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Ca Motorcycle Loans

There are more motorcycle loans applied for in the State of California, than any other State in the Union. That is simple fact. The other largest States (Ohio, Florida, Texas, and New York) have a relative number of riders applying for and getting approved for their motorcycle loans,  but nothing like the numbers in California. […]

Motorcycle Loan in Modesto California [2]

Continued from [1] The latter was her only option so she went and talked to her father about getting her motorcycle loan co-signed.  She didn’t feel good about asking her father again for help regarding this motorcycle loan since he already offered about $3000 for a down payment, but she really wanted that motorcycle she […]

Motorcycle Loan in Modesto California

This story is about Julie Anderson and her motorcycle loan. Julie lives in Modesto California.  Julie awoke one bright morning in late July 2008 and all she could think about was getting herself a motorcycle. It’s just one of those things you realize you’ve been thinking about for months but never really taken action. Julie […]