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Banks and Lenders in Santa Ana, CA

Here is a list of some different lenders (Banks) in Santa Ana you may be interested in using for your personal finance needs. Of course these lenders will service businesses as well. This is just a short of the different lenders in the Santa Ana area, and these are not to be confused with any […]

What Is The Federal Reserve System (a.k.a. the Fed)

The central banking system of the United States. It differs from that of most other countries central banks in that it consists not of one bank but of 12 regional banks, 25 branches and 11 offices under the control of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington. The capital of the reserve banks is owned by […]

Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase – Obama’s Favorite Banker

Who is Jamie Dimon? Ever heard of Jamie Dimon? Well he is a banker on Wall Street who works for JPMorgan Chase bank. He has been touted by Obama as being a fair and ethical banker, who stood alone as a REAL banker and not a gambler during the ramp to the financial disaster at […]