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Can I Get Approved For A 10000 Loan With A 438 Credit Score?

Credit rating agencies use various rating schemes to rate their customers. They range from 100 to 300 at the low end and 830 to 990 at the high end. Someone with a credit rating of 438 is on the low end of most credit rating agencies. The short answer to the question, “can I get […]

$200000 Loan To Buy Forclosure Home – Santa Barbara

Our most recent client has $300,000 as a down payment and would like to borrow a $200000 Loan to buy  a forclosure home in Santa Barbara, California. This is a home, that according to the client was worth a million dollars at one time and now the home is being sold for something in the […]

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loan – Angela in Santa Barbara Requires $250,000

Angela in Santa Barbara would like to be approved for a  $250,000 home mortgage loan and she has the income to easily support this application, she owns a relatively stable business which generates her income and she dangles the possibility of further financial business  through her company to the bank that approves her mortgage. She […]