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First Time Buyer Mortgage Loan in Sunnyvale California – $320,000

This new applicant is a first time buyer and he and his wife would like to be pre-approved for mortgage loan for $320,000 They currently are living in a rented home in Sunnyvale California.  They are finding that even with the depressed housing prices that have hit the state of California particularly hard, homes are […]

Need Low Interest Mortgage Rate in Ventura County – $400,000

This client needs a low interest mortgage loan to purchase a home  in Ventura County. They have been transferred into the area and have placed an offer on a home, conditional on finding financing from a local bank. They have $300,000 as a down payment from the sale of their current home and require a […]

Need a Bad Credit Mortgage Lender in L.A. – Need To Borrow $350,000

This applicant is looking for Mortgage Lender in L.A. who provides financing to people with bad credit and he would like to borrow $350,000.  Based on the information provided, it will be difficult to approve this applicants mortgage request. There are a number of things that are going against him which would make it difficult […]