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$5000 Unemployed Personal Loan in Monterey Park, Los Angeles

Loans for UnemployedWe’ve been getting many of these personal loan applications coming through from people who are unemployed and between jobs.

They all have one thing in common – they’re all looking for legit lenders who will consider their loan application regardless of how bad their credit score is a the time.

Unfortunately, we have never seen an unemployed applicant get approved for a personal loan – especially now with the economy being so bad and lenders being so unwillingly to loosen up their purse strings and approve consumer lending again.

The only way you could get a loan if you are unemployed is from a family member. That’s about the short of it.

Even private lenders won’t consider a GOOD credit score borrower without a steady income. Part time employment is also not considered an “acceptable risk” in the eyes of the banks. Not unless there are many factor involved (like security collateral).

We have to say that this applicant did not get approved. It’s pretty well a lost cause trying to get approved for a loan when you don’t have a full time job. Regardless of the decline on the app, we included the submission here anyway for informational purposes.

$5000 Unemployed Personal Loan – The App

Loan Amount :: $5000 (Applicant is Unemployed)

When do you need this loan to be deposited by? :: I need this loan approved by the end of the week, so three days please.

What do you need this loan for? :: I need this loan just pay the bills. I recently lost my job and I just need this 5ooo loan to keep the lights on for a month while I get another job. It’s been really hard to find any lender that will qualify me for a loan because I am unemployed. Pls help.

What District, City/Town, and State you live in? :: Monterey Park, Los Angeles, California

Zip :: 91755

What is your employment field? :: I worked for a bookkeeping company over in the Baldwin Park area, and I have also worked for another company over in Glendale. I have been doing books professionally for 5 years, and because of the bad economy people like myself are getting laid off more and more frequently.

Employment Position :: I’m unemployed right now but when I have a new job, my job title will surely be bookkeeper.

When are you paid? :: Not paid right now because I don’t have a job.

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: Bad credit or really bad credit – take a pick. FICO score is below 600

How did you find us? :: Search in Google

Bank Name and Branch :: Guaranty Bank of California – West Garvey Avenue Branch

How are you paid? :: Most companies I work for pay me every two weeks. No job right now, but when I’m employed I’m sure it will biweekly again.

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: I’m usually always paid around $1250 each check.

Do you agree to have this information published online w/o your personal info? :: Yeah – go ahead – whatever.

Unemployed Personal Loan in Monterey Park – Applicant Provided Information

Any extra information here please :: There lots of payday loans available in Los Angeles, but I don’t want to go there. It’s a total burn in my books, and I don’t want to stoop that low. I know I might have to in the long run because I’m unemployed, but there must someone who will approve a bad credit loan in the Monterey Prk area o L.A. There just has to be don’t you think?  I understand that getting approved for a loan with no verification is almost impossible, and if I did get approved the interest rates would be stupid big. So what can I do? If you don’t grant me the loan, do you know of any other lenders in Los Angeles that might give me a small cash loan even though I don’t currently have employment?

Note to Lender :: I’ll be around all day today, because I don’t have any job interviews, so if you could call my on the phone to discuss this loan that would be great.

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9 Pre-apps

  1. Armand wrote:

    I’m looking for a quick $900 personal loan. I can issue bank checks if required and willing to pay off loan on installment bi-weekly basis in a year’s time or less when employed already. Though I have had chapter 7 more than a year ago, my prospect for employment is better than ever when I passed the California Registered Nurse recently. The amount needed will be used to bridge the gap between now and when job is at hand. Please let me know if you could assist me to begin regaining control of my life and finances. Thanks a lot.

  2. DeAundria wrote:

    I’m looking for a quick $3000 personal loan. I am willing to pay off loan on monthly basis in a year’s time or less when employed already. I have recently been accepted into a CNA program to be on track to become a California Registered Nurse. The amount needed will be used to pay bills and bridge the gap between now and when I have completed the program which starts in January and ends in April. Please let me know if you could assist me to begin regaining control of my life and finances and independence. Thanks a lot.

  3. Cheron wrote:

    I am looking for a $1,500 personal loan. I reside in Los Angeles, CA. I previously worked as an Administrative Assistant. My credit scores are below 600 due to the loss of my job and missed payments to my credit cards. I really need the loan to catch up on bills, but mainly rent. I need the loan as soon as possible

  4. Linda wrote:

    I am just looking for a small loan my husband hours has been cut and I lost my job 9 months ago recently had surgery so I will be out of work for at least another month. Even though I am suppose to be recovering I have had several job interviews.

  5. Georgann wrote:

    I am working but having some problems right now. Just need a little help getting back on track and then will be fine. My score is or was about 620 but that will go up after I get ahead. Please help soon! Thank you!!

  6. Georgann wrote:

    Sorry. Need 4000 for 3 year. I work but need a little help getting back on track. My score is around 600 or 620 and will get better when I get caught up. Please help!!!

  7. Scott tupper wrote:

    I am needing the loan to relocate to move by my daughter she is now 12 I’ve missed a lot of her life don’t want to miss anymore. I need the money by friday as my house is empty and ready to go.

  8. Shawn wrote:

    I need a quick $3000 personal loan to help pay off some credit card debt. I need the money as soon as possible.

  9. Andrew wrote:

    I’d like to consolidate all my credit cards and loan payments into one. I am requesting $100,000 hopefully at a 15% interest or around there. I’ve been employed for over 15 years and getting paid twice a month via direct deposit. I also collect rent money from my rental property. I really want to lower my monthly payments and if I am able to find a lender who can trust me, I will put more on my principal payment. My credit score is around 610. My credit report is bad due to my high debt ratio but all my debts have been paid on time without any delinquencies.

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