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$5000 No Credit Check Loan

This $5000 dollar loan request comes from an applicant who wants to pay for his girlfriends breast augmentation and he wants the money really quick before she decides not to go through with the surgery. Very strange loan request indeed. This is another loan in Los Angeles that was actually approved.

As it turns out the customer did not have as bad a credit rating as he thought he did. His FICO was 670 at the time of this installment, and he therefore qualified for the personal line of credit with his bank.

This is a good example that shows why you really have to make sure that you check your credit rating every once and awhile. This L.A. borrower was prepared to get charged a stupidly high interest rate when he didn’t have to. Never get stuck in that situation – get your FICO score verified OK.

Loan Type :: Small personal loan with no credit check carried out or verification taken – I have a bad credit rating that will ruin my chances of getting approved for a loan quickly (or at all)

Loan purpose :: Need money to help pay for breast augmentation on my girlfriend.

Loan Amount :: $5000 or more – up to $10,000

Loan Speed :: How about yesterday – kidding aside, I need this money fast before she changes her mind.

Employment :: For the California State Legislature

Residence :: Los Angeles

Time at Address :: 1.5 years in same Condo

Age :: 24

Credit Score :: very, very, very bad – please don’t even check ok.

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47 Pre-apps

  1. Robert wrote:

    How much I need is $50,000 – Type of Loan Needed is Private Loan for Debt Consolidation – State I live in is California
    How Quickly is ASAP (in other words I need this loan today) I am in the US Navy and would like to apply for a loan using your service.

  2. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hello Robert. Do you have any collateral or security to put up on a personal loan this size. Also, have you carried out a walk-in appointment with a loan officer at your local bank(s) – preferrably the bank you have all your personal accounts with.

  3. Robert wrote:

    Unfortunately I do not have any collateral or security to put up against a personal loan and I have tried with all my banks to procure this loan, but I haven’t had any success. I haven’t missed any payments and I have supporting income to pay for a loan up to 15% APR, but my DTI is 38%, so I am having a hard time getting approved.

  4. Robert wrote:

    Dear CLF,

    Please let me know if my you can assist me with my private loan request. Whatever supporting documentation is needed I can provide and I am ready to move forward if a lender is willing to give me a loan. Thanks in advance…

  5. Megan wrote:

    Looking for help finding a lender willing to write a personal/debt consolidation loan for me. I have awful credit – Credit Karma lists my score at 486 (very embarassed to admit this) due to past money management problems, but those are behind me now.

    The problem, however, is that I am trying to purchase a mobile home through a city redevelopment agency program and have been approved for my 30-yr, 0%, fully-impounded mortgage with only 2% down. The mortgage itself isn’t the problem, but there have been nearly 2 months of delays on the part of the loan processing agency (the loan is underwritten by the redevelopment agency and serviced through a separate agency). Because of this, I’ve had to extend my lease twice, costing me extra money. On top of that my insurance is up for renewal and my registration is now overdue, because I can’t find child care for less than $1200/month for my two kids.

    Once I’m in the mobile home my rent of $880+utilities will drop to a combined mortgage/space rent of under $600+utilities, and my utilities should be less as it’s slightly smaller on the square footage AND about 15 years newer than my apartment. To give an example – last time I looked at the home it was so hot outside that just walking the 20 feet from my A/C-cooled car to the office door had me sweating like a stuck pig, yet inside the mobile home it was cool as ever, with the power off entirely to the unit.

    Loan purpose: personal (pay car registration, car insurance) and debt consolidation

    Loan amount: $4000-$5000 (see below as well)

    Loan speed: as quickly as possible – I’m looking at choosing between continuing with the mortgage and being able to keep my car “legal” so that I can get to and from work.

    Employment: local government, 3 1/2 years

    Residence: Lancaster, CA

    Time at current residence: 1 year 2 months (previously at another unit in the same complex for 5 months – was able to get out of the lease without penalty and switched units to get a lower rent)

    Age: 29; single mother of two children (5 and 2)

    Annual income: approx. $51,000 (gross)

    Notes: if anyone is willing to loan me $20,000, that would permit me to both pay off my car loan – currently at 15% with a $420/month payment, for a SENTRA!! – AND take care of my other financial issues such as the registration, insurance, other debts, etc.

    I know that my credit makes it difficult for me to get approved for any kind of credit whatsoever, especially with no collateral to offer; because of this I am willing to accept a higher interest rate (10-15%). If the loan is $5,000 or less I can even go higher (possibly as high as 25%). I can afford to pay at least $300/month to pay back the loan for small loans, and at least $500/month if enough is loaned to allow me to pay off my car (possibly more if I am able to find cheaper child care), so please take that into consideration when considering whether to write the loan.

    Thank you kindly for any assistance you can provide.

  6. CLFadmin wrote:

    OK – allot of questions here. I get Carol in here to answer these the best she can. She will be back to work Monday morning.

  7. Robert wrote:

    Dear CLFADMIN,

    See below…

    Annual Income: 135K
    Years Employed: 12
    Credit Score: 709
    Homeowner: Yes
    Purpose of Loan: Debt Consolidation
    Amount: 50000
    Term:60mth or 72mth
    APR: Up to 15%
    Collateral: None

  8. Shevon wrote:

    Amount need to borrow: $5000.00
    Type of Loan: Personal/Debt Consolidation
    State live in: Georgia
    How Quick: ASAP!

  9. Martha wrote:

    Amount need to borrow: $5000.00
    Type of loan: Personal
    Live in California
    How quick: ASAP

  10. Martha wrote:

    Amount need to borrow: $5000.00
    Type of loan: Personal
    State live in: California
    How Quick: ASAP

    I am on Social Security Disability income. And looking for a monthly installments payments for for 5 years to payoff the loan. I dont have any collateral to use for this loan. I am trying to re-built my credit back up. I hope that you can assist me with this loan. Thank you

  11. Scott wrote:

    Need $5000.00 to $6000.00 to keep my house from being foreclosed.

  12. Scott wrote:

    Personal Loand
    Live in Texas
    need ASAP

  13. Judith wrote:

    Loan amount needed: $3,500 to $7,500
    Loan term: 4 years
    Interest: approx. 14%
    FICO: as of May 2011: 662, 585, 637
    When needed: within the next 2-3 weeks
    State: California
    Purpose: pay off payday loans, medical bills, car repairs
    I have had the same bank account and home phone number for 16 years which
    shows my stability. Rented a house for 6 years straight, then bought a house and stayed for 10 years, now renting again. If I could get approved for a higher amount than requested, I need a newer car (mine is 13 yrs. old) and move out of this area to somewhere in CA where there are more job opportunities and chance for success.

  14. Carl D. wrote:

    I’m really trying to get all htis together i’ve been in the army not even two years and me and my wife are quickly going under. I fly my children from Kentucky to Fort Irwin CA as often as I can and the whole time their here im wondering how to feed the I have taken out some of these terrible 24 hour in your bank account loans only to compund the problem. There is no bank in the world that would touch me right now, and thats the problem i still have over 2 years in my army contract, im a good soldier serving as an army medic, not looking to get kicked out right, I could set up an allotment so the money is guaranteed to be there every month, right now I could do a 10000 loan for 36 months at 20 % i would be out of the hole for good

  15. Carl Denser wrote:

    Sorry for all the misspelling and grammatical errors I work in an ER and were very busy.

  16. Cheri wrote:

    I am seeking a loan of 3 to 4,000, so I can re-locate to Austin, Texas with my children. I have been on social security for 4 years, and I am ready to go back to work. I have child support I will pay whatever it takes, because it is much cheaper living in Austin, then California. I don’t have much, but I do have a clean title, if needed for collateral. I have poor credit, mostly due to the death of my husband in 2006. I am honest, and trustworthy.

  17. Jo wrote:

    Please, I am needing a $5000.00 loan to get me out of my predicament. I have had a rough two months since my car needed major work costing me almost $500.00. My dog had to be put down which cost me $240.00. I had medical problems that resulted in me having to stay in the ER overnight costing me so far $1300.00 with more to come. I have gotten behind in my bills with all of this happening and it would help so much to get out of my rut. I am a 55 year old female who has worked for the same company for 21 years. I am responsible and trustworthy. I am one month behind on my car payment and my bank payment which totals $900.00 combined. I just feel that I need this help. I am usually the one helping others but this time I need the help. Thank you.

  18. Pandora wrote:

    I am a single mother of a 3yr old. I went from great job not needing any help to getting un-employed after 3 years. I was looking a a job placement and it took a few months. I still had to come up with $2,300 a month for a house and $500 in utilites. I need to know what I can do. My biggest fear was not having a roof over my head. We moved into an apartment $850 and utilites are now $50. The biggest problem I have is my car! It’s $500 a month and I’ve been late. I don’t have the income like I did before. I now owe $1,500 and I’m worried they’ll take my only transportation. I make $40,000 a year in my new job. I working very hard to move up and get promoted! I need to know how I can borrow $5,000 to get out of this mess. My credit is screwed up too! I would say with huge embarrasment it’s 432. I’m ashamed and sick to my stomach when it comes to this! My son’s daycare is $400 a month. The cheapest I could find. I can’t get assistance because, “I make too much!”. Someone please help.

  19. Keith wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $3,000 – $5,000. I have a fair credit score but poor history now due to student loans. I am catching those up. I have a decent job and I am rebuilding my credit.

    I am getting married in January and the bonus I was going to get to help pay for it was delayed until next July. I can afford payments but not like the payday loans.

  20. Veronica wrote:

    Hi my name is Veronica, i am currently looking for a loan between 1500 to 2000 for my wedding. I need this loan asap where my final payment is due 6/21. Can you please assist me?

  21. Lori wrote:

    I need an unsecured $3,500 installment loan to pay 1) $1,800 in payday loans which I pay $270 in monthly finance charges and fees; 2) to pay moving costs including $1,500 security deposit; 3) dental co-pay $1,000; 4) yearly car registration $300; 5) miscellaneous catch up $500 = $5,100. Income $5,348 – Furlough $248 (to 6/30/23) = $5,100 (gross) $3,260 (net). Trying to build credit after 2007 divorce, home foreclosure and 2011/12 health treatment/off work for 8 mos. But healthly now and back 7 mos. at State of Calif. job of 26 yrs. 7 years bad luck due to end 11/15/2012. Joined credit repair/monitoring service to build credit. Understand must accept higher interest from legitimate financial lender at reasonable rate based on FICO score. Depending on interest rate. I would like to pay back in 12-18 months. Current FICO Transunion 556; Experian 527; Equifax 542; Need fresh start, very ethical with reputable personal references including from previous 15 yrs civilian employment with highly regarded law enforcement organization. Credit report dispute of error i.e. identify of mo. Pymnts incorrect most only cuurent debt since 2007 debt auto loan $13,200/$454 mo. pymnt.

  22. angela wrote:

    I need a personal loan of 2500 to be paid every 30 days for 1 year. It is for debt consolodation, I live in Alabama.

  23. Elisa wrote:

    Hello. I am in need of a personal loan to pay credit card debts and family back from who I have borrowed money from. I am looking for between $5000 to $7000 and would like to obtain this loan within the next week. I am fully employed and actually make a decent income but let debt get out of hand. I would like to have the ability to pay this loan back over the next 24 to 36 months. I am really anxious and have been searching feverishly for a loan to help get my finances in order and get back on track.

  24. Angela wrote:

    Hi am a single mother of three children and we live in California. My two oldest children attend Dominican University in San Rafael, CA and they need $5500 by 1/21/2012 in order to go back to school. So I need the money as soon as possible. I am trying my best to get the money so that they can return back to school. The school staff is really not that helpful when coming to helping minority students stay at their school. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it. I will pay the money back. I really want my children to returnback to school.

  25. Angela wrote:

    I am a single mother of three children and we live in California. My two oldest children are attending Dominican University in San Rafael, California and they need $5500 to go back this spring for their tuition. I have tried every none resource and I have even asked the financial aid, president, and other staff at Dominican but they are really not helpful with helping minorities in staying at their school. My children need the $5500 by 1/21/2012 or ASAP. I do work so I am make monthly payments. Please help my children continue going to school. Thanks in advance.

  26. Adrian wrote:

    I am 21, with (new credit) and make $31,000 annualy I need a $5,000 to buy a car to commute to work and school.
    I have new credit, have had some credit cards and been paying w/o fail for over a year.
    According to Walmart my FICO score is 727. Where would I be approved i need this now!

  27. Cindy wrote:

    I need $5000 loan to pay off small loans and bills. My income is $1970 month I get about $370 extra from my husband so my total income is $2340 I can make monthy payments at 400 the most would like to pay it off in 24 months

  28. Ian wrote:

    Looking for loan of 5000 to pay off DMV fees and tickets that are overdue. Monthly income is 1320 more if I get overtime I can make monthly payments of 100 dollars for 5-6 years. Really need this loan as there will be warrants for my arrest if I don’t get my tickets paid in full very soon!!!!!!

  29. Siri wrote:

    I’m looking for a 5000 loan to pay bills and backpay for child support
    I have two source of income I bring home monthly net pay of 2400
    I can make payment 250 to 350.. any lenders out there please help tired of being
    Decline and ready to reestablish credit/rebuild credit.

  30. sharon wrote:

    I need a 8000.00 loan for 36 months at top hopefully can pay it off sooner I make 2880.00 per month at a full time job that I have been at for 11 years. I need the loan to pay back people that I borrowed money from when someone stole my identity and catch up on some bills that I owe so that I can get back on the right track with my credit. All I need is a second chance please help me. I need this as soon as possible

  31. Holly wrote:

    I need a $3000-$5000 personal loan to get caught up from a recent move. I have 2 jobs currently and own my car but… I have bad credit (which I’ve started to clean up). I only show $1,500 a month in deposits because One of my jobs is waitressing and I cannot prove my tips. And my car, thou paid off is a pt cruiser. Don’t laugh. I know it’s not worth anything but it runs. I need this loan badly!! Like tomorrow. I take home in tips a week about $400-$800…. I can afford $400 a month in repayment comfortably. I’ve been to every credit loans, bad credit loans, title loans….they don’t even have my car listed. Please, calling out to any lender that can Help or suggest any other option.

  32. martha wrote:

    I need a 5000.00 loan to give my son some kind of xmass, (I was taken by another loan company) and to pay off some off the items on my credit report right now I am working with someone to fix my credit. I really was looking forward to purchasing a home wanted to surprise my family for xmass. tried a different lender and they told me that yes they would lend me the funds but asked me for loan fees and such, I gave them all I had close to $300.00 and I am ashamed to say they took my money left me with only the change in my pocket until my next payday, borrowing to be able to eat and worst of all no xmass. and gave me no loan. they ran my credit so it lowered my fico score, they made my credit worse, took my money, and basically ruined my sons and my xmass. Can anyone there help me make this right for my son, I am fulltime employed bring home about $2000.00 a month and can comfortably make a 200.00 to 250.00 payment a month. Please I have only 3 days left till xmass. Can someone approve me maybe today and by our Santa.

  33. Jean wrote:

    Need to borrow $10,000
    personal loan to fund our down payment and closing costs to buy our home
    Mine – 623 Husbands 649
    Need loan asap

  34. Suzanne wrote:

    Amount need to borrow: $4000.00
    Type of loan: Unsecured personal loan for Debt Consolidation
    State live in: California
    How Quick: ASAP
    Length of Loan: 4 years
    Interest Rate Requesting: 8.75%

    I am retired and receive monthly Social Security income. I am working with a company called Precision Credit Group to help clean up and correct my credit. Thank you for your help in this very important matter.

  35. teresa wrote:

    how much I need is 5000.00 type of loan is private loan state I live in is north Carolina how quick do I need it asap I need this loan my daughter needs to see the dr and new glasses i’m a single mom and on ssi I have back and leg problems and I can’t work

  36. Becky wrote:

    I need 5000-7500, would like an interest rate between 12.5 and 15. My credit has slid due to my husband being unemployed for the past 5 months. I am trying to stay on top of the bills and continue to buy his insulin and test strips (type 1 diabetic). I just need a hand to help me out until he finds some work. My credit score is 609. thanks in advance. I live in Richmond, VA

  37. Michael wrote:

    Hello! I need a $4,000 loan request for school. My dad says, education is the most important asset you will have in life. If you have the means in your heart to help me finish school, then I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon.

  38. Nathan wrote:

    My credit score is 590.I would like a loan of 3000 dollars.I am on social security.My social
    security benifit is 1736 per month.My wife combine social security and retirement benifit is
    1800 per month.The only bills we have is a toyota car note, and a mortage.

    Thank You

  39. Nathan wrote:

    My city and state.Gardena,CA.I need a personal loan ASAP


  40. Chelsea wrote:

    Hi my name is Chelsea. I am in serious need of a loan. I need 4000 dollars by Friday. I am willing to pay 179.79 a month. I promise you I will make these payments every month on time. My dog is having surgery Friday evening and I am behind on some of my bills. I need the money for her operation she is a 16 week old great dane puppy and I would do anything for her that’s why I am asking you to please help me. I would even be willing to make 300-350 payments a month if I need to. I just really need this money I have applied for many loans and have been turned down. I just need some help.

  41. Joe wrote:

    Reside in Virginia need a 5000-7500 loan make 70 k a year been on job 4 years

  42. Sarah wrote:

    I have been in the same industry for 14 years and I am gainfully employed. I am an Executive and make $89,000 a year. In the middle of buying a house. I got hit with one thing after the other. I had savings and then I got hit with one thing after the other. When I used my savings I took out personal loans because I got hot with a run of issues, it was awful. My dog was very, very sick and I paid vet bills to try to save him, unfortunately he died. Then I got a flat tire and had to replace 4 tires instead of 1 because I have all wheel drive. My truck broke down and then my car broke down. My Dad died. I could not believe it. It is all been take care of but I because I didn’t take it all out at one time I am paying $900 a month. I have to consolidate all of this. I can’t have my credit run because I am still buying a house but I have a copy of my credit report which is 670. I can submit evidence of employment and evidence of the loans with a copy of my credit report. I just need to consolidate it into one loan and finish buying my house.

  43. Kami wrote:

    I have a 690 fica, make about $68,000.00 a year, no housing or food expenses as I live with my parents. I need a credit card consolidation personal loan of about $35,000.00 over 5 years. can you help?

  44. marlon wrote:

    need $15000 for taxes on grandmothers moms house passed down from her mom please help love granny please help me i promise to repay the dept just please do not take advantage of me im desperate and my credit is horrible

  45. Keirston wrote:

    I am in need of a loan to pay off my debt. My credit score is 486 currently. I am a student and I did not manage my money well and I am paying for it with my mounting loan and credit card debt. I need to borrow appox $4,000. Is it possible for me to get a loan here?

  46. Jill wrote:

    loosing my home, I have it on the market to sell but no takers yet. There is good equity so I will pay you back monthly then a lump sum when it does sell. I got behind on everything, going through some troubles. Need $8500 by the end of the month. My credit is shot, very bad, horrible. I think its in the mid 400’s. I am sick over this & cant sleep. I need help.

  47. Marie wrote:

    Need a loan ASAP. need snow tires and tune-up on vehicle.Also in a mess with my bank and need to pay (overdraft’s)Then need to pay off some small loans…no end in sight! It is already spitting snow outside. Would appreciate as soon as possible.$3000.Fico 571 ,was mid 600’s before I started applying to every small lender out there.Help!!Soon.

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