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$100,000 Private Student Debt Consolidation – Graduate – Berkeley, CA

This is a private student loan request from a graduate for $100,000 from an applicant living in Berkeley, CA. He currently has 3 private student loans to contend with, and his FICO score has jumped up from 600 to 700 in the last couple of years. He is gainfully employed in the Berkeley area. He […]

$5000 – $6000 Student Loan for Engineering Certification in Ft Lauderdale

This is an interesting student loan application for $5000-$6000 dollars in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Usually at CLF we focus on student loan applicants in the State of California, but because this student loan is a little different, we thought we would post it anyway. This applicant is struggling to get approved for a student loan […]

Private Student Loan Consolidation at a Fixed Rate

When you can’t get a Sallie Mae student consolidation loan or a Freddie Mac student loan to consolidate all student loan debts, then you need to be looking at getting a private loan from a private lender. The other challenge is finding a private lender that offers a flat fixed rate – an interest rate […]