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Ca Motorcycle Loans

There are more motorcycle loans applied for in the State of California, than any other State in the Union. That is simple fact. The other largest States (Ohio, Florida, Texas, and New York) have a relative number of riders applying for and getting approved for their motorcycle loans,  but nothing like the numbers in California. Why? For the following reasons listed below.

It makes it very clear why motorcycle loans are applied for more on the Western coast of America more than any other area of the U.S.A.

Why Motorcycle Loans Are More Common in California

– the population of California is over 38 million and growing
– the weather in California is the most conducive to riding motorcycles
– their are more motorcycles owned per-capita than any other State
– Californians are the most active in the area of energy conservation
– driving a car in the major centers of California is time consuming and pricey
– motorcycle clubs in California are the largest in the world

These are just a handful of reasons for California residents buying motorcycles, and applying for loan. There are more if you want to talk about this all day. The reality is you came here to find some sort of personal financing solutions so you can buy your Harley, Honda, Kawasaki, Mercedes, or Yamaha bike. (did I miss any in there).

Ca Motorcycle Loan Application #1

Borrowing money for a brand new Harley Davidson at 28,000 dollars. The interest is 8.5%. The length of the loan is 5 years, and the time between payments is 30 days (or a month).

Harley Loan=

– 28,000 principal loan
– 8.5 % APR
– payments every month
– 5 year loan

Motorcycle Loan Calculation Results 5 Years

Total Amount to be payed: 34048.03 dollars
Total amount of interest 6048.03 dollars
Payments: 559.69 dollars

Motorcycle Loan Calculation Results 6 Years

Total Amount to be payed: 35237.81
Total amount of interest 7237.81
Payments: 482.71