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What To Do While You Wait To Be Discharged From Personal Bankruptcy

This particular applicant is not really an applicant for a loan or mortgage. He is looking for information about what he can do while he waits to be discharged from bankruptcy. These kinds of questions are a little bit out of the scope of what we normally deal with on this web site, however we […]

New Start Loan – Recently Discharged from Bankruptcy – Pasadena, CA

This client is looking for what is called a new start Loan. New start loans are loans for consumers who have just recently been discharged from bankruptcy. They live and work in the Pasadena, CA area. Unfortunately this client is like many other people in California and the rest of the US, they were under […]

Recovering from Bankruptcy – Regaining Your Credit Rating

The answer may be “No” now, but that’s not a “No” forever! If you are about two years from your bankruptcy discharge and have reestablished at least one new form of credit (department store credit card, etc.,) you may have a chance of being approved for a loan or mortgage. Typically though lenders are looking […]