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What To Do If No Bank Will Approve A Consolidation Loan

This consumer would like to be approved for a consolidation loan for his credit cards and personal loans. His credit is bad, but he feels he should be able to find a lender that will approve his loan request. To date he has been turned down by several banks including his own local bank that […]

My Debt Is Out Of Control – Should I Use Debt Relief or Debt Consolidation

The writer to this particular post has raised two really good questions. The first, should he use debt relief or debt consolidation, is a question that we deal with regularly on this blog. The other is a question that many people struggle with every day and that is how to get control of their spending […]

$10,000 Loan in Los Angeles/Altadena for Person With Bad Credit – Bill’s CC Debt

$10,000 Loan to Pay off Credit Card Debt in Los Angeles (Altadena) – The Equestrian Bill who works in Altadena and lives in L.A. is applying for a ten thousand dollar loan to pay off all his bad credit card debt(s). He explains how he got in trouble with payday loans and cash advance stores […]