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Zero APR Business Credit Card – Low APR For Life of Credit Line

This small business owner was applying for a zero APR business credit card that had a low APR (between 3%-6%) with a fixed rate. He wanted the low APR to be for the full lifetime of the credit line as well. He wanted a credit limit on the card to be at least 100K. His […]

New Penalty Fees for Paying Off Credit Cards On Time – Bank of America

Bank of America is planning to run an experimental run of credit card fees for card holders that practice frugal spending, and pay off their cards in full every month. On the USA today web site they have a full article on this development. Experts claim that new bills passed in Congress have made this […]

Wells Fargo Credit Cards – Right For You?

Wells Fargo credit cards are not really much different than any other bank’s or lender’s credit cards, except that Well Fargo has a slightly wider selection for cards to choose from. List below are the 7 different cards available today. Keep in mind when looking at this information in the chart below that you only […]