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How To Buy A $30,000 Car With Bad Credit

This consumer has an old car and is wondering about how to buy a $30,000 car with a bad credit rating. Old cars that break down often are usually not a good investment. They cost a lot of money to repair and they are potentially unsafe as well. Bald tires, poor brakes, and rusty muffler systems […]

30000 Used Car Loan in Los Angeles

This is an interesting application. The applicant has applied for a $30,000 used car loan and plans to compare the offer he may get from one of our lenders with the offer he anticipates from the dealer’s lender. Most dealers already know the rate and terms for car loans without having to check with the […]

40000 Car Loan With Adverse Credit

This applicant is applying for a car loan in the amount of $40,000 and apparently has an adverse credit rating. His rating is due to missed payments in the past and carrying too many credit cards. The problem with having too many credit cards, even if they have a zero balance is that they are […]

Best Bad Credit Auto Lenders – Online or Offline

We see many of our visitors at CLF looking for the best auto loan companies for bad credit applicants. There are many ways to look at getting approved for an auto loan if you are what they call a “bad credit applicant”. You can try getting approved with an online lender (online only), or you […]

Fast Dealership Auto Loans

If you are looking for a fast auto loan the best possible answer I can give you would be to get dealership financing. Your local bank or online lender does not have any vested interest in producing your auto loan quickly – at least not as quickly as a dealership.