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What To Do If No Bank Will Approve A Consolidation Loan

This consumer would like to be approved for a consolidation loan for his credit cards and personal loans. His credit is bad, but he feels he should be able to find a lender that will approve his loan request. To date he has been turned down by several banks including his own local bank that […]

My Debt Is Out Of Control – Should I Use Debt Relief or Debt Consolidation

The writer to this particular post has raised two really good questions. The first, should he use debt relief or debt consolidation, is a question that we deal with regularly on this blog. The other is a question that many people struggle with every day and that is how to get control of their spending […]

$10,000 Loan in Los Angeles/Altadena for Person With Bad Credit – Bill’s CC Debt

$10,000 Loan to Pay off Credit Card Debt in Los Angeles (Altadena) – The Equestrian Bill who works in Altadena and lives in L.A. is applying for a ten thousand dollar loan to pay off all his bad credit card debt(s). He explains how he got in trouble with payday loans and cash advance stores […]

No Collateral Bill Consolidation Loan – $120,000 in Las Vegas Nevada

Bill Consolidation Loan for $120,000 – No Collateral Why do you need a loan?: I have included all my bills and expenses so will see that I’m being honest about what I owe to these bill collectors. I need 120,000 dollars in a loan to pay off all the companies and lenders as listed. Please […]

After Your Bill Consolidation Loan Is Approved – Now What?

After you have successfully been approved a bill consolidation loan you may ask yourself this, “Now What?”. A valid question, but one that is easier answered by what NOT to do. Now that you have cleared up your Visa, Mastercard, and American Express debts and arrears, it’s time to take a good close look at […]