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Loan to Stop Forclosure in Stockton, CA – $1000 to $5000

Our latest applicant is applying for a loan to stop foreclosure on his home and lives in Stockton, CA. He is looking for a loan in the range of $1000 to $5000. He appears to be getting his financial position under control. He had lost his job and in the process of trying to balance […]

Payday Advance Stores in Stockton, Ca

For payday cash advance stores in Stockton, Ca we have created this comprehensive list of companies in the city and surrounding areas. We tried to just keep our list to the payday loan stores that are right in the heart of Stockton.

$40,000 – $50,000 Loan to Pay of Gambling Debt in Stockton

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams. This applicant who lives in┬áStockton, Ca, wants a personal loan to pay off her gambling debts. She has used up all their family credit, which is their Visa Card ($8000 dollar limit) and their Line Of Credit ($35,000). When […]