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Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [3]

Continued from part [2] If you manage to stay calm during your litigation process and be what I call “a good plaintiff” a qualified attorney (or attorneys) that you hire can ensure you recoup all of the money from your employment down-time and cover all of your medical expenses. Try to let the attorneys handle […]

Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [2]

Continued from part [1] Often people are afraid (or hesitant) to seek financial help in the form of a pre-settlement loan because they don’t truly understand what they can gain. You must look into getting a lawsuit loan to cover all of your costs such as medical costs and legal representation costs during the litigation […]

Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [1]

Keep in mind that these types of personal loans for pre-settlement purposes only happen if you have a strong court case and the lawyers can see that you are in a position to win with a 90% chance of success. Literally, attorneys may look at your lawsuit as money in the bank because they have […]