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$5000 Installment Loan that is Paid Back Over 2-3 Years

Today’s $5000 Loan Example

Loan Type:: An installment loan for $5000 to an applicant who lives in Culver City just West of LA. They need this loan to be the kind of loan that gets paid back over a period of 3 years in installment payments.

This really a debt consolidation loan if the truth be known. This is your classic personal loan whereby the applicant/borrower is way behind on her payments and needs to get all over her credit card debt paid off and make one lower interest monthly payment to the creditor.

Loan purpose :: To pay off credit card bills that have grown out of control. I really need to pay them all off and have one low monthly payment so that I can manage better and get away from these really high interest rates of 20%. Your help would be greatly appreciated and I would recommend all my friends and co-workers to your lending business.

$5000 Installment Loan that is Paid Back Over 2-3 Years

Loan Amount :: $5000 dollar loan (maybe $7000) bad credit loan advance in 48 hours.

Loan Speed :: Two day turn around. Need this loan to happen quite quickly because it’s important that I get approved so I can pay off all my bills that have grown over this year. I know you must get this loan application often, but please hear me out and let me tell you my situation.

Employment :: I have a full time job working in pet shop as a sales clerk. I love my job and it is very secure because I get along really well with the owners. I’m their niece so it’s nice to know I can pay back the loan to you without any issues. My credit rating is bad, and I would like this loan to be an installment loan where I pay it back over the next three years – see what you can do to make sure the interest rate is not too high.

Residence :: I live in Culver City so I guess this would be technically be an application form for LA lenders and I hope I am applying in the right place on the right web site for my area o LA. I’m just straight West of Downtown Los Angeles out on highway number 10. Shouldn’t be a problem as long as I can pay the loan back as promised.

Time at Address :: 4 years and three months

Age :: 25

Credit Score :: Very low credit score – checked my score out online and it’s really bad which is below a FICO of 600. They tell me that this is a really bad score for trying to get any kind of debt consolidation loan approved.

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105 Pre-apps

  1. alan/christine strai wrote:

    i live in wasaga beach ontario canada and am looking for a loan for 5,000.00 will i be able to get one even though i live here. thank you for taking the time out too look at the comment and i look forwarding to hearing from you.
    thank you
    alan/christine strain

  2. Cheri Pepka wrote:

    I need to borrow 2500-3500 to move to Austin, Texas, California is too expensive. I will pay whatever it takes, cause I’m paying 1600 for rent compared to 1000.00 in Texas, help anyone, I even have a clear title on my vehicle if needed. Anyone please help.

  3. Latia wrote:

    In need of a 5000 loan for remodeling of house and backed up bills

  4. Kymberly wrote:

    I’ve borrowed from the check cashing places a lot of times in the past when I was in a crunch and had nowhere else to go. Usually 6-8 times a year. It came in especially handy when I had car problems. I knew the cost was high but it was always worth it. This new legislation will be a total detriment to folks who actually need it.

  5. Rick wrote:

    I am looking to borrow 5,250 to pay off some bills and have some auto repair done to my car , I am from Ohio ! can do 48 month term or 36 depending on interest and payments. The sooner the better .

  6. k.j. wrote:

    I need a loan to keep a car. I got a 2008 car from a dealer and had to turn it in because my paycheck did not come in the mail. I am at a loss. I have two jobs but might not have the second one due to transportation. Lack of a reliable car is making me look bad. I am a single mother who also looks after my mom when she is not well. Please help. I want to finish college and work the two jobs. I aslo want to help my mom who is behind in her mortage. I need a miracle.

  7. Robert wrote:

    I am in a bit of a bind. I own my home and I have a great job but our daughter got herself in some trouble and my wife refuses to help her. I want to help her except I cant take out any money because my wife would know. She is in charge of our finances so it would be impossible to hide anything from her. That’s why I’m looking for a fast loan since she really needs it ASAP. I have good credit that can be checked. I would open a checking account to have the money deposited in it or put it on 2 pre paid visa cards. Yes, I have been doing a lot of research to try and find a way to get this money and help my daughter. I will not abandon her and I would greatly appreciate it if some people could help me out. I would pay it back in less than a year. I can just pretend I’m buying auto parts since I love restoring old cars. Anyway, if I can borrow from several people that be great to or if someone knows of a place where I can get a loan fast. Let me know. Thank you so much.

  8. brenda wrote:

    i need a 3500 personal loan i can pay back over time got hurt at work and mortage company giving me a hard time please help me

  9. Ray wrote:

    I am looking to borrow $7,000.00 to $8,000.00 to pay off some bills and buy a used car so my 5 year daughter and I can have a little easier life, I am a single parent. I am from California. I would like to do a 48 month term or 36 month term loan. The sooner the better, I already have a car chosen.

  10. julie wrote:

    I have gotten into trouble w taking a high interest loan and would like to consolidate some debt and pay off some old debt. I woulld like to barrow 10000. i have asecured job(14 years w same job) & make good $. Just fell on hard times and fell behind because my husband lost his job and is not bringing any income I feel like i’m spinning my wheels trying to make ends credit is low about 600-620.

  11. James wrote:

    I require a 36 month personal unsecured loan between $3000-$5000 to get myself out of cash flow problems. I had some issues last year that resulted in me taking payday loans and I now have 4 that I am currently servicing bi-weekly that creates issues with me paying other bills and I am struggling to get out of this so looking for loan to clear these and pay off some other bills as well as getting overdue car repairs taken care of.

    I live in California and have 10 years of employment with my current company.

    I am looking to get this loan in the next 5 days.

  12. Nina wrote:

    I need help. My car is about to be repossessed in the next few weeks if I don’t get caught up on payments. I need $2500. I just started a really good paying job ($2000/mo) but my checks are not coming in fast enough to give my finance company the money to stop harassing me. My credit is bad because of my past due balance. I am losing sleep worrying how I am going to save my car. I can repay in 2 months.

    Please help!

  13. DeLia wrote:

    I’m asking for this much because I have other loans that I took out for my niece yet I haven’t got one cent from her, I’m tired of being harassed by them. I would like to pay them off and just stay with you which will be one payment each month. I’m able to effort because I was paying close to $250 and always broke each month. I am disable and I recieved a monthly check every month on the 3rd plus I also get alimony from my ex-husband. The best thing I would like is if you can approved me for thta amount I would want you or your company to take it out of my checking account monthly like that I and you know it will get paid. That’s what I prefer. Plus I will have a little bit of money so i can also fix my car. I have been in bad credit bc of these loans I’m paying 2 of them good but the others I’m really behind I promise I will pay my loan back if you give me the chance to show you I really need the loan A.S.A.P. Please help me I will not let you down. Thank you and God bless you. If I may pay it faster then two years I will do that. But like I said I prefer your company to take it out of my checking acct every month.

  14. DeLia wrote:

    I just typed everything on here and it was erased for some reason. I promise to pay every month on my loan. I prefer you take it out of my checking account every month. Please help me I will tell you what has happen when you call or write me. I will not let you down! Please help A.S.A.P. THX and God Bless.

  15. judy wrote:

    do you help people in nc i have been on this computer for 2 days and keep getting the run around
    for payday loans i need an installment loan desperately

  16. Horace wrote:

    I need an installment or personal loan of $6000-$7000 to be paid over one year.
    I live in California, own my home (6 yrs) and have a very secure income (Lifetime State pension)
    I have been a stable homeowner in my county for 29+ yrs. I need this loan as quickly as possible and can very likely pay off the loan before the year. I am not behind in any payments however I had a medical situation where I got into paying multiple HIGH interest loans with ridiculous rates. I am licensed in the medical field and anticipate returning to part-time work shortly.
    I will not entertain any of the loan scammers that I usually see.
    I do have some articles that could be used as collateral if absolutly necessary.
    I would like to dicuss any possibilities with interested private parties or loan companies.
    Thank you.

  17. Masaia wrote:

    Please I need this loan to pay my bill and finish paying for my leagal adoption for my little one and I really need help to get approve for this loan in two days by 08/09/12 to get an answer right away so please if any company or someone with a God Blessed heart will help me please I do not have good credit but I have a steady job working in a medical field for over six years in Long Beach California but I just couldn’t get approve for any kind of loan cause of my credit. Also I have to turn to payday loan to get some kind of help but not enought so If I can get approve for this loan I will pay up all this payday loan and what i mention on the top of my note. But I promise I will make my payment on time if I do get approve for this installment loan… Please Help I am very Desperate for an answer by two days………Thank you and God Bless……

  18. kevin wrote:

    i am in need of a loan to help me get my bills caught up so i can get back on top of them and get them under a budget. i have a very good job and my credit score isn’t that bad, but there are some negative things on my report, that i currently have under dispute. i was laid off for 7 months and it wiped out my savings, i was recalled in june, but to a new location. the cost of relocating and starting over has put me in a hole financially. i make enough money, i just need a loan to get out of the hole so i can start fresh. thank you for anything you can do to help.

  19. Karen wrote:

    I just bought a home June 2012 and I need about $6,000-$10,000 for furniture and a washer and dryer asap. The downpayment on the house and other moving expenses wiped me completely out. I am abl eto pay a monthly amount and I would like the loan to be paid back over a 3 yr period. Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

  20. Karen wrote:

    I would like a loan between $6,000 and $10,000. I just bought a home in June and with all the moving expenses and down payment, etc. My saving is completely wiped out. I would like to buy furniture and a washer and dryer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Margie wrote:

    I need an installment loan for 2-3 years for $3000-4000 . I need this money in the next couple of days . I need to pay off credit and bills . I do have bad credit but will do whatever it takes to get help . Please let me know if anyone can help.


  22. Mary wrote:

    Do you do loans in Michigan? I need $5000 for a furnance and pay taxes. I can afford $500 a month. I have a fixed income of $2500 montly and direct deposit. I do have bad credit due to job loss because of a mild stroke.

  23. Philip wrote:

    I’m have been looking for a loan from $3000-$10000 but cannot get approved anywhere. My credit is very poor at about 550. Need the money to pay bills and fix my car. I have a full time job so I am able to pay off the debt in a certain amount of time. If anyone can help please help. Thanks

  24. Gina wrote:

    I need an installment loan for $5,000 – I live in CT and need the money fairly quickly. I am drowning in pay day loans and need to pay them all off !

  25. Gina wrote:

    I live in CT, I need an installment loan in the amount of $5,000 to pay back some other small loans and some bills.

  26. Laura wrote:

    I live in Mississippi and I am looking for a $5000 loan to get caught up on bills and pay some off. I have a steady job and income but my husband became sick and I got behind on bills and can not get caught up. My credit score is low due to I kept thinking I could get caught up but the harder I try the worse it gets. I have a steady job and income and have applied for a second job to go toward paying bills off. Any help you may can offer will be greatly appreciated.

  27. Jacqueline wrote:

    I would like this loan to get my car fixed, so that I can keep my job, and to pay off two other bills. I will repay the loan. My credit Isn’ t that good, uI Have Lexington working on it for me, even though I only have 3 things on it. I am 62 years old, I go to work everyday. I am a hard worker. The need is that the lady that I rode to work got hurt, and will not be back for a while so I have a hard time getting work. Thank your letting me say this here.

  28. Karen wrote:

    I am looking for a loan in the amount of $5000. I just sent my son to Sacramento State University and all of his financial aid has not come through. I have been paying out of pocket for his housing and food and there is still a balance due of $4600 or he will be un-erolled. I have a good government job and would like to repay the loan over a 36 month period. I am a single mother and do not have any other means and have been using my rent and car money to keep him in school. Please help if you can.

  29. Elisa wrote:

    Hello. I am looking for some financial assistance. I need to obtain between $5000 to $7000 to help with the mountain of credit card debt and a way to consolidate and get back on track with my finances. I have tried getting a loan from multiple other services and have been turn down and shut out. I really need to obtain a loan to get this silent problem off my back before it turns into a major issue in the future.

  30. wanda wrote:

    Hi, I live in Newfoundland, Canada and I am looking for a loan of $5000. Some unexpected things happened. Hoping to be able to get the loan for 2-3 year pay back. I very desperate and need this loan very fast.

  31. Trish wrote:

    Hello, I live in Ohio, I am looking for a loan of 10000-20000. I have been in my job at a state univ for 10 yrs. I need to pay off old credit debt I was left with after my divorce. I own my home and have 100% equity. I am having a difficult time finding a loan due to my low credit score! Please help!

  32. Janet wrote:

    I need to borrow 5000 to 10000 to consolidate bills and pay for surgery. I would need two to three years to pay this loan off. I would need this loan asap.

  33. Jan wrote:

    I am searching for a $15000 loan to be paid back in 2-3 years. I live in Northern California and will need this loan soon. I have a stable employment, residence, and banking history but not the greatest credit. I can easily set up a monthly bill directly to you. I need to consolidate bills to one payment, pay for surgery, pay dental bills for my son, and buy a reliable used car for my daughter.
    Thanks so much in advance for your consideration.

  34. Whanda wrote:

    I need a personal loan to catch up on bills and pay off payday loans. I’m am interested in a own amount of $10,000. I am a single parent with a steady employment. Consolidating my bills will help me manage my finances. Please forward any information available.

  35. maxine wrote:

    My husband lost his job about (6) six years ago. I’ve been holding us afloat on my own since then. Is really been to keep up. Now I’m facing harder time I have two grandkids now. Bills are just too much this year. I work for school district for 8 years. But things are just too hard this Christmas. Please help me and my family. Thank you Maxine

  36. maxine wrote:

    I have been holding a family of (5)five afloat for (6)six years since my husband lost his job. Bills are overbearing. We been robbing Peter to pay Paul,and going to payday loan to payback Peter. Credit is shot. Need help fast.

  37. Pat wrote:

    Would like to borrow $5,000.

  38. Pam wrote:

    I need to borrow 5000 to consolidate my bills. Have worked for the same company for over 10 years. Please help

  39. Robert wrote:

    I have taken out several payday loans and have not been able to keep up with the payments as well as my other obligations
    I am employed with the same company for over 7 years I just got caught up in these payday loans and am having trouble getting them payed off. I am seeking this loan to pay them off and get caught up with my other obligations. Of course my credit rating is poor of I could consolidate these into one loan I would be able to get the help I need to gets back on my feet.

  40. andrea wrote:

    I need a $6,000 installment loan. Been on the same job for 20 years. I fell behind due to my husband passing away and now am in payday loan hell. I can pay $850 amonth back on the installment loan and am willing to have it deducted directly from my paycheck. I currently have no rent and bring home 3285 a month. If I can pay off the payday loans an my credit cards I have my life back even with paying 850 a month compared to paying out 2230 a month.

  41. Joni wrote:

    I’m in need of a personal loan for 7000 would like to pay off my high interest car loan which is 18% an 375.00 a month an the pay off is like 5000 an two other bills so I can comfortably pay off on my bills monthly since my ex moved out I need to make adjustments. I know my car is worth less than that Its 2004 mustang coupe if I can pay it off an have a lower payment that I will even have electronically taken out bi weekly it would help a great deal. I have already tried acouple lenders from unitedlending an payed for gaurenteed help but no luck so far

  42. Robert wrote:

    I am in need of a $5000 loan with a 24-36 month payment plan. FICO score is below 600. In the market for a car, but, my credit score is making things very difficult to get an auto loan that I can afford or a down payment that I can afford.

  43. keith wrote:

    I live in las vegas, I was unemployed for about a year and a half.I got caught up in the payday loan trap because of them have fallen on my other bills. I now am employed again and trying to get back on my feet.I will be able to pay back over 1-2 years. my credit has gone south but I am currently in a program to help me with that.I would be greatly appreciated if you could help me so I can breathe again…..Thank you for you time.

  44. Charla wrote:

    I receive $1944 social security per month for the past 7 years. I live in Hackett, Arkansas.
    I am in need of a personal loan for $2000 that I can pay back over a 1-2 year period. My credit score is VERY bad. I have had a lot of medical bills in the past and I am not sure what else is there. I have fallen into the payday loan trap and have not been able to get out of it, this has been going for the past 2 years. I have fallen 2 months behind on my electric and internet bills, and my car has been broken down for the past 3 months. I need to catch up on my bills and get my car running and GET OUT OF THIS PAYDAY LOAN TRAP. Then I could possibly get my kids some much needed clothes. Thank you so much for your time.

  45. Valeria wrote:

    Me and my husband are looking for a loan of about $5000 to pay off bills and to get away from the payday loans that we have. If we could get it for 2-3 yrs would be great or be able to pay it off sooner. Also we live in Minnesota and have been told that sometimes it is hard to get a loan when you have bad credit. We really need some kind of help.

  46. Denise wrote:

    I live in San Antonio, TX and need the assistance of a $7500 loan to pay back taxes due to the IRS and get rid of all payday loans that I had to take out in order to keep my family afloat while my husband was trying to get his SSA disability approved. Please help, I am working two jobs and both are part time, but I can repay over a three year term. Thank you.

  47. Greg wrote:

    Need a $3000 installment loan to catch up on bills. Need within 48 hours if possible. Can pay back in 6-12 months. Work full time in San Francisco and live in Oakland. FICO score is between 500 and 600 due to financial problems caused by the downturn in the economy – please contact if you can help

  48. kelly wrote:

    I have soc sec benefits direct deposited in the amount of 1250.00 monthly and I run ebay business started in Dec 2012 and have had total sales of 18,000.00 plus to date. I really need a loan for a couple very good reasons we need our fridge and washer replaced ASAP. My ebay business would do much better if i vcould stock some inventory I sell my items so quick and then sell nothing until it restocked fully stocked I could continue sellin making more and keep ahead of demand. Ive been very successful with my store and ebay even told me I was way above what they normally see in a individual just starting. So I have terrible credit and I am way behind in my dental bill I need to carch up and get ahead. and take care of immediate home needs. I am being extremly informal in my writing I hope that wont hurt my chances just tired of filling forms. I would like 5000.00 paid back over 3 years I plan on finishing sooner. playing it supersafe

  49. Gina wrote:

    I am a single mom and am in need of a $5,000 loan to get back on my feet after breast cancer. My FICO is low but I’m a responsible person and my health problems have put me behind – disability payments didn’t come close to my salary. I work full time at a job I’ve had for almost 6 years and my annual salary is $48,000. I have a raise to $52,000 that is effective on my next paycheck. I don’t mind signing up for direct debit from my account for the payments on a loan and I understand the higher interest rate for people with low credit scores.

  50. Adrienne wrote:

    Hi my name is Adrienne my fiancé and I just bout a home and we r needing to borrow 5000 dollars to pay off some payday loans that we have gotten in order to pay the bills he works everyday and makes good money but our credit scores are terrible we both just lost our fathers this past summer to cancer and having a hard time dealing with that also we r looking to pay back over a 36 month period but will be willing to pay back sooner if we can get approved for the loan. We have 2 small children and I don’t want to loose our home because of the payday loans we have r taking every bit that my fiancé makes please help us.

  51. Pat wrote:

    I live in Ohio and need a $2500 loan to pay off outstanding payday loans and catch up on bills. I am a single mom with bad credit due to a divorce. I am employed full-time and at the same company for 14 years. I own my home. I would like to repay this over 36 months. I need this as soon as possible.

  52. Mike wrote:

    I need $3000 to put a down payment on my new home. I’m a disabled father of one and I want my family to never have to move again as renting is just so hard when landlords won’t fix my roof.

  53. April wrote:

    I am in need of at least $5000 to pay off my online payday loans and get caught up on some bills as soon as possible. I live in California and my credit score is poor, around 585.

  54. Ronda wrote:

    In need of 50,000 dollar loan to buy a house for my family. I work full time. I CAN PAY back the loan but have bad credit from past and no bank will help me. Can someone please help me please

  55. Anna wrote:

    Hello Everybody I am Anna, living in USA. I am a widow at the moment with three kids and i was stuck in a financial situation by December 2013 and i needed to refinance and pay my bills.I tried seeking loans from various loan firms both private and corporate but never with success,and most banks declined my credit.But as God would have it,i was introduced to a man of God a private loan lender by name Mr Martin Davis who gave me a loan of $100,000 and today am a business owner and my kids are doing well at the moment.So dear,if you must contact any firm with reference to securing a loan with low interest rate of 3% and better repayment plans and schedule,please contact Mr Martin Davis.He does not know that am doing this but am so happy now and i decided to let people know more about him and also i want God to bless him and he also give out loans to both individuals and company.You can contact him through his email via:(removed for privacy)

  56. Ruby wrote:

    Looking for 35,000 loan to payoff bills and do some remodeling. I live in Elk Grove, CA. I own my home and I need as soon as possible and I would like to pay back within 5 to 6 years.

  57. Louis wrote:

    In Need of 6000 dollars with in 30 days for motor replacement of my
    only means of transportation and livelihood willing to
    pay 13.5% interest on 6000 return of 1635.56 on 6000
    payment made with automatic withdrawal from checking account
    to your bank every two weeks of every month for the next 4 years
    or less and willing to still pay the full interest on the 6000
    if I pay it off in less then 4 years willing to go higher on Int. Rate
    My credit score is at 630 , but I am working with a law firm
    to clear it up some
    Am living in South east Oklahoma
    Please email me back if anyone can provide this loan
    Thank you

  58. deana danko wrote:

    need to get a loan of 5,000 and pay back in 3yrs.

  59. Tim wrote:

    I live in Austin, TX and need $50000 to catch up on some bills, rent, and down payment on a house. I am going through a divorce and want a stable life for my kids. I am a teacher and have been with Austin ISD for over 3 years and absolutely love my job. I need the loan in 24 to 48 hours and can pay back the loan in 5 years. My credit score is very poor around 550.

  60. Chad wrote:

    I’m Looking for a $60,000 loan to buy a plumbing business in SW Florida. Business is a turn key business. Has been in business 36yrs. Loan $60,000 up to 20% interest 60 month terms Payments under $1,500 month. Revenue of the company is 148k per year last three years. Loan A.S.A.P

  61. david wrote:

    a 5000 dollar loan for 36 months with a reasonable interest rate would change my life. I have bad credit and am trying to turn it around all I can find are payday loans with rates of 1680%

  62. David wrote:

    In desperate need for a $2000 loan to fix my vehicle and catch up on some bills. Finances were badly depleted helping a family member pay off fines and bail after getting another DUI.

  63. Bonnie wrote:

    Looking for 4000 loan to payoff debt,stuck in rutt. i can pay monthly payments for 4yrs.
    I am employed,have two jobs. thank you !

  64. Ernestine wrote:

    I am seeking loan for $100,000.00. This loan is for me to go into business Dollar Store and to paid off debt and have for training/traveling also need a vehicle. I can pay this interest payment of $900.00 or more for (5) to (7) years with interest please contact me at 7134089617 i am ready to go into business franchise they locates the site. i have no money business can be open with in (30) days. i am woman that do whats she has to do. I have very good skills but I am not happy sitting at home with the small retirement check need a better life so can u please give this loan. I wants to have mine own business. thank u very much I sincerely appreciate this.

  65. Sherika wrote:

    I need to get a chance to get a personal loan of 5000 with an extended period of time to 48 months ASAP. Thanks for your quickly response.

  66. Jenn wrote:

    I am in need of a loan of about $7500-8000. I live in San Diego CA, have been employed with the same company for 5 years. My credit score is 589 due to divorce, poor choices in my past, and life. I want desperately to be able to afford the dental procedures my son and husband need, as well as to consolidate my debt and build up my credit score. I do not own a home, and I am hoping to repay this loan over 24-36 months.

  67. patricia wrote:

    I need a loan for 5,000 to pay for my laywer to go to trail I need
    It by the end of the month my county is trying to get me in trouble for something
    I did not do.

  68. Connie wrote:

    I need 150,000 to cover 4 years of tuition for my child and to pay off our outstanding bills. My child is unable to get student loans due to our low credit rating. My husband and I both work full time and are in desperate need of this money before 8/1/14.

  69. Kerry wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $3000.00 dollar loan for utilities and medical bills! I can pay this loan back over 4 years and will pay an interest rate of 15% but I truly need these monies by tomorrow. Please can some help a desperate but hard working woman who has exhausted all of my options and I was even scammed out of money within the last hour. Please someone help me!!!! I will be forever grateful and indebted to you forever!!!

  70. amanda wrote:

    I live in Missouri. I’m married with 2 young children I am looking for a loan of 2500-3000 to catch up on bills, pay off my outstanding payday loans and have a bit to keep in my account to help me with upcoming bills. I work full time, my husband owns his own business, but will be going to prison soon for possibly a couple years. He is the sole supporter of the bills I worked it out with my boss who is very understanding to give me a raise and enough hours if not more to handle the bills at home by myself and support my kids. I can afford all of our bills with just me working I just have to settle my outstanding debts first, which don’t amount to a lot but too much for me to handle by myself especially while paying everything at home. I have started making payments but just recently found out he will be going next week or next month. So, I would like to get all of my debts settled at once so I can just worry about our house bills. I’m looking for and installment loan I can pay back over 2 to 3 years with low interest and monthly payments. Please help I don’t know what else to do and am very nervous of not being able to afford to live without him. We own our home and I own my vehicle.

  71. Debra wrote:

    I really need to find a company that is willing to take a chance on me so that I can start to rebuild my credit since my ex ruined it. I really need to pay off the all these little bills and just have one monthly payment. Please I will do anything. I will even have my checks direct deposit into your facility so that the 3rd of every month you would be first to be paid electronically. Please please I am begging you to help me. Please

  72. Tory wrote:

    I am single mother of 3 I need a loan of about 10,000 to pay off some bills, outstanding current payday loan and car down payment. I work full-time 14 years on my job and just need to get ahead and consolidate some bills to relieve stress. I have bad credit due to divorce and spousal support or child support. I live in California and I need the funds as soon as possible. I would like to set up payments to come out of my checking account on paydays.

  73. Rukshana wrote:

    I am in need of a personal loan in the amount of $15000 to pay off my credit cards so I can only have one payment. Looking to by a house but my score is low because of my maxed out credit cards.willing to pay up to 20% interest rate. Immediate need. Please let me now if you can help. Full time job…can document income.


  74. Myleka wrote:

    I live in Columbia, SC and I need a loan of $15,000 to pay off bills. I am willing to make monthly payments for 3-4 years and have stable income. I am having to move due to internal management issues and need this help asap. Thanks!

  75. Michael wrote:

    I need to borrow $5000 to be paid back in 3 years at 9% to be paid monthly at $155.99 out of my VA check my family is about to be kicked out of our house and I’m going to lose my car I only have 2 payments left I can’t lose it after all that and that’s how our son get back and forth from and and it is what we use for work. I truly need the help for my family please help thank you. Michael

  76. Wendell wrote:

    My name is Wendell, I live in Indianapolis, IN. and I’ve been to almost every web site there is looking for someone willing to give a person a second chance at a better life. With a credit score of 569 I’ve been trying to get an installment loan of $5000.00 (min) to $8000.00 (max) to be paid back over a 3 to 5 yrs. period, this loan will not only pay off my outstanding debt but it will help repair and replace so many things (furance, roof etc.). With winter coming my need is great if you know of anyone willing and able to help please contact as soon as possible. Thank you. Wendell

  77. Gloria wrote:

    I need money to buy 34ton tipper truck to transport coal

  78. Janet wrote:

    Hi, I am need of $7000 to get myself out of debt. I lost my husband & only get social security which is only one income because of one child and I am in the process of looking for a job, & do have a mortgage plus other major expenses to pay for as well as credit card debt. I will pay it back in 48 months or shorter and I appreciate whatever you can do for me. Thank you so much!!

  79. Randy wrote:

    I need 500o overnight or in a few hours for emergencies.Paid utilties bills I behind on.Car repairs,and help with my medical expenses.I am a disabled veteran and can pay loan back.i need the immediately please.Thank Randy

  80. Randy wrote:

    Overnighqt 5000 emergency loan for medical expenes. Car repairs and utilties

  81. Kevin wrote:

    Need 1500 to cover bills.

  82. tammy wrote:

    I am in desparate need of a 5000 dollar loan i have fair credit but have a bankruptcy on my credit. I only owe1600 in debt but am behind in all my bills. need a car repair tires, pay off 1000 loan,monthly bills just get caught up so I can have a set budget. thank you

  83. Randy wrote:

    Hi this is Randy I am back with alot added problems since my last request I need approx:50000 to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester,Mn for medical Fico has dropped 400Area iam willing to take out Ins. policy or surety bond to be funded ASAP THANK YOU GOD BLESS!!Randy

  84. Randy wrote:

    This is Randy again i live Texarkana,Texas the funds are to be used for medical costs Hotel,meals,traveling while iam not inthe hospital for my stay is to be 3to4 months THANKS RANDY

  85. Kerry wrote:

    Hello, I need a $5000 dollar loan to get my mortgage up to date. after my rate changed on my Insurance for my home, It caused me to get behind because I was paying the rate It was normally. The Insurance company put me in a high bracket, by accident, now the servicing co has a demand for $4500 because I was paying 30 to 45 days already and this increase in Insurance put me more than 3 months delinquent. It is corrected now, but the servicing co won’t drop the demand until I pay it. My wife is disabled, and my brother that lives with me as well. I’ve lived here since 2001, built this house and really want to stay, a move would be devastation for my life. I work for the County Road Dept. as a Commercial driver. need as much time as possible to pay back. I live in Vancleave, Ms, just north east of Biloxi. Thanks

  86. rose wrote:

    I need to borrow $5000 to pay an attorney by Friday the 30th and catch up in bills. I had to hire the attorney the bank that has my home has lied about my mod approval. I need to get home saved its all I have I also need to get car fixed I can pay back $200 a month please help me this is URGENT for me.

  87. Angie wrote:

    My name is Angie I live in California. I work full time need a loan of no more than 5000. Can pay back in 2.5 years maybe sooner. My husband was laid off we got behind on bills. Struggling to make it. This would enable me to pay down and have room to breathe. He is back to work but not making what he used to but better than nothing at all. I’m behind on crefit cards and utilities. Had to have emergency dental work done and they cut into anything extra we had. Credit score is 550-575. Really need help. Have exhausted all options. Can make payments of at least 200 back a month if we can get this loan as it will help me to pay things off and save again. Thank you for your time.

  88. Dee wrote:

    I just got laid off and need a 5000 dollar loan to assist with bills.. I don’t have the best credit but I’m very hard working and a man of my word. I’m pretty desperate at this point but Im keeping faith that things will get better soon.

  89. Stephanie wrote:

    I am trying to save my house. My son has been hospitalized 3 times in 5 months n don’t want to sell our house..need $7200 to catch up n do loan for 4 years…..need immediately. Please help. My credit is very bad n low score but just need some help.

  90. Jill wrote:

    I need about 5000.00 to pay off bills and fix my car so i can get back and forth to the doctor offices, would like it to be a 3 yr loan

  91. Robert Purkey wrote:

    I need a 5000.00 dollar loan to put a new roof on my house. Can you all help?

  92. $3500
    Installment Loan
    Natchitoches, LA
    My credit score is 550
    I need loan back today

  93. Roger wrote:

    Hi, I need $13,000 to buy a work van. I got a new job and it requires the van. I have no credit history. I need this immediately otherwise I will lose the job.

  94. Doris wrote:

    I’m looking to borrow a 5000 loan. I would like the deal as to pay back in 3yrs. I have bills that need to be consolidate, I had my bills paid until I got sick. Because of pulling two full time jobs. So I had to give up one, and by doing it, it cause me to get behind a little. I pray that you would help me!!! Your help would be kindly appreciated. Thanks

  95. Michael wrote:

    I need $2,000.00 Loan to pay off bills and to go see my mother in law who is very ill. My credit is bad due to medical issues I’m now on SSI but can pay this loan back over time. My wife and I both receive money from SSI.

  96. pumpkin wrote:

    I live in Alabama I was in a accident my car was a total loss I need a loan of 5,000 to get another car and pay two other bills that I have and just have one payment I am a teacher of 26 years I will pay the loan back in 3 years with 6% I have a low credit score because of a divorce and all the debts was on me so now I have a low score if someone out there can help me and my little boys we would greatly appreciate it we need help very soon thanks God Bless

  97. Vickie wrote:

    Are these loans available to FL residents.

  98. mark wrote:

    40000 personal loan low interest monthly payments affordable for me ranging I say payments between 350to700 need a good fix all debts will be free of credit debt some good litature for staying out of more debt problems only reason for debt 1 household member couldn’t work for 9 months do to health kept taking small loans payday advances easy 1000$ loans created mess resident of ladson s.c.county Berkeley same residents for 9 years as renter options to by needed to much work price way to high I need loan as of 5/23/15 employed as of today my fico score 552 trans Union if I get loan it will leave enough funds for car work and interest gaining savings account

  99. Glenda wrote:

    I need $5000.00 to help with the bills, and repairs on my house, plus some personal debts.
    And I have been looking and filling out applications and not getting anywhere but right back to the same pages time after time again. I live in Lefors, Tx., 79054 My Credit Scores are 565 680 553, and I need this loan like 3 weeks ago, so please I am tired of the run around and need help fast.

    Thanks Glenda

  100. Nickia wrote:

    Hello,I am in need of a loan for 5500.00 for about 48 months. I need to get a boot off my car . I am currently employed full time repayment is not a problem monthly. Please if anyone is out there I would greatly appreciated the help because it’s truly needed.Thank you so much

  101. Donald wrote:

    I need to borrow 2200 to clean up some payday loans that are keeping me broke all the time. A personal loan that can easily be paid back by direct monthly payment from my social security direct deposit account would do this perfectly. The $73.28 payment over three years every month would be perfect. My monthly housing cost is only $216.00 for my apartment. The Equifax score is 410. Transunion 447 and Experian is 401. I have never in my life had any desire to get A credit rateing (ie credit cards) and my only use of credit has been with one gas station owner which I stopped using when I retired 5 years ago. I would require the loan by the end of this month(June 2015).

  102. mary wrote:

    i need to borrow 3000 dollar ok i do not has no job i just monthly 1514.00 i need month payment ok i pay 160.00 unit i payoff ok mary dixon i just a person loan my cell phone is (removed for privacy)

  103. Kevin wrote:

    Hello, not sure what to write or expect. I am currently waiting a decision for my Soc. Sec. Disability and could really use some money to get things done while I am waiting on the decision and back pay. My lawyer has got me a loan approved thru Oasis for a little over 4000 but I will have to pay back 6000 and that’s if I get my back pay and can pay it off my Aug. My lawyer is standing good for it and has guaranteed payment. My credit score is only 530-540 but mostly because I have never really had credit. The also said my lawyer would be the one paying the loan back but I’m sure out of my check. I’m guessing they arrived at that amount because 6000 is the amount that my lawyer will get. I would prefer to wait than pay an extra 2000 dollars for such a short term loan but so far its the only choice I have. Do you have any advice or a better offer that you can do or know someone that may. Thank you..

  104. Margaret wrote:

    I need to borrow 1800.00 to pay for repairs on my vehicle that has been done I’m disability and only draw 624.00 a month and I have no one to turn to for help and this is the only transportation that I have for myself.

  105. Jayson wrote:

    I am a disabled veteran, United States Marine Corps, in dire need of a ($7,500 min – $12,500 max) personal loan. I am currently receiving VA service-connected disability which comes out to $731.35 per month. I searched and applied to many banks which has lowered my credit score even more than it already was. I have not worked since, January 2009, and have depleted all of my savings.I have appealed the decision to be approved for a higher rating. I am also being jerked around by Social Security for my disability claim, which is currently in appeal status. The attorney that I hired is doing what he can to get my claim approved. The loan will be used to pay: vehicle registration, property taxes, utilities, yard maintenance, and minor home repairs. Due to my current low income I would like to keep the payment at or below $150 per month spread over a long term. Thank you for your consideration. Semper Fi, Jayson