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Tired of Being Denied a Payday Loan?

If you’re getting tired of being denied a Payday Loan, consider getting rid of your debt first with a legitimate debt relief company. These cash advance companies are the worst place to get a loan from. They are in the business of fleecing borrowers with extremely high interest rates and huge penalty fees. If you […]

Assessing Bad Debt + Monthly Budgets [5]

Continued from [4] I realize that some people would never consider renting their vehicles or their homes when they’re not using them and that may not work for you, but this is a smart option if you are not too uptight about strangers using your things.

Assessing Bad Debt + Monthly Budgets [4]

Continued from [3] Now we need to discuss savings accounts a little bit. You will also find this to be ridiculous (maybe) because I am going to tell you to save 10% of your household income every month into a simple savings account. You may be saying to yourself,

Assessing Bad Debt + Monthly Budgets [3]

Continued…… Fortunately, most of you doing your personal financial worksheet will discover that you indeed make enough money each month to pay for all of their “needed bills” and still have at least 10% of their income left over to transfer into savings.

Assessing Bad Debt + Monthly Budgets [2]

Continued from [1] Once you have eliminated (by not checking off one of your debts) some of your listed debts you need to discuss with your spouse and family members how you can best remove that data from your personal financing portfolio. I fully understand that some of these bad debts cannot, and will not, […]