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Fast Emergency Loan to Avoid Eviction – $1000 in Anaheim, CA

Our latest client needs a fast emergency loan of $1000 to avoid being evicted from his apartment. He lives in Anaheim, California and works at the Disney complex here in Anaheim. He apparently is very good at managing his finances and always pays his bills on time. He only has one credit card and no balance on the card. Everything considered, he has a good credit rating and with is job at Disney should qualify for the loan that he has applied for.

He needs the money to pay his rent at the end of the month. He used the money he normally saves for the rent to pay for repairs for his car instead of placing this expense on his credit card and then paying this credit card debt next month when the credit card statement arrives. This would have been a typical cash flow issue that is easily resolved. For whatever reason he did not use his credit card and now needs an emergency loan to pay the rent. He cannot charge the rent to his credit card.

His landlord apparently is pretty difficult and if tenants are late with the rent, he immediately starts eviction action against his tenants. We are not sure why he does this, but it seems a bit of an overreaction for tenants that have a good history or always paying their rent on time. Tenants should be aware that they have rights and that this kind of action is really uncalled for. If he does proceed with the eviction, the tenant’s credit rating will take a hit because it will record the fact that they have not paid their rent on time. It is very important to pay all of your bills on time, the rent in this case to maintain an excellent credit rating.

The payments for this emergency loan have been calculated based on a bi-weekly payment schedule coinciding with his pay schedule. The payments have also been spread over a one year period to give the borrower low payments making it easier for him to meet the monthly payments. He also has the privilege of paying the loan off more quickly and in fact could pay the loan after one month’s time if he is able to come up with the funds. There will be additional processing fees for this loan which have not been shown as part of the monthly payments.


Emergency Loan Amount :: $1000

Emergency Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds):: today or tomorrow if possible

Do you currently have a loan? :: no

Bank Name and Branch :: Bank of America

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? :: South Harbor Boulevard

Zip :: 92805

What is your employment field? :: Tourism

Employment Position :: guest manager at Disney

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly):: biweekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: fair as far as I know

How did you find us? :: searching using Google from home

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check):: direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck ::$1200

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? :: yes, I guess so, but the reason I am doing this online is to maintain my privacy, so please keep all personal information private

Extra information here please (some detail):: I use my car to get back and forth to work and just had to pay over a thousand dollars for the repairs. If I cannot use my car, I will not be able to get back and forth to work and will lose my job. I used the money that I had saved for the month for my rent to pay for the car repairs and now I do not have enough to cover my rent at the end of the month. My landlord is pretty tough and has told all of his tenants that if we miss one month’s rent he will start eviction procedures against us. He does not have time nor the patience to deal with people that do not pay the rent on time.

I really like the place I am in and will put up with this landlord because the apartment is so nice. However if I do not have the money at the end of the month, I will be evicted and that will be a huge problem for me.

Note to Lender ::  regarding my job, I have been working at Disney at the Anaheim Park for the past 2 years and really enjoy working there. The working conditions are great, the pay is ok and I have fun while working on the job. More money would be nice, but I think it is more important to enjoy life. Never the less it puts me in a position of needing a fast emergency loan to avoid being evicted. I am going to have to ask for a raise or find a better paying job, because I cannot continue living on the edge like this.

I have never missed a payment and only have one credit card. My credit rating should be pretty good as a result. Can you help with this emergency loan that I need to avoid eviction? I need to know today so that I can make other arrangements if you cannot lend me the money.

Category: Home Mortgage Loan APR 12% APR 14% APR 16%
Loan Principal $1000 $1000 $1000
Payment Schedule Monthly Monthly Monthly
Length of Term 1 1 1
Amount to be paid $1062.31 $1072.69 $1083.08
Total interest paid $62.31 $72.69 $83.08
Paid per installment $40.75 $41.14 $41.54
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12 Pre-apps

  1. John T. wrote:

    Hi, I found your website via Google and am looking to secure a loan to consolidate my debts and help get me back on my feet.

    The basics: I’m 23, poor credit, dual employment. School was a bad investment, and the majority of my debt is in student loans. The rest is in lines of credit that allowed me to go to school. This truly is the first time in my life I find myself in such a predicament, and I wish I had the wisdom before to avoid landing myself here.

    I seek a simple loan, 5 year term, 15-18% is to be expected. In the amount of $10,000-$12,000.

    I can offer my account for enrollment in automatic monthly payments, but I have no objects to my name to be used as true collateral.

    Your website painted a tale of people who lack the restraint to manage their finances even after multiple consolidations. I resent that remark. I never had the opportunity to get off on the right foot, let alone fail multiple times.

    If your company can be of any assistance in finding a lender, I would be infinitely appreciative.

    Thank you,
    Juan T.

  2. Robert wrote:

    New Windsor, NY
    score 700

    Kept an up to date mortgage for over 15 years. last home was approved for a short sale through citimortgage with no diliquency due too down turn of market & house being on market for over 6 month with no takers and relocating to Florida. We were told that there would be no issues with obtaining a new mortgage immediately. We were approve, had a house built and were told 2 weeks before closing we were not approved. Needless to say we were devastated and confused. Bills are paid on time, credit is in good standing. I have talked to several different banks and am told that there is a 3 year waiting period or I need 20% down, that is way to much that I dont have. I currently work and reside in NY commuting back and forth. My wife resides and work fulltime in Fl so there are dule incomes. At this time in the market it is wiser to buy than rent and less expensive not to mention credit on income tax returns. Can you help us.

  3. deborah wrote:

    clermont fl
    Would like to consolidate high interest personal loan, credit cards, and school loan into one bill so that I can pay off sooner stop struggling and have enough for savings. Score has come down because I was inquiring about loans made for people with bad credit not realizing that these are hard inquiries. Can You please help me build my score and reduce my anxiety and stress. Bills are paid on time. Thank You.

  4. Robert wrote:

    help paying bills check by check wife was disabled last year only one income trying to pay off little things to have money to due things Sr.
    Stressed out

  5. Robert wrote:

    Help on Laing off some bills wife was disabled last year unable to work again one income

  6. Jodi wrote:

    We had a job loss due to a serious illness and my husband had to go on disability. We had no savings and lived on $920.00 a month for 5 months. It was awful. Our bills our $1200/month. We could’nt pay rent, utilities or even buy food, we only go $63/month food stamps. We have a great landlord, he did’nt evict us. We owe him, friends and family members. We thought things would get better once he got his disability but now we have more and bigger bills. Can anyone help? Please!! Thank you.

  7. Charles wrote:

    I need a loan for 50000 as soon as possible with no upfront fees. I am raising my granddaughter and an looking to keep her in the only home she has ever known. Can you help?

  8. Mayra wrote:

    I need a 3000 loan as soon as possible I’m a single mom of three boys and they are currently in another state and all I want is to be with them this loan will get me there

  9. darlene wrote:

    Looking for a $5000.00 loan needed by today it is an emergency.

    Loan Amount = 5000
    Interest (APR) = 13.0
    Years (48 month term) = 4
    Days between payments = 30

    The calculation is presented as:

    Loan Calculation Results
    Total Amount to be payed: $6,326.83
    Total amount of interest $1,326.83
    Payments: $130.00 per Month

    Please would notbe asking if was not an emergency …

  10. dje wrote:

    Looking for a $5000.00 loan needed by today it is an emergency.

    Loan Amount = 5000
    Interest (APR) = 13.0
    Years (48 month term) = 4
    Days between payments = 30

    The calculation is presented as:

    Loan Calculation Results
    Total Amount to be payed: $6,326.83
    Total amount of interest $1,326.83
    Payments: $130.00 per Month

    Please would notbe asking if was not an emergency …

  11. Gregory wrote:

    I am a single father and I need 2500 dollars to pay my rent so that my son and I don’t get evicted. I need a bad credit personal loan and I need the money like yesterday, hopefully before the weekend is over. My credit score is 530, I live in Palmdale,CA.

  12. Gregory wrote:

    I am a single father and I need a 2500 dollar bad credit personal loan to keep my son and I from getting evicted. I live in Palmdale, CA and my credit score is 652. I need the money like yesterday but hopefully. before the weekend is over

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