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What To Check Out Before Getting A Subprime Loan

The latest applicant needs a new mortgage of $250,000 and needs approval quickly so that he and his wife can remove one condition on an offer they have on a home they would like to purchase. They are being offered subprime mortgages by other lenders and are wondering what to check out before getting a […]

Subprime Mortgage Loan for Applicant in Long Beach Ca – $250,000

This applicant has applied for a sub-prime mortgage loan for the amount of $250,000. He lives in Long Beach Ca and has been recently laid off from the city of Long Beach. the city is conserving cash and reducing expenses in an effort to avoid increasing taxes.  Together with his wife, his family income is […]

California Subprime Personal Loans

Are you a resident of California and think you need a subprime loan? If you are at the point where you have fallen behind in payments, or you are at the point where you can only afford to make the minimum monthly payments on your mortgage, vehicles, debt consolidation loans, and credit cards then you […]