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$10,000-$15,000-$20,000 Free Angel Loan – Philanthropic Lender in Los Angeles, CA

This was a request that we got this week at CLF from an applicant/borrower in Los Angeles who needs a loan soon for reasons that were undisclosed. They want to get approval with a philanthropic lender, or as some call it, an “angel loan”. Angel loans are rare indeed because it’s only private lenders who […]

Charitable Loans for the Poor – Cash Gifts

Are you looking for a charitable loan in the form of a cash gift from a kind soul who has more than enough money to spread around and ever spend on themselves. While it does happen sometimes, and this week there was great story of a woman who is an upper level executive in Manhattan […]

Tired of Being Denied a Payday Loan?

If you’re getting tired of being denied a Payday Loan, consider getting rid of your debt first with a legitimate debt relief company. These cash advance companies are the worst place to get a loan from. They are in the business of fleecing borrowers with extremely high interest rates and huge penalty fees. If you […]

Unconventional Loans in 2010/2011 – Personal Philanthropy Loans

Unconventional lending is going to be focused on in the upcoming weeks and months here at CLF. Carol has finished here lending series, and she will be focusing on these uncommon lenders for a while to come. This type of lending will be mostly for personal loans and not so much business financing and raising […]