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$8000 Dollar Installment Loan to Be Paid Back in 3-5 Years

Once again this loan request is coming from the Greater Los Angeles area and this is woman in her thirties who is in a big panic to get an $8000 dollar loan before the week is up. She needs this loan to save their house, pay off some credit card bills, and pay the electric company before their lights go out. She is very detailed in relating that she needs this to be an installment loan that is paid back over the course of 3-5 years. She is willing to put up with a higher interest rate (APR of 13% – 14%) just make sure they stay in their house.

Her husband Rick lost his job some time ago because of yet another layoff in the L.A. job market and they need get another loan to try and keep afloat here. He apparently has a job interview to be a security guard in a downtown L.A. building at the front door. If he gets the job it will go a long way to getting them approved for some kind of financing.

The most important part of this loan is paying the bank the money it needs to keep the mortgage from completely going south. They need to make sure they get the loan in 7 days minimum or they will be out on the street or living in a relative’s basement for the winter months.

Loan Type :: An $8000 dollar quick cash installment loan so that I only have to make one payment each month for a total of 36 months or 5 years time – whatever is longest, because we have to get approved soon before we lose out house.

Loan purpose :: We are losing our house to bank foreclosure if we don’t come up $3700 dollars by the end of the month. My husband and I have extended what we owe the bank as long as we can and now our time is up. They have warned us many times and I think the people at the bank have been very reasonable. It’s not like the mortgage was one of those lousy deals with the balloon payment or anything like that – we just ran out of money when my husband lost his job due to layoffs.

Loan Amount :: $8000 dollars is what we want to borrow. We need $3700 for the bank to clear that up on the mortgage and we need the other $4300 to pay off our credit card debt and pay the electric company the money we are behind on the bill there too. We need $700 for the utilities in total and rest goes against the Visa and Amex cards.

Loan Speed :: We need to get this loan within one week or we lose the house. End of story. We are trying everything we can right now – asking friends and family, and looking online for any online lenders that might be able to help us.

Employment :: I work in a bakery working night shift but it’s full time so we do have some income. My husband Rick has as line on a job in Down Los Angeles working for a security company. We’ll make sure we pay you back for sure.

Residence :: We live in a small house in an area of South of Beverley Hills and North Culver City.

Time at Address :: 7 years

Age ::34

Credit Score :: I’m very sorry to say that we have extremely bad credit ratings. Mine is somewhat better than Rick’s credit rating, but I would have to say that they are pretty well shot to hell at this point.

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88 Pre-apps

  1. Gabino Munoz wrote:

    I am seeking a bad credit installment loan of 17500.00 to purchase a vehicle, pay off outstanding loans from family, and past due bills. I am attempting to paying all bills and leaving me with one bill to pay monthly. I’m on a fixed income and one bill per month would be great. Please help. Need the loan by end of month and of course, sooner would be great.I live in California.

  2. Gabino Munoz wrote:

    One bill a month would be awesome. No daily stress. No more sneaking up on the phone’s caller I.D. to see if one should answer it. Would like to hear from financial institutions that are willing to take a second chance on someone with terrible credit such as I. I’m still with head above water but it’s starting to rain. I’m seeking an installment loan of 17500 with monthly payments of between $300 to $400 per month. Expediting the loan would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Jason S. wrote:

    I am looking for an installment loan ASAP to cover some personal and business expenses. Please contact me with a potential quote and rates.

    jason s.

  4. jason stewart wrote:

    Please contact me about an $8,000 loan

  5. Quincy wrote:

    I am seeking an installment loan of 8000.00 to cover some personal and business expenses. I am attempting to pay off all expenses, subsequently leaving me with one bill to pay monthly. I’m on a fixed income and one bill per month would be great. Please help. Need the loan ASAP. I live in Virginia.

  6. Angela wrote:

    I need a $10,000 loan to pay rent, daughter’s tuition, that I’m already behind on, to keep my utilities on and get my business back on track. Would love to have the loan by July 3rd. I won’t take three years to pay it back, but need some relief until my deals start flowing in next month and August.

  7. hakim peterson wrote:

    I need a loan for 8000 to pay off my debts to increase my credit score. I would like to pay this loan off in 3-5 years with the option of it being deducted from my checking account. I live in Virginia and would like to know what options are available to me besides a pay day loan

  8. Robbie wrote:

    I am in need of a loan of at least $8000, but would likfe to get $10,000. My credit score is only 590. I would like to get this loan within the next 2 weeks.


  9. Ralph wrote:

    I am in need of a loan for $8,000. I live in Kentucky. I have a mobile home that is in default. I need to pay this off immediately or I will loose the home. I am on a fixed income, but my wife is employed full time. We got behind on our payments when she was laid of from a different job in 2008. She was out of work for about 2 years. She is currently employed at a different job, but making less money. Our payments got farther behind. I am hoping to get a loan to help me keep this home. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Please reply ASAP. Thank You.

  10. mj wrote:

    looking for $8,000 signature installment loan for daughters college. family annual income $70,000.
    need loan funding yesterday.

  11. Carlos wrote:

    – Question (Answer)
    – how much you need to borrow ($8000.00)
    – what type of loan you need (Car Loan)
    – what State you live in (California)
    – how quickly you need the loan (October 2012)

  12. linzi wrote:

    we need a 8000 dollar loan in order to purchase a mobile in a mobile home park. That is the full amount of the mobile but we need it fast. We can make monthly payments and have no debt whatsoever. We always have our current rent paid on time and we both have steady incomes.

  13. Ken wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow ($8,500)
    – what type of loan you need (Installment Loan)
    – what State you live in (Arizona)
    – how quickly you need the loan (By Oct 27th 2012)

    I am in need of a monthly installment loan for $8,500. I live in Arizona. Our family home is in default. I need to pay this off by Oct 27th or I will lose the home. After several months my wife and I finally secured stable employment after getting behind on our payments. Our desire is to reinstate our mortgage as we have the income now to cover our monthly mortgage payment, but need to pay off the arrears first. Between my wife and I we make over $50,000 per year with our new jobs. I am seeking a short-term or long-term loan to get caught up. This has been our family home for 18 years and we wish to stay and keep our children in the only home they have known. Thank you, any help would be much appreciated.

  14. Robin wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow- 10800
    – what type of loan you need- installment loan payable with montly payment on 3 year term
    – what State you live in- Florida
    – how quickly you need the loan- within 30 days.

    I am looking to consolidate my bills into one payment so that I can improve my credit towards a home next summer. My husband recently left the family and wants to sell the house since it is soley in his name. As for employment, I have steady full-time employment for over 3 years along with part-time employment for over 9. My total take home income is 2100 per month. My only expenses are the bills that I wish to pay off and utilites.

  15. Veronica wrote:

    I need to barrow $5000,I can’t seem to get ahead as the cost of living is going through the roof and continues to do so, I have a 14 year old daughter that I must fulfill my responsibilies for, I need this loan which will help me get back on track,I don’t know where else to turn ,,,, one thing is sure is I will continue to do what I can until I get back to where I need to be financially,I really hope someone can help.Thank you I appreciate your time Veronica

  16. Matthew wrote:

    I am looking for a $10,000 loan to keep from being evicted and to pay off cash advance loans with very high interest

    I am looking to repay this in a 5 year plan

    I need this loan asap

    Thank you.

  17. michaek wrote:

    hi i live in rhode island, i need a loan by today, for 10k, i need to pay off my bills they are months overdue, the rent the electric the cable , if i dont pay i will get evicted and i have no where to go, i got myself in debt, and need to get out of it, 10k will help me get all my debt paid and then i can make monthly payments on one loan, im really desperate and prayin that someone or somethin can help im at the end of the road, i have family to take care off, and i cant let them down and end up on the streets someone please help

  18. Lisa wrote:

    Hi my name Lisa and I live in North Hollywood. I’m a truck driver, I drive cross country. I’m usually out on the road anywhere from 6-8 weeks at a time. I make monthly close to $4000. Which is not bad money. But there was an unexpected bill that arose in which I am not able to pay in full as the creditor wants. I offered arrangements but I was not given that as an option, so I’m asking for a loan to pay the bill in full. My credit score is not the greatest either, but as I mentioned earlier, I’m employed and am able to pay back the loan. All I need is $3000. Thank you for your help.

  19. adelaide wrote:

    Just looking for a personal 8,000 dollar loan to survive the month of july.
    I work at walmart and can start making payments first week of august.
    I’m willing to pay it off in 10 months and pay 20 percent interest rate. My credit
    Score is 690 I’m still kinda new to starting build credit
    Willing to set up direct withdraw for payments. Ill be making payments every
    Two weeks. The best way to reach me is TEXTING me because my work hour
    S are all over the place. PLease get back to me asap.

  20. Randy wrote:

    I am looking to consolidate two payday loans that just are eating me up. I have $10k monthly income that is secure. My 3 credit scores run between 599 and 634. I would like to borrow at least $10k but could use more if possible.

  21. Etta wrote:

    I am asking for a consolidation loan of $8000. I would gladly pay 20% interest. It would be taken directly out of my account every month without fail. I have payday loans that are killing me, plus, I owe taxes and other bills. I will be able to pay it back in 3 years with absolutely no problem. And, when possible I will pay even more. I would love to have just 1 payment a month. I am trying to gain control of my life and make a fresh start. I would appreciate an answer a.s.a.p.
    Thank you..

  22. Eddie wrote:

    Hi, I make about $15,000 of secure income a yr, i can pay a payment of at
    least $500 or less a month with no problem, yet I’m have a hard time getting a loan for $15,000 my credit score is 630, I have credit cards, which i make payments on time, to be honest at this point I’ve lost all hope I’ve been turned down twice in the past two days and I wish that someone would help me all I want to do is to wipe out some credit debt, buy a used car and buy some new furniture for my new apt. I need the money ASAP, because like I said before, Im in the middle of moving and I have do not have enough money to do everything with apt, bills, etc… Please some one help me, where can I get a loan with installment payments for $15,000 with a credit score of 630, and can make payments of at least $500 0r less monthly, thank you god bless!!!! S.O.S. please help”,,,,

  23. Eddie wrote:

    Hi please note that at this point I am willing to pay whatever amount of interest back to whomever ! Please help me!!!!!!!!

  24. Amy wrote:

    I am a victim of identity theft. I am battling the credit reporting agencies in getting this issue cleared up but in the meantime, I am looking to payoff some bills and a car note. I am seeking an installment loan for $8000 and would be able to pay $400 a month to pay it off. I have a great job and would like to get out of this debt.

  25. Denise wrote:

    $10,0000 – how much you need to borrow
    personal debt loan – what type of loan product you need
    Birmingham AL – what City and State you reside in
    520 approx – what your credit score numbers are
    immediately – how quickly you need the loan

    would like to pay back in 2 years; reasonable int rate

  26. WILLIAM wrote:

    im looking for a loan amount of about 15k…. to pay off most of the debt that i have….. i work for the postal service and have for over 20 years…. my credit score isnt high enough to secure this type of loan….. i can afford between 350 and 400 a month in payments….. i live in massachusetts, and im hoping there is a company or an individual who reads this that can give me a second chance, i have worked for a while and have served in the military(air force), years ago…. any feedback would be most thought of you…. thank you for your time…..

  27. Thomas wrote:

    I am trying to get this loan to be able to work in Denver Col. I along with my family live in Alb. NM Our house is paid off the job is for 2 years at 36.50 per hour at new va hospital. need used car living exp for 1 month at take care of family bills in Alb. I have a account at a credit union and can have $400.00 payment taken right out of account on day leander wants. Thank You for your time on this matter

  28. Lennard wrote:

    I am a Brooklyn New Yorker in need of a $8000 personal loan.
    The duration of the loan is for 3years.
    My credit score is what is known as a thin file.
    A thin file is defined as insufficient data to determine rating.
    I can make a monthly payment of $500 via direct deposit for the duration of the loan. I am able to secure 10% of the loan. I NEED this loan URGENTLY please contact me ASAP

  29. debbie wrote:

    I’m Debbie I need a loan for $8,000-10,000 I am not a real healthy person unfortunately I was just sick again but this time out of work for 6 out of 8 weeks and had no PTO time left so I had no paycheck for over a month and when I went back I got paid for 1 day. I am 2 months behind on rent ,they are threatening to repo my car, shut off my lights the whole nine. I have a disabled husband and 2 grandkids who live with me its still chilly and the oil tank is sitting on empty. I work hard I work double shifts and have been at my job for 10 years. I need help now !!!!! Any suggestions?

  30. Jeremy wrote:

    I am in need of a $8000 installment loan at a sane/ reasonable interest rate with 3 yr term. I’m employed at same job 15 years. I had a medical issue that forced me to obtain some payday/installment loans at incredibly high/ legal? Interest rates. It’s basically taking all my money to service these loans. I can afford to pay 400$ per month and have it auto deducted. I have two daughters and am in danger of losing utilities and not being able to provide basic life stuff. I’m searching for 2nd job concurrently. Can anyone help?

  31. perla wrote:

    I am trying to get 10,000 thousand dollar loan to pay our mortage and our past due bills and to finally pay most of our vehicale, n to get my 4 boys what they need for school…my husband is the only one working, we are behind on our mortage and everything else, our credit is shot, my husband co signed a car for his sister husband and got the car repo and now we are stuck, i pray everyday for a maricle to happen to get a little weight off our shoulders and to be able to provide for our children, my husband is a welder and the taxes take so much out of his checks, our mortage whent up and everything went down hill we are trying to catch up, if anybody please help, once we catch up with everything, we will have the funds to pay back the 10,000 back in instalments, thank you to who ever reads this and tour time..

  32. Phylis wrote:

    I am looking for a loan for $8,000.00 for an item I’ve made. I had to stop production on it due to lack of money. I was trying to make payments using my Disability money but its just to hard. I am 49 years old and back in 2011 I had to have a quardurable bypass, I have been in a diabetic coma also (two different times) my health been going down ever since. I am now dealing with going to the Cancer center alot. I have a husband and 2 boys. Both my boys have ADHD and my husband deals with Chrones. Money is very tight just like it is for everyone out there. I really would like to get this loan so I will know that my boys will have something when I die. I am told I would get royalty checks from my invention every 3 months. The actually amount is $7,770.00 I just rounded it off. I am willing to pay 10-15% to pay back the loan and 3-5 years to pay it back if my item doesn’t turn out as good as the company says it will. It has to do with the medical field. My credit score is 575. It shows that I have (2) house but that is not the case over 28 years I had a boyfirend and we purchased a house, he took my name off the deed but not the mortgage and now I am suffering since he is in forclosure. Please I beg for your help. I need to make sure my husband and my boys are taking care for after I pass.

  33. Nannette wrote:

    I’m on Social Security(retired) and unable to make monthly and 3 large bill payments. I’m also ill with diabetes, hypertension and fibmyalgia. I would like a grant to help me pay off the 3 large bills and keep up my monthly payments. If it is a loan I can pay the loan off 3 to 5 years, but if it is a grant, thank GOD. I can have the loan payment taken out of my bank account. Thank you for your attention and help. May GOD BLESS you!!!!!!!!

  34. Mary wrote:

    I’m a Surgical Tech in the medical field. I make decent money, however due to recent siutuations with my son I have started to struggle severly. My credit score is not great but its NOT because I don’t pay my bills, its because they say I have too much credit open. I bought a new car in June of last year and things were fine however, life isn’t as good financially now. I am wanting to do the responsible thing and lower my debt by selling or trading my car for an older vehicle. Ive tried to do both but the banks wont approve me because of my DTI, and the car is worth less than payoff. So, again Im trying to do the responsible thing and not go behind on any of my creditors, I need a loan for $10,000 with an installment plan of 5 years or less depending on the note. My car is upside down by $4000, so $4000 would go to selling the car to a dealer and writing a check for the remaining balance, the other $6000 would go to buying a vehicle cash so I wont have a note other than a lesser note with the $10000 I need to borrow. I pay $665 a month for my car so a 5 year loan I believe would be substantially less therefore everyone wins, my creditors and myself. I have a checking account that can be drafted each month for the note with no problems or hassles. Really need this like yesterday, look forward to hearing from you soon.

  35. Willamena wrote:


    Please help! I just need a second chance. I am 41 years old mother living in Lancaster, Texas, I work full time from my home for Sykes and homeschool full time and attend college classes on line. I am currently paying for my college and helping my daughter with her college funding. I need an immediate medical treatment and repair done on my home and myself. I would be most appreciative if I could also pay off my debts and only be paying an installment loan. I am ashamed to say that my credit is horrible because I have been sick in the past with a severe form of anemia which requires me to have iron infusions every three months. My score is 560, which is a very very long way from being good. I need to fix this and am hoping that after my debts are paid the show of faithful and on time payments for an installment loan will build my credit back up. The cause for my emergency household repair is the cause for needing emergancy medical treatment. I need this immedetly please. I fell through the floor and landed on my face and am now missing the teeth in the front upper part of my mouth. I need implants. I have been trying to get funding for the repairs and surgery and have been sustaining my income with pay day loans. I am aware that I’m paying out more money that way but I have not been able to get an installment loan wich would provide for getting out of debt repairs and surgery. My job has given me time to at least work form home but without my teeth eating is a painful event and before now I have always taught my children beauty is in the heart, being beautiful on the outside too is a bonus. I’ve always told them to nurture and encourage inner beauty. I have not been able to leave my home because I’m so humiliated. I must return to work December 4, 2014 and need to have the procedure started and completed before that day. Please make my thanksgiving wish come true.

  36. Monica wrote:

    Loan amount $8000-$10000
    Need an installment loan 5 years
    Lomita, CA
    credit score 574
    need loan with in 4 days by Jan 2, 2015.

  37. Mary wrote:

    I need a 6000.00 to catch up bills and and pay off some debt. If I don’t have rent I will lose my house. My boyfriend is working, but work is extremely low right now for him in the construction business. If I could get one monthly payment over 4 to 6 years. My credit is horrible. I need to catch up so I don’t fall behind again. I have had a steady job for over 14yrs. I just need to get this loan. So I don’t fall behind again. In Live in Washington state. I may also have my Electricity cut off as well as water and phone and. I need to make at least one car payment. As work increase these summer months for my boyfriend will be able to help more. Or I will get a second job. To make sure I never fall behind again. This so sucks. Thank you

  38. Kim wrote:

    I recently took on my mothers debt, and she’s fighting to get social sec disability. I am a single mom with 2 kids, house, work full time yet it’s not enough. My credit has gone from 660 to 420 within a year, and I feel like I’m drowning to pay our bills, put a roof over my families head, and food on the table. I’m looking for 1 monthly payment over the next few years but if things work out for my mother I will be able to pay back sooner.

  39. Renaldo wrote:

    I’m seeking a loan of $8000 to pay off medical bills, school loans and help my sick mother with her rent. I’m a security officer and my credit score is 520. I’m seeking help as soon as possible maybe withing the next two weeks to help my mother mostly since she means everything to me. I will be able to pay this loan off within a year or less. I live in New York City.

  40. Richard wrote:

    Would like to a $5,000 loan and use the rest for personal and home needs. Thank You

  41. james wrote:

    my name is james and im looking for a loan of 7500 for a new car and need it to get to and from work and well im 20 and my credit is not so good yet and im not like most of the people on here that need this money im not in a crises im just in a bind and could use some /help thats all.

  42. charles wrote:

    grant failed thru underwriters and need to get 7000 to finish my down payment…would like a 3 year loan with no more then 15% interest…my first home trying to live the American Dream…I live in Florida

  43. Manny wrote:

    I don’t know if I have commented or anything before, but I am in truly desperate need of a loan between $8,000-$10,000 loan. I can’t say enough on how imperative this is for me and my family! Please! I truly need help! It will be paid back whether it take 36-60 months. Please!

  44. Dean wrote:

    I am hoping to acquire an $8000 loan. At 15% over 3 years, I can easily pay this back. I am looking at being evicted and need the money to purchase a mobile home. I would gladly offer this as collateral to protect the investor. I have approx. 30 days between me and the streets. Please help, you will not be disappointed.

  45. Harry wrote:

    I need$5000. Personal Loan. I reside in Buckatunna, MS 39322. My credit score is 603. Ineed this loan ASAP. I’ll have no problem repaying the loan. I’ve had quadruple coronary surgery and I need this loan to help get me over until I return to my job the first week of August. No my credit is not the best, But it’s not the worst either. I thank you in advance.

  46. Jose FF wrote:

    Hello I need a $2000 personal loan urgently by today or tomorrow that i could make payments every 30 of each month. I live in Los Angeles, California but i have been having trouble finding a financial institution that would approve me a loan with my bad credit score of 520. Please i need help as im overdue of payments and if you could help me out i will really appreciate it very much and for sure i will promise to pay it back with the monthly payments.

  47. Mike wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow. (8500)
    – what type of loan product you need (bad credit loan)
    – what City and State you reside in (Peru, Indiana)
    – what your credit score numbers are (538 :/)
    – how quickly you need the loan (I need it asap)

    Need to borrow 8500 to get caught up on bills. I lost my job back in May but recently found new work (50 hours a week) but all of our utility bills are behind and are on the verge of being shut off. Also, our van we have needs to be worked on desperately as it can’t be driven anymore. I have a family of 7 and we also need the money for groceries as well. Don’t know how much longer we can make it. Would like to pay the loan back over 5 years. Thanks in advance for any help!

  48. john wrote:

    need help desperate

  49. Shawn wrote:

    I need 8500 -10000 dollars to help consolidate my debt and catch up on bills, i need help asap. Im looking for an installment loan or vad credit loan. Im in colorado and i have very poor credit (below 550) i need this loan yesterday so asap would be best. My two little girls and wife ned daddy to fix this right away

  50. Jason wrote:

    My wife recently left me and left me with all the household bills since she took care of all of that I was unaware how bad off she had left us…. I am now doing all I can to get caught up but its not fast enough for the bill collectors and may loose my house which is the only place our children know as home and I can loose that or my vehicle since it my only transportation to my full time job.

    I can use an immediate $8000-$12000 to fix my dilemma and a low month payment so that I an stay out if debt please I am in immediate like yesterday dire straits please help me quickly I am a reliable person just git screwed which screwed up my credit..

    Thank you

  51. maximiliano wrote:

    need a 8,000 dollar loan to be paid in 3 years

  52. Troy wrote:

    I an in desperate need of a $6,500 dollar loan for bills and Christmas , if I don’t there be no Christmas for my family, I am a very hard worker who never misses a day, I’ve been with York Corragating for sometime now as truck driver delivery and pickup to our customers and vendors I recently had to miss work because of a health problem in and needed surgery to correct, I am 100% better now and back to work unfortunately, the time off caused me to get behind is there anyone there that can help me my credit score is very low.

  53. Troy wrote:

    I live in York, pa I need a loan of $6500 to $8,000 dollars I am a very hard worker who never misses a day, I had a medical problem that required surgery and it put me behind I need the loan to pay some bills and for Christmas with out it there will be no Christmas for my family. I am a 100% better now and back to work I just need someone to give me a break and let me prove my self.I’m not asking for a million just what I need to pay some bills and a have a Christmas this year, my credit score is very low, I have a student loan in default because I could not finish school I am in the process of having that dismissed. Thank you all for consideration. I work at York Corragating and have be there for sometime now as there class B CDL truck driver picking up and delivering, products to our customers and vendors. Thank you.

  54. Nani wrote:

    I’m I’m desperate need of $5500 but my credits not too gigs.I would like more to bee able to pay some bills but right now I’m just trying to take myself and my husband to thee islands back home in time to say farewell and see my father before he sleeps in peace.please help I’m in desperate need to leave Monday but need to get my tickets pose anyone.

  55. matthew wrote:

    I am looking for a 8000.00 loan. I have bad credit. im looking to pay off a loan I have and my truck as well and make improvements to me truck so it can last me 5 more year. plus get my family Christmas this year. please help. I need this loan soon.

  56. Bobby wrote:

    Have an urgent need of $8000 willing to pay higher interest rate to help me get flags off my drivers license and repair my car to get me to both of my jobs.

  57. Preston wrote:

    Need 10,000 to pay off house, l drive trucks our can pay back every week

  58. Catherine wrote:

    Need $8,000. To buy a car.

  59. Rick wrote:

    10000.00 for auto purchase, Valley Springs CA, 677 credit score, as soon as possible

  60. Mark wrote:

    Hello i am in need of a 10k loan to be paid back monthly for 5 years. My car needs a new engine and this would be cheaper than getting a new car. I would have a 2 year warranty with it also. I work 40+ hours a week and have the same job for over 7 years. i can afford payments of 225 per month.Credit not so good but very steady income. Thank you.

  61. Traci wrote:

    willing to pay 25% interest
    make monthly payments for 3-4 years

  62. Traci wrote:

    I missed 4 months of work because I had a slow bleed aneurysm. Although I have a good fulltime job, when you don’t work you don’t get paid! I wasn’t there long enough to apply for fmla. I am a single mom with a son. I am never going to catch up without help. I am three months behind on rent. My power will be shut off by the end of the month and I need to have car repai rd done. I am back to work, but have a 566 credit score due to a long, expensive divorce. I live in Bloomington Illinois. I have had offers to give me a loan if I had sex with this man and his friends and when I said no! He said do it for the sake of your son! I”ve tried every route. This site is my last hope! Please help us!!!!

  63. Rodney wrote:

    I urgently need a 12,000-15,000 fora 3-5year loan to consolidate 2 auto loans-one is $5000.00; the other is approx $9000.00. Need to combine into one smaller payment. Have never been late on the car payments.2 months from 5 years at current job. Interest rate is negotiable

  64. Spencer wrote:

    Get back to me ASAP

  65. Armando wrote:

    hi im looking for a loan $8000 to get a car. my credit is bad..around 515. if you can really help i would be very grateful. Im just looking for a chance. thank you

  66. Jacquelynn wrote:

    Hello, I am look for a loan for 8100, to help cover many medical bills and other bills that have stacked up on us during tough times. Just trying to get back on our feet after a very rough year. Last year 2015 while undergoing chance treatment (ovarian germ cell) I also had to battle divorce from a man I have been speared from for 7 years. I had bought a house during the separation, and he was no way listed on the title of the house or ever lived in it but he felt he could still try to take the house from me, it was a long battle, and during it all I ended up losing my job . Things are looking so much better now, I am working for a great company at nearly double my previous wage, and my divorce is FINALLY over. My credit history shows a good on time payment history for my installments loans including credit card debt. My issue now is mostly random collections that occurred while I was out of work, such as medical bills. My credit score is low (590) but not due to missed payments, mostly due to credit usage. I make on time payments, and I work hard, I just need help getting out of this slump. I believe that I could easily pay back a 8100$ loan with in 3 years,

  67. levena wrote:

    Hello I’m looking for a loan to pay of a college loan, and the amount which I need is 8000. I will be able to pay the loan, because I’ve been giving opportunities once I graduate, which is soon. I’ve been trying everything, and everywhere. please someone help

  68. Heath wrote:

    Hi, I am looking for a $10000 loan to get caught up and ahead again. Have always made good money until the last few years and income hadn’t kept u with the bills like before so credit is shot. have a new baby and my fiancé that has moved over 13 hours for us all to be together, she is having a hard time finding a job and I have been covering all of our bills and now im more than depleted. I have started work for a new company that is doing well and they are here close to home for once so I can be with my family. unfortunately we are still getting off the ground so for now my income cant solve all of our problems but it will soon. we are in a lot of debt and falling behind on bills now nd it is starting to become overwhelming. I do have a bank here locally that knows my credit is bad but will still loan me money every time but only around 3000 right now I owe them some an the payment on that small loan is what I would ay for thi loan on a more long term basis. I can make this pament every month for as long as it takes I just need to get ahead again before I lose everything. I am in serious need of help

  69. Diane wrote:

    Hi, My name is Diane, I live in Ottumwa Iowa. I need to borrow $25,000 for several reasons. I have been helping my son and now he is in rehab. Paying for that. He has a business Im trying to keep above water. Im paying for that. He is loosing his house and so am I because we have been trying to keep other things going . He was missing all winter and spring, thank goodness we found him in time. I take care of my mother who lives in her own home, but we have a private pay person come to fix her meals and her meds while I work. I have been with JD for 26 years. I am a nurse by education. I have borrowed some money from a friend and need to pay him back. My credit has gone down so it is in the upper 500. I would have no problem making payments, I just need to get caught up. Please any interest for any amount of time… Im in dire need ASAP!!!!!!!

  70. Randy wrote:


  71. William wrote:

    I need $8500 for to payoff some lingering bills. I am looking to repay you back your loan with a 4 yrs term. My Credit is not that well. I do have the means to repay. I am retired.I need some relief from the bills I have. Please help thanks.

  72. Marva wrote:

    I want a $10,000 loan to pay of 8 small loans. I will never want those type loans again. When they are paid off I will be glad. The payment for the 8 loans are over a $1,000 a month. I will be glad to pay of the $10,000 dollar loan. Please help me get the loan.

  73. Nicole wrote:

    ***EMERGENCY***Ran into a very complicated situation, got behind on my bills and I’m now facing a repo, eviction and possibly jail time (never been to jail) if I don’t get caught up on this matter…I don’t want any of this as I will lose my job and everything that I have PLEASE HELP ASAP

  74. Juliette wrote:

    I am in need of $8000.00 loan. Currently I am working and I will be able to pay monthly installments. I want the loan to pay my credit cards. Once paid, I will have only this installment to pay. My FICO credit score is in the 640.

    Thank you in advance for your quick response.

  75. Brian wrote:

    Hi, thanks for taking the time to read my letter. I’m writing this letter out of last resort. Recently I have put myself in debt over $25,000 by gambling my income and taking loans out to further my habit. In 2012 I filed for bankruptcy, so that option is off the table. Lately it has gotten to the point where I have considered suicide. I have taken steps to make sure I don’t have any incentive to ever visit a casino again. Like I said earlier, this letter is out of last resort, I’m not sure where else to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  76. Sarah wrote:

    Hello, I need to borrow $10,000 asap. My home is going to be sold and I would like to buy it from my landlord. My credit scores are 562 and 607. I am working hard to improve this but am fighting poor choices from my youth. I have a plan on how to improve if I can purchase my home. I am in Wheatland, WY. Thank you.

  77. christine wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of 10,000 to pay rent, bills and pay off credit cards to have one monthly payment.

  78. Reynaldo wrote:

    We are good people who fell on hardtimes due to a medical emergency my my credit score before all this was 760 now 560 we could use a hand up to pay off high interest loans so we can get back to to normal .I will pay $200 monthly for 2 years on a $4000 loan we make good money monthly (just need to get caught up

  79. darrel wrote:

    need a 1700 dollar loan for 1 year with no early pay off fine thank you

  80. Vea wrote:

    Need 8k personal loan for repairs on a rental property and pay off 2 very high interest loans. Need ASAP!

  81. Tris wrote:

    how much you need to borrow
    – what type of loan product you need
    – what City and State you reside in
    – what your credit score numbers are
    – how quickly you need the loan

    Aloha. My name is Tris. I live in Waianae, Hawaii.
    I am in need of a $10,000 installment or allotment loan with a 5 year payment plan. The money will be used to pay my rent, electric and water bills. It will bring my accounts to current and with the remainder money it will be used to purchase groceries.I need the money ASAP as I am looking at possibly getting evicted. My current credit scores are upper 570s. I really need help in getting a loan.

  82. Sandra wrote:

    Hello, I am currently in pre-foreclosure with a sale date of my home on July 12, 2017. I am in need of an installment loan in the amount of $8549.00 to pay off my mortgage arrears and to reinstate my mortgage loan. I have exhausted all my options in finding financial assistance. Time is running out and I am afraid that I will lose my home of 30 years. Please help! A 3-5 year repayment of the loan will fit nicely in my budget. I live in California, my credit score is 587 and I would like to payoff my mortgage arrears by May 31, 2017 which is the last date on the reinstatement quote I received from the bank. Thank you in advance.

  83. STEPHEN wrote:


  84. MELVIN wrote:

    To be honest I need 20,000.00 plus to settle my past bills, but if I could get a 8500.00 do for 36 months I would be willing to pay 10,000.00, I am employed and so is my wife, trying to get caught up on some bills to ease the stress around the house if you know what I mean!

  85. Bruce wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a 6000.00 loan to buy a truck for work. I make good money buy have a low 530 credit score because I fell behind on my mortgage after a death in the family. I have a repayment plan with my mortgage co and that is going well. I need to find something before 6/12/17

  86. Taylor wrote:

    Hello there, I’m seeking a personal loan of $8,000. I work at a bank currently and am in the processes of joining the air national guard so I know I’m capable of paying this off with a 3-5 year term depending on the interest rate. This money will be used for medical expenses and will be life changing for my family and I. If you will please consider this I would greatly appreciate it and thank you for your time in reading my request today.

  87. Courtney wrote:


  88. Troy wrote:

    Hi, I need a loan by Sept 1st. I live in Canandaigua NY. I can pay it back 200 a month. I am a Janitor for a Catholic school.Thank you!!

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