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Category Archives: Mortgage Refinancing

Cashout Mortgage Refinancing Rates – Need $60000 – $10000 Cash

This client is looking for the best cash-out mortgage refinancing rates that are available, based on his credit rating and the relatively small mortgage that he is looking for. The client needs between $60000 and $10000 cash, $60,000 to refinance the existing remaining balance on his current mortgage and an additional $40,000 to finance some […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage Now? – My Mortgage Rate Today is 5%

The applicant is wondering if they should refinance their mortgage now or stick with the current interest rate mortgage that they have. The interest rate they are currently paying  is 5% , which is actually a very good rate compared to today’s mortgage rates. For the information of the applicant we calculated his $125,000 mortgage […]

Mortgage Refinancing Loan in Oakland, Ca – Second Mortgage

This applicant is looking for a mortgage refinancing loan in Oakland, California and we have no doubt that they will be approved based on the information provided. They have an excellent income, a stable job and their home still has lots of equity room to work with in terms of taking on additional debt.  The applicant […]

The Basics of Mortgage Refinancing

A recent run of low interest rates fueled a huge boom in refinancing that allowed many people to accomplish two things. They were able to take money out of their houses to use for other things and lower their interest rates on their mortgage. Here is a brief on mortgage refinancing.

Refinancing Mortgage Before Balloon Payments

If you have a balloon payment coming you may be looking at refinancing your mortgage as soon as possible. Most homeowners consider signing on to a mortgage agreement consider a balloon installment risky and therefore would never get a mortgage like that.