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Flight School Loan for Commercial Pilot’s License

This loan application is for flight school training to the tune of $50000. The applicant wants this loan to complete two phases of flight school training – 1) Private Pilot’s License 2) Commercial Pilot’s License. You will see the complete breakdown of this young man’s expected training and aircraft rental expenses on his journey to […]

$50,000 – $70,000 Debt Consolidation for People With Bad Credit – National City/San Diego

This debt consolidation loan request was submitted by an applicant – Brad H. (last name removed for privacy) who lives in National City, Ca. He works anywhere in the San Diego County area, and he needs a fairly healthy chunk of cash to pay of credit card. He is asking for between 50K and 70k […]

150,000 – 160,000 Small Business Startup Loan – Bad Credit Applicant in San Diego, Ca

This loan was requested for a small business startup. The applicant is asking for a startup loan so he can get his landscaping business off the ground. He has many years of experience working the landscape business in California. He has worked in San Franciso and San Diego, and just needs the startup capital to […]