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150,000 – 160,000 Small Business Startup Loan – Bad Credit Applicant in San Diego, Ca

This loan was requested for a small business startup. The applicant is asking for a startup loan so he can get his landscaping business off the ground. He has many years of experience working the landscape business in California. He has worked in San Franciso and San Diego, and just needs the startup capital to […]

Small Business Loan Application Checklist – Some Advice

It’s the weekend here and I just want to stray away from the normal loan application form surveys and case studies, which takes up allot of time – believe me. We’ve been noticing that small business people who fill out application forms in order to get our advice and help tend to provide very little […]

Bad Credit Business Loan in Houston Texas – $80000 – $90000

This loan application was reprinted from a lender who lives and works in Houston, Texas. Him and his wife run a small business successfully, whereby they haul materials to and from for other companies. This is a business to business model, and this particular small business loan requested a loan for almost $100,000. A hundred […]

Small Business Bank Loans Vs Private Lenders

If you need money for your small business then there is always the dilemma – should I get a bank loan, or should I get some private lenders involved. Of course it always depends on what kind of business you running, but I would much rather be dealing with the bank then with the private […]