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Bad Credit Cash Loan in El Sereno Before End of Month (L.A.)

As part of our series on loan in Los Angeles, we are including this applicant who has a poor credit rating and needs to get approved for a cash advance before the end of the month. We are see allot of these kinds of loan applications for bad credit loans and the borrower needs the money before the end of month when their bills are due.

This applicant wants to get the loan approved instantly if they can, but they made it clear that they will “put up with it” being processed into their checking account before month’s end.

Loan Type :: Instant loan so I can pay the bills before the end of month. I need at least $1000 dollars in a quick cash advance type lending product. Can you help me get this approved as soon as you can please?

Loan purpose :: To pay rent and car loan payment.

Loan Amount :: One thousand dollars or more.

Loan Speed :: Instant online loan approval – guaranteed loan quickly to avoid eviction from home.

Employment :: I work in a dry cleaning facility in El Sereno.

Residence :: I live in El Sereno which is a suburb of Los Angeles – North East of L.A.

Time at Address :: One year at in a basement suite. Great landlords and I don’t want to let them down by not paying my rent.

Age :: 21

Credit Score :: My credit report showed that my number is only at 610 and that is too low for normal banks or lenders to consider me for a low interest line of credit. I didn’t want to go the route of getting a payday loan or cash advance, but here I am. Please help me get approved for a same day loan. If you can’t approve the loan today, then at least deposit the money into my account by the last day of the month. Great site by the way.