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$15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca – Poor Credit Borrower

Ok, this applicant was not a man of may words, and was very concerned about his personal information privacy – and we DO NOT blame him on little bit. This was just a pre-app and we could “read between the fields” so to speak, and we could tell the borrower was quite frustrated at the time […]

$300,000-$500,000 Bad Credit Home Loan – San Benardino County Mortgage

This loan request is a mortgage in San Bernardino, California. The borrower and applicant has detailed their financial situation fairly well as you will read below. Both borrowers (a married couple) have a down payment of $50,000 dollars which goes a long way with lenders and mortgage brokers. Unfortunately both of these borrowers have poor […]

Business Loan for $20,000 to $25,000 in San Bernardino, CA

This is a business loan for around $25,000 dollars in San Bernardino, California. These business owners need capital to build on their successful business model in the beauty supply market. Their current credit rating is really good, so their loan was approved quickly. It’s allot different when a business is established, as far as getting […]