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Personal Loan With Bad Credit – $50000 in San Berdanino

This customer is having trouble obtaining approval for a personal loan with a bad credit rating and he is applying for a loan of  $50000 . He currently lives in San Berdanino. He thought he had excellent credit, until he applied for this personal loan and was turned down. His bank indicated to him that […]

Excellent Credit Personal Loan With Collateral in Santa Clarita California – $10,000

Our client has an excellent credit rating and he is hoping to be approved for a personal loan were he is offering up collateral to obtain the best interest rates available. Both he and his wife live in Santa Clarita , California and they are both just retired. He is looking for a small loan of […]

Can Payday Loan Companies Garnish My Wages? (My Paycheck)

We get a lot of emails from borrowers who want to know if payday loan companies can garnish their paychecks. There is short answer and I’ll provide that now – yes and no, as long as you don’t give them the right to do it. Now that I’ve said that I will go into more […]