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Getting Financial Stress Relief – Look Inside Not Out

Free of Money WorriesSometimes external circumstances in our lives can bring on financial stress. Almost every person on the planet knows the feeling. For me – it’s my Achilles Heel in life.

I can handle most stresses in life, but financial stress is still the one that “takes me down”. I literally fall apart emotionally and sort of mentally freeze up.

The only thing that gets me out of the nasty funk I am in is an inner understanding that worrying about money is one of the most insane things I can do. Money is just a numerical tool than humans came up with to keep score, and decide who gets the so-called “good things in life”.

The problem with THAT is the other human belief of what the good things in life are. The good in life does not come from things. It’s never a thing that gets you back to the heavenly place – it’s just an idea. It’s always just and feeling that everything will be alright again.

I know that most people reading this who are suffering with crushing debt will say I’m fooling myself, but in the end the true solution to putting financial stress behind you comes from within – not without. Remember that money has nothing to do with your true worth.

Of course, we should be careful with our money, be prudent, and be frugal, but we must not let money shortages crush our spirit. We can get back on our feet again – we did before, and we will again.

When you let go of the fear of being poor, broke, and homeless, you can begin to function properly again and start making some smart financial choices that will take you back to that “better place”.

What do you think? How well do you deal with financial stress in your life. I’m serious, because I’m sure you are better at it than I am.