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Home Equity Debt Consolidation Loan Refinance in Fairfield California

This client is planning  to consolidate a small loan and several credit cards with his existing mortgage on his home. He plans to consolidate and refinance at the same time with a home equity debt consolidation and refinance loan from one of the banks in Fairfield California.  They indicated that their current home is valued […]

Home Loan Refinancing for Family in Redding California – Bad Credit Rating

This client would like a home loan refinancing package for his family home. He lives  in Redding California and as it turns out his credit rating is not fair, he does in fact have a bad credit rating.  There are several reasons for his bad credit rating .  There is the judgement issue the client […]

Home Equity Consolidation in California – $120,000 in Stockton

This applicant is hoping to be approved for a home equity consolidation mortgage in Stockton, California.  The amount he is planning to consolidate is  $120,000 which would allow him to consolidate his existing mortgage, his credit cards and a car loan.  We fully expect that this applicant will be approved for this consolidated mortgage however […]

Home Improvement Mortgage Loan in Santa Cruz, Ca – Between $20,000 to $80,000

This applicant will be almost automatically approved for a Home Improvement Mortgage Loan. They have a very low balance remaining on their existing mortgage, they have an excellent credit rating and the only other loan they have is a car loan.  Additionally he is working for the city which is considered a secure job with […]

Home Equity Loan With a Bad Credit Rating – No Problems? – No Hassles?

If you are looking for a home equity loan and you have a better credit rating, you will be looking for long time because the banks don’t usually care about how bad your credit rating is as long as they’ve got some security in the form of property equity. As long as you have more […]