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Small Business Loans for Minority Women – Fresno/Visalia California

Hello. My name is Celia Jackson and I live in Visalia and I have a strong educational base in business management. I am ready to get a small business loan so I can by an established laundromat/dry cleaning shop in town here that is up for sale for a steal. This is a very good loan I’m […]

$137,000 Bad Credit Mobile Home Loan in Fresno, Ca

Underwriter’s Loan Description :: Borrower has a bad credit score and is applying for a mortgage on a mobile home in Fresno, Ca. He has a down payment of $23,000 and the mobile home is listed for $160,000. The borrower is married and has two children to care for. He is gainfully employed right now […]

2000 Dollar Personal Loan in Fresno

Personal Loan #1 In Fresno This first loan in Fresno, CA is a personal loan applied for and approved. It took one week before the applicant was approved. The APR granted by the lender was 13%, and the loan was for a 3 year period. Final principal on the loan was $3000 and not $2000 as […]