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I Need An Easy Loan For $1000

This consumer would really benefit from having an emergency savings account, but we will come back to that later. He needs $1000 to pay for repairs for his car and does not have the ready cash to pay for the repairs. He also does not have a credit card so that is not an option. […]

Easy Loans For Over $500

Our latest writer is a short order cook for a restaurant in Oakland California. He has had this job for the past two years at this busy local establishment. While the pay is not great, it is consistent and he is paid on a weekly basis. He does not have any credit cards and no […]

Fast Short-Term Loan for 2000 – 10000 In Oakland Ca

This client is an excellent example of where a fast short term loan can actually save him some money compared to just allowing his credit card debt to run a balance. Every time you do not pay the balance in full on your credit card by the statement due date, the credit card company is […]

Fast Emergency Loan to Avoid Eviction – $1000 in Anaheim, CA

Our latest client needs a fast emergency loan of $1000 to avoid being evicted from his apartment. He lives in Anaheim, California and works at the Disney complex here in Anaheim. He apparently is very good at managing his finances and always pays his bills on time. He only has one credit card and no […]

I Need a Personal Loan Quick But I Have Bad Credit!

This is an all too common plea shouted from the suburbs, cities, and rural communities all across the United States; “I need a personal loan fast and I have bad credit!” – “I need a loan quick but no-one will give me one because of poor credit!” – “Will someone please give me a loan!!!” […]