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$5000 Personal Loans

$5,000 personal loans are commonly looked for online. However getting approved for a $5,000 cash advance quickly is not easy. As a rule, lenders do not lend that kind of money overnight or in the same day. Usually the highest fast loan you can get is between $1,500 and $2,000 on or offline.

Even if you are applying for a secured loan freeing up the money to you have it in your checking account within 24 hours is a stretch for all lenders. They’re processes are not meant to expedite funds to borrowers that quickly.

The time line from when you fill out the application form, to when you get approved, and to when the money is transferred into your checking account varies from lending institution to bank. You task to find a quick $5,000 is find the lender that can transfer the funds in to your account within 24 hours. In this piece we investigate the possibility of such a loan taking place.

Web Sites That Claim Fast $5,000 Personal Loans Are Plentiful

fast5000dollarloanDon’t be fooled by web sites that claim fast $5,000 personal loans (secured or unsecured) are easy to come by. Usually these web sites use terrible English and were written by writers with a serious language barrier living in India or some Asian country. These articles are simply there so they can get your Internet visit.

If you are serious about a quick $5,000 loan it is going to take some time to find the right financial institution. We’ll try to help you with that here.

Different $5,000 Loans Available

For this example I will use a financial lending institution which is a Trust Company called Trustco Bank which provides consumer and business financial services on the East Coast of the United States. I know that at CLF we research lending primarily in California, but today we’ll fly across the country to Florida, New York, Vermont and Massachusetts, because these are the areas where Trustco does business.

So let us go to one of the Trustco web site pages that show their different consumer loan products. Open up a new browser and paste this web address into the address bar. Keep this article you are reading open while we look at the information.

Notice the different consumer loans that come within the range of $5,000? That’s right – ALL of them. It just depends on what you need/want the money for.

Let’s look at these products with a little more depth:

As we can see in this lending product chart from Trustco they have varying APRs, varying terms, and varying loan amounts depending on what you want the funds for, but all ranges have $5,000 in them.

The most important factor with all of these consumer loan products is whether or not the loan is secured or unsecured. This makes all the difference – as you can well see in the above chart – with a personal unsecured loan having an APR of 13%.

For the purposes of calculating the APR and EAR of a personal loan for $5,000 we will calculate two different lending scenarios.

  1. Unsecured Personal Loan for $5,000
  2. Secured Personal Loan for $5,000
  3. New Car Loan $5,000

1. – $5,000 Personal Loan (Unsecured)

So let us do the math now. Use our loan calculator to the right of this article and enter in the information as below;

Loan Amount = 5000
Interest (APR) = 13.0
Years (48 month term) = 4
Days between payments = 30

Click Submit Query

The calculation is presented as:

Loan Calculation Results
Total Amount to be payed: $6,326.83
Total amount of interest $1,326.83
Payments: $130.00

2. – $5,000 Personal Loan (Secured)

So now let us calculate your cost of borrowing with a secured loan.

So let us do the math now. Use our loan calculator to the right of this article and enter in the information as below;

Loan Amount = 5000
Interest (APR) = 12.5
Years (48 month term) = 4
Days between payments = 30

Click Submit Query

The calculation is presented as:

Loan Calculation Results
Total Amount to be payed: $6,275.80
Total amount of interest $1,275.80
Payments: $128.95

3. – $5,000 New Car Loan

So now let us calculate your cost of new car loan. I can’t imagine someone buying a new car for $5,000 dollars unless it is a top-up loan and you just come up with the last bit of money for a $25,000 car or truck.

So let us do the math on a new car loan. Note: notice that the term is now 60 months and the APR is much lower at – as well, the days between payments is 14 (bi-weekly);

Loan Amount = 5000
Interest (APR) = 7.5
Years (60 month term) = 5
Days between payments = 14

Click Submit Query

The calculation is presented as:

Loan Calculation Results
Total Amount to be payed: $5,944.70
Total amount of interest $944.70
Payments: $45.60

overnight5000loanSo you can see the drastic difference between a loan on a car or some sort of vehicle is much less costly. Why? Because Trustco will have the vehicle for security in case you fall in to delinquency.

With an unsecured loan your cost of borrowing is much higher because the lending institution is has a much higher risk potential.

So in conclusion you can see that getting approved for a $5,000 personal unsecured loan overnight, or within 24 hours is not likely. The lending institution will want to know what you want money for, and they will want to collect all your vital information.

Your best bet is to develop a lasting relationship with a bank, credit union, or trust company so that you can get a fast $5,000 cash loan with nothing more than your signature.

We would suggest that you try and get a healthy HELOC so that you can access more money instantly – of course you NEVER want to max out your LOC (or HELOC) because then you don’t have any rainy day monies on hand in case you lose a job, or you have some sort of emergency situation that requires and instant cash infusion of $5,000 or more.

If you do find a lender online claiming to lend you $5,000 quickly online you need to be wary of their credentials, motives, and intentions. You may find some “so-called” online lenders claiming to approve you for an instant loan but they may be just trying to get your SSN, your credit card number(s), or your checking account number(s) so they can pilfer your accounts.

Be careful there……ya hear?!

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71 Pre-apps

  1. Wendy wrote:

    I would like to get a $5,000.00 loan, I have bad credit and I am determined to get my credit back to the way it was. I have a steady job but I just can’t get a break I’m always short and stressed on how to get my life in order. Can you help me or direct me to a company that can. I want to get a loan to pay back everything at once and just have the one loan. I would be greatful for the help.


    Wendy Ricozzi

  2. Carol wrote:

    First off I need to know what State you are in. I’m assuming you are in the US of course?

    Once I know what State and City you live in I can scour a little bit for you.


  3. anne wrote:

    I’m a single female, 53 years old and I inherited my mother’s house several years back and have 100% equity in it – no loans or mortgages. Due to losing my job and other errors on my part, I’m several years deliquent on property taxes and need approximately $6,000 to pay them off before my home goes to auction very soon. I’ve been with a new employer for over two years, make about $15,000/year, and have no or poor credit. I had a loan approved before the banks collapsed but found their was a title error from the probate court. Took a while to get that resolved, but by then the bank crisis was going strong and my options seemed to disappear. If I can just pay off the deliquent taxes before it’s too late, I can catch up once and for all. I’m sure I could meet all repayment and current/future tax obligations as my personal living expenses are low, and I don’t have any other loans/payments due. I have lived in this house for many years and it is my primary (only) residence. City of Covina, Los Angeles County, California. A house with 100% equity for a $6,000 loan seems like a safe bet for a lender, and I’m obviously motivated (by pending homelessness) to be a good customer and repay. I’ve been absolutely sick over this for months. PLEASE, do you have any suggestions on help? I’d even do a “private” secured loan if that’s legal or available. Thank you so much!

  4. anne wrote:

    Sorry, just realized that there was a typo in my email address. I think it’s fixed now.

  5. anne wrote:

    Hello…Does anyone monitor this website?

  6. Carol wrote:

    Absolutely Anne (and welcome to your 50s). Ok. If you have 100% equity, have you gone to your bank and asked for a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)?

  7. anne wrote:

    Hi Carol, thanks for the reply! Yes, I’ve contacted my bank as well as a couple of others. Unfortunately, the mystical/magical/arbitrary FICO score, combined with recent bank paranoia, seems to have trumped common sense. Banks gave so many $400,000 home loans to people making only $30k/year that they now seem to only want to lend to those with established, relatively good credit (which I don’t have, as mentioned.) After all, untl recently, they weren’t even lending to EACH OTHER!!! If 100% equity in a single-family detached house appraised at even a LOW $200,000 doesn’t even merit a loan of less than 5% of the home’s value I just don’t know what to say! Even thought my income is low, my only expenses are the “basics” – utilities, food, etc. The two biggest expenses that most people have, I DON’T HAVE – i.e rent/mortgage or car payment. I really don’t care about the interest rate as I expect it to be higher due to my less than stellar credit. If the loan length is sufficient to keep the paments relatively low (which shouldn’t be a problem), I can be build-up my credit and work on increasing my income to pay off the loan sooner, if possible. If not, at least I don’t lose my home for $6,000. The County charges 18% interest on their 5-year repayment plan (which I don’t qualify for due to certain deadlines.) So a relatively high-rate loan doesn’t worry me that much – but losing my house in a couple of weeks DOES scare me! So there you are, you have my info and I guess it’s cards on the table time… do you know any lenders in my area that are still capable of identifying an almost zero-risk loan? If a lender manages to lose a penny on a $6,000 loan to someone with 100% equity, then that lender probably *should* go out of business! Any specifics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for any help you can offer. Take care!

  8. Carol wrote:

    My goodness. How ridiculous is that – that you have solid home equity and only need $6000 to clear off taxes! Outrageous as the banks get their bailouts and not give you a loan.

    OK. I might have a solution for you that is totally unique. Have you ever heard of Prosper!

    You can login for free and ask for a loan and hundreds of different people donate to your loan for a pay back in interest. It’s a revolution in the world of lending.

    Please go take a look here;

    Sign up and then request a loan for your amount and yes, your interest rate may be 13-15% BUT at least you have warded off the tax man. You just pay back the loan using the Prosper web site and all of the people that lent you the money will get their money back with interest.

    This is a serious bank killer and I love it!

    So what happens is that people all over the United States will lend you little bits and sometimes one big investor will lend you the whole amount. Either way your interest rate is the same whether these private lenders lend you $38.98, $5000, or $456.98.

    It’s the same way Barack Obama raised so much money online from private small donors instead of using big investors like the way all the OLD SCHOOL politicians did it.

    Make sure to provide ALL of your information.

    Please come back and tell me how you do at Prosper!

  9. Debra C. Hinton wrote:

    Please fax me over an application. Our fax number is: 609-530-2661. I need one today as soon as possible. I’m desperate need of a loan. Thanks

  10. Carol wrote:

    Hi Debra,

    We don’t give loans – we just talk about loans and personal financing.

  11. Sue Maskew wrote:

    I am in need of (yes, I know you’ve read this a million times)a $5000 unsecured personal loan with a mid 500 FICO. I live in California and am about to scream, what a few months ago would probably have just made it – now seems a little trickier. Can you help

  12. Carol wrote:

    Hi Sue,

    Did you get the loan you were looking for?

    If you did, could you comment on the terms of the loans and how much the principal and interest was.

    Really curious to what each individual borrower gets in the way of terms as far as cost of lending goes. Especially now in the current economy.

  13. Lesli Arnold wrote:

    need a loan

  14. Patricia Beaulieu wrote:

    Do you have to be a local member to apply for a loan, also do you approve people with bad credit? I need to pay off $5000 in payday loans so I can get back on financial track. Handling a once a month loan payment will not be an issue.

  15. Sarah wrote:

    I am a single person 21 years old. I need five thousand dollar loan. Can
    you please help me where should I get it?

  16. CLFadmin wrote:


    First off – where have you tried so far to get a $5000 loan from? The bank you have your accounts with, relatives, any bank.

    What is your FICO score at, and what is your total personal debt? That info is critical before any loan advice is really possible at all.

  17. Duke Rag wrote:

    Do you need to pay debts!!!! Contact us here, we have an awesome package for you.

    [link removed: please don’t use California Loan Find to advertise. You are welcome to come by and take part in the conversation any time]

  18. Benjamin wrote:

    Hello, im looking to get a 5000 loan for a usd auto. i live in Gilbert, AZ, i justed started working for a new company, i know that scares lenders, but i worked for my last company for 12 years, before i decided to move to Arizona in march of 2010. my credit is not the greatest, in fact its pretty poor, i the process of rebuilding, but my income is not a problem, im looking for a lender who will take a chance, from thier perspective, and help me out.

  19. Benjamin – did you get approved for that loan you needed?

    If you have a full time job you should find someone who will lend you the money – you might not like the interest rate – but you should get the money.

  20. Ken wrote:

    I live in West Springfield, Ma 01089. United States of course. I need 5 grand for a new vehicle so I can keep my job, that makes me $12.50+ an hour, and continue going to school. I have zero credit, as I am young and never established any, and need help. Could you help me find a place that will grant me this loan?

  21. HEIDI wrote:


  22. CLFadmin wrote:

    Do you guys get approved with somebody, and if you did, who with?? Was it any one of our lender list?

  23. joan walker wrote:

    I am interested in getting a bad credit installment loan of $5000.00 to pay off debts and payday loans. I do not want a payday loan.
    I will pay this back on a monthly basis, but need
    sincere lender.

    I was once tricked by a lender who asked for a dodownpayment and I never received the loan.

    Please help.


  24. CLFadmin wrote:

    If you are doing business with a store-less, purely online lender, you never give them money up front for any reason. Don’t pay a downpayment, don’t pay a “first installment payment, and don’t pay them a so-called “administration fee”. There are too many scam artists out there these days. Tread carefully and research them online before doing business with them. In short order you can find out if they are legitimate or not.

  25. Brian wrote:

    I need a $5,000 loan in order to pay off a past judgement. I am looking to buy a house and need this taken care of before I can proceed. Also, I’m in the State of Florida.

  26. m.subramaniam wrote:

    i am in small critical position.i want need some money to stand my business.i am living in tiruppur state of tamilnadu.if u help to me i can repay ur with in six month confirm.i am owned house in tiruppur,but not a please help me one time and save me and my family.thank you

  27. Marc wrote:


    I need a $5000 personal loan as soon as possible. I can afford a $250 a month payment that can be directly taken out of my paycheck. I live in the state of Maine and look forward to working with a company that can help me out. Thanks.


  28. Teresa wrote:

    I need a $4000 personal loan as soon as possible. I can afford a $400 a month payment that can be directly taken out of my paycheck. I live in the state of North Carolina and look forward to working with a company that can help me out. Thanks.

  29. Rube wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow
    – what type of loan you need
    – what State you live in
    – how quickly you need the loan

    – Between 2,000-3,000
    – Personal Loan
    – California
    – As soon as possible.

  30. Victoria wrote:

    I am in need of a small loan $1000-2000 to get back on track financially. I work full-time but unfortunately my net take home is no longer meeting my monthly budget/bills. A small loan would allow me to restructure my monthly expenses and get back on track. I currently reside in Los Angeles county in California. Due to a low credit score I do not qualify for a loan through my personal bank or any others in the area. If anyone knows of a legit company I can speak with please let me know. These online applications are just spamming my email. Thanks!

  31. Elizabeth C wrote:

    I’m looking to find a loan of $2000. I needed to get away for family purposes, and I am returning to LA after being away for a month. I realized that I will need a boost to help with bills and rent since I work freelance and realize I need a month to get things rolling again. I am interested to see what options, if any, I might have. I would like to repay it as fast as possible. My credit should be okay. Can you tell I’m not well educated on how this works? Would like some help and hoping it could be rather quick and not too painful. Thanks!

  32. alice a wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $6500.00.

  33. Beth wrote:

    I need a loan for 2000 to prevent being evicted have a steady income and also waiting for financial aid (currently pending). Money for housing from FA and money from income equal enough for me to afford just currently behind on rent due to roomate moving out and leaving their share in debt. Should be good by mid september need a loan and live in california if makes a difference

  34. Harry wrote:

    Hello….I need 7500 dollars for a period of 3 years. I will pay 15% interest but I need it in 24 hours. I have a score of 640 on Equifax and live In California

  35. Healey wrote:

    i need a 210,000 loan to buy a business the business is in good standings and make a good profit every month.

  36. Shanae wrote:

    I am looking to get a $5000 loan to pay off some bills so that I have one bill to worry about. I have bad credit and need the loan within the next month. I live in Michigan and need to know of anyone who can help me out. I am employed full time.

  37. Warren wrote:


    My name is Warren, I’m 21. Work a full time job(50 hours a week) But I had some unexpected expenses come up and now I’m short for this month. I’m looking for a loan in the amount of $3000 so that I can pay certain bills and get back on track. This loan would be paid back with no late payments in less than 12(12 being the longest until it was paid off) I have little to no credit but I have been working on it the last year since I left the military for a discharge under Honorable conditions. Some one please help. The most I have been able to get approved for online is $250 dollars. I’m worried that if I don’t get the money soon I will lose my apartment. Please help.

  38. Camille wrote:

    I am in desperate need of $5000.00 by December 5th, 2011, to bury my mother, who to my dilemma has cashed out all her insurance polices. I can officially state that I have tried everything to secure the funds for my mother’s funeral. I have bad credit secondary to being the victim of identity thief. I can repay the loan with small monthly payments of $150.00, in addition I will be able to repay $2200.00 of the loan on December 8th, 2011 because I will be receiving a check for that amount from the one and only item my mother did not cash out. Please I really need assistance with this small personal loan.

  39. Nancy wrote:

    I need a loan for $3,000, my landlord has sold the house we live in and I need the move in down and first months rent (I have part but not all). I’m still paying rent on the house I am currently at and I will not get my deposit until after I move out. I live in California my credit score is about 640 is there any place I can go to get help quickly? Many Thanks Nancy

  40. Nancy wrote:

    My landlord sold the house I live in I need $3000 to move to another place, I’m still paying rent where I live. My credit score is 640, where can I get an unsecured personal loan? I live in California. I have had my job for over 8 years and gross income is $3500.00. I have no credit card bills or car payments. I need help fast. Thank you Nancy

  41. betsy wrote:

    I need a loan of about 3000 or 2000 to pay back in monthly basis. I have a job so i have a steady income. No rent or major bills. I’m in California if anyone know about a lender pls email me

  42. suzanne wrote:

    I need a loan for $5000. I live in california, I filed bankruptcy and it was discharged in 3/2011. I have a full time job. I’m going through some legal problems and have several large bills to pay. I am unable to get a payday loan and a personal loan at this time.

    My credit card debt is $300. car payment is $350.00 and my total unsecured monthly debt is $450.00. I make over $50k annually

  43. Chris wrote:

    Could desperately use $5K immediately to recover a vehicle. Have funds coming, but just ran out of time. I must act today or on Monday. Car is worth around $18K. Bank will settle for $10K. Sitting at auction on hold right now (as favor from bank). If someone helped, assured payments could be made and loan could be repaid entirely by the end of next month. If someone helped acquire auto altogether ($10k), they could lien title as collateral and be repaid entirely within 35-60 days.

  44. rod wrote:

    I need $2000 to send my wife to the philippines to visit her mother who has health problems.
    She also wants to take our 4 year old daughter she has never seen.
    Our credit is not good and though I have tried everywhere I can think of I have come up empty.
    I will pay the money back with reasonable interest, up to around 20%. I just need to get her to the Philippines to see her mom for what might be the last time. Thank you for your consideration.

  45. jbis wrote:

    I live in NC and am desperately insearch of a loan for $5000.00, however, not so desperate that I’m going to pay a fee or send any type of money upfront. My credit is bad due to circumstances that my life has presented and am unable to get a loan via my bank.
    I need to pay off some medical bills and other bills that are looming over me and want to get out of the negative and be able to see the light of day again. I can do a monthly payments and do not wish for any payday loans as they are apart of the reason I’m in this mess.
    Hope this site is legit and able to provide assistance as I am growing weary of all the negative feedback. Thanks for your consideration/help in this matter!

  46. donetta wrote:

    hi i need a loan in the amount 5,000 unsecured no credit check monthly installment payments i live in the state of georgia, need loan as soon as possible i have poor credit due to me signing for cars for other peoples, the loan will be use to payoff chargeoff and collections on my credit report and have my credit fix that i have on my credit report. would you be willing to lend me the funds i have guaranteed income from the military retirement and disability if you like i can situp a military alloment for the 1st of each. in case i am approve can you overnite the loan to me


  47. Ron wrote:


    I’m looking for an unsecured $5k investment loan. This loan will be used to open a trust account. Along with another, they will start through their Leveraged Trust Program to raise seed capital for my School Project, (building schools in all fifty states) with their Private Placement Investment Program.

    I’m a retired General Contractor of thirty years and with your help I will be able to fulfill my dream of changing the school system in this country.

    I have poor credit and live on my retirement account. I can pay $200p/m at any interest you like. I will be able to pay back the loan with the profit from the trust account in one year or less. Let me know if you can help? I live in CA

  48. Trina wrote:


  49. Maria wrote:

    Hi!I live in CA and am desperately insearch of a loan for $5000.00, however, not so desperate that I’m going to pay a fee or send any type of money upfront. My credit is bad due to circumstances that my life has presented and am unable to get a loan via my bank.
    I need to consolidate loans, the fees are too much, can’t see the end of it. I can do a monthly payments and do not wish for any payday loans as they are apart of the reason I’m in this mess.
    Hope this site is legit and able to provide assistance as I am growing weary of all the negative feedback. Thanks for your consideration/help in this matter!

  50. Jason M. wrote:

    We Live in Mcconnelsville Ohio. We need a $5000.00 loan we are in a major money crunch right now. It seems that no matter how hard we work we can never get ahead. we are trying to fix out credit but I dont know how we can do it.

  51. William wrote:

    My name is William – I need at least $8000 bad credit personal loan I have bad credit – to pay bills and personal needs. Email submitted via loan application form.

  52. Kelli wrote:

    I am looking for a $5,000 dollar unsecure loan I work full time but cannot get ahead or even caught up because I got caught up in the pay day loan trap. I live in New York and would appreciate any help I could get thank you in advance.


  53. Kelli wrote:

    I live in New York and am in immediate need of a $5,000 unsecured personal loan. I am employed full time but cannot keep my head above water because I got caught up in the pay day loan trap. Any help would be appreciated thank you

  54. Angie wrote:

    I need a quick personal loan of $2500 to pay for my daughters educational trip to Washington DC by next week. I live in Montana. My credit is not good and I have no collateral. I have a steady job that pays biweekly and if granted this loan I would be willing to pay it off as soon as possible. I appreciate any assistance you can give. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  55. Angelia wrote:

    Need a 5000 loan to pay off bills

  56. I.Higa wrote:

    I trying to obtain a loan to some debt..I dont gave good credit.Ive been reading alot onljne on debt consilidation,but my debt is not over 7500.00 Its roughly $ 5,000.My problem is exccessive spending.Ive learn my lesson & if i could just get this loan I will try to repair my credit!

    Loan Amount $5,000
    employment :Front desk Recept for a Cath lab FOR 2 yrs.Ive wirked since the day i Turned 16.
    never been fired from anywhere..
    Gross amount :$11,000 BIWEEKLY

  57. Judy wrote:

    I’m needing a Personal Loan in the amount of $3000 – $4000 as soon as possible – very fast!! I have bad credit right now, which my credit used to be perfect. The personal loan would help get my credit back in good standing. I need the loan to help get bills paid off, repair our truck, and do some house repairs. My daughter and little grandchildren also live with us and I want the kids to live a happy and fun life. I have a great full time job and life will be so wonderful with a personal loan to get things going. I do not want a Payday Loan, cause I have some already that I want to get paid off and never do that again. I live in Florida and would like to have the loan payed back in 24 – 36 months. Please Please Please help the best you can and as soon as you can!!

  58. Janet B. wrote:

    I was scammed on a loan and I need to borrow $2,000 to pay bills, get food, buy gas and I have to go to the dentist and you know how they are they want their money right then.

  59. Janet B. wrote:

    I feel like such a fool, letting that happen to me. But I tell you it could not have happened at a worse time. I’m helping my oldest daughter pay for a divorce after 13 yrs. He had a year long affair on her after 13 yrs. of marriage. I really could use the loan, I’m at the end of my rope!

  60. Paul wrote:

    I am looking for a 5000 dollar unsecured loan to consolidate and clear my debt from a combination of seven payday loan stores and one online store. I live in California, and I am currently paying them a total of 600 every two week paycheck (1200 monthly), but less than 150 (300 monthly) is actually going to principal! Considering I am making 3250 gross (2420 net) in those same four weeks, I knowthis will not be sustainable long enough for me to get out from under it by paying it back their way.

    I am looking for a 5000 (or 4000) dollar loan over a 4 year term (I think? I am flexible) to pay all these places in one fell swoop. Right now I need to stop hemorrhaging money, and I would be thrilled to pay someone a more reasonable monthly payment instead of splitting every paycheck between these payday loan store lenders. Ideally, the sooner the better. Thank you for your consideration, – Paul

  61. Armaun wrote:

    I need a loan for about 5000 to get caught up on bills. I am career Military, I just need the 5000 to pay off some old debt. I am very flexible with the terms and I need it ASAP.

  62. Brandon wrote:

    I am in need of a loan I don’t have the best credit from when I was younger made dumb decisions.

    I live in a California
    Need loan for $4500-$5000 as soon as possible.
    Looking for 36-48 months

    Please just looking for a second chance to do things right

  63. Monique wrote:

    I have debt that I need to clear up immediately and it’s approximately $5000.00. I was off front work for two months and the expenses and bills just piled up. I make pretty good money I just need to get caught up.

  64. Monica wrote:

    I need a $10000 loan to payoff everything and get my car repaired. I would like to have only 1 loan to repay. I 22yrs on the job and I live in California. I CAN AFFORD a $300.OO monthly payment…Please help I need it ASAP.

  65. selena wrote:

    Hello I am looking to borrow 5000$ to pay of all the credit cards I have and just have one bill per month to deal with. I had to use all my credit cards for a recent car repair. I have been on my job for over 10 years. I acan afford 300$ per month. please let me know

  66. Elaine wrote:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for having me.
    My name is Elaine and I need a $5,000 personal loan,
    with a 620 credit score in Riverside Ca.
    I do have a full-time job with a net income of $2,900 a month.
    But I’m need of a loan. A point in the right direction, with the best loan I can possibly get.. is much appreciated !
    Your response is a blessing, and this site is amazing.
    Thank you.


  67. julie wrote:

    I need a personal loan for 5000 to pay off some bills on a installment not a payday loan. I have been scammed by payday loans too many times! Thank you

  68. william wrote:

    I need a $5000 loan to pay off outstanding bills and pay day loans

  69. Jason wrote:

    I need to borrow approximately $5,000, to cover moving expenses, in order to take a new job.
    My credit score is not good. My car is paid for; I have the pink slip, but I’ve been told blue back value is not high enough. The car is nearly 20 years old, but has fewer than 90,000 miles on it, and is in excellent condition.
    I’d be able to pay off the loan in 12-18 months, because my income from the new job is good, and I don’t have any other debts.

  70. Bridgette wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a loan between $5000 to $7000; in order to pay off debt and catch up on things.
    I presently receive income of approximately $2800 per month between death benefits from my spouse, a part time income from part time employment, and SSI my son receives (who lives with me and agreed to include his income to assist in paying whatever needed to keep our home from going into foreclosure).
    I am also presently dealing with trying to get my disability to go through due to medical issues that prevent me from being able to work full time.
    Since the death of my husband just over a year ago – in trying to pay off everything with the decreased income, my credit has decreased quite a bit. I believe it’s in the bad or low fair range – though, I have not actually attempted to review it in a while.
    Being able to get this loan will not only allow me to catch up and save my home – but, will allow for one payment per month (in addition to routine monthly utilities, etc.) – which will be much easier to handle than trying to figure out who gets how much each month.

    Thank you for your help.

  71. Raul wrote:


    Need a personal loan to help pay off bills. I had worked for a small private school for a few years getting payed close to minimum wage. Great experience but no money. I decided in Spring that I finally had to get a full-time job somewhere else to help with our finances and help my son pay for his college.
    I looked for about two months and finally started a full time job 3 weeks ago with a small business owner. The first two weeks were fine until the first check he paid me bounced. I showed up to work last Monday and he didn’t show up. He called me that night saying his doctor adviced him not to continue his business because it was putting too much stress. In the meanwhile, he hasn’t payed me the first two weeks and owes me for another week. I have not been able to get a hold of him.

    To get by before this job, I used most of our savings. Now because I haven’t gotten paid, it’s almost gone. I do need help to catch up with this month’s bills. I am very actively searching for a new job. I know it’s a matter of time before I get another one and will be able to begin paying back monthly payments.