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$10000 Used Car Title Loan in Glendale – Los Angeles, California

The most recent client is applying for a $10,000 loan that he needs to pay some medical bills, consolidate his credit card debt and to complete some repairs on his car. He still owes $5000 on his Ford Expedition that has a trade in value of roughly $25,000.  He has heard about car title loans […]

Home Loans for People with Bad Credit – California (Los Angeles – Palm Springs)

Anyone looking for a home loan today in Southern California must have an  impeccable application demonstrating to the banks that there is really low risk of the applicant defaulting on the loan or mortgage. Many potential customers apply for loans without any real understanding of what is required in terms of credit checks and qualifications […]

Unsecured Small Personal Loan in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles (Bill Payments)

This applicant and borrower needed to borrow an unsecured cash amount of $5000 – $1000o for the purpose of paying down bills and cleaning up expensive debt. Our guess is of two different possibilities – one, they really need the cash to inject into their business, or they actually want to pay off some credit card […]