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My Payday Loan Poem

Don’t know why I wrote this poem, but I know what it’s like to have no money, no hope, and no clue. Got a little bit dark in the end – didn’t really plan it that way – just sort of rhymed. So if you have ever had any experience dealing with collection agencies after […]

Tired of Being Denied a Payday Loan?

If you’re getting tired of being denied a Payday Loan, consider getting rid of your debt first with a legitimate debt relief company. These cash advance companies are the worst place to get a loan from. They are in the business of fleecing borrowers with extremely high interest rates and huge penalty fees. If you […]

Comment On Payday Loan Blogs – IOHO

I’ve seen quite a few blogs out there on payday loans, just for the sake of getting traffic onto their domain and making money from clicks. I have an idea of what the best payday loan blog should look like. It should be a blog dedicated to helping people never take out of payday loan […]