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My Payday Loan Poem

Don’t know why I wrote this poem, but I know what it’s like to have no money, no hope, and no clue. Got a little bit dark in the end – didn’t really plan it that way – just sort of rhymed. So if you have ever had any experience dealing with collection agencies after […]

Tired of Being Denied a Payday Loan?

If you’re getting tired of being denied a Payday Loan, consider getting rid of your debt first with a legitimate debt relief company. These cash advance companies are the worst place to get a loan from. They are in the business of fleecing borrowers with extremely high interest rates and huge penalty fees. If you […]

Comment On Payday Loan Blogs – IOHO

I’ve seen quite a few blogs out there on payday loans, just for the sake of getting traffic onto their domain and making money from clicks. I have an idea of what the best payday loan blog should look like. It should be a blog dedicated to helping people never take out of payday loan […]

Payday Loans That Are Faxless

Some borrowers who want payday loans asked to have their loans approved by a lender that is faxless. I know, it sounds funny to say it that way, but basically they are just looking for a payday lender that doesn’t require the borrower to fax in their information such as ID, driver’s license, and a […]

San Diego, Ca Payday Loan Companies (Faxless Direct Lender)

For San Diego we have listed all the operating Payday Loan companies in the area. We have not listed any Payday Lenders anywhere outside the San Diego City limits – we will list those areas surrounding the main city area later. We have listed whether or not the Cash Advances are Direct Lender loans to […]