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Category Archives: Loans For Medical Bills

Loan for Plastic Surgery – Various Procedures in Fresno, CA – $20000

This client is applying for a loan for plastic surgery to cover various procedures that she would like to have completed. This includes several minor updates to her face and also breast enlargements. She lives and works in Fresno, California. The operation will apparently cost $20,000 and is payable once the operation is completed. It […]

Emergency Health Care Loan – For Heart Surgery in San Jose – $50000

As baby boomers age, we are seeing more and more of these types of loan applications for health care operations. In this case the client’s husband needs an emergency health care loan for heart surgery for $50,000. They live in San Jose.  The operation is going to cost in excess of $200,000 and they are […]

A Medical Bill Nightmare Story – An Overdue Discussion at Clf

At Clf we have seen a large increase of traffic with patients (visitors) typing, “I need a loan to pay off medical bills”. This is obviously one of the saddest stories of abuse in American discourse, and highlighted boldly during the Congress and Senate bill creation procedure going on in Washington. For those patients that […]