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My Credit Is Terrible and I Need a Loan – Help!

Divorce or separation is always painful for the parties involved. Some couples seem to be able to handle separation in a mature manner, dividing up assets evenly and getting on with their lives. While others play dirty and end up costing themselves and their spouses a lot of extra legal fees and expenses. This consumer […]

How to Recover From a Really Bad Credit Rating

The latest person to write into our web site has gotten himself into a really difficult situation from a credit rating perspective. Basically he has been turned down by all lenders due to his bad credit rating and frankly we do not think that any of our lenders would entertain a loan to him. He […]

How To Improve My Credit Rating Fast

This client has done everything right in terms of paying his bills on time and avoiding debt, but has far too many credit cards which makes him a perceived credit risk in the eyes of most lenders. He has a good job and makes sufficient money for the mortgage he has applied for; however is […]

Credit Repair Loan for $5000 in San Diego

Usually a prospective borrower is desperate for a loan and needs to pay some other debt off to avoid high interest charges or late payment penalty fee’s when they fill in one of our applications . This potential client in San Diego is in a unique position in that he currently rents and has no […]

Attorneys Who Fix Bad Credit Ratings

Many borrowers and spenders who have bad credit ratings are looking for an attorney who can clean up their credit Bureau reports quickly. Unfortunately, many of these consumers confuse a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with the simple task of removing nonpayment records, defaulted payments, late payments, and underpayments from the credit agency databases. You don’t really […]

Lexington Law Firm Scam? Really? (Review and Opinion)

In the eyes of CLF, the Lexington Law Firm’s services can not be considered, or labeled a scam. This is not an endorsement of the LLF’s products and/or services by any means. California Loan Find is an unbiased financial services resource, and we do not take sides. In our conclusion, which we come to below […]