kimberly wrote:

    I am looking for a 1500 loan to move in to a new place and get car registered. I can pay back 200 monthly. I am a single mother looking to have an opportunity to start fresh. I am OK with higher rates due to bad credit. I look forward to being able to turn my credit around by paying on this loan until paid off.

  31. Kimberly wrote:

    Forgot to mention I need loan ASAP. Thank u.

  32. res637718 wrote:

    need 15000 to have one bill a month to willing to pay 22% or more would like it asap. had 2 unexpected funerals to pay for in one year trying to get back on my feet. income is 1664.00 social security 2816.00 v a disability, just need a little time to straighten everything out. thanking you in advance for your time.

  33. Dana wrote:

    I need a personal loan for 5000 for a wedding expenses. I live in CA and need it as soon as possible.

  34. Chris wrote:

    I need a loan for $3000 to pay a bill ASAP!

  35. JOE wrote:

    I got even in a bad relationship and business deal and desperately need to borrow 3000.00. I will accept just about any terms. I really hope you can help me with this problem. I need the funding asap !!

    Thank you for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon..


  36. tamra wrote:

    i need a loan like yesterday, can you help? bad credit, great job

  37. Nicole wrote:

    I need a loan for 2500, my credit is poor. I am employed and would like to repay loan in installments. I need to take y family to visit my mom as she is very ill(suffering from kidney failure) and I fear she won’t be here much longer. I need loan for traveling expenses and to cover bills as I can take a leave from my job but will not be paid for the time I will miss.

  38. tammy wrote:

    I live in New Hampshire and would like to borrow $7,500 to with bills. I can pay back 1-2 years with payment each month. I could use the loan asap. Thank you in advane and please no scams as I have already gone through this with loss of money.

  39. Agbor wrote:

    I’m looking to borrow $3500 as high risk loan. I need it ASAP. I have financial hardship for child tuition for school. I will pay 20% interest, high risk unsecured loan. I ‘ll pay it in 3 months. I live in Chino Hills, Ca. Please help me. Agbor

  40. Louis wrote:

    Need a 10000 dollar loan to pay mortgage arrears( lender not helping) due to beaning
    unemployed for six months I receive 1466 a month on SS (now)
    and 1200 a month with wife working willing to pay min 12% max 15% interest
    for 6 years on monthly term with intent to pay off full loan and interest sooner
    Fico score is as of present 630
    Live In Muskogee, Oklahoma
    Need Loan in one week to move forward
    Please help us Out
    Thank You

  41. Tina wrote:

    Please help! My husband is fighting lung cancer, I tried to make his dreams come true before his health got too bad by leasing a restaurant, his father was gonna be our financial backer but he backed out cause he couldn’t buy the building, I need 10,000 for operating capital, I have no problem with the high interest rate and I can pay the loan back in a year to 2 years. Please no scammers!

  42. CLFadmin wrote:

    Scammers are not allowed on this site Tina – best wishes for you and your family.

  43. Chris wrote:


    I need a $3,000.00 loan very fast. I have a steady income and can pay it back in 24-36 months

  44. Gabe wrote:

    Hello, I’m hoping this website is true and helpful. I am a retired (due to medical reasons)man living in the state of California, seeking an unsecured loan of 10000 dollars to get my financials back in order. I have over the years taken on small payday loans, a title loan and loans from family in efforts to consolidate my debt and have one bill a month. In accepting these loans I created a band aid effect instead of financial stability. Now I find myself cornered by these loans and am making an all out effort to correct this impediment. I have monthly income from SSDI and can afford to pay the loan back. I am open to the percentage and duration but I do need the loan within the next 7 days. I have exhausted all other options and plead to you if you can help, please give me chance. Thank you

  45. Karen B wrote:

    I am looking for an unsecured personal loan to pay off credit cards, medical bills and some misc bills. I have been turn down by my bank and other loan companies because of my credit and bankruptcy. I lost my husband 7 yrs ago and had to quit my job to file for disability, so I lost my house and had to move in with family.I need to borrow $8000 and I can pay back $350/month. I really need this loan ASAP. My credit score as of 1/14/2015 are: Experian(635), transunion(641) and Equifax(631). I live in St. Charles, Mo. I hope there is someone out there that can help me. Thank you for your time. May God Blees you!

  46. Maurice wrote:

    Please contact me for a legit loan. I understand that my credit is bad and I will have to utilize a high risk lender. I have a portion of my injury suit to use as collateral. I recently was awarded a suit settlement for 194K. My attorney and my Judgment Enforcer can attest to the viability of payment. Please only legit lenders respond. We have been marketed by scam after scam and know the difference between “legit” and “phishing scams”. No Fees for transfer to MoneyGram or Western Union will be paid. Perhaps this will eliminate any potential “scams”. This is is a serious borrower with legit documentation. Contact if you want a serious borrower.

  47. stan wrote:

    looking for a loan i live in n.c

  48. Catherine wrote:

    I need a startup loan for a small business (Cat’s Blues Club). The club will be a club where the customer age 30 and over. My credit is very bad I am looking for someone to give me a second chance to get myself back on track. My credit score is (TransUnion 541) (Experian 489 ) (Equifax 539 ). I need about $15000.00 to get started I hope that you can help me with this dream of mines. The business is in a good location and it can make money. The las peoples who had the bar was in business for over 25 years. The husband and wife retired from the business about 2 years ago. So please help me out with a loan. I am looking for a second chance PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone please HELP ME?

  49. Jimmy wrote:

    I have $50,000 coming soon from a 401K rollover I’m going to withdraw. I’d like a loan of $10,000 to maintain/pay debts off while I’m waiting for the withdrawal. Bad credit. Thanks.

  50. Jimmy wrote:

    Edit prior post: I have a good income, I’m an employed professional.

  51. lilli wrote:


    My name is Lilli and I am looking to borrow 7000 my credit score is a 643. I pay my bills on time I just got a lot coming at me. I now have student loans plus credit cards. If you can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you

  52. KESHIA wrote:


  53. Jim wrote:

    I need to borrow $2800 immediately. Will pay up to 30% APR for 36 months. I reside in medford, oregon.

  54. Debbie wrote:

    I am asking for a loan of 7500.00 to pay off some medical bills and finsh getting my car fixed, and keeping my home business going. I really need this loan tomorrow .I have been promised so many times that Im approved for a loan and when they see my score ,they turn me down. All I ask is for a second chance to get back on my feet. I borrowed money from a friend and I have to pay it back Friday and no one will loan it to me. I really hope you can help me.

  55. Blane wrote:

    I am in need of a loan. I need to fix one vehicle to be adequate for sale and get rid of it as it is gradually causing me to go broke, and I have another in mind for purchase. along with that will be establishing insurance and all other costs associated, and pay off the remainder of a note against my lemon-of-a car i intend to repair so i may sell it. the total i need to cover all i intend to do for transportation is $20,000.00, and I need to accomplish this as soon as possible. I prefer to do this in the form of a personal loan. if you can help, I will be greatful, please let me know!

  56. singor wrote:

    What i’m asking for is a personal loan of $20,000, yes i know thats a lot of money, and i know your thinking why i would or ask anyone you knew to do something like that, for the $20,000 you loan me i will repay $30,000 from my NFL 401k that i can’t touch until i’m 45 and i have $118,000 in it now. So i will pay $300 a month until i can receive the funds on my birthday October 12, 2017. So over the 2 years i’ll make 24 payments of $300 that equals $7,200, then i’ll pay the remainder of $22,800.

  57. Marianne wrote:

    I really want to get out of debt. I have been trying to consolidate with smaller loans, not working well, what I need is $30.000 to pay off everything. I don’t know if that is possible – that is a lot of money unsecured. My credit score is 651 and I have been shopping around but it is hurting my credit score. My debt to income ratio is high but won’t be if I pay off everything. I would like to pay back over 10 years, with an interest rate of 14 to 16%. I would like to close all my credit cards – keep one small one for emergencies. I am in Ohio. I don’t know if there is any help for me. I don’t want debt relief, your credit score suffers and I don’t want bankruptcy. If you can help, please contact me.

  58. Steve wrote:

    I am looking to borrow around 30,000 to pay off credit card debt from a previous relationship.I have a good steady job and a 401 k plan.I have a decent credit score. I don’t want to do a debt relief because it kills your credit for years.I would like to pay this loan off in 15 years . I am looking for a reasonable interest rate where I can pay around $365 dollars a month.I also plan on using some 401k money to pay off some other debt.

  59. Steve wrote:

    I am looking to borrow around 30,000. I am trying to consolidate debts from a previous relationship.I don’t like debt relief because it ruins your credit score.I am looking to pay this loan off in 12 -15 years at a reasonable interest rate like 12 or 14 percent.I live in Williamsport,pa .I have a steady job that is pretty good and respected.

  60. Ken wrote:

    I have 10 ac. of land + a 1084 sq ft cabin to list as collateral. I need this \small amount to pay for the survey & lawyer fees for my deed. I’m only looking to borrow 5,000. I do realize that interest will be high but not unreasonable. If someone will provide funds I’ll be most appreciative. I would like to repay in 2 yrs. at 20% monthly. Please help

  61. Tammy wrote:

    I’m Tammy. Retired from law enforcement after 30 years. Garaunteed incom from CalPers is substantial.
    Circumstances required financial assistance to a 100 percent disabled sister, closed a private security
    endeavor and my full partner left the state with company funds and I was tasked to repay business loan,
    tax board, personnel, etc. Now my mother needs expensive stroke and dementia care.
    Seeking $20,000 for three (3) years at 15%. I am flexible on percentage and length of loan, but time is
    my main problem, as the money is needed very quickly.

  62. Clarence wrote:

    I need to borrow just $500. I just started one job and I work another under the table. I am using the money to make the trip to get a much better job. Thanks.

  63. CHANDRA wrote:

    I am looking for approval in the Los Angeles area, for $12,000 within 24 to 48 hours, not willing to do up front fees, not interested in being scammed. Need the loan right way. please serious help only.

  64. Robert wrote:

    Need 7000.00 dollars to pay daughters college tuition, and extras. Need it asap. My score 600. 3 year payoff

  65. Michael wrote:

    I need $2,600 asap. I am an independent contractor and I am between contracts. My next one starts in March. I do have retirement income of $1215 paid monthly and residual income from work of $160/month. I need this for approximately 3 months. Need it now. My last years annual income was $78,000.00 asap thank you.

  66. Michael wrote:

    PS I had medical bills I am still in dispute with from an operation 2 years ago so my most recent credit score was 624 on Equifax and the traditional installment lenders won’t do it. Again thank you.

  67. Kristen wrote:

    I am a single woman living in San Francisco, CA, and I need a personal loan of $12,000 for some debt consolidation and for rent expenses.
    My score is 520. I am employed and can make monthly payments of no more than $350 a month.
    I need this loan within the next 4 business days.
    Thank you.

  68. Michael wrote:

    Again $2600. 2 or 3 year term but will pay off sooner. 624 equifax make approx $78k per annum as independent contractor plus approx $1220/month retirement income and approx %160/month residual income. This is tide me over between contracts. only respond if you can fund with the next week. The tradition Installment lenders saw too many medical bill in derogatory (approx $7K) but they are all in dispute from a surgery a years or so ago. Thank you

  69. Karen wrote:

    Hi, this is what I am in need of …

    personal loan
    San Diego, Ca
    asap/today?? tomorrow?

  70. Mickey wrote:

    My name is Mickey I’m in need of a 65,000 home loan I don’t have horrible credit I’m 23 I have a job for the state I’ve never been unemployed since I was 15 the house I’m trying to buy in the house I’m renting the owner is gonna sell if I can’t buy it plz help. State, Tennessee

  71. Jean wrote:

    I need a loan for 5000 I am trying to adopt two little brothers to keep them together and
    keep them out of the system and give them a
    stable home. So please help us I will pay back as the payments are schedule.

  72. michelle wrote:

    Took out a handful of loans after i was victimized from identity theft. A loan for $25000 would help me consolidate those loans and get me back in front of my bills. I’ve had an excellent credit history for over 30yrs and just in a matter of 3 mos. my credit is in the tank and nobody will talk to me.

  73. Rocquelle wrote:

    I am looking for a 10000 loan to get my car fixed, catch up on bills, and pay off a loan I would like to have it n later that Monday 5/23/2016

  74. Jonathan wrote:

    I need $20,000. I currently have a 6-figure a year business. Unfortunately, Paypal froze my account, and I made the mistake of leaving my money in their for too long.
    I need 20k to keep running the business, and I will gladly pay back 40k total in 12 months, no problem.Need it ASAP! 6/14/2016

  75. Carlos wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow: $20,000
    – what type of loan product you need: Debt Consolidation
    – what City and State you reside in: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
    – what your credit score numbers are: 550
    – how quickly you need the loan: 48 hours

  76. Randy wrote:

    I really need 5000. I have payday loans and debt I need to pay. Also run a small business and looking to expand

  77. henry wrote:

    Hello I need a loan asap can pay back $900 a month until paid of in full I need $48000 for some very need home improvement Thank You

  78. Michael wrote:


  79. Michael wrote:


  80. Curtis wrote:

    Lost my job last September and just recently found a new job. I’m looking for $2000 to help catch up household expenses.i don’t have much credit since the lost of job but am willing to prove to someone I can make my obligation.

  81. LARRY wrote:

    NEED A LOAN ASAP …I am looking for an urgent payday or installment loan in the amount of 500.00-1000.00 to cover some urgent expenses and to fix my car. As of today my FICO SCORE is 547. I know this seems low but I am trying to improve it and I have made progress. I am willing to pay the loan back at the maximum 6 months and can make up to 300.00 per month in payments. If you can help please reply and start with ” your California Loan Request” so that I may know you are not a bunch of spam. If you can help please let me know. Thank you

  82. LARRY wrote:

    Need a loan ASAP… My name is Larry and I live in Long Beach , Ca and I am looking for a poor credit personal loan / pay advance in the amount of 500-1000.00 dollars. I have FICO score of 547 as of 09/22/16 and realize it is very low but it has improved a quite a bit. I need the money to repair my truck and to pay off some bills. I can honestly afford 200.00 per month and can repay it ASAP. If you can assist please let me know and if you email me please indicate in your heading ” you California Loan” request in heading so I know your not spam. Please let me know and thank you.

  83. Shay wrote:

    I am in need of $3000. I am rebuilding and would like to be able to stay in my place. This would relieve stress. I can pay 300 month repayment

  84. javier wrote:

    I want to apply for a $30,000 loan.

  85. Shawn wrote:

    I am in need of 1500.00 to help catch up on bills and pay off debt to raise my credit score to buy a house.

  86. Jl wrote:

    need to borrow $15000-25000 to off high interest loans. My credit score is 600 and do have high debt to credit ratio. If can get this loan it would make monthly payments more managebble. I have fallen behind on payments and I really need this to right the ship. My monthly gross is $2400 to 3000 a month depending on over time. I also make $500 a month under the table. I live in virginia

  87. Jennifer wrote:

    I am in need of a loan ranging from $2000 to $5000 to get my daughters and I out of our bad living situation. I have bad credit and am having trouble getting approved. Please help!

  88. Jennifer wrote:

    – I need $2000 – $5000
    – Personal loan (any that you will approve me for
    – Toledo, Ohio
    – 540 credit score
    – I need this loan ASAP

  89. Ja wrote:

    Need 3000 Personal asap.Pensacola,Fl..560 score

  90. Tracey wrote:

    Im I need of a loan for 5000-7000 to catch up on bills I’m in the process of losing everything I’ve worked the same job for 6 years can make monthly payment just went to get on the right track I need this like yesterday plz plz help I’ve lost close to 1500 to scammer that said I was approved but need ins money upfront but I was desperate even though I know it was a scam but they promised me it wasn’t my credit score as of now is 470 I’ll do 20% for 2 years or whatever I can get i live in Ohio

  91. Deborah wrote:

    I’m in crisis…my husband deserted and left me holding the bills. I’m on disability, so income is small. Credit dropped due to non payment. I just need $2,500 to combine what I owe and I can pay back with no problem at all. I just need a chance, I’ve always been responsible and I pay my debts. I just need a little help.

  92. Les wrote:

    Hello I am a medically retired from the US Army due to injuries obtained while in Combat in Iraq. I get paid monthly disability compensation from Veteran Affairs. This is the only income I get due to my disability. I have custody of my two children and my ex wife put paperwork into the VA for dependent Compensation for my children when she had custody of them over 4yrs ago and the VA just processed the paperwork even though I have had custody of my children for the past 3 1/2 yrs. It took the VA 7 months to correct this issue but while they took their time to make the decision they withheld over half of my monthly income so I had to use all my savings to pay bills! When they finally paid back my back pay I still haven’t been able to catch up! I am just trying to get a loan for $3000 or as much I can get up to the $3000 to catch up on my bills and to get some Christmas presents for my children. I have tried everywhere to get a loan and I don’t want to get a payday loan because I have done that route before and that just got me in more debt and I paid it off and don’t ever want to go back to that ever again! With my income I can afford to make payments every month I just need a someone to give me a break and give me the chance to prove myself and help me out with a loan! Could you guys please help me out so I can have at least something for my children on Christmas morning because if I can’t get any help I won’t have anything to give my children on Christmas morning! So if you could please help me out here I would appreciate it more than I could ever say or show you! I hope to hear back from someone soon with some good news? Thank you!

  93. Karen wrote:

    I am really needing to borrow 2000 to pay for my father’s funeral. I have no one to help me. I receive social security benefits butI need this like terday. Please help

  94. tonya wrote:

    I have a job I make a gross income of 34,000 a year everyone else has turned me down for this loan I need for 5000.00 for emergency dentures can pay back with high interest over long term so my payments will be lower can pay biweekly or monthly need as long of terms as possible to get the lowest monthly payments but will payback any amount just to get this loan noone will approve me please help me

  95. Tena wrote:

    Hi, and please help me. I need 10,000.00 ASAP! I am on soc/dis and my bills are out of control, I need one pmt only, so this will enable me to get out of the debt I am in.

  96. Gary wrote:

    I am looking for $150,000.00 dollars to purchase equipment

  97. Christen wrote:

    Took out a handful of loans after husband lost job. A loan for $30000 would help me consolidate those loans and get me back on top of my bills. I’ve had a decent credit history for over 3yrs and just in a matter of 3/4 mos. my credit is down to 539 and nobody will approve me.

  98. LRD wrote:

    In search of a $20,000 debt consolidation loan – made some poor choices in helping a family member, now I am stuck with the credit card debt and a low credit score.
    Paying off these credit cards and getting a single payment each month would greatly help by budgeting. I work full-time in a very secure job and before I foolishly helped, by credit score was 712.
    Thank you

  99. David wrote:

    I would like to borrow a Personal Loan for $5000. I am willing to pay a 17% interest rate or whatever is required for 3 yrs. I have a credit of 509. I live Rex, Ga

  100. Ericka Bingham wrote:

    im seeking a personal loan of 10000 to pay off some debt move my kids to better neighborhood I have been scammed so many times is ridiculous just looking for that second chance

  101. Christian wrote:

    After getting divorced and being hit with a little over $1200 a month in child support, I slowly started falling behind in the ability to pay my bills and I am now drowning in debt. It feels as though I have a bill due everyday of the month and I no longer know if I am coming or going. My credit score is unrecognizable from its previous status and I desperately need to consolidate debts, with back child support and credits cards being amongst the most immediate. A $15,000 loan would help tremendously, but $20,000 would put me back in the black. I need a miracle!

  102. Chris wrote:

    Hello I’m Chris and I’m looking for a $7,000 dollar personal loan my credit is a 614 and a bank won’t lend to me till it’s a 640 or higher I have a good job payed weekly and have been at my home, job, and bank for a good while. I need this loan for home repairs and vehicle repairs that are past needed and now my only option is a high intrest loan. I need this as soon as possabile and am willing to pay up to 26% please help me and my family thanks Chris.

  103. Angel wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $15,000 loan to pay off credit cards and other high interest debt to get back on track after numerous medical issues with my daughters. I am employed full time my income is 60,000 yearly and have been with my employer for 17years. My credit is low due to some late payments around 570. This loan would eliminate a lot of my debt and get me back in the position I want to be in. I am willing to pay a higher interest rate due to my score and would like to have a term of no more than 3years.
    Thank you in advance.

  104. Joann wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $30,000 loan to consolidate debt, put a new roof on, to repair bad leaky plumbing and major car repairs. With my low credit score of 581 no one is willing to loan this to me. I have tried everyone and everyplace and have been denied. I even tried one (trusted them) and they turned out to be a scam…took everything I had for upfront fees…(stupid me)… I am able and willing to make payments on this loan that would put me and my home back together, I just need someone to trust in me and help. Thank you .

  105. Angel wrote:

    I am seeking a personal loan of 17000. I have had a rough few years with medical issues with my daughters whom are both deaf and needed surgeries to regain some of their hearing. As you can imagine having 2 children both needing costly medical care the debt has built quickly. I made some not so smart choices with high interest loans to get us through and now I am ready to try and clean up my mistakes. Currently I am making monthly payments on these loans that total up to 1486.00 I just need to consolidate all of this into one payment over a 2-3 year span and finally have my finances back on track. The loans I have taken were not the best decisions but when you are in a financial bind you do what you have to. I am able to make monthly payments of 500-600 a month and I am fully aware that due to a low credit score my interest rate will be higher.I also know that one payment with a higher rate is more financially feesable than four. I have been with my same employer for almost 18 years and lived at the same residence for 16. My net monthly income is 3600 monthly. I would really appreciate any help I can get and it would help my family tremendously. My state is ohio and if at all possible the loan within the week would be amazing.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  106. Katie wrote:

    I need a $3,000 personal loan like today. I am willing to pay high interest.
    I live in San Diego,CA
    My score is 570 due to having cancer a couple of years ago and not being able to work and pay bills. I am starting an amazing job making $45,000 and will be able to pay loan back plus pay off all debt and get my credit score back to where it was before my cancer diagnosis. Please someone help me out!
    Thank you.

  107. Joann wrote:

    I would like to apply for a personal installment loan of $3000. I am trying to consolidate my debts to have a minimum to pay out each month as I am on disability. I have tried so many/all of the online loans and payday loans but no one will approve me. I am a good person who made a few financial mistakes. I am able/willing to repay this loan. I just need someone to trust me to do so and help me . Thank you

  108. Christopher wrote:

    Hello I need a 6000 loan asap. It’s a huge emergency and will make payments on time. Turned down by everyone. I don’t care what terms of interest rate just please help

  109. Ann wrote:

    i need $8000 today

  110. Stacey wrote:

    In need of a 18k loan can pay back within 2 years, it’s a matter of losing my home and becoming homeless, I have no debt other than my house and utilities, my credit score is 522 only because my home is in foreclosure. Please help me and my three children stay in our home!

  111. Lisa wrote:

    Hello I need a 3000 for an emergency purchase. I need a new car

  112. Heidi wrote:

    I am looking for a $1,000 loan in the next 24 hours for my small business. It would just allow me some breathing room and less anxiety. I can pay the loan back within 6 months.

  113. Brooks wrote:

    I am looking to borrow 25,000. Lost job a while back and have been trying work with my mortgage company for the last 2 years to get a loan modification and all they do is keep jacking around with me. I have 2 kids and I am now behind on my mortgage payment and i do not want me and my kids to be out on the street
    I now have a good job and can afford my payments and any other payments but just can not get caught up on the past due amount.
    If you could please find it in your heart to help me and my family out We love our home and do not want to lose it
    I do not want my family to end up on the streets

  114. robin wrote:

    need guarenteed loan of 2000

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