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Fast Unsecured Loan With Bad Credit ($2000,$3000,$5000,$10000)

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This loan application was submitted in Oxnard California for an unsecured amount ranging between $2000, to $5000 and upwards of $10,000. The applicant is a family man who has some debt piling up quickly, and his mortgage is well overdue.

So much so that the BOA is ready to foreclose on their mortgage, putting them on the street.

For reasons of pride (which is all too common of course) our borrower does not want anyone in his family to know that he is need of an unsecured loan, and he also doesn’t want anyone to know that he has destroyed his credit rating by defaulting on payments to some of his creditors. There is another reason why the applicant here is trying to avoid using a co-signer, and that is because he actually works for a bank as a loan officer, and that carries with it more shame. By his perception….not OURS!

The truth is that there are people with really bad credit who are applying for loans all over California (and the United States), who work for banks. Just because you work for a bank does NOT make you a smarter consumer, or a luckier consumer. We’re just talking about people here, and any of us can be in a situation where we spend more money than we earn.

As you will read in this short loan application, this individual did not really cause his financial situation. It was thrust upon him because of medical expenses they (his family) incurred recently. Yet, another story of insurance companies lining their pockets and stiffing their customer(s). We’re not going to get into that here though – we are just telling our readers why this applicant is in an emergency cash situation.

Like all bad credit applicants, it’s almost impossible to a get approved for an unsecured loan these days, unless of course there are some special circumstances that gives the lender confidence in getting repaid. The criteria that banks are looking for is usually never met, so the only way to get the loan approved is to secure the note with a co-borrower or co-signer. This is ultimately what happened in this applicant’s loan approval.

Below is the actual short form version of the applicant’s loan request. Their personal information was protected as per the norm here at CLF. This is an emergency personal loan to avoid a bank foreclosure. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation were repaired for your consumption – this was from an online form filled out in haste.

Fast Unsecured Loan w/ Bad Credit ($2000-$10000) – The Application Form

What kind of loan are you applying for :: unsecured personal loan with no collateral

What is amount of this unsecured loan request? :: I’m flexible to some degree, but I need $2000 dollars for sure. If I pay you back over a few years that would be ideal, and then I would consider applying for borrowing $3000, $5000, or $10000 dollars. It will all depend on your willingness to approve the loan with absolutely no collateral, no security, and no down payment – of course there would be no down payment anyway because this is a cash loan that I need. Did I mention yet that I need this loan approved quickly? I do.

How fast do you need this loan funded :: as soon as you can

What City/Town, State, and County do you live in? :: Oxnard California, Ventura County

Zip :: 93033

Are you in the military? :: No

What is your employment history? :: I have been in the financial services industry for 7 years. I was a bank teller working in Oxnard, Ca for 5 years, and for the last 2 years I have been working as a loan officer.

Current Employment Position :: Loan Officer

When are you paid (biweekly/monthly)? :: Biweekly

Bank name and Branch Location :: Rabo Bank,  San Francisco, California

How are you paid (EFT, paper check, cash)? :: EFT

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $1317

Have you ever a paycheck go NSF with a no teletrack payday lender in the past? :: No

Don’t include ABA, bank routing, or SS #s here. Will you allow this info published online (privacy guaranteed) :: Yes

Fast Unsecured Loan w/ Bad Credit ($2000-$10000) – Applicant’s Submission

Extra info here :: I really need to expedite this loan as fast as you can because I have a personal financial emergency due to some medical problems my wife has recently had. We are in a full on emergency in that we can’t stay in our house much longer because the bank (we have our mortgage with the Bank of America) is threatening by mail and by phone to foreclose on us. We love our house and we would have no where to go if we lose it. Please consider letting us borrow this short term money in an unsecured agreement.

I’m actually really embarrassed that I work for a bank and I can’t handle my own financial matters in a better way. I have tried downgrading, and saving money every way possible. I have sold anything that we have of value in order to pay down some mounting bills, and I have even sold our car. I bought a motorcycle to get from and to work because it was cheap and now our fuel costs are next to nothing. My wife is looking for a part time job as well so that we might get our finances in proper order again.

Lender Notes

Attached note to lender :: This applicant has been very upfront in all of his details, personal information, and provided a full disclosure of all his particulars. Quite detailed actually, which made our job a little bit easier. The problem we are having is that this borrower has a very poor credit rating due to the financial struggles they have been dealing with. We have payment defaults showing for his Visa Card and his American Express card. The credit reports coming from Experian, Transunion, and Equifax show these defaults that went over the 3 month period which has tanked his FICO score (Fair Issac Score) down to barely over a 600 FICO. With all considerations aside, we could not approve this loan unsecured, and there is no collateral for this kind of loan request. We had to help this borrower in finding a co-signer (co-borrower) that would be suitable to qualify. We were successful in doing so – his mother-in-law signed for the loan this afternoon.

This loan was approved as a small personal loan of $10,000 to be paid back over a 3 year term. You can see the payment breakdown below in the table which includes the resulting APR of the agreement over the three year term.

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237 Pre-apps

  1. John Bena wrote:

    I need to borrow $9,000 to $10,000 on an unsecured personal loan from an indivdual lending company (not a payday loan please nor a loan referral company). I live in California and need the loan by today (5-9-11 or no later then tomorrow AM.

  2. JENNIFER EVANS wrote:


  3. chris wrote:

    i need 3000 for car repairs. my escort broke down and the only way to get it fixed is to take it to a shop but it was used, i make payments on it, and im young so my credit isnt up there yet. i cant even get to school

  4. kristina wrote:

    I need $5000 to pay my electric bill, it was turned off today, my husband has been out of work for I am the breadwinner with two children, and my husband has diabetes and that’s bad with no electric, I have bad credit, but a good paying job. Please help.

  5. John wrote:

    I live in California and I need to borrow between $3000 – $5000 to pay off debt and get back on track. I would need this loan by this week.

  6. Jamese wrote:

    I live in Georgia. i need to consolidate all of my past due bill and the currents ones I am paying on please consider contacting me back asap.

  7. tina wrote:

    I live in South Carolina and need to borrow between $7500 to $10,000 to keep my home out of foreclosure, to consolidate some small loans into 1 payment and to catch up on other bills due so I won’t get behind again. My husbands hours have been cut back, but will pick back up in September. We had some unexpected repair bills and medical expenses that also got us behind. Need loan ASAP. Please help if possible.

  8. Angelina P. wrote:

    I am in need of 10,000 dollars to consolidate my major bills and pay off my university in order to transfer my credits in order to pay and receive my teaching certificate. I make 1200 a month and am struggling with everything. Please help I can be debt free with this and make one solid payment and regain focus. I would appreciate any form of help, thank you.

  9. Angelina P. wrote:

    In response to the above statement I also live in El Paso, TX and my total debt is approximately 8,000.

  10. Cheri wrote:

    I need to borrow 2500-3500 to move to Austin, Texas, California is too expensive. I will pay whatever it takes, cause I’m paying 1600 for rent compared to 1000.00 in Texas, help anyone, I even have a clear title on my vehicle if needed. Anyone please help.

  11. Cheri wrote:

    Seeking $2500-$3500 to move to Texas, cause I cannot afford California. I can pay this within a year. Even less, have clear title to my vehicle if needed.
    How fast do you need this loan funded :: as soon as you can

    What City/Town, State, and County do you live in? :: Santa Maria California, Santa Barbara County

    Zip :: 93458

    Are you in the military? :: No

    What is your employment history? :: I have not worked, on Social Security disability. I am ready to return to work. 15+ sales experience

    Current Employment Position :: n/a

    When are you paid (biweekly/monthly)? :: Biweekly

    Bank name and Branch Location :: USAA, , San Antonio, TX 78288

    How are you paid (EFT, paper check, cash)? :: EFT

    Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $861 on 3rd of each month and $971 third Wednesday of the month I also receive $785 in child support bi-weekly each month.

    Have you ever a paycheck go NSF with a no teletrack payday lender in the past? :: No

    Don’t include ABA, bank routing, or SS #s here. Will you allow this info published online (privacy guaranteed) :: Yes

  12. Linda J. wrote:

    I Need A $2,000.00 Loan So Bad. Please Help Me!!!!!!!

  13. Doug wrote:

    I got caught up in the payday loans mess, 5 of them, yes 5. I am paying un-real fees every 2 weeks and have to keep borrowing to pay my other bills. I need to make a few home improvments and my wife is not working right now. I have been with the same company over 22 years with a steady income, I just got in a mess with these payday loan places. My other bills are sometimes late because of the fees associated with the payday loans. I am desperate to get out of this cycle and I can pay my bills with just my income if I can get rid of the payday loans. I really need to borrow $10,000 to pay the payday loans off, catch up on my real bills, and make a few home improvements. Thanks.

  14. Doug wrote:

    I live in Ohio and am caught up in the payday loan mess where I have 5 open accounts paying un-real high fees. I need to make some home improvements and pay off these payday lenders and catch up on my real bills. I need $10,000 to get me caught up and paid off. I have a steady income and have worked for the same company for 22 years. Please help, thanks.

  15. Doug wrote:

    I live in Ohio and need to borrow $10,000 to pay off crushing payday loans and other bills ASAP. I have a steady income and have worked at the same company for 22 years. Thanks

  16. Curtis wrote:

    I need a $5,000 loan to save my company buy 8/2/2011

  17. Adrian wrote:

    I live in Minnesota and I need $5000 to $7000 to help pay some of my debt. I have made the mistake of using payday loans. I also have repairs needed on my car. I am also in danger of falling behind in rent because of these paday loans. I need a loan as soon as possible.

  18. Andrea wrote:

    I live in California and am seeking a loan for $5000.00. I am trying to get a loan for very, very bad credit, to pay off outstanding medical bills, pay day loans that were gotten to try to pay medical bills, prescription drugs, rent, utilities and everyday necessities. I also need the funds to help pay for needed surgery on both hands, and surgery on one eye.

    I needed this loan last week, which was my self-imposed dead-line for locating a loan. Because my credit is so very, very bad, I have had no luck and consequently wasted valuable time trying to locate funds. This is my last attempt before bankruptcy. I do receive social security and am able to provide automatic payment from my account on each payday. I would be most appreciative if you might give consideration to my request.

    Thank you.

  19. Carlos wrote:

    I need 10,000 and i can pay it back in 30 days

  20. Manuel wrote:

    I need to borrow $1,700 on an unsecured personal loan from an individual lending company (not a payday loan please nor a loan referral company). I live in California and need the loan by today (8-6-11 or Monday 8-8-11). It’s not a big amount of money, but I’ll pay it off in under 8 months and I could afford paying a higher (but reasonable) interest rate. I work in the entertainment business and have done so for 2 years in the same company. I’m currently receiving training for a higher paid position, but I need the money to avoid the repossession of my car.

  21. shawn wrote:

    i live in michigan and need $5000 to pay off some debt, i would like it within a month, and my credit isnt that good. any ideas?

  22. Andrea wrote:

    I see my request above but there are errors in it. First it says “Andrea says” and states from California. My name is not Andrea and at the very beginning of my request I stated I am from Missouri. I am sorry but I don’t understand what went wrong with my request. Answer: To protect your identity.

  23. Shawn wrote:

    I am stationed at Ft Huachuca Arizona. I am currently in Sacramento California visiting my fiance who lives here. I am in need of a loan for approximately $5,000 to $10,000 with a term of 3 years. I am over half way to retirement and am in need of consolidating debt. I just got back from 27 out of 37 months of deployment and finally had a chance to spend more than a couple days with my children in 4 years. I had to use all my financial resources to take care of them and ensure I had everything i needed to take care of them. I need this money by the 15th of August because I am set to go to school to switch ranks and get an $800 pay raise. I am not asking for a handout, rather a helping hand to get back on my feet. My ex-wife ruined my credit during my second deployment and I can’t get approved through normal lending. My credit score is low but my job security is very stable and I am sincerely working to rebuild my credit. I need this help ASAP. It will be used to significantly lower my DTI!!!

  24. rudy wrote:


    Can anyone tell me where i could get a 5-10,000 unsecured loan in california .its for business purpose

  25. Andy wrote:

    I live in California and I need to borrow between $10000 to pay off debt and get back on track. I would need this loan by this week.

  26. John wrote:

    I live in California, Los Angeles. I need $5,000 to pay off payday loans and to consolidate my debt. I have a steady income and have worked at the same company for 6 years and I am being promoted. I need as soon as possible.

  27. Conny wrote:

    I am from Sacramento and i need $10,000 to pay medical expenses,my score is 614 (bankcruptcy 8 years ago).
    I need really hard money help !
    Thank you

  28. Pat wrote:

    I live in Texas and we are in need. We have a 1983 Dodge and it’s practically on it’s last leg. When we fix’s one thing, something else goes wrong. We don’t like to bother our neigbors. When we have to go to the Doctors or miss our appt. Thank God we have two Grocery Store not far. Because we have HOT weather here also, our light bill will be high. We are on a fixed income, we could pay $100.00 a month for the Loan but Our credit is bad. We need $3,500.00. My Husband can do the labor on the 1983 Dodge and pay that light bill.A lot of peoples light bills are going to be high. I would like to thank-you ahead. (We are 64yrs old)

  29. Lakisha wrote:

    How much you need to borrow: $5000 to $10000
    What type of loan you need: Unsecured (no payday loan please), 2-5 year term
    What State you live in: Mississippi
    How quickly you need the loan: As soon as possible, preferably within a week

    I live in Mississippi and I have been at my current job for 2 years (1 year as a temp). My yearly salary is $28,600 and I am paid by direct deposit bi-weekly. My credit score is very low (500s), but I have not had any negative/late activity for the past 3 years. I have no family to borrow from, no collateral, and no cosigner. I tried to get a loan with my credit union, but I was denied due to derogatory items on my credit report. I need to borrow somewhere between $5000 and $10000 and I would like to be able to pay it back over 2 to 5 years depending on the amount I am approved for. I can afford to pay $200-300 a month.

    My situation is this…… I had to pay some tickets, court costs, and car repairs. This set me back significantly. I did not want to default on any of my current obligations (car note/insurance/credit cards/etc) so I took out some payday loans. Terrible idea, I know, but I didn’t have any choice at the time. I am currently seeking a second job to obtain more income but in the meantime I need to get rid of the payday loans with the ridiculous interest rates and terms. There’s also repairs to make to my car and credit cards to payoff. In addition, I need to have a lawyer stand in for me in another state where I cannot afford to commute to attend court. All of this adds up to about $6000.

    I know that given my information I would be considered a high risk borrower. But I would do just about anything and accept just about any terms (within reason) to help my situation. I will even allow the money to come directly out of my pay if you are even able to do that. Whatever it takes. But I need this money within the next week. Can anyone help?

  30. Cathy wrote:

    Want to apply for a loan. Please protect privacy.

  31. Gabriela wrote:

    How much I need to borrow : 4,000 to 6,000
    What type of loan: Unsecured
    What State: NJ
    How quickly you need the loan: YESTERDAY! i need it as soon as possible within a week or two if possible.

    My history. I live in Jersey City NJ. Currently working for 4 years at a law firm as legal secretary. I am paid weekly $500.00 clean goes to me. Im in urgent/911 need of a loan due to being evicted & need to relocate to a new place. I have a 10 month old daughter & a husband who’s currently unemployed full-time Pilot student at Teterboro school of Aeronautics. Due to the fact thats only me working we fall behind on bills & eventually got evicted/ we are currently at a friends house but need to move asap. I am begging someone to please help me get a loan & get me back on my feet i am practically soon to be homeless with a 10 months old baby. I can pay back bi-weekly up to 200$. I know I seriously need the loan i know unsecured loans are very hard to obtain but as for right now i do not have any other choice please help me. I can arrange this to be direct deposit & the re-payments to be electronically withdrawn from my account as well i just need serious help. I will highly appreciate it. thanks beforehand to those of you reading this.

  32. Timothy W. wrote:

    I am looking for a loan to help pay for some bills and help start my business. I am curintly full time for a company and make $350.00 a week and plan on staying here untill my business can replace my currint income. I’m in need of $10,000 to $25,000.

  33. Danny wrote:

    My name is Danny and I need a loan for $7,000 asap! I work a full-time job as a Surgical Technologist and have been a Surgical Tech for 20 years! I need the loan to purchase dependable transportation. My current car is on it’s last legs. I take home $1300 – $1600 bi-weekly, I have few bills and my children are grown. I am currently going through a divorce, so I live alone. I really need this loan, so I am able to get to my job consistently. Please, can you help me!

  34. Julie wrote:

    I have an agreement option/lease/purchase for a house in San Marcos California. When we wrote the agreement I thought I was going to use student money for the option purchse which is due this week to complete agreement. The amount is $15K. The student money has been delayed until later this year based on disbursement dates and there are a couple of things that need to be still completed by the FA dept at the college. I am within 1 semester of graduation so I can not give up at this point. But if they do not complete the file the payment would become retro active to the next disbursement which could be as late as February 2012. We had to move from our house when the landlord let it go to foreclosure and trustee sale and have been staying in an industrial shop rented by our business since August. I really need this to work but am on a very short time line. I have income and self employment income and student money but none available in a large chunk right now. Is there a way this can be fulfilled?

  35. Stephen wrote:

    I need to borrow $6500 in an unsecured, personal loan to pay bills and buy a little motorcycle that can get me to work cheaply. I live in Texas (Dallas area) and I need this loan within 72 hours.

    I have just taken on my second job, and my wife is being interviewed Monday for a part time job. She needs our primary car for this, so I need the motorcycle to commute. I am also self publishing a book that will be published by Feb. 2012, which I stand to make a great deal on… so I just need a loan to get us caught up.

    Thank you for any help! Steve

  36. Amber wrote:

    I live in Missouri and am recently divorced with 3 small children and need at least a $5000 personal or debt consolidation loan to pay off debt and pay some bills that I haven’t been able to pay for this month due to shortness of cash. I have exhausted all my resources to be able to come up with the money and haven’t been able to. Please believe me when I say that I will pay this money back. I really need this money asap.

  37. Victoria wrote:

    I live in California, I am trying to clean up payday loans and bills. I have worked for the same organization for over 10 years. I need 8000 to pay off everything and have one basic monthly payment.

  38. Bruce wrote:

    Need to please pay off payday loans my wife is on sick leave from her job I’m retired officer on a fixed income just need to get my family back on track. I have two kids and I need all the extra to pay rent and school fees can you help.

  39. Bruce wrote:

    Need to know who I can apply to today. Thank you

  40. Traci wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan in the amount of $5,000 to consolidate a few bills and get back on track, I have a credit score of about 580 and I have fallen in the trap of paydayloans, I need to get them paid off fast they are sapping all of my resources and I am falling behind. I have a good steady job. I live in Vermont. Please advise.

  41. David wrote:

    I need an unsecured personal installment loan between $3000-$10,000. I was unemployed for 18 months and need to get back on my feet. I have since found a job and have been employed there for over a year but can’t seem to get back to normal. I would appreciate any help ypu can give me. Thanks you.

  42. Damara wrote:

    I live in Michigan and have recently gone through a divorce. I am in urgent need of an $8000 loan to pay off bills and consolidate some debt to help me get back on track. I have a stable job and can pay the money back. I hope someone can help me. Thank you.

  43. Heny wrote:

    I live in Louisiana and need an unsecured $5,000 loan. My credit is very poor, but with my new job I’ve gotten back on track. I have no co-signers that I could use so it would have to be a loan made to only me. I can begin re-paying immediately due to the high salary at my job. I just need this to consolidate old student loans.

  44. Rachel wrote:

    I live in Washington and need a $3000 loan. My credit is poor and I need the loan as soon as possible.

  45. Aaron wrote:

    I live in California and I need to borrow between $10000-$20000 to pay off debt and get back on track. I would need this loan asap!!!

    Can repay, consistent work, just ran into family medical emergency

  46. Nicky wrote:

    I need $5000 to pay off my car and to buy plane tickets to bring my child to california and to take her back. I usually bring her out here every year. I also want to go see my mom who Has MS. It would help me so much. I had to buy a car because my other broke down setting me back financially. My cedit score is not good but i have a job paying $12.14/hr x 80 hours a pay period usually. I’ve been there almost 3 years. I need it ASAP. Can any one help?

  47. Michelle wrote:

    im in need of a $20,000 loan. my husband and i got caught up in the loan drama and now we just cant breath. together we have 8 loans out there. we have 7 kids 2 going to college in the fall and have 4 still at home 1 in high school and 3 little ones. cars on their last leg and paycheck to paycheck with strugglin between them is rough and stressful. just want to breath and not stress on whats gettin paid and whats gettin shut off since we just dont have the money to pay it. i have no bank account. just need a break to take a stress free breath

  48. Katie wrote:

    I am in need of a 4000 loan that I can pay back over 3 years I really need this loan right away and have been trying to find someone to lend me the money but it seems there’s nothing but scams out there if someone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

  49. Halina wrote:

    I live in New York and I need to borrow between $7,500 and $10,000 dollars as I am trying to save my home from foreclosure. I am retired and receive Social Security. At the end of last year I was admitted to the hospital for 10 days and the medical bills piled up. I would need this loan as soon as possible…tomorrow if possible.

  50. Dave wrote:

    Hi, I live in Midlothian, Texas. My credit is very bad and I am in need of a loan for $8000.00. I am hoping to be able to get a personal collateral loan. I have some land for collateral. The land is in a place called Holiday Villages, where some people who retire live there , and people who want to live on or very close to Lake Fork said to be the Bass fishing capitol of Texas.

    I have hopes in the future to put a cabin on my land where I can go there and stay the week or weekend and go fishing almost every day. The amount I am asking for the loan amount, is what the land would be going for if someone went there to purchase the land from Holiday Villages minus $100.00. The thing is though the land in question, I owe 3 to 4 notes on it roughly $500.00.

    I was hoping to be able to apple and be approved for the personal collateral loan and in order to get the actual deed for you I go and immediately pay the remaining balance off and get it to get it to you. I do have my copy to show you proof of ownership. Back to the loan, I was hoping to be able to make monthly payments for 3 years to pay off.

    I need the loan as soon as possible, I am behind on a few bills and need the money to pay the bills along with a few payday loans to get back on track and not be behind anymore. Another thing I am in bankruptcy, I must be totally honest, that’s why I am asking for a personal collateral loan. I know it;s hard to believe in people paying their bill when they file.

    I just need to be able to pay the things I am behind on to where I will be on track will all things upcoming due. I know due to my bankruptcy you may say no, but I do hope that the fact I have some land as collateral that it will help to make something happen for me I just need a chance to prove I can and will be on time with paying my bills. This loan will put me in the position to pay all that is needed to be paid coming up monthly especially my personal collateral loan that I hope and pray that I will be approved for. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear form you all very very soon today hopefully like this morning.

    Best regards,


  51. Holly wrote:

    I live in Huntsville, AL and would like to request an unsecured loan between 3-6000. I do have a steady income as I’ve been employed at my job for 9 years. I need to pay my daughter’s tuition, pay off pay day loans as well as some other debt so I can free up more of my steady income and get back on track. I would need within the next two to three weeks.

    Thank you….


  52. Kris wrote:

    Hi aim I am in need of $3500 loan to consolidate some bills. I an working full time and will pay whatever interest require and will also pay it off in 6 months. I live in Illinois please help me now as soon as you can please.

  53. tonya smith wrote:

    I live in atlanta georgia, i need to borrow $4,000 unsecured, high risk, bad credit loan and can afford $175.00 monthly to pay back. I have no other loans at this time. I am self employed as independent contractor, I have steady income and direct deposit. I really need this loan approved and deposited no later than tomorrow in my checking account.

    I have NO money for security so I really need unsecure loan.

  54. Javier wrote:

    I live in California and I need to barrow $5000 to get back on track with my bills , I would need this money as soon as possible. Between recently haveing a baby and my mothers car accident I have fallen behind and would really appreciate the help

  55. jack wrote:

    I am in need of $6000 to combine bills and have only 1 payment rather than several

  56. Chrisita wrote:

    I live in Michigan. I am trying to get one loan to pay off debts which would be cheaper that having several mini loans out. I am also trying to get a roof on my house because the one I have is in very poor shape and leaking. I am looking at approximately $10,000 to consoloidate which would be cheaper for me than trying to pay several mini loans here and there. I need the money asap possible because I do not know how long my roof will last. I have been a my current job 7 years and counting. I am a single mom just trying to take care of things with no other support other than I am working as much as possible to take care of my family. I’m not sure what else to do at this point than just try this.

  57. Lynn wrote:

    My husband and I need a small loan of $3500 as soon as possible. We have gotten behind in paying some bills and need to catch up. We used some of our rent money to pay bills that have come up and I need to pay the rent and the rest of the bills as soon as possible. I would need this loan no later than 05/03/2012. Thank you…

  58. Kim wrote:

    Hi I’m in need of a $10,000 personal loan for my medical purposes. I already tried care credit and was denied. I live in Idaho and need my procedure done by the end of June. Please help.

  59. Beau wrote:

    I need an unsecured loan of $5,000.00 – $10,000.00. I need the money in order to move my family into a larger rental home. I don’t have enough cash to pay for the first month’s rent and deposit. I am a tech worker who has worked in Silicon Valley for over twenty years. I’m currently employed and make approximately 100k/annum plus a quarterly bonus. The biggest obstacle at present is that my wife, who is also a tech worker, has been unemployed for the past two years. She was a partner in a tech startup that never got off the ground. She invested a lot of time, effort, and money with minimal results. At this time, she is looking for work, either as a consultant or a regular employee. I’m confident she’ll find something soon. Even if she doesn’t, I’ll be able to repay the loan myself, as long as the terms are equitable. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

  60. Kat wrote:

    I am seeking $4000 to pay off outstanding payday loans that are out of hand as well as to fix a busted windshield on my car. I have a very secure and steady job as a hotel manager and am looking for a minimum 6 month loan up to 1 year. This will be getting rid of $400 a paycheck every 2 weeks to those payday loans so I can definitely afford this new loan.

  61. Phil f wrote:

    I need a 5000.00 dollar loan ASAP . I got caught up in payday loan hell and my truck is about tone replied and rent is past due bills piling up. I have a good job I have been at for 10 years and I make about 1100.00a week bring home. I know ifi can pay all these people off and have just one payment I will be able to pay back the money no problem . If anyone can help me please respond quickly I’m running out of time. Thank You.

  62. Myra wrote:

    Hello, I live in Indiana. I need a loan for atleast $5000. I am getting married in 5 days and I am over my original budget. I also am in need of a vehicle. I would rather not deal with payday loan places and I need the money by 10:00am est. I would not want my wedding day to be ruined. I get paid bi-weekly and my gross income is 2500. Myself and my soon to be husband can pay 200-250.00 a month for repayment.

  63. Jessica wrote:

    I need a 2,000 dollar loan by tomorrow urgent to pay off rent and other bills

  64. Fran wrote:

    Need a 7500 loan for personal debt this will be paying off long term debt as well as car repairs need as soon as possible credit is not good but have been on my job for 22 years

  65. Fran wrote:

    Need a 7500 unsecure personal loan for personal debt and car repair as soon as possible – Credit is not good but have been on my job for 22 years

  66. ndeye wrote:

    I need a 8,000 USD installment loan ASAP
    could you please help

  67. Mikkol wrote:

    I am in need of 3,000.00 for an emergency assistance loan. I am on the verge of homelessness, and my vehicle gave out on me. Please help.


  68. Nettie wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow – $5000.00
    – what type of loan you need – non payday and non referal
    – what State you live in – South Carolina
    – how quickly you need the loan – 5/28/2012

    My daughter is having surgery and we have to pay for it before 5/29 we have payed quite a bit on it already but have fallen behind on many bills in doing so. This will help us catch up on those bills as well as finish paying for her surgery.

  69. Richard wrote:

    i am in need of a loan $10,000 to pay off debt and high interest payday loans ,i live in michigan and have been at my job for 17 years . can make monthly payments of up to $300 . need help asap thank you

  70. John wrote:

    Hi, I am in need of a $5000 personal loan so that I can get ahead. I was a victim of an Internet fraud scam and seriously need some help to recover. I have bad credit and I am not sure where to go to apply. I have a job and get paid biweekly with a monthly income of 1600$ a month. Please help me!

  71. Jessica wrote:

    I live in southern california and I am looking for a consolidation loan in the amount of $9,000. I work full time as a registered nurse for a hospital in Santa Ana. I have been there for approximately 2 years. I am paid bi-weekly and each paycheck is approximately $2000 after taxes.
    Last year my son came down with pneumonia and was hospitalized for 3 week. My husband and I were seperated at that time and we couldn’t afford the medical bills. I had to take out fast high interest loans that are now eating up most of my paycheck. Since my son has gotten better and we just completed outpatient rehab and my husband and I recommitted to our relationship and family. I am now trying to payoff these loans so I can start saving and improving my credit score, but I can’t get a loan through my bank or credit union. my husband filed for bankruptcy last year and we’re depending on my credit alone. Please let me know if there is anyone who can help. I need the loan within the next couple weeks.

  72. Darryl wrote:

    Hello I need $2000 really bad to pay off old tickets, so I can renew my license. I started a Ewaste recycling business in November. It does pretty well but I would do alot better if I didn’t have to pay someone to drive. I would like a 2 year installment arrangement high interest is ok. With a license I’ll likely pay it off early. My credit is really bad because I’ve never made enough to pay all my bills. For the first time in a long time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just nee my license to get there.

  73. edgar wrote:

    Hi i need a unsecured personal loan no collateral beetween $2000 – $5000 as soon as possible my car broke downand have alot of whole oteh monthly and housing payments did i mention its the only car i have to get to work and back would apprciate if i get a respond by today im in california

  74. Monica wrote:

    I need $3000 personal loan to pay off my daughters tuition. It is the end of the school year and her records are not being released until her tuition balance is at $0. I would prefer non payday and I have no collateral. I do not have the best credit score, but i am willing to have direct draft from my checking account to pay back loan (the sooner the better).

  75. Karen wrote:

    Hi, I am seeking a unsecured loan of 15000. I got behind on some bills and feel like I am drowning. I am a nurse and have been fot 8 years. I have no issues with repayment. I had to move from where I was staying due to unsavory characters and I am looking for a new start. I am also trying to pay off some much needed medical help. I need help. My credit is fair but gettinf better. Banks say no. I have no place to turn to.

  76. Katie wrote:

    I need to a loan for $10,000 for a term of at least 3 years. I need to combine all bills and debts into 1 easy payment that I can handle. My husband recently had surgery and bills are steadily coming and I having trouble getting every thing paid on my salary since he is unable to work and was denied short term disability. My credit score is low because of this. I,m trying really hard to keep everything paid or at least paid on. I live in Arkansas and just need help not a hand out.

  77. jill wrote:

    I am at the point of desperation and don’t know who to turn to! I am in need of 10,000 to pay off a payday loan and prevent my house from foreclosure! I make good money but can’t get ahead without the cash I need! I am a mother to 5 children! Please help I need cash fast

  78. Karen wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow -$10,000
    – what type of loan you need -Signature Loan No Collateral (Not PayDay)
    – what State you live in -Arkansas
    – how quickly you need the loan – Today if possible

    I need a loan for 10,000. Will be willing to pay a high interest rate. Credit Score around 605. Really need this to consolidate all my bills and catch up. Since I don’t have collateral bank says no. PLEASE HELP

  79. Randy wrote:

    I live in New Mexico & need to borrow $2,500 to finish paying for a wedding. I am stable -6 years at same employer – 10 years at same address. Willing to make payments twice a month if necessary.

  80. edna wrote:

    I so need a loan for $8000.00 to catch up on some expenses that I have and to made much needed repairs on only auto that I have to depend on to get to work.. 70 miles per day..Thank you for considering me.

  81. Mandy wrote:

    I am in need of $10,000 to get my children into a home. we lost our home to fire which left my children homeless. I can make small payments each month. I am on disablitly.

  82. bob wrote:

    need 5000 can repay biweekly 15th & 30th monthlyand

  83. Cathy wrote:

    I live in New York. I am a teacher. I requested my job to take one day’s pay out of each check for each day I was absent (I had a serious illness this year) until it was paid off. Today was the last day of school and we received all our postdated checks through the summer. They took everything I owed out of my next two checks. I now only have $169 until August 1st when my checks go back to normal. I cannot live on $169 until then and I cannot pay my mortgage and my bills. I am requesting $4,000 to help me get through this. I need the money as soon as possible. Thank you.

  84. sandra wrote:

    I live in Michigan and need a 7000.00 loan to consolidate some majer bills and pay off my payday loans so I can focus again I need the loan ASAP Please Help Thank You

  85. Amber wrote:

    We are in desperate need of $3,000 by Friday. Our credit has been hit a lot lately looking for a personal loan and being turned down. We both have very good jobs but got into trouble with payday loans, borrowed one to pay off another and this has escalated out of control. My husband’s mother is 92 years old and unable to help (father deceased); my parents are 79 and can’t cosign … we’re desperate … can anyone help? We could make $200 a month payments for 18 months if that would work (don’t know what interest to figure, or how to) … just give us a chance please.
    Thank you,

  86. donetta wrote:

    how much you need to borrow-5000.00
    what type of loan you need-no credit check signature loan
    what state you live in georgia
    how quickly you need the loan-12:00 noon est 07/02/2012

    I need a loan quick,i have bad credit, i have know collateral, the bank and credit union turn me down,know friends and family too borrow from,i have been trying for months too get a loan ,i probably tried almost every place on the website.
    reason for loan-debt consolidation 5 small credit cards 2890.00,3 payday loans 1645.00 home phone 340.00,cable bill 169.00 i really really need this loan can pay you 15-21% interest can payback
    in 24 months or less, i have will receive some additional income in the next 1-2 months,as of now i have guaranteed monthly income 1967.00 defense finance accounting and sevrice us military retirement pay and 1104.00 department of veterans of affairs disability pay. if you like i can setup a government payroll alloment or you can take the money out of my account every months please help me.

    thank you

  87. Kelli wrote:

    I need 3500.00 immediately and i live in AZ

  88. Kimberley wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow: 15,000
    – what type of loan you need: unsecured
    – what State you live in: Oklahoma
    – how quickly you need the loan: at least 3000 by Sunday the remaining by August

    I am 24 years old and have been taking care of my two younger brothers since iwas 14 when my mom passed. Financialy since I was 20. It’s been a struggle but we have alway managed til last year, the oldest boy started college (he has a scholarship for tuition, but books and room and board is expensive) and I got extremely sick and was hospitalized. I had no savings, big mistake, and was already behind. I’m back at work now but I’ve lost my car, and had to move out of my apartment to avoid an eviction. The apartment manager has graciously set me up on a payment plan. Below is what I need the money for. I need to completely wipe my debts and start over. right now I’m living with family friends. trying to pay this off but I have til August too move out.

    1750: Estancia (apartment rent)
    1250: RAC
      600: National Quik Cash
      600: Cash Advance America
      855: World Acceptance
      400: Toyota Financial (remaining bal after repossesion)
      450: Sprint
      300: Flexible Spending Card
    3000: Car
    3000: Medical bills
    2000: Move

    I work for US Cellular as a Business Support Rep. I work 40 hours a week for 16.28 an hour and usually another 8 hours of over time (time and a half) I would like to pay the loan back ASAP but most I can do is monthly payments of 300.00. I am also paid biweekly.

  89. Trey wrote:

    Need loan to buy used car! Ex husband took my car after divorce! Have steady income

  90. Becky wrote:

    I live in Virginia and I need $5000 as quickly as possible – at least $2000 in one week – to pay some bills. My son is having surgery this week and there are some other bills that are due and overdue that I must pay ASAP. My credit is not good and I don’t make much money, but I do have a steady job and I am looking for one that pays more. I am a single parent with full time custody. Please help – I’m desperate!

  91. Julie wrote:

    live in Utah need 15,000 asap. Would like to start a preschool need to get it open within a month, unsecured if possible do have a co signer if need be.

  92. desiree wrote:

    i am in DESPERATE of need 3,000 a.s.a.p willing to explain to anyone who will help.

  93. Stephanie wrote:

    Hello, I’m in desperate need of at least $5000 personal unsecured loan (not a payday loan). I need more but can come back later if needed and apply again after the intial loan is paid off. I live in Ohio and need the loan by today (07/16/2012) please?!? I have bad credit and am trying to pay off some debts as well as make some much needed home improvements. Thankyou for your help

  94. sammy wrote:

    i need to borrow 15-20,000 dallors for a home and to pay off some bills. i am a truck driver in the oil field and receive 20 dollars per hour. im paid every 2 weeks

  95. Denise wrote:

    I live in Alabama and am seeking a loan for $5000.00. My credit is bad, and I’m trying to correct that. I’ve gotten caught up in payday loans and things have gotten further behind. I have been living with roommates and now with my son and his family, but need to get my own place and some stability ASAP.

    I have a fulltime job of the last 8 years and can sincerely pay this loan back in 2 years without issue..possibly sooner.

    Please help.

  96. Sean wrote:

    I have fallen on hard times I need 3,000 to 4,000 dollars to pay my bills and get buy this next month until I have normal income following in again. I have bad credit but I rebuilding it. I have two forms of income the GI bill in which I get while going to school (starts aug 20). I also just started a job at target but I have not had my first paycheck. I need this loan badly to pay rent and phone. Is there anyway.

  97. Luther wrote:

    I need a $10000 personal loan and I live in Florida. I need the loan ASAP

  98. rookie wrote:

    I live in Texas and have all of my life. I have been working for 37 years. My wife and I both have good jobs and steady income. But over the last couple of years we have had a string of issues come up at the wrong time. any way I paid alot of my credits down and found a better job last year and they are promoting me at the and of next month , I am IN training right now. the last six months i have had to take out some major payday loans for my son for medical issues and three of my cars needed new engines. I need to borrow 25000.00 to pay down 2800.00 dollars a month in payments. and get rid of two cars for one. please help me.Thank you.

  99. rookie wrote:

    I live in Texas and my wife and I have two great jobs. WE have had several emergencies come up the last six months, and needed to take out payday loans and title loans to take care of them. we would like to borrow 25000 and pay it back biweekly at 325.00 a paycheck for 5 years. we need this loan rapidly. IT will clear about 2800.00 mohtly from our out going bills . also i will be getting a promotion in about a month , when I finish with training at my job. Thank you. and God Bless

  100. lisa wrote:

    i really just need a loan big enough to pay off everything i owe so that i can have one monthly payment instead of 6 or more. the amount i need is 25,000 if at all possible.

  101. James wrote:

    I need $3000-8000, within the next few weeks. I need this money to pay for my wedding and honeymoon as neither my parents or my fiancée’s are helping us. $3000 is the minimum I need and I don’t need more than $8000. We both make decent money but don’t have great credit (my score is just under 650). I do not have collateral or a co-signer.

  102. Nicole wrote:

    I live in Minnesota and need to borrow $3000. I would need this loan Asap. My job is secured but credit score isnt really high. Could pay it back by oct 1.

  103. Luis wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow: $2000
    – what type of loan you need: Installment loan
    – what State you live in: NJ
    – how quickly you need the loan: Within next two weeks.

    Thank you.

  104. Theresa wrote:

    I draw social security an am starting my own company. I need to move and have bad creit. Living on sosial has been not to goo for me. I have and to move and would like to know if i can get a 5,000 loan quickly. My name is Theresa – I need dhelp really bad I would appreciate all you can o for me.

    Thank You.

  105. Hope wrote:

    I need $5000, I am on disability but I do want to start my house cleaning business up again PART-TIME. I have been asked by my previous customers if I would come back to clean thier homes,but I need a vehicle that I can work from and some equiptment and only about $5000.00 to start. I have found a truck already. Please contatc me by phone please – ASAP!

  106. William wrote:

    I am looking for a $10000 loan to clear up some payday loans as well as some Dr. bills and to get my vehicle back on the road. Is there anyway you can help me please. Thank you for your time
    William G.

  107. Dale wrote:

    I am in a bit of a financial bind at the moment. I need a loan of either $5,000 to get me current with my bills, or a loan of %15,000 to consolidate all bills. Between my wife and I we make over $9,000 per month gross. We just got behind due to personal reasons. I have been on my job for 31 years with a government agency. Sure could use some help as we are in danger of losing our home.
    Thank you.

  108. Edgard wrote:

    I need a $10,000 loan ASAP. Going thru a custody battle and I need the money to pay the lawyers.

  109. tina wrote:

    I live in ny. i have a great job but got into a financial dilemma this summer. I need a 2500 loan as soon as possible. i can pay it back in six months or sooner.

  110. kevin wrote:

    I am in desperate need to borrow 3500-5000 dollars asap. I have a good paying job and have recently reestablished some credit but due to a nasty divorce and custody battle i have bad credit. Can anyone please help me?

  111. jackie wrote:


  112. anna wrote:

    i need to borrow 200.00 right away i will pay it back in 1 week. i have money coming to me but something has come up and i need money now. i have medical problem and i need a test and i need the copay

  113. anna wrote:

    i need a $2000.00 loan for 1 month i have money coming to me but i have medical problem and i have to have a test and i need the copay

  114. Anthony wrote:

    Loan amount: $2500
    Type of loan: unsecured personal
    State: MS
    How soon: within a week
    Note: Got behind on some bills & need to catch up & make them current. Thank yo for your time & effort to my needs & situation.

  115. Janet wrote:

    Hi, I am in need of 2,000.00 to help pay my bills and child daycare. My husband was put in jail, and even though I am working full time I haven’t been able to get back on my feet because I do not qualify for medi-cal and my medical bills for my self and children are adding up. I live in California. I would be able to pay this back in Bi-weekly payments. Please if anyone can help, I have tried pay day loans and this has made everything even harder each PayDay. With the 2,000.00 I will pay off the PayDay loans, medical bills, and catch up on my day care payments. Thank you every one and anyone who is reading this.

  116. CJ D. wrote:

    I’m looking to borrow between $3000-$5000 IMMEDIATELY. I require back surgery for lumbar disease and am also looking to put a small down payment on a car as my truck was stolen. I know it may be unreAsonable but this loan is needed today. I make $900 biweekly and would be flexible on terms of repayment due to the immediate need of the finances.i am located in California. Any response would be greatly appreciated again based on the immediate necessity of the loan. I do have an active checking account w eft. Please get back to me! It would be a godsend!

  117. Desiree wrote:

    I need between $30000-$35000 to consolidate all of my bills and get my credit rating up. Although my credit has taken a downturn in the last year or so, if I can get this loan with the longest terms possible and lowest payments I can guarantee I can pay it. I just need to pay all of my bills off and have one payment but its been hard trying to find a consolidation loan because Im always referred to a debt relief program, which I dont want if I dont have to. I need this loan as soon as I can get it to get on the right road to financial recovery. Please help!!!

  118. Jackson wrote:

    I am jackson from texas,USA.i was in need of $10,000 to pay my bills and to get a new car,i contacted mr wilson,,and i got my loan,they are legitimate lender,please contact them.

  119. SHEANA wrote:


  120. Barbara wrote:

    My name is Barbara. I live in Northern Minnesota. In 2010 my husband of 28 years
    took his passport and fled the country. I am on disability, with an income of $1,119.00.
    I need a loan for $10,000.00. I have some extentive dental work I need have done to repair my smile, three implants and three crowns. I can pay the loan off in four years with a reasonable interest rate.
    I hope and pray that there is someone that is willing to give me a break and trust that I
    would pay this loan back if I were given the chance!
    Please e-mail if there is anyone that is interested in helping me.

    Thank You!

  121. Cindy wrote:

    I live in Florida and I need to borrow around 8,000 to pay off debt and get back on track. I would like to receive this loan by Wednesday of this week (9/12/12).

  122. Helen wrote:

    I live in Washington state and I need a loan to consolidate several loans. My Mother just recently moved in with me when she was diagnosed with cancer. I cannot turn my back on her, I want to help in any way now, but my expenses have gone up with her medical bills also. Medicare only pays a portion. I am seeking 5000.00 to get back on track.

  123. Anthony wrote:

    I live in nebraska and Im looking for a $2000.00 or a $2,500.00 unsecured loan in 24 hrs or as soon as possible. My credit score is not really low but low enough to where approval for a loan is difficult and stressful. Im in desperate need of this loan to be able to travel out of state for my fathers funeral which I would otherwise not be able to afford to attend. I am a certified MIG welder that works hard round the clock and earns every dollar spent towards posessions and bills which sad to admit I am struggling to care for finance and myself.plz help if anybody knows a good loan site to call lor apply online with to get the fastest loan possible to mankind. Thank you.

  124. Jo Ann wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a loan of $8000. My husband has been ill, and takes 11 pills in the morning and 7 at night. Of all things we had to take out a title loan to pay for hospital bills and prescriptions(this just our share of the bills). I work part-time until January 1, 2013, then I become full time at the Blount County Commission office in Alabama. I earn $338 every two weeks and receive an additional $3000 every 4 months for student loans. You would think a woman of 60 years old would know better, but I asked relatives if they could help, but they did not have the funds or credit history to borrow or even co-sign. I really need to pay off the title loan, we are waiting for the disability to come thru. At three year loan would be truly appreciative and can make payments of $100 every payperiod. Please help us if you can…

  125. Jo Ann wrote:

    Please I am in desparate need of this loan. I need it by 9-22-2012, or they will take my only vehicle. I need it to transport my husband back and forth to the doctor, it is my transportation to school and work. Jo Ann

  126. Ian M. wrote:

    I am looking for a $15,000 unsecured loan at 12% for 4 years. I am looking to consolidate smaller accounts into 1 monthly payment at a fixed rate. My credit score is 630. I make $57,000 per year. I live in the state if Connecticut. My paychecks are direct deposited.

  127. DON MC. wrote:


  128. DON wrote:


  129. Troy wrote:

    I need a loan for at least 3,000 . . . preferably 7,500. I live in ohio, and am trying to get my life on track. Has been a battle.

  130. Mario wrote:

    i m in need of a personal loan of 4000.00 to get my life together..I m a disable veteran did a couple ttours in iraq and afghan.i got devorced two years ago after i left the military..while i was away my ex destroyed my credit and i have a good job working with the government and collect a disability check for the rest of my life.i need to consolidate some old bills and pay off some smaller one…i ask you yo help me..i credit score is poor therfore i want to improve om my credit score for future needs.i would like to pay this back through allotment from my payroll office.


  131. Mario D. wrote:

    I’m in need of a loan of 4000.00 to get my credit on track…I’m a disabled veteran and currently work for the government. i was divorced two yrs ago after short tours in iraq and afghan…my ex had destroyed my credit and banking accounts…i will pay this back through allotment straight for department of defense payroll.

  132. James wrote:


    I am in need of a personal loan in the amount of $9,000.00. I am open to lesser amounts, but this figure would help greatly to consolidate current debt and move on with improving the quality of our life, as well as becoming stable financially. My credit score with experian is 610 and the other two are higher. I do not have any late payments or defaults, and I do not abuse credit. My wife Anita has been fighting AML (acute myeloid leukemia) for more than six years and is also a Bone Marrow Transplant recipient. This has been financially devastating to us. I have the ability to repay a loan, and will be able to do so in a timely mannor after paying off the debts that we currently have. Anita is disabled, but actively pursues being creative in art for which she is very talented. We need help now…we have had to make our way on our own without assistance from anyone or organization. If you are able to help us in the way of a loan it will be paid back, and we are thankful for your consideration in this matter.

  133. jorge wrote:

    I’m a trucker my family n I telltale can use this mint 10000 to help us get started we are a family of 5 in a hotel room . Plz help

  134. jorge wrote:

    My family n I just movd to fl. Were are a family of 5 in a hotel room we surely can use 10000 plz help

  135. Chantel wrote:

    Hi, I’m a single mom from NYC. I need an unsecured loan of $3000 to pay off some pressing houshold bills including, payday loans and rent for this month..I usually can take care of that but fell behind drastically this month due to family emergencies including a death.. I have a steady job. My redit score is about 580.. I would like to be able to pay it off in a 3 year period on a monthly basis. Please help me… I tried every resource I could think of.

    My gross annual salary is 39520.
    Score – 580
    1 dependent – my son
    get paid weekly by EFT (direct deposit)
    bankruptcy – no
    owe irs – no

    Need loan this week…

  136. Angel wrote:

    In desperate need of a personal loan in the amount of $5000.00, at any interest rate and any term. I’m a single mom working 2 jobs trying to make ends meet. I work full time and have direct deposit and a part time job on the weekends. I got caught up in the payday advance loans and I’m trying to get out of that loop and pay off some debt. My credit score is about 600, no bankruptcy and no foreclosure but did have a short sale. Please help I’ve tried everything and keep getting denied. I need a loan ASAP

  137. Josh wrote:

    Hi, my name is Josh and I need 3000 dollars very fast. I need a car, but I am going through a private dealer and can not get a loan to save my life. My car blew up on me and I do not live next to public transportation. I need a car to get to and from work so I can support my family. Can you please help me?

  138. Ryan wrote:

    I need a 5000 loan to pay off a bill. Please let me know what my options are.

  139. Kathryn wrote:

    I need a unsecured loan in the amount of 8,000 to consolidate bills so that i can finaly get my credit back on track. i have been recently divorced now living wtih my mom and took bills with me and i am tired of payday loans. My credit score is 560. I use to have the best credit about 5-6 years ago. I have a steady job and I am reliable to paying back the loan. I live in North Carolina. Can you please help. Thank you. Also how can I apply.

  140. Char wrote:

    To Whom It May Concern;
    I am writing in hopes and prayers that you can help me. My soon to be ex-husband kicked me and my 12 year old daughter out as there was someone else in his life, but he kicked us out without a car and a place to stay. I have since then found a place to stay and I have bought a car so that I can get her to the school and back but I have since then fallen behind on a lot of my bills. I have a full-time job from home as an Independent Contractor for a Medical Transcription Company called KC Medoc and I know that I can pay this loan back, I have tried many payday loan companies but as I was applying for them little did I know they were looking at my credit score and with each time that they looked at the score my score went down, I guess they call them hard hits on the credit score. I was wondering what do I have to do to apply for a loan with your company or even would you be willing to give me a loan of 18,000 for a pay back over 10 years and how fast can this happen? As it is getting colder and I am in need to go shopping for my daughter for winter and fall clothes because when he kicked us out we left with only what we could fit in a book bag. They are about to repo my car Monday or Tuesday cause I fell behind on my car payment by 2 months when I was trying to find a place to live and also I tried multiple loan companies on line just to get scammed for over 5,000.00 Please give me and my daughter a second chance and a new beginning. NO UPFRONT FEES PLEASE!!!!

  141. lee wrote:

    Hi my name is lee I live in Ohio, and the reason I am writing this is to ask you fore help. Christmas is just around the corner and usually me and my fiancée of five years usually have a way figured out how to get the 3 teenage girls their gifts. But to make a long story short the last two years have been a struggle. See I had a stroke in December 2010. And I did get my social security by may of 2011. ( $1164.00 a month ). And between her check and my check we have enough to pay all of our bills but. But after paying every thing out of both our checks and the girls child support, that only leaves us with $750.00 spend able cash. Which we can work with if we had more times before the holiday. But here youngest just had gallbladder surgery and medication not cheap and we just got out of debt that we owed a family member. That we barrowed monies from to move to our new residency., back in may. So here my deal I have made some bad choices in my past I admit that. And I have had some bad health issue that hit me out of the blue as well. I am really tired of going to family when I get in a pinch and begging for some monies. Its usably not much but I get in situation like car breaking down or Christmas time needing cash or one reason or another. If some one would just pleas give me a chance to show I have learned from bad judgment calls and I just need a little to restart a credit line you wouldn’t be sorry. Then I could barrow from you all instead of family as I pay off my loans. I only need $2000.00 to start with. That would give me enough to clean up some loose ends and buy our kids Christmas. I allow my self $200.00 a month for my personal expenses like what ever it is I want to buy at the time so it would be hard for me to take that monies and put it to the loan payment and we wouldn’t even be loosing not one dime from our house hold expenses. But this would need to be a personal loan and I would need the $2000.00 soon. Sincerely lee craft.

  142. Desiree wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan of $20,000. I live in Texas and need to consolidate all of my loans so I can afford the payments. I need it within the next week or so if possible. I have 2 foster children that may go up for adoption and I need to pay off all of my credit card in case they do a credit check. I can pay it back, I know I can. Please help!!!

  143. Monique wrote:

    I live in New York and need a loan ASAP in the amount of $4500 to cover rent and household expenses that are due immediately

  144. Sharica wrote:

    I am 24 yrs old and i am having problems paying my rent… I stay in East Chicago Indiana and i work minium wage (which is 7.30 per hour out here). I really need your help. I have a 10 yr. old daughter and if i get put out i have no where else to go. i owe 1300 in rent. Please help me. This is ectremely hard. I am a hard working mother. I took out a car loan that i am currently paying for which is literally one of my checks (178.00) if not late. i begging… pleeeease help us. We have no where to go.

  145. Stephine B. wrote:

    As I know, SBA loans are offered by many other banks, in addition to Associated Bank. So, I want to know whether these loans offered by different lenders have the same features. Or, do SBA loans offered by different lenders come with unique terms?

  146. kris wrote:

    I am looking for a $2000 unsecured loan to get some bills paid and get some cash freed up every month. I am a single mom who is trying to get back on track and need help. I would like to make a monthly payment if possible, as well as a decent interest rate. 10% or below. I would like to start the loan as 3 years with the option of no prepayment penalty. As I would try to pay it off as soon as possible.

  147. Eric wrote:

    How fast do you need this loan funded :: as soon as you can

    What City/Town, State, and County do you live in? :: Burlington flats ny, Otsego Country
    Zip :: 13315

    Are you in the military? :: No

    What is your employment history? :: I have been employeed at chobani Inc for a year, in that time i have gotten 3 promotion with more pay.
    Current Employment Position :: ForkTruck Operator

    When are you paid (biweekly/monthly)? :: Weekly

    Bank name and Branch Location ::NBT Bank Edmiston NY

    How are you paid (EFT, paper check, cash)? :: EFT

    Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $630

    Have you ever a paycheck go NSF with a no teletrack payday lender in the past? :: No

    I am in need of a loan around 7000 to pay of some debt as well as catch up on some bills, and fix my car so it is reliable to get to work

  148. phillip wrote:

    need to borrow 5000 as soon as possible. unsecured. live in oklahoma. need to consolidate payday loans and buy propane.i am 63yrs old and receive 1111.00 social security a month plus 127.00 small pension.i can pay back 200 or 300 a month which can be taken directly out of checking account.please help.

  149. Dario D wrote:

    Seeking $10000 . I can pay this within 2 years.
    How fast do you need this loan funded :: as soon as you can

    What City/Town, State, and County do you live in? :: Omaha

    Zip :: 68127

    Are you in the military? :: Yes and No

    What is your employment history? :: I worked for 10 years(IT field)
    Current Employment Position :: Air Force,Federal

    When are you paid (biweekly/monthly)? :: Biweekly

    Bank name and Branch Location :: USAA, , Nebraska,Omaha

    How are you paid (EFT, paper check, cash)? :: EFT

    Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $1600 bi-weekly each month.

    Have you ever a paycheck go NSF with a no teletrack payday lender in the past? :: No

    Don’t include ABA, bank routing, or SS #s here. Will you allow this info published online (privacy guaranteed) :: Yes

  150. Joseph Severin wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan between 5,000 and 7,000. To get rent up to date and car payments up to date. I have feel way behind. I have horrible credit and work in the oil and gas industry. I am currently working to get my life back on track. I live in PA. I am willing to pay a higher interest rate if I can do a monthly payment. 18-22% if possible. Please let me know.

  151. De Anna wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan. My credit is horrible. My car engine blew and I need to pay for it to be able to get to and from work. I spend too much on rentals that I cannot pay towards the repairs. I have a steady job have been here for 6 years. I need to be able to get my head above water. I have fallen behind, I need my car for transportation, to catch up on my rent before I receive an eviction notice. i live in New York.

  152. De Anna wrote:

    I forgot to include amount if that is what is needed as well. Minimum $5,000… $8,000 would catch me up completely. Thank you. I look forward to your response.

  153. Matt wrote:

    My name is Matt after being in and out of work the last three years my credit is bad. I have stared a new job but the cost of moving into a new apartment with all of the deposits has gotten me behind on monthly bills. I need someone to take a chance on me for a $2000 term loan that I could pay off over 24-36 months. I appreciate your help.

  154. Jaron S. wrote:

    My name is Jaron. I am currently in need of a personal unsecured loan in the amount of $10,000-$15,000 dollars. My credit is terrible and I am having a hard time finding a loan. I am in the US Army. I am from Missouri, but I am stationed at Ft. Lewis WA. I am currently deployed in Afghanistan and have been over here for the past 11 months. Since I’ve been over here, my Grandfather filed bankruptcy and since he was on my car title, my car has gotten reposed. I need a new car when I get back to the states in about a week and because of my credit, have no way of obtaining a loan. I need this loan within the next week, so that I can get a car when I get back home. I really need help and would really appreciate it if you guys could do this for me.
    Thank you,

  155. tawanna wrote:

    I need a loan of 3000 like today. I have bills that are past due and payday lons that are taking up my paycheck just to make the interestpayments. My children need things and it is really getting hard for me. please consider my loan request like right now I am in serious need.

  156. Ann wrote:

    I need to borrow $5,000.00. I could pay it back within two years or less on a installment loan. I live in the state of California and need the loan today if possible. Thank you

  157. dena wrote:

    I am in need of a low cost installment loan that can be paid out over time. I am a single mother who runs a horse rescue here in GA. My credit is shot, I have no bank account and no verifiable income as I am self-employed. I am an trying gather my bills into one payment. I am about to lose my truck due to taking out a title loan like a dummy. My truck was paid for and so is my house. I owe 925 on my truck loan, 450 on a personal security loan and 900 to a friend who tried to help me out. I would not have taken out the loan on my truck but had already borrowed from the friend when the title company backed out on what they said they would do. The rest of the loan would go towards paying off medical bills. Please help as I need this money yesterday.

  158. dena wrote:

    Also I live in GA

  159. Sarah wrote:

    Hi my need is great for a 5000.00 loan. I have been ill, have 4 kids and had to let bills go to keep food on the table. I live in Oregon and am a R.N. with full time employment. I have a terrible credit score please help.

  160. Jim wrote:

    Like many, I’ve made a few mistakes in the past and my credit is history. I am looking for an unsecured personal loan in the amount of $3500-$5000 in order to pay off my remaining debt. I am employed full time with the same company for the past 5 years and I am attending school.

    Thank you in advance.

  161. Ron wrote:

    A series of circumstances this past year has financially devasted me and my family, drained my savings and ruined my credit. I’m renting a tiny room and I just need a break! Currently I don’t even have access to a kitchen!

    I would like to be able to get into a bigger place, but rent, deposit, utility deposits are all more than I can do at one time.

    I have a job and decent salary, so repayment is not an issue. I need an unsecured loan for $7,500 – $8,500 to give me some breathing room and get into a bigger place, and maybe a cheap car.
    24 to 36 month loan would be ideal. (NO PAYDAY LOANS PLEASE)
    Can’t get a traditional loan because my credit score is too low, about 543.

    I just need a fresh start, so I can stop stressing and rebuild my life!

  162. Brett Turner wrote:

    Hi i,m looking for a 3,000$ Unsecured loan i,m starting a Job in 2 weeks will show CAN YOU HELP ..

  163. Thomas wrote:

    I am in dire need for a unsecured loan in the amount of $5000 to get back on track, I have a credit score of 524 as I have fallen into the paydayloan trap and I want to get them paid off as they are taking almost my entire paycheck every two weeks and ther is hardly enough left to provide for my family. I live in California and I have been working for the Department of Defense as a civilian for over 40 years. I need this loan as soon as possible.

  164. Michelle wrote:

    I need $2200 by the end of this week to pay off my car or they will take it. I make approx $2000 but because of my divorce, I have two kids to raise and no longer receive money from ex. I work full time and also a couple of fitness classes but it isn’t enought to get this car paid off. I need to get to work. I live in IL
    Can you please help me?

  165. patrice h wrote:

    i need a fast unsecured loan of the amount of 10,000 to clear up credit and pay for house hold expenses. my credit score is 589 and i need to get back on track. single mother of 4. i have a steady income but not enough to correct debt. i can aford to pay back every month atlease 250.00 until debt is paid off.. i live in california

  166. Joland wrote:

    30 yr old single male
    Military Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom
    Moved to Charlotte to get married and raise a family. After finding out that my fiance had been cheating on me I reluctitly left the home and the son I helped raise.
    With only one income things have been hard ever since.
    I was raised to not ask for help, so I am embarrased to have to seek your assistance but I have no other options that come to mind. I wont bore you with a detail but I was renting a room with a buddy who’s dad owned the townhome. Well the dad came back and I was forced to move to apartment that I could not afford because I would have been homeless. I have no family or friends to help, since I was pretty much a family man since I moved here.
    I struggled to pay deposit, get my lights turned on and internet. The rent was always a month behind but I was making it. Recently my cousin has moved in and has been great at paying his part of bills even thou he does not make much, he only wants a safe place for his son to move to.
    I tried very hard to plan everything out and by Jan 1 I would be caught up on everything..this 6 month plan was working slowing but surely. Then it all fell apart. Now I get a call today saying that I will be padlocked next week and I owe 1600. I can get about 300-500 from different social programs but the rest is unaccounted for.
    I do not want to ruin my cousin and his sons lives after they finally were getting better. My girlfriend whom I love very much is starting to see me differently.
    I have notified someone that I was doing this, and they have agreed to pay whatever monthly payments I need to pay if approved, but I am able to do this on my own. I work for a temp agency and am paid weekly, electronic deposit.
    I have always been able to admit when ive made a mistake but this one, well it just doesnt affect me.
    Please, if you could see it to give to young men a chance, to be successful in this world..we have soo much already against us.
    Thank you for your time

    I can pay up to 200 a month for this loan, that is how important this is to me, I do not want anymore than I need to get out of this predicament and I am willing to make any arrangments to save what I have been trying to work for. I hope you can see that in my words.

  167. Regis wrote:

    My wife and I are in desperate need of 2500 to pay our mortgage. We have just moved so I could have employment, and are experiencing many moving bills, along with our regular bills. I am employed full time and in Feb.,2013 will be eligible for social security along with my employment. We are in need for two months until we get our finances straightened out,and will pay our loan back faithfully.

  168. Elizabeth wrote:

    I live in Mississippi. I have one son in college and one graduating from high school this year. I attempted to get a loan on line twice in the last month and was scammed both times poising almost 2000 dollars! I have since educated my self on such matters. But the fact is now I’m behind on everything and it’s 10 days till Christmas and I have no money! I have never felt so bad!I need 8000-10000 in the worst way! If you could help with a no collateral personal loan it would be wonderful!!! I have a payday loan I’m behind on and they have been so ugly; I never knew people could be that bad .help please!

  169. Elizabeth wrote:

    This Is Elizabeth, I left comment earlier. I have fallen into the pay day loan trap as I see many others have. I can pay back 3 to 4 hundred a month to pay back a loan should I be lucky enough to get one. Being a victim of a scam artist is about the worst thing imaginable. And not having any money to by anything for Christmas is even worse!

  170. Apollo wrote:


    UI need a personal loan of 4000 and am willing to pay back 400 per month for a year, so that any lender will net 800 in return. This is to cover past rent due to medical absences which tapped out my savings and paychecks. Please contact me if you can help as the situation is dire and if I have to move home, I will lose my job and thus my health iinsurance.

  171. Randy wrote:

    I am desperately in need of an 8,000 dollar loan to catch up and pay some debt in about seven days.

  172. Laura wrote:

    I need a fast loan for $10,000.00 to stop foreclosure sale on our home and prevent repossession of our car. We have very poor credit due to various bad decisions but we have good equity in the home that could be used as security if needed. We started falling behind in Aug of 2010 when my husband had congestive heart failure and was transported by ambulance from home to the VA hospital in Phoenix, this taxi ride cost $5500.00 and was not covered by his insurance. He is extreme brittle diabetic, on oxygen full time and has severe isometric heart disease. We were keeping things going and catching up slowly when last January he fell and snapped both bones in his right leg just above the ankle. He was transported by helicopter ST Luke’s hospital in Phoenix, because the VA hospital has no helipad. the helicopter ride was also not covered by insurance. I decided that it would be best to stay there with him instead making the 300 mile round trip every few days. This decision resulted in missed mortgage and auto payments and with the extensive travel required since then has caused me to miss more payments on both. I am now 3 months behind on the car and under fear repossession any day. My house has been in foreclosure since August and the lender denied the loan modification at the end of November, there is a sale date of January 7 2013 unless I can bring the mortgage currant before then. Reinstatement quote was $5443.and change. This amount and $2500.00 plus late fees and penalties on the car is why I need the loan. Our income is over $4500.00 a month and repayment would not be a problem. Time has rushed by while trying to keep everything partially paid and care for my husband until now I am facing losing my home. Please help if possible.

  173. Monique wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan in the amount of $5000 to pay off some debt and get back on track with my bills so my kids and I don’t get evicted.I live in New York and I’m working.

  174. Cameron wrote:

    Hi, my name is Cameron and I was hoping someone could help me with a loan. I have a three year old son and I have to pay child support and rent each month in order to keep him in my life. I have two full time jobs and can still not make enough to pay all my bills. Please does anyone have any advice on how to get a loan.

  175. Scott wrote:

    I am looking for a $10,000 loan to finish remolding my basement that was destroyed in a flood and I didn’t have flood insurance since I am not in a flood zone. I also used some payday loans and like to get them paid off. I need this loan like yesterday. My son has been sleeping on the couch for the last 6 months because his bedroom was in the basement. I have poor credit but a fantastic paying job but know one wants to give me a chance. Can someone please help?

  176. Janey wrote:

    NEEDED ASAP!!!! UNSECURED PERSONAL LOAN IN AMOUNT OF $6000.00. We live south of Fo_rt Worth,Texas in a rural area. Would like to pay back monthly starting in 45 days at 10% interest over a 3 year period. I returned to work force June of 2012 after a 9 year hiatus. My Husband trying to do same but has a issue with his dr hs vers license. He is a Truck Driver and due to The Texas Surcharge his CDL CLASS A that was kept CLEAN AND LEGAL for 20+ yrs is in a horrible state. Need to pay outstanding surcharge fines to reinstate. Since 2004 My Mother became ill and passed away March 2006. Taking care of her put us in the poor house. We l_ost out home of 18 yrs, we lived. without electricity for 6 yrs and still now don’t have.running. water. We lost our vehicle which was paid for in cash when we. got it the week before Christmas and have walked 3.5 miles. times since. Where we live it is not good to be without. a vehicle. So it needs to.replaced and clear up his CDL. We also be able to moved into a suitable residence. We are both. 50 have. 2 grandsons. Our current home is a 33ft R.V. that. needs some serious repairs and barely big enough for us. Definitely would be unsafe to visit our young grandsons in also. Plus AI am a blind old bat and broke my glasses back in May and would really appreciate being able to see clearly again but due to my prescription I am looking at $500 at the least to get new ones. PLEASE SOMEONE consider helping us caused we really.want to live and be treated like human beings once more and be able to get older and know we will be situated financially and residence. Wont be a tent or in a bar ditch. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

  177. Barbara wrote:

    I am looking for a 3000.00 dollar loan that I may pay down over a year time. Me and my fiance purchased a home not to long ago and the expense of getting into the house got us behind. this is all we need to be back in stable hands again. We are suppose to be married in May and right now it looks like we may have to wait due to the fall back. I work in the Emergency room long hard shifts and he works for a professional well known company long hard hours. we really need this break I have not seen my children in a year because of work we live in a different state then them I would be able to see them in may when we got married if this help would come along. If we do not get this help we are going to loose every thing and we just got it. Purchasing a home made our credit score go down just enough to make it so we can not seem to get a loan and a payday loan just puts you behind more.Please,Please, please help?….Thank You Barbara

  178. Gary wrote:

    Hello. I am looking to borrow $3,000 for two reasons. 1) My mother has passed away and we need at least $2,000 for the viewing, cremation and to put her in the ground with my dad. I don’t have the $2,000 and this too me is an emergency. The other $1,000 or so, would be to get caught up on bills. Last year was a hard year financially, and I’d really like to get them paid off and make one monthly payment. I don’t want to get involved with payday loans, they are too high in the interest dept. and very short term. I don’t have a payday loan and sure don’t want one. I don’t have any family that I can ask to loan me the $3,000. My credit score is low, and I am working on that, to clear up a few things. I am retired Civil Service and do get a pension, but my wife is ill, and we do have too pay co-pays and also pay for part of her medication.
    Thank you for your time.

  179. Sharon wrote:

    I am looking for a $5000 loan like yesterday I got caught in a bid helpig out a family memeber and since it was all in my ame they are hounding me. I now have bad cedit and I would like to pay off these people so that I can rebuild on what I have lost. PLASE HELP!!!! I need to find someone NOW. I live in Sacramento, California I have full time employment, I am paid bi-weekly

  180. Erin wrote:

    I need an unsecured personal loan in the amount of $4000 – $6000 asap. I live in California. I moved to a new city for work but shortly after became very sick and had to have surgery. I was taken off of work for 6.5 weeks and I am not getting paid for 4 of those weeks because disability says I do not have sufficient funds to pay out a disability claim. While I was off my car broke down and will cost approximate $2900 to repair. Getting to work via public transportation is difficult and actually costs more than gas in my car. I am back to work now but, the bills have stacked up tremendously. I need this money by Monday 01/14 to help me pay up my bills and get back on track and avoid further financial hardship. My employment is secure and I definitely have the means to pay back the loan with no problem. Can someone please help me?? Thank you

  181. Jered wrote:

    i need between $2000 and $3000 to get me and my fiancee into a place to live she is pregnant and we need to get straight quick. so please help us to not be homeless.

  182. Bonnie wrote:

    please help me find someone to lend me 5000,i need to get myself out of pending foreclosure,and catch up on my vehicle,and utilities…please help me, I live in Texas,and I need this yesterday.
    Please please help me…my credit is bad,it is 499. so sorry i have to ask ,but i need help.thank you so much…

  183. Tina wrote:

    I need a fast unsecured loan in the amount of $5,000 to consolidate a few bills and get back on track, I have a credit score of about 580 and I have fallen in the trap of paydayloans to get by while my husband is recovering from surgery. I need to get them paid off fast they are draining all of my resources and I am falling behind. I have a good steady job. I live in VA. I could realy use some help. I work very hard to take care of my family. Please advise. Thank you

  184. Mark wrote:

    Hello, I am in a great need of some help. I have several reasons why I do which I will be more than glad to discusss if it will help me in securing a loan with you. I have been trying for quite a while now and have almost given up hope. Please let me know one way or the other. Thank you, Mark.

  185. Kim P. wrote:

    I need to borrow 5000 to get out of some on line payday loans that I fell victim too and which sent my credit down the toilet. PLEASE HELP I can’t pay my car payment or the rest of my bills because I’m robbing Peter to Pay Paul

  186. Diane wrote:

    Hi, my son needs $1,600 for a special school in California, something to do for his job. I owe him the money and right now I have a few payday loans that are kicking my finance you know where. I don’t want to let him down. I plan on getting back on track once my taxes come back. Thanks, Diane

  187. Adam wrote:

    I need at least a $3,000 loan ASAP I need to consolidate all of my debts. Especially my car payments! I was recently scammed by a payday loan company which put me into even more debt and I have no way out of it. Recently started a new job with steady pay. I am in Mass. Thank You!

  188. Mary wrote:

    Desperate. Need to put son in rehab. First time in rehab. Iknow he can beat this. i have been ill for many years with a chronic illness. this loan would pay for his rehab, pay off bills that are hanging over my head, etc. I can pay back monthly. Lifes been hard, just looking for a break, not a handout, willing to payh back with interest, of course.

  189. Joyce wrote:

    need to borrow 5000 to pay off some bills and get ahead tired of using my paycheck every week to pay bills just really really tired of bills all the time

  190. Tyler wrote:

    I live in Ohio, I have horrible credit and I need $3000 to pay off my debt so I can go back to college.

  191. Jason wrote:

    Got approved to rent a home. Need 4000 to move in, which includes security deposit. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  192. Bill wrote:

    I am looking for a installment loan in the amount of $20,000.00 to $22,000.00 to payoff credit cards and some payday loans tat are eating me up. I am looking for a term of 48 months and am looking for payments in the amount of $525.00 to $550.00 per month. I am disabled so I am on a fixed income. I can arrange for the payments to be mde directly by my bank. Thank you for your help.

  193. Stephanie wrote:

    I need 10,000 to pay off my school. They told me they would help change my financial aid and then denied my request last minute leaving me with 10,000 debt to the school. I want to go back but I cannot until I pay them for Fall semester. My parents refuse to support me financially with school so I have no co-signer. I need an unsecured or a student loan, no cosigner. I live in Georgia but my school is in Arkansas. I need this money ASAP.

  194. Nick wrote:

    I need $3000 by in the next two days or I will lose my car. In november my car was stolen and recovered a week later, it had been driven 2800 miles and theres no telling what kind of unrepairable damages it has. Like an idiot I assumed that the insurance company would declair it a total loss and be done with it… 2 months later, I get a call from my finance company saying my car has been repossesed and to get it back would cost $3000. I call and check with insurance and they confirm that it was NOT totalled and they covered 1600 in damages. Then to top it off the tax return I have been counting on to save me from this nightmare, $2978, funds pending due to IRS audit! I couldn’t believe it, so now my credit is shot, only few days left to pay for the car and save some of my credit, very little appearently and I am being audited. If anyone can help I have a good paying job, HVAC Service Technician and would have loan payed off before end of july, please contact asap.

  195. Michelle wrote:

    I need $3000 in two days to pay a security deposit and first months rent on a home. My income tax refund will not cone in time. The owner said they would only hold the home until Tuesday February 12, 2013. Thank you.

  196. Randy wrote:

    I live in Los Angeles. I would need a personal/unsecured loan for $10,000. Went through a divorce a few years ago and over time my credit went terribly bad. Im planning to move at the end of this month (3 weeks from now), and in order to be accepted into the new apartment, I need to clean up my debt & have some extra $ to help pay my deposit and pay for the move. I’ll need this loan this week if at all possible.

  197. Amanda wrote:

    I need a $10,000 unsecured loan before the end of february .

    I make $2,400 a month. I need the money to buy my sisters food truck before she loses it

  198. Amanda wrote:

    I need a $10,000 unsecured loan before the end of february .

    I make $2,400 a month. I need the money to buy my sisters food truck before she loses it

    **And I live in NC

  199. Kerri wrote:

    I live in NJ. I need roughly $5000 as soon as possible to pay back multiple payday loans and consolidated them into one smaller monthly payment because the interest is killing me. My boyfriend was laid off over a year and a half ago and now our mortgage payments, credit card, and utility payments are overwhelming with only one salary. He has been looking for a job to help make ends meet but just can’t find one. We’ve been doing all sorts of odds and ends for extra cash but it’s never enough to make a difference. I gross $3822 per month plus his unemployment and would be looking for a $5000 loan with less than a 15% interest rate for 2 years.

  200. Tina wrote:

    My name is Tina. I have been at my job for eight years.Currently bring home 2100 a month. I ran into some finacial problems and took out some payday loans.i am current on all of them but have about 2,000 between the four loans. Interest is killing me and causing me to get behind on the mortgage.i need to borrow about 3,000 to get me back on track.I need to take care if this ASAP please let me know if you can help.

  201. Murtis wrote:

    I recently moved to Dallas from Chicago because of my c.o.p.d better air and breathing. Im interested in a installment or personal loan in the amount of $10,000. I really am trying to fix my home up that is in Chicago so I can rent it out. However , I’ve fallen behind on my mortgage and it has been a little rough to catch up. Im on a fixed income but it is fairly reasonable just not enough to get me over the edge. I’m willing to use my house as collateral if necessary. I really need a loan as soon as possible so I can start generating additional source of income from the rent my home will produce. PLEAS HELP

  202. leo wrote:

    i need 2500.00 for a year.have poor credit but really good

  203. michael wrote:

    Need a 5000 dollar loan for 6 months at 5% interest.

  204. May wrote:

    Hello I am trying to move from Ma to SC I would need 3000 times are ruff. I am a single mom trying to do everything in my power to make a better life for my kids.

  205. Kim wrote:

    I need a 5000.00 loan to pay past due mortgage and back taxes. My husband was diagnosed with primary progressive MS last year and medical bills and medicine are unbelievable. His is disabled as am I. I can pay back the loan and will. I just need to get caught up with everything. We went from him making a good living to ss disability which was 1/3 of his pay and from having insurance to having no insurance. He is a veteran but they require payments just like medicare. I really need help. We need to pay our mortgage by March 25, 2013. God bless who ever can help.

    Thank you.

  206. Anthony wrote:

    Hello Im in Alabama, hard working man trying to save his house and car for his family looking for a small loan
    of 15,000 to catch up on mortgage and family car, also to pay off some bills to not get in this situation again.
    it would be a blessing to me and my family to get a loan for this amount . working alot of overtime to keep head above water.

  207. Marcus wrote:

    Hello Im am currently in Virginia but will be moving to California shortly. I am in the military and have been for 10 years. I was divorced three years ago and it destroyed my credit. I am currently paying 1200 a month in various loans i have accumulated. i am searching for a 20000 loan to consolidate them all.I have a credit score of 548 that was checked last on march 13, 2013. I am anticipating an interest rate of 15% or higher. i would like to pay the loan back in three years. If someone is willing to help i am willing to set up automatic payments to be deducted directly from my pay check every month via an allotment.

  208. Sarah wrote:

    I need a loan for $2,500 to pay everything off and have one payment instead of several.

  209. Joseph wrote:

    I need to borrow $9,000 to $10,000 on an unsecured personal loan from an indivdual lending company (not a payday loan please nor a loan referral company). I live in New Mexico and need the loan by tomorrow (03/26/2013 by 4:00 PM.)

  210. Barbara wrote:

    Hi I am under administration have no upfront registration or collateral fees am urgently in need of a loan as I am drowning in debts
    Need R80.000 to free myself in order to live again can u help me desperately in need thank u

  211. ALICIA wrote:


  212. Shelly wrote:

    I am in dire need of a emergency loan today reason, went to jail took everything I had in my bank, plus while in jail had just about everything stolen on me, I need help in the worse way. It did not stop there now I am living in my van with 3 chihuahua’s, and no money for food or my little dogs. I need to borrow 6000. To pay off bills and to relocate with my little dogs. Thank you, Shelly

  213. Sandy wrote:

    I am in Virginia. I am in desperate need of $5000. I have 4 bills I really need to pay off and have just one monthly payment. I got in a bad credit situation after a divorce. I reared my 3 children on my own without the benefit of child support. I unfortunately robbed Peter to pay Paul quite a bit. They are all grown now but the effects are following me. I am on disability now and can really only afford 1 payment monthly of no more than $280. I have no problem with setting up automatic payments straight out of my checking account. Please help me, I am not an irresponsible woman. I just had to get things done for the sake of my family. Thank you.

  214. Maritza wrote:

    I live in California and I need a $3000 loan , I need to pay all my bills and get back on track with my life I have a steady income which I get paid every 30 days on the 1st of the month I want to pay them off and not have any more but this loan I want to take out. I don’t have good credit because I when I was young I move from many different places and lost track of the payments! Please help need it ASAP!

  215. Marzette wrote:

    My husband and I live in Austin, Tx. When he got sick in 2011 and had to have gallbladder surgery, we began to run into financial troubles. We ended up being evicted from our apartment and are now living with relatives. We now need to move from there into our own place by the end of May. Before we lost our apartment we took out payday loans and a title loan to try and keep our apartment and then we just got swamped and now in order to not be sued or further ruin our credit we’ve got to get these paid and move out all at the same time. We are both working. We need $15k to pay off pay the payday loans and title loans, move, and have an emergency fund. Our credit scores are 505 and 510 respectively. We can pay up to $160 per month at 20% interest over 6 yrs. We need to have this by the end of April. This will help us get back on track and we can start to rebuild our credit. Thanking you in advance for your prompt response, time, and help in this matter.

    Peace and Blessings,

  216. Godwin wrote:

    Looking for a loan

  217. debi wrote:

    I am desperately in need…drowning is a good term. I am looking for a $2000 loan to get out of my pay day disaster.can anyone help me???

  218. Andrew wrote:

    Because of my switch of jobs and my fiancé and my unexpected expenses with our beautiful daughter I am behind on some critical bills (Rent, Electric and Phones). All I need is 2000.00 to get us through and then after that I know that I can make it. I just received a raise and I am working over 50 hours a week, as well as my fiancé is working 40. My credit scores are very very poor, in the 400’s, but I will be able and am responsible enough to pay a loan back. Even if it’s at a high interest rate. I need a loan as soon a possible. I can pay $150.00-$250.00 every two weeks for 10 months or 12 months or whatever I have to do. If you could help us, you could change our lives!

  219. Andrew wrote:

    I am so sorry, I forgot to mention my city and state. it is Cincinnati, Ohio

  220. stewart wrote:

    I am in need of a 3000.00 personal loan to pay off some small bills and give my son about 1800.00 relocation funds after college graduation. I have a stable 30 year work history, make 46K a year. I still have poor credit from the the economic tank of 2008, when I had to declare BK. I can easily afford 200.00 monthly as this is less than the monthly amount of the two bills I wish to consolidate. I have no criminal record and provide references.
    Thank You. I need this as soon as possible and i have exhausted all other avenues.

  221. Jesus wrote:

    Emergency cash for medical fare and expense… I’m requesting for same day loan… Credit score is 640… unsecured personal loan….I live in Tamuning, GUAM…..please email me if approved

  222. kristie wrote:

    I need a 3500.00 loan. I am a single mom with bad credit and trying to raise my son on my own with no help or support. I need this loan to pay off bills and have one monthly payment. please help me

  223. Diane Bennett wrote:

    I need a 6,000.00 loan to purchase a home. I am a single mom with bad credit and trying to raise my son on my own with no help or support. I need this loan to pay off bills and have one monthly payment. please help me

  224. Bob wrote:

    I cannot believe I am here…After losing my good job in Irvine CA, I took a position in Lake Zurich, IL in order to keep our family home. I had a son in college and one disabled with OCD and I have been trying to get home ever since. We were one of the lucky ones to get a mortgage modification so at least we are now paying the same as before with my being in IL and the family home. Anyway…I am looking for a $10,000 loan to pay off pay day loans that I used to make ends meet until the bonus payout which did not happen the first quarter and now the interest is hurting the family budget every two weeks. I cannot even get home to see the family anymore but we have Skype. I have learned my lesson about these loans but need to get out from under them. Thank you for your consideration and urgent help!

  225. Aubree wrote:

    I am in Tyler, Tx and am in serious need of a 10000. 00 loan. I have poor credit and no one has been willing to help me. I have several loans
    (Installment and payday) and need to get them paid out as soon as possible. I work at a finance company and know that if I go through a debt counseling company those tend to throw you behind on your payments because you are not making full payments. As I stated before my credit is very poor but I an current and up to date with all of my loans but my truck payment. I am even willing to give you the numbers to all of my creditors so you can get an up to date rating on my pay history with them. My problem is that now my payments are catching up to me and my truck payment is the first payment getting behind with these past few months. I am willing to put the remaining balance of it on the loan as well as collateral if this helps me as well. It would be a huge blessing if I could recieve this money by tomorrow because I have some of my payments due and it would be amazing to just go in and pay them all out to have this one monthly payment. Please contact me as soon as possible. And if you do call my creditors you will have proof that you will not be disappointed if you give me a chance.

  226. MissC wrote:

    Thank you in advance for your support. I am in the internet marketing business and lost everything about 12 months ago, finally making a comeback and need $7,000 to reinvest into business; to get over the stuck hump point.

    Will be able to repay within 90-days of receipt. there is a deadline due this evening, and because I just found this site.. soon as possible would be the best. Thank you

  227. Dama wrote:

    Need to borrow 9000 need installment business loan live in Memphis Tennesse my score is 575 need loan as soon as possible

  228. Dawn wrote:

    I need $15,000 to pay for some unexpected medical procedures and my credit score is a 561. I have no co signer as my family has all passed on and no collateral as everything I have is still financed. If you could help me asap, that would be wonderful.

  229. Ron wrote:

    Looking for 10000 loan to help pay off unexpected debts and keep our house.

  230. Doretha wrote:

    not sure if I put the correct website, but I went through the publisher clearinghouse search site to find you. Need help because husband lost his job back in February of this year and has only just now started receiving his unemployment benefits that are not near the paycheck he use to get, but every little bit helps. Can you possibly help because I have searched and applied at different places only to be led along thinking they would help and couldn’t even though they are suppose to be the type to help people with no so good credit. And because I have been trying these different places, my credit score has dropped. I just paid off a loan with Castle Payday and I’m hoping that brings my credit score back up. Can you help me??? I need a larger loan, but afraid to apply.
    I want to get my business book project off the ground, but I don’t think anyone will help me because of my credit score. I have a 97 Town and Country, but someone has the title to it. We also have two vehicles we own free and clear: 1994 S40 Mercedes and a 1990 Jeep Grand Wagonneer that we could use as collateral if it would help.

  231. CM wrote:

    I need this personal loan to cover overdraft on my checking account and pay NJ car insurance. Meed by end of the month. My credit score would be poor. Thank you.

  232. Vinnie wrote:

    Need $2000 emergency today to help pay for mother surgery. bad credit.

  233. Lisa wrote:

    In need of emergency loan of $10,000. I am employed and am able to make payments twice a month. I can pay $500.00 per month for 20 months. Thank you very serious please only serious investors who want to help.

  234. timothy wrote:

    my credit score is 545 and i need a loan really bad to i can pay off my bills and car payment.

  235. Bev wrote:


  236. Bobby wrote:

    I have new born child with with no home and a vehicle that barely runs. I need 25, 000 $ unsecured loan or one without collateral since we lost everything as soon as possible or as close to itas I can get so I can get a home two cheap but decent vehicles for my wife and baby boy and for me to get back and fourth to work. I can pay this off in 48 months or less so I can pay off my wife and mine debts to start over young and give my family wat they deserve. I climb towers just started and moving up already makin 4-6000 $ a month. My family is all I have I just need a little jump start to provide, become debt free and have my own business again they deserve the best. They changed my life and helped me turn my life around and become a greay huaband and father. I made mistakes in my past and they shouldn’t have to pay for it to. If could get some help with this it would be a blessing and I could finally get financially stable to do more than provide for my family. They dederve at least that.please help as soon as possible my wife and newborn are bouncing around from house to house in car that’s about fall apart while I’m on the road workin everyday all day to give them wat they need paychecks just aren’t coming fast enought from being laid off the beginning of this year and goin in debt loosin everything we had.

  237. cynthia wrote:

    Please can you help me, I’ve gotten behind on my bills. My mom needed me to help her with her bills, she 70 years old on a fixed income, she’s trying to keep the taxes up on my deceased grandparents property. I have helped her, but I have fallen behind, I had to take some sick time off from work, I had a nervous breakdown due to stress, I have sleep apnea, and high blood presure. Please can I apply for an installment loan for $10,000 for 3 years, my credit score is 655. Please can you help me, I have 2 payday loans that I need to pay off also. God bless you and thank you.