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$6000 Elective Surgery Breast Enhancement Loan With Bad Credit – Riverside

This applicant is a woman (not the famous actress above) with a bad credit rating, who lives in Riverside County, Ca.

She needs 5-6 thousand dollars for elective surgery. Here are the particulars on the loan;

  • $5000-$6000 principal loan
  • Temecula, Ca (Riverside County)
  • 46 year old woman
  • breast lift and augmentation loan
  • elective surgery with no HMO coverage
  • credit rating is poor with a FICO score of 580
  • has a part time job earning just about $2000 a month
  • wants the loan fast (as most borrowers do)

First we will show you the loan request as per normal, and then we will discuss the actual cost of the loan based on her particulars.

We will calculate the loan using two different interest rates to give our readers an idea of what the lending will cost her over a 5 year period.

Type of Financing :: Bad Credit Personal Loan – $6000 Loan – Elective Surgery – Breast Enhancement/Lift

Why do you need a loan? :: My HMO does not cover elective surgery for breast lifts and enhancement and I really want to go forward with the surgery. I have very small breasts, and to make things worse, they sag now that I’ve had three kids and I’m now 46 years old. I want to be able to have my old figure back that I had in my early 30’s.

I’ve priced out how much the breast enhancement will cost in California for a good surgeon, and it’s around $6000 dollars for a skilled surgeon. This includes post-up recovery, and pre-op appointments.

I don’t have 6000 dollars to spare and I am really desperate to have the procedures done. Can you help me in any way? Can you help me find a loan some where in Riverside County? I live in Temecula and I work here too, so the doctor has to be somewhere near here.

How Much Do You Need To Borrow? :: Between $5K – $6K

Length of Employment :: Over 2 Years

Time at Address :: Between 2 – 3 Years

Age :: Over 40

Anything else that would help us get your loan approved :: I am a beautiful woman, and always have been, but this loss of breast fullness and firmness has caused me allot of stress. I know it may be considered shallow of me but “it is what it is”. If I can get approved for the money, I will pay back every cent of it over a 5 years period (hopefully the lender will give me the loan for that long of a period). Payday loans or cash advances are completely useless to me because they would never lend anyone $5000 – %6000 dollars, and even if they did I would never use them, because they are a total ripoff.

Sex :: Female

Marital Status :: Married

Ever Claimed Bankruptcy? :: No – never

What Country is Your Primary Address :: United States

What State and County is your primary address in? :: Temecula, Riverside County, California

Have you checked your credit report? :: Yes

Would you consider your credit rating to be? :: Poor

Collateral? :: No

Down Payment? :: No

Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? :: Yes

Employment Background :: I’m a part time book-keeper and I work from home half the week, and the other half of the week I work in the office. I handle the books for 4 medium sized companies. I only earn a take home amount of $2000 monthly, and not enough to have extra to pay for the surgery. My only chance at getting my chest improved upon is to get approved for the loan.

Because this applicant has a co-signer with a good credit rating, she was able to get approved, but below we have the breakdowns of a $6000 dollar surgery loan for 5 years using different interest rates.

$6000 Breast Augmentation Loan – 8% APR – 5 Year Term

  • principal for breast enhancement and lift loan = $6000
  • length of term = 5 years
  • APR – interest rate = 8%
  • payment schedule = monthly

Monthly Payment Schedule for Breast Enhancement Loan;

Calculated Loan for Borrower – Applicant (rounded)

  • Amount to be paid for full term is $7,372 dollars
  • Amount of interest to be paid is $1,372 dollars
  • Installment payments over term are $121 dollars per month

No we can look at a more typical loan for a bad credit applicant such as the borrower in this case. We have to add some percentage points to her interest rate to see what it would cost. Another thing is that many lenders (private, conventional, or credit union) won’t approve a loan of this size without having a very short term on it. For this we will use a term of 2 years. She would also likely to have a biweekly payment schedule for this. See below;

$6000 Augmentation Enhancement Financing – 14% APR – 2 Year Term

  • principal for breast augmentation loan = $6000
  • length of term = 2 years
  • APR – interest rate = 14%
  • payment schedule = biweekly

Biweekly Payment Schedule for Breast Augmentation Financing;

Calculated Loan for Plastic Surgery and Breast Lift

  • Amount to be paid for full term is $6,856.15 dollars
  • Amount of interest to be paid is $856.15 dollars
  • Installment payments over term are $131.49 dollars per month

So you see here that the payments are almost the same for both loans, EXCEPT that in the latter example she is paying biweekly instead of monthly. The loan is paid off 3 years sooner in the last scenario, which is fine as long as she can make the payments alright. The total per month of course is $263 a month which is something a working person can handle, and in the end she has completely transformed her breasts, her body, and her self-esteem.