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Cashout Mortgage Refinancing Rates – Need $60000 – $10000 Cash

This client is looking for the best cash-out mortgage refinancing rates that are available, based on his credit rating and the relatively small mortgage that he is looking for. The client needs between $60000 and $10000 cash, $60,000 to refinance the existing remaining balance on his current mortgage and an additional $40,000 to finance some […]

Should I Refinance My Mortgage Now? – My Mortgage Rate Today is 5%

The applicant is wondering if they should refinance their mortgage now or stick with the current interest rate mortgage that they have. The interest rate they are currently paying  is 5% , which is actually a very good rate compared to today’s mortgage rates. For the information of the applicant we calculated his $125,000 mortgage […]

Mortgage Refinancing Loan in Oakland, Ca – Second Mortgage

This applicant is looking for a mortgage refinancing loan in Oakland, California and we have no doubt that they will be approved based on the information provided. They have an excellent income, a stable job and their home still has lots of equity room to work with in terms of taking on additional debt.  The applicant […]