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Quick Cash Loan for $5000 in Los Angeles, Ca

Our lonesome borrow today hails from L.A. and he is need of a three-prong loan (so to speak). He needs to pay off three creditors the same week as his application, and one of those creditors is his sister, whom he has to pay back $3000 dollars. His other creditor is the landlord who wants […]

Quick Cash Loan for $1000 in Sacramento, Ca

In Sacramento this applicant needs a $1000 dollar advance so he can quickly get himself a motorcycle to get around on. He had to give up his GMC truck in order pay off his credit card balance that was just killing him in interest payments. He sold the truck to a friend for over $2000 […]

Quick Cash Loan for $3000 in Oakland, Ca

Our applicant here is from a young fella who lives in Oakland, California. He needs to get a 3000 dollar loan in the next 24 hours or he has been promised by a collection agency that he have his car towed away. He sounded quite wound up and stressed out over the phone, and as […]

Quick Cash Loan for $1500 in Bakersfield, Ca

┬áThis is a loan application from Bakersfield, Ca. The applicant wants to borrow $1500 overnight and has a very bad credit rating and score. We see hundreds of these applications a month at CLF, and it’s fitting that this is the first app we run through here. My name is Carol, and I have written […]

Quick Cash Loans

One of the loan categories we have not focused on at CLF is quick cash loans, and there is a reason for it. Most quick cash loan providers offer fast loans, but they generally charge their customers high APR, and in fact, punishing APR levels. That is also why our writers and editors at […]