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Mortgage Specialists and Mortgage Brokers

When Applying for a Mortgage When applying for your mortgage, do not ask the lender to figure out the maximum mortgage you can afford, so you can buy the biggest house possible! There is a terrible risk facing you when you let your ego lead you into doing this. You may lose what is important […]

Mortgage Free In 2009 [3]

Continued from [2] As it turned out one of their children moved back to California with their family and moved fairly close to their new home in Fresno. They couldn’t have planned it better if they had tried to speculate on where their children were going to move to. Their decision not to chase their […]

Mortgage Free In 2009 [2]

Continued from [1] Why some people don’t choose this option sooner than later has always been a question for me personally. You would think that people would jump at the chance to be mortgage free as soon as possible, but there are many other factors involved depending on the people in question.