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$40,000 – $50,000 Loan to Pay of Gambling Debt in Stockton

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams.

This applicant who lives in Stockton, Ca, wants a personal loan to pay off her gambling debts. She has used up all their family credit, which is their Visa Card ($8000 dollar limit) and their Line Of Credit ($35,000). When you read this plea for a 45-50 thousand dollar loan, it can be heart wrenching to see how badly a gambling addiction can rip a household apart, and rip apart the fabric of a family.

We have kept our applicant’s name secure to protect her privacy, but we have left the actual City of Stockton. We have also changed the names of her husband, her kids, the genders of the children. Stockton has a population of over 300,000 now, and it’s certainly a City, but at Clf, we don’t take chances with our applicants’ private information.

Just so you know, all of the loan applications we discuss here at California Loan Find are volunteered for the purpose of reviewing our list of Reputable Lenders. It’s a simple trade off. You can read more about that here.

So after reading our applicant’s request for a loan to pay off her gambling debt, which describes very well how bad it can get for the family of an addicted gambler, and for the gambler suffering with their addiction, we will work out her possible loan options. The loss of financial security and the loss of a family’s sense of security is devastating. You can see how desperate this applicant is to get approved by some kind of lender. She wants to make it all better for herself and her family, and she is willing to work off her debt ANY way she can. All of our editors and writers here at Clf wince when we read these kind of requests for a gambling debt loan.

The thing to remember is that this applicant is not alone by any means. There are millions of Americans who have really bad gambling debts who are in just as much personal debt as this woman is – some for much much more. Out of control gambling causes families to lose their homes, their credit rating, their social status, and self respect – which is the single greatest loss you could ever experience. Anyway, enough of the introduction – here is this borrower’s loan application.

Type of Loan :: Personal Loan To Pay off Gambling Debt

Why do you need a loan? – Explain in detail :: I have got myself into deep debt from an addiction to gambling. I started gambling innocently enough on video poker machines down at our bowling alley. I used to break even many times but in the end I always lost money. One time I won over $3000 dollars on a video jackpot machine in Vegas. We were staying that Venetian Casino right on the strip and I won the three thousand dollar jackpot the first day we were there. That REALLY got me hooked, and then started playing Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Holdem tournaments.

I ended up leaving Vegas with over $15,000 dollars in winnings. My husband and I were so excited! We told friends and family about our good luck, and when I got home I started to down to the little local bars that video gambling machines. I not only kept losing, but I was spending allot on the food and drinks in the bar too.

I got way behind in our household bills because of the mounting gambling debts, and realized I was spending too much money in the bars. I decided to do all my gambling online at home. That is when it really got out of hand. When you gamble online, there isn’t anybody to really witness your losses, and you can sort of hide your addiction.

My husband Frank finally noticed when he decided to check our Visa Card statement. He saw in the black and white on the statement that our card was completely MAXED OUT! He was furious! He want and checked out home equity line of credit for $30,000 dollars and found out that I had maxed out to.

We had a huge fight and our marriage almost didn’t survive it. I promised to go to counseling for gambling addiction, and now I go to a special group just for people who have gambling addictions.

The problem is that we are so deeply in debt now. I feel so guilty, depressed, and filled with anxiety. I can tell that my husband has not forgiven me, and might never forgive me for what I have done to our family.

My two daughters and one son (Mary, Maggie, and Kevin) have lost respect for me, and sometimes I feel like ending it all by killing myself. I am now on medication for depression and anxiety and most days I don’t want to even get out of bed. Please, please, please help us!

I fear that everything we know is at risk, and I really need this loan to pay off all our debt. If you could lend us the money then I could pay it back over time, and I promise you that I will never gamble again.

How Much Do You Want To Borrow? :: Between $40K – $50K

Length of Employment :: Over 5 Years

Time at Address :: Over 5 Years

Age :: Over 30

Extra Info Here – anything else that would help us get your loan approved :: My husband Frank has a small business where he sells auto parts, and I am stay home Mom. I have been applying for jobs in our area, and it looks like I might have to settle for a job at Dairy Queen. It’s not glamorous, and does not pay very well, but it would be enough money every month to make a loan payment to you.

My husband’s business makes enough income to cover all of our bills, so ALL of my paycheck from the Dairy Queen could be handed over to you to pay off the loan as quickly as possible.

Sex :: Female

Marital Status :: Married

Ever Claimed Bankrupcty? :: No – never

What City/Town and State is your primary address in? :: Stockton, California

Have you checked your credit report in the last year? :: No

Would you consider your credit rating to be? :: Poor

Collateral? :: No

Down Payment? :: No

Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? :: No

Employment Industry, Title, Experience, Background :: None. I’m a home-maker and the only experience I have in the work force is from when I was a teenager. I worked at IN-N-OUT burger from when I was 16 years old to 18 years old. I am employable though, and I am going to take the job at the Dairy Queen down the road – it’s walking distance.

One more thing before we consider this applicant’s request for a loan. Pay special attention to the fact that she has never had employment outside of her fast food job when she was a kid. This lack of experience in the work force makes lenders very leary because there is no real credit history for them to use when reviewing your credit report (or lack there of). This lack of a consumer credit history can send desperate borrowers, like the woman appling here, in to the arms of predatory lenders or “legal loan sharks”. (don’t get me started on the subject of loan sharks because this piece could get very long in a hurry). Needless to say, that she may end up paying exorbanant interest rates to pay off all her family credit cards and line of credit.

So for these lending agreements we are going to assume that our borrower is using a high interest, short-term lender, that is charging an extremely high APR (annual percentage rate). These are not Payday Lenders (of course) because the principal of the loan is $50,000 dollars. Could you imagine how much interest that would cost? Don’t get me started on that subject either!

This applicant resides in California so a conventional lender can only lend money at the highest legal “usury limit” allowed by current law. I italized current law because there is always new legislation coming down the bar from the Federal Government and the local State Government(s). That said, there are unconventional lenders such as pawnbrokers and “legal loan sharks” that are licensed to ignore State Laws considering usury limits. Our debtor’s interest rates could sky rocket, so our first job at Clf is to make sure doesn’t enter into a loan agreement with one these predatory lenders. To show her (and you) why you need to avoid legal loan sharks who ignore usury limits, we will show a loan payment schedule from a loan agreement with a conventional National Bank, and then another loan agreement with a high-risk, private lender who charges and extreme amount of interest.

$50,000 Loan to Pay Off Gambling Debt – 10% APR Conventional Lender

Principal Loan = $50,000
Interest Rate = 10%
Length of Term = 5 years
Payment sched. = monthly

Gambling Debt Loan at 10% Interest – Fixed Rate

Total amount to be paid back = $62,705.95
Total amount of interest = $12,705.95
Payments = $1,030.78

This is the best that our applicant could hope for in the way of a fixed rate loan at ten percent interest. This is the kind of loan we hope she could get, but odds are she won’t be approved for financing with a conventional bank. Now we will look the higher interest option with an “unconventional lender”.

$50,000 Fixed Rate Loan to Pay Off Gambling Debt – 25% APR – Loan Shark

Principal Loan = $50,000
Interest Rate = 25%
Length of Term = 5 years
Payment sched. = weekly (lender will likely NOT approve any other kind of payment schedule)

Gambling Debt Loan at 25% Interest – Fixed Rate

Total to be paid back = $81,369.96
Total interest = $31,369.96
Payments = $312.10

Notice how the loan shark is charging over $30,000 dollars in interest over a 5 year term. Criminal you would think – think again. The debtor’s payments every month total over $1200 dollars. In 5 years all of her gambling debts would be paid off and she may have regained the trust of her husband and children again – we can only hope, assuming she never starts gambling again.

See how the second loan option is costing her almost $20,000 dollars more in interest! This is the price we can pay as borrowers when we have no credit at all to speak of – no credit history, and no employment history – not to mention if the lender knows that it was a gambling addiction that brought the applicant to their knees – financially.

With full time job at Dairy Queen, for a starting wage, is close to $8.50 as a national average. So her total income from her job at 40 hours a week is $350 dollars, and after paycheck deductions (taxes, etc.) she gets a little over $260 dollars. Multiple that by 4 and we get $1040 a month income. She would not be able to make the payments demanded by the loan shark crook, so she would have to find a private lender whose interest rate would fall somewhere in between our two lenders displayed here today.


Luckily our applicant did find a private lender near Stockton (in Sacramento which is directly North of Stockton, up the I5). She was completely honest with the private loan company and told them why she needed the money, and was truthful about all areas of her financial and personal life.

She was granted the loan for $50,000 at a fixed interest rate of 17%. This is still a very steep APR and certainly predatory, but it’s a fixed rate, and the loan agreement had NO provisions or clauses that would balloon her payments crank up fees on her. So would you like to see how her final loan approval was laid out? – Sure you do. Like this.

Final Loan Approval to Pay off Gambling Debts (Credit Cards and Line of Credit Debt)

Principal Loan = $50,000
Interest Rate = 17%
Length of Term = 5 years
Payment sched. = biweekly (this lender was OK payments every two weeks)

Last Chance Gambling Debt Loan at 17% Interest – Fixed Rate

Total to be paid: $71,413.30
Total interest $21,413.30
Payments: $547.83

You can see that the debtor is still paying more per month on the loan than what her starting wage is at the fast food restaurant (Dairy Queen). It turned out that her manager hired her as an adult employee and gave her wage of $10.75 per hour. That makes her total income from the job is $1290 after taxes and paystub deductions.

Her monthly payments to the lender total $1,095.66 per month, and her total income is $1,290, so she has almost $200 dollars to pay for other expenses she would have because of her work. Sounds like a drag, but considering she is basically “doing time” for her insane addiction to gambling, it’s not a bad trade.

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  1. Anthony wrote:

    Is this real? Can I get the name of that bank. I don’t need $50K but I do have bad credit and need money just like the person in the story. Can you just tell me the name of the bank. You would really help me out. Send me a text at my cell number.

  2. Robert K wrote:

    I am looking to consolidate my credit card debt and a couple of high interest loans into one single payment, so I am seeking a loan of $50,000.00. I am in the US Navy and have great income; however, due to frequently moving around I have maxed out my credit cards and want to get rid of this debt. If you are able to provide me assistance, please reply as soon as practical. Thanks…

  3. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hello Robert – hope Thanksgiving was good for you.

    Have you first tried applying with any of local banks where you are based?

    Have tried applying for credit with the bank you currently hold accounts yet?

    It’s important that you don’t go applying all over the Internet on loan sites, because your credit rating is affected every time you apply for more credit with different creditors.

    Let us know..

  4. Robert wrote:


    Yes, I have applied through local banks and credit unions, and at this point, I am unable to secure a loan. I need to pay off my credit cards because the finance and interest charge are keeping me set back. If you have private lenders who offer the type of loan I am searching for, please let me know.

  5. Rick wrote:

    Just like the woman in your story, I have messed up my entire life with gambling. I became disabled several years ago and in desperation started gambling at the local casino. For the first little while I won most of the time and was able to cover my debt payments. Then I started to lose and bills went unpaid. My medical condition has improved and I am back in the workforce for the past 3 years. However, my debt is unmanageable, my credit score is down to 514, and I can not pay all the small bills that have accumulated. I no longer gamble and have a good support group around me to help when the urge hits.

    I am looking for a consolidation loan of 35,000.00 to group all of my outstanding debt together and get out of this mess before I lose my home and in the long run, probably my family and job.

    Before anyone asks, yes, I have tried all sources of loans and credit that I could find, none are willing to help.

    If anyone can suggest a company that will approve a loan for me in Canada I would be literally in their debt.

    I don’t mind paying for my mistakes with a higher than usual interest rate if I can get the loan and consolidate all of these debts.

    I have steady employment with an income of 42,000.00 / yr.

    Thank you,

  6. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Rick,

    I’m glad you realize that you are not alone with this kind of financial mess. We are trying to help people just like yourself who have had the same problem with gambling debt.

    So far at CLF we have just been posting the stories of people who are in bad financial straights and need some help.

    We are soon launching a non-profit peer-to-peer forum here at CLF which will be up and running in the next couple of weeks.

    Our biggest challenge is going to be making sure that the security and privacy of the borrowers and lenders is SOLID. We are coding this today actually.

    We have to make sure that borrowers are aware of scam lenders, and we have to make sure lenders are protected as well. In a perfect world we would never have to worry about this, but alas….it’s a not a perfect world.

    We will include a link to the forum within 14 days.

  7. Becky wrote:

    I am in desperate need to borrow $40000.00 before March 15, 2011 I have too many payments going out and need almost all of the $40,000.00 for taxes to the IRS I do not work a job because I am legally blind. I am a wife and a mom to a 13 year old and my husband is a plant menager. We got behind on things because he was working for a temp agency for over a year and the money was not there to pay all of the bills. I can only make a one time a month payment for the loan because of my other bills. I have medical bills out the ears a mortgage and our credit is pooras far as I know. I really need someones help with this immediately. Please Please someone help me out. We live in Slippery Rock PA

  8. natalie wrote:

    I need to borrow 3500-5000 for a short term loan. I can pay 100 to 150 back per week. Please if there is anyone we will lose our house and i have 2 kids. I work full time but we got behind for 3 months.

  9. Teresa Rose wrote:

    I have same gambling addiction. Went 10 months without, but bills unpaid after breaking my back lured me back. I would like to borrow $25,000 or $30,000 and working would keep me out of trouble and husband has all my debit cards. I could breathe if there was some way to just make a consolidation payment every week or two. Thanks for your consideration.

  10. Bob wrote:

    Interested in borrowing $50,000.00 in the next 3 days. If this is a scam pleas do not reply

  11. Alex wrote:

    I am looking for a $20,000 loan to consolidate all my loans from gambling. I have tried many local bank with no success, not sure where I can go. If u can help, please let me know.



  12. Leslie wrote:

    I too have gotten into trouble with internet gambling. I have tried to get loans at local banks, but my credit is not good. I have cancelled my debit card so that I cannot gamble online anymore. I need $2000 to get caught up on bills. I am employed full time making $30,000 a year. I have been with this employer for four years. I have taken out two payday loans and this has made it difficult to keep up with other bills. I desperately need help.

    Thank You,

  13. Sue wrote:

    I live in California. I need to borrow 50K and dont mind paying high interest. I need at least 20K in 10 days and the rest in a month…

  14. jacqueline wrote:

    I need help. I have poor credit need to pay this debt immediately. Dont know where else to turn

  15. Tim wrote:

    My name is Tim and after reading everyones story I just hope that there is help out there.I am about 30000 in gambling debt and feel like I will never get out the hole.I make 75,000/85,000 a year however have Bren paying heavy juice on the debt. I would love to have a chances to break free from this mess. I have not placed a bet in 6months however things are starting to fall apart with my bills.Please let me know willing to pay interest

  16. justin wrote:

    I need a loan for 5,000 to pay restitution and stay out of jail. I can make monthly payments for 3 years, willing to pay what ever interest rate

  17. Hien wrote:

    70000 loan needed. I have a good job and I make over 150000 a year but my credit is not good. I am willing to pay up to 14percent interest rate but I want a loan for 5 years. I have work in the medical over 11 years. I have proof of my income. If you can help, please call me to talk (phone number removed for privacy). Thank you for taking time out to read this.

  18. cris wrote:

    I do not have good credit but i need 50k to consolidate debts and bring my fiancee here. I have same job for the last 7 years and i make over 20$ an hour. 50k loan at 15-17% interest over 5 years. It is very important I get this done quickly because her visa is due in December. thank you for your time.

  19. Nirav wrote:

    my credit has been impacted, i’m in need of a short term loan 6-mths to 1 year for an amount of 20,000. I have some gambling debts I would like to clear, private lnders that can help would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time.

  20. Marcus wrote:

    I only need a small loan. I’m talking about $2,500. Of course, I’m guessing no lender is going to loan less than $5,000. I have poor credit scores, but am rebuilding after some poor decisions of my own making. However, most of my troubles came from allowing someone to take over an existing real estate loan. I let them talk me into keeping my favorable rate. Basically an AITD. For a while, the new buyers paid. Then, they didn’t. It took a while to find this out, as the new buyer was a friend and a sister company was handling the payments. Long story short, when they stopped making payments, it crippled my credit. Currently, I’m going through legal processes to take care of this, but that doesn’t make the credit bureaus report anything different. All I need, is some help to get caught up.

  21. Todd wrote:

    looking for 50000 for a 96ft live aboard boat to put in Sitka Alaska looking for 50000 at 10% for 2 years or 3 years have the ability to pay it back with very secure job Thanks Todd

  22. Rocky wrote:

    WHY DO YOU NEED A LOAN: Hello ALL! First and foremost I’d like to thank you all for even reading my post and being on CLF to help those in need. I’m 26 and located here in the Bay Area. I’ve come to CLF because I’ve tried all other loan sources and no one seems to want to even listen. A few years back I wasn’t myself for 2 months and got myself into Gambling Debt. I’m sure you guys hear thousands of people asking for a loan who need help dealing with debt accumulated from gambling, but i thought I’d share my story and hope someone out there is willing to help a honest, good hearted guy who wasn’t himself for a few months. It started with a trip to Reno 2 years ago and coming back home with $1500 from sports betting. $1500 was a lot at the time for a poor college student who was working part time making 1500 every few months! Once I won that I thought I was untouchable and thought I can make that kind of money regularly. Then I began to bet online and by months end I had won over $10k. Long story short by the next month I had lost over $25k and all my savings.

    I went thru some deep depression losing that much cash. With the help of my family and friends I paid off the bookies and I had changed my life and promised to never ever ever gamble again.It’s been two years and I haven’t gambled a single penny let alone even have to urge to do so.
    So you may be thinking why I’m in need of cash when my family and friends helped me out but the problem I have is that over the last year I’ve been doing everything to pay everyone that I owe back, but it’s starting to take a toll on me knowing that the very people who love me and helped me in my time of need are having financial difficulties of their own. I live with my brother and sister in law and it’s not fun having them postpone their vacations and things they want to buy but can’t because they don’t have much of a savings(the lended me their savings)I am paying each person as much as I can afford each month but its going to be awhile till I pay everyone off the whole amount. I’m to the point were I don’t mind paying interest to a bank then to lose my relationship with my family. I know they don’t care when I pay them back as long as I’m paying them something every month but it is killing me inside. I want to pay them all off and just worry about paying the bank. I’m at the point were I haven’t gone to family gatherings or out to see my friends due to the fact that I owe them money. I’m so depressed and filled with anxiety. I’m so ashamed of myself that I owe all these people money. I’ve thought about just ending all tie’s with life but I love life to much and could never do that to them. I’ve always been the type of person who will work all day, everyday until I pay someone back but right now all I can do is just work and pay each person off slowly month by month. Its been over a year and I still haven’t forgiven myself for what I did

    HOW MUCH YOU NEED TO BORROW: $30,000-35,000 is what I need , but am willing to take any amount anyone is willing to give. I have some school loans and credit cards along with what I owe everyone. With 35k I’d be able to pay off all of that ($10k of credit card and loans. 25k family)
    Length of Employment: 6 years, although I stopped working their for a year to concentrate on school full time.
    Time at Address: 26 years

    WHAT TYPE OF LOAN DO YOU NEED: I don’t have much expenses as I live with my family and they pay from everything from car payments, to cell phones bills, and insurance. Due to that fact I dont own anything of value and would need a unsecured loan.I make around $2800 of which i need about $500 to live off off. I’d ideally like a 60 month loan which would lower my monthly payments and give me enough to start saving also. If not, I have about 1500 to spend on payments every month.

    Marital Status: Single
    Ever Claimed Bankruptcy? NEVER
    What would you consider your credit rating to be? FAIR
    Collateral? NO
    Down Payment? NO

    Employment Industry, Title, Experience, Background: I’ve worked ever since I graduated high school and went to school full time. I currently am full time with a huge fortune 500 company working as a supervisor. I have been with the company for 6 years(since i was 20) I absolutely love my job and received a huge promotion and got employee of the month last month. I make around $2800 a month without overtime. Of the $2800 a month i currently spend about $500/ month on gas,food, etc and the rest I use to pay off loans and what I owe everyone. My job is very steady but on top of that I’m also looking to take on another job. I talked to one of my old employers and they are willing to let me work two days a week, which would bring in an addition $260 bucks a week starting in April. All in all i could easily spend $1500 on payments for this loan.

    Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? I’m trying to get away from having to rely on other people but I could have a co-singer possibly. I have a friend out of state who owns a few franchises and has offered to co-sign.

    EXTRA INFO: Like i said , I’m sure there are thousands of people out there asking for a loan due to gambling debt, but I do have a steady job and I will go above and beyond to never miss a payment. I’ve always been good with no missing payments and I don’t plan on changing that about me. $35k is a lot of money to ask for but I really need this. I want to just want to move forward and not lose any of my friends or family. I’ve seen them argue about not having cash and here I am owing them. Its the worst feeling in the world and I’m done feeling like this. Please please please help. The last thing I want to do is go back to full on depression and go back to point A. Thank you and god bless!!

  23. Chris wrote:

    $10,000 loan to pay off debts.

  24. frederick wrote:

    I need to borrow 12000 dollars to pay my back rent for two months 1400 dollars. also an 7000 dollar loan. an 1000 dollar credit card balance. a 1000 dollar payday loan.and a $1200 credit union loan. my credit score is 650 I am only behind on my rent payments but unless I cant catch up all at once I am in danger of falling behind on several payment. due to my Gambling I am Persuing help with my gambling at this time and would like to clear my debts into one monthly payments.

  25. Zeke wrote:

    In need of a small loan at least $3500 but would absolutely consider a larger loan if possible to consolidate debts. I have a solid job and just am getting bogged down with multiple debts.

  26. Josh m wrote:

    Looking for a small loan of 2k to 3k. Got out of the military and fell badly into debt due to the way the sys works with processing our g.i. payments. I did not get paid right away so I had to stop school then got dropped. I’ve damn near lost my family because of this. I don’t care what the interest rate is my credit is low 500’s.

  27. Minh wrote:


    I’m looking for a 40k – 60K loan to pay of on high interest credit cards and personal loans do to some family hardship in the past few years. Things are settle now so I would like to focus on paying off the debt in a timely manner. The rates I’m paying now will never allow me to pay off the debts,

    I can pay a return rate of 10 -15%. I would like to have the loan on a 5 year term if possible and payment can be bi-monthly. I’ve been at the same company for 9 years and in the same line of work for over 17 years.

    I live and work in Sacramento, CA.

    My credit is 640 do to limit reached on debt accounts and a few late payments from 5 years ago. I have no liens or bankruptcy.

    I need the loan ASAP so I can begin a new chapter in like with my wife and new born baby boy.

    If you can help please contact me and I will provide more details as to why I need this loan. This loan would truly change my life.

    Thank you in advance!

  28. Chris wrote:

    Looking to Borrow $50k. I too got hit with the gambling bug and ended up way over my head before I knew it. I work in the family business and do very well for myself, and being in a family business means I could write checks whenever I needed to cover my cash calls. Because of course I would win it back. Well I have realized the errors of my ways and just want to get back to the responsible person I was before I divorced and went on “single life” tear. I now live with my girlfriend of 2 years and our combined 6 kids. Because of my divorce I had to short sell our marital home and I built my current home by my father putting it in his name. In 6-8 months, the short sale will be off my credit and I will be able to finance the home in my name and take out the equity to pay the loan off. I currently have $150000-$200000k in equity built up. I have always been very good with money and am ashamed of the situation I am in and the fact that I can’t even get my wonderful girlfriend an engagement ring because of it. My credit score is in the 630 range as of last month and I make over $140,000 every year. I am in need ASAP. I would be willing to structure anything form a 6-8 month payoff up to a 5 year note. If anyone has anymore questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you.

  29. cindi wrote:

    I need a 3500 loan.

  30. Jude wrote:

    I am looking for a $40000 loan to get my life together. I was struck with a gambling addiction and it has ruined my life, my families life and has affected my well being.
    I was caught up with a bookie and to pay off all my losses, I had to take out multiple payday cash advances. Ive maxed out all my lines of credit and owe thousands in interest from the payday loans.

    I have ceased dealing with the bookie for a year already and I have no urge to play either. I am 32 years old and need to have a fresh start. Being able to pay one monthly payment will allow me to breathe and take some depression out of my life.

    My body is really sick because of this depression and I just need an Angel to help me feel whole again. I cant even be around my family because of the shame I feel.

    I have a good job as a Logistics Manager and have a good income. I will honor my loan debt and be ever greatful

    Loan Amount requested: $40000
    Unsecured Loan
    San Francisco, CA
    Fair credit score- 660
    Would love to receive the loan asap

    I can do monthly payments and expect a double digit but fair interest rate

    If you are in a good situation, please consider funding me as you will really be saving a life.

  31. tim wrote:


  32. LOLA wrote:

    hi im from SA and desperately need a loan of R120,000.00 my husband messed up our lives gabling and went to loan sharks for loans to cover up his addiction he now owes them about R120,000, which we cant pay as we don’t have the income. im employed but my husband lost his job. his become very depressed and im worried that he may turn suicidal. we’ve decided that its best for him to go for counselling but now the loan sharks are becoming threatening to my family and I don’t know what to do. please please help me and my family.
    I don’t know what my credit scores are and I need the loan asap or the loan sharks will add more interest and im worried that they may hurt my husband or a family member.

  33. tuan wrote:

    Is this real? Can I get the name of that bank. I need $50K but I do have bad credit and need money just like the person in the story. Can you just tell me the name of the bank. You would really help me out.thanks

  34. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Tuan – yes it’s very real. So how it works is this site is accessed by lenders across the United States who are approved to email the borrowers the request a loan product of any sort. This way you can pre-apply without having your credit rating negatively effected. We don’t have anything to do with your contact with a particular bank. It’s the lenders that have to take action to communicate with a borrower and their request. You will notice that you never get an email from us and that is because we DO NOT use your email for marketing, nor do we give (or sell) your email to anything other group for marketing. The only parties that can email you are legal and CLF approved lenders.

    Hope this helps.

  35. Tina wrote:

    Anyone willing to help please. In need of a 50,000 loan. From the east coast area.

  36. Sara wrote:

    HELP, this is my last resort. I got in a deep mess, in alot of debt and I really need help. I am looking to consolidate my credit card debt and several high interest loans into one single payment, so I am seeking a loan of around $35000($3500 of credit card and the rest shark Paydayloans, 4k irs/state and 2k family)or I’m willing to take any amount i can be helped with. I did some bad investment listened to co-workers and lost all my money and then couldn’t pay off and catch up so i ended up getting payday loan which was the biggest mistake of my life..i got into that trap of high interest payday loans and no matter what i paid it went towards the interest, I couldn’t catch up and got panicing and got more loans but i cant seem to pay all those and my own monthly bills now…MY life is least if i can get rid of those payday loans right away that would help because as we speak they are adding interest so i need a big consilodiation loan right away to get rid of these Debts. I was paincing and didn’t know what to do and ended up going with co-workers to see if i can win playing slots right away to get rid of all these debts but it got worse and worse and i couldn’t catchup to make my payments. I’m so stuckkk, everyday i am getting more and more depressed and i will have no future, and my family is falling apart..its ruining the rest of the families lives too. Please someone help me get out of this mess, i just want to end all this and get married and have kids before its too late. My credit was good and now going to be ruined with all these shark loan mess and falling behind on bills. Before it gets even more worse and i lose everything someone credit score i guess it now around 660 not sure,and i do work for govt job making over 13 years and can definitely make a monthly payment towards the loan around $500 or even upto 1000 even monthly towards the loan if needed..i want to get rid of all the debts and just make 1 payment..If you are able to provide me assistance, please reply as soon as possible. I want to get rid of all these debts and start living back a normal life, my family all looked up to me and i was helping everyoneeeee and now this mess.. i want to start living back normal and get married kids have a future.. there is no future like this..

  37. Sam wrote:

    Need to borrow 50-150k. Can afford to pay it back, just need to consolidate. Gambled all of that money away, am ashamed and need relief. Again, I am an executive that has overdone his credit (revolving), but makes the income to pay back. I tried conventional lenders, however they said my debt to credit rating is high (which I completely understand).

  38. Kirk wrote:

    I am looking to consolidate a few bills & pay off higher interest loans with this loan to lump into one payment. I am 49 years old and have worked 32 jobs in my 49 years of life. I gross more than $100,000 a year with proof but my credit score is like 550 per I lost everything in 2008 housing & real estate crash all my fault no ones else. I put all my eggs in one basket and lost everything. Now my wife of 23 years divorced me last year per she did not think I would ever recover and gave up on me. Anyway my dad always said “if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything” I am in the process of writing a book also on my life’s mistakes and how others can learn from and do better for their selves which money will be used for that also but not alot. I am looking for a $50,000 loan and I can pay 10% interested over 5 years and maybe sooner. Thanks if anyone can help me? No bank will touch me I have tried.

  39. Mike wrote:

    I need a $50,000 loan for currency trading. I am currently filing for disability due to a back injury which occurred many years ago. I am 48 years old and need a loan for currency trading in the forex market. I have four years experience and would be able to make a living and pay back my loan. I am seeking a $50,000 loan at 16% apr over 5 years. Please help.

  40. samson wrote:

    I am lookin for a 30k loan to pay of my gambling debt and clear my bank .. I have a fix income of 2400.00 I am looking to pay monthly of 1200.00 to pay my loan .. Please need help

  41. Greg wrote:

    I have poor credit due to a divorce in 2009. I have a good paying job over 90K a year. Last November, my family needed some money and I decided to help with a payday type loan for 2K. In MD it was a line of credit. I took the full amount, and then I was over the limit, fees for an “advance”, etc. Next thing yo know I am at 699% interest paying 400+ a pay to cover. I then needed another loan to cover that, etc. To make a long story short, I am now 7,720 in the the whole with bi weekly payments out of this world. Something has to give. Could someone please reach out and help me like I helped my family.

    Annapolis, MD

  42. Colton wrote:

    This is absurd. She is paying 21,000 interest!?! Her unsecured debt can be wiped away, she has no income. Her home line of credit is more complex, but filing for bankruptcy she can pay all lenders as per her income level, and be done in 5 years at most (ch 13). Her payments would also be after living expenses. All this without paying $21,000 INTEREST to a loan shark. Find a bankruptcy lawyer not a loan shark – thats what the bankruptcy law is for in our capitalist system

  43. Eugene wrote:

    I am in need of a $25,000 loan to pay off debts and mainly due to gambling but also over spending based on my previous income. I was employed and became unemployed in January 2015 and found a job in March 2015 and employed now full-time. I can pay $1300 a month until loan is paid off. Yes I am desperate need of a loan and would appreciate any help I can receive. Thank you

  44. Jodi wrote:

    Do I need to live in California to request help? I need a 40-50k loan to pay off gambling debt I started following my divorce and when I realized the magnitude of debt – I sought treatment for the addiction and as my next step, I need to consolidate this debt (multiple credit cards and loans ) to reduce monthly payments and have a set pay off date. I have had the same job for. 14+ years and make $150k per year. My credit score is 660 and I have tried conventional lenders but due to the amount of different accounts that are close to limit-I can not obtain a loan. I do not live on California though so I am not sure if I can even request help here

  45. Heather wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $35000 to $40000. I am now at a loss and currently in a downward spiral. I don’t know what to do. I have applied at banks and for grants. I owe money to so many people, and I can no longer steal from Peter to pay Paul. I don’t know if this is real, or if there is even a chance that somebody would be willing to help. I just need someone to believe in me and help me get in a position to make life better and less stressful for my family. I don’t want anything given to me. I just want to be able to get back on track, pay what I owe and stop feeling like there is no hope. I fear that I will eventually drown and time is running out before my family and I loose all we have. I am pleading for help and desperately hoping that someone hears my cry.

  46. Michelle wrote:

    I have got past due bills to pay. I have let these bills go to pay my medical needs. I work every day. Have been on my job 21 years. I have no one else that can help me. My credit is bad because of my medical condition. I can pay this back and hope soon as the doctors release me I can get another job and get back on top. This has happened in 3 years. Please somebody help me please.

  47. Marie wrote:

    how much you need to borrow–25,000.00 to change my life, to start over and have a clean slate
    – what type of loan product you need–personal loan
    – what City and State you reside in–Vallejo, Ca
    – what your credit score numbers are–Poor
    – how quickly you need the loan–as soon as feasibly possible to avoid foreclosure
    -means of paying back–I am a nurse with a good paying job, I just don’t have the credit to get a loan. Please read on below.

    WHY DO YOU NEED A LOAN? Whoever is out there and willing to hear another dire straits story, I am in need of this loan because it will CHANGE MY LIFE. I am a 42 year-old nurse with a bachelor’s degree and have the capacity to pay back “the loan that will change my life forever”. I don’t want to flood the screen with another sob story, but I have learned that the first step to breaking an addiction is to admit that there is a problem. My problem is gambling. A little bit about me: I grew up in a devout Catholic family, went to an all girls Catholic schools in San Francisco, and NEVER, I repeat NEVER in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would have ever fallen into this type of situation because of the high aspirations I have always had–I quickly learned, education, morals and values get thrown out of the window once gambling gets a hold of you. Nurse, doctors, lawyers, Catholics, Aetheists etc. alike, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are in this world, at the end of the day, we all bleed the same color, eat the same food and are all just the same people. I have been to Gambler’s Anonymous, I have signed up for free help w/gambling counselors but to no avail. My vicious cycle continues because I feel “If I could only win one LAST time, to cover all my debt, than never again would I ever put myself, my family and loved ones in this situation AGAIN”. I am willing to do a documentary of my daily activities to whoever would be willing to help, not only to show how this loan will change my life, but to also prove to myself that I will get back up again due to lessons learned. I am on the verge of losing my house, I have pawned all family heirlooms which is making me sick to stomach to see my mother waiting for me to return all these–another day, another empty promise. TIME IS OF ESSENCE because the pawnshop is about to auction these items off and I am on the verge of losing my home. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!!! I won’t lie, because of the mess I have made, I have had to file bankruptcy. I am on the verge of losing it all. Several times, I wanted to commit suicide, each day, my faith and hope goes weaker. I JUST NEED THAT ONE LOAN THAT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE, A NEW LEASE ON LIFE, A BRAND NEW CLEAN SLATE, PLEASE I AM BEGGING ANYONE OUT THERE, TO PLEASE HEAR ME OUT. I JUST NEED THAT ONE KIND-HEARTED PERSON TO BELIEVE IN ME AND I WILL MAKE GOOD WITH THIS LOAN. The only thing I have left is my sanity, a good paying job and my career, but day in and day out, I add wrinkles to my face. Sleepless nights, binge eating, friends depleting one by one because I have not yet paid them back, house bills mounting, electricity and water disconnection notices. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

  48. Lynn wrote:

    I am going through a divorce due my spouse having a kid outside the marriage. I am going through chemo treatments by myself and it is expensive. I have been audited by the Irs and owe them over $10k. I am miserable and I tried to fix and resolve all of my issues. I borrowed and have taken too many loans and the interest rates are so high and I am trying to consolidate my debt to one loan so I can breathe. I have also tried gambling to help fix my problem and that has made the situation 10X worse. I am at my end and don’t know what to do. I know that I have created some of these problems by my emotional decisions and I am paying the price. I don’t know what to do and I want to help and stop the drowning. Please help me.

  49. larry wrote:

    I need 5000 because of casino gaming

  50. nicole wrote:

    loan to consolidate debt

  51. Drew wrote:

    I am twenty years old and am in some gambling debt. The bookie said he is going to send someone after me unless I pay him the money this week. I just started working and can pay back $200-300 per week I just really need a loan asap. I don’t have any credit as I am very young. I go to school and don’t have any more options.

  52. Chrystal wrote:

    I had medical bills for me and Vet bills for my dog that I couldn’t pay. I was in bankruptcy at the time and couldn’t get a bank loan so I went to a payday lender. I knew it wasn’t smart but I didn’t think I had any options. I then got another payday loan to pay back the first one and began a cycle. My nephew lost his job and I allowed him and his son to move into my apartment with me. I ended up taking on his bills as well and he took out a couple of credit cards in my name and got an online loan for $5000 that was deposited into my checking account. He wrote a check from my account and took the money out of my account before I knew it was there. He was 3 months behind in payments on this loan before I knew he had taken it out in my name. I know I should have turned him into the police but he has a record and I felt too guilty getting him arrested in front of his son. Suffice it to say he no longer lives with me but I am still swimming in debt created partly by him and partly by my desire to try to help him. I have lupus and the stress of the situation exacerbated my illness to the point that I developed A Plastic Anemia and have been having to get weekly blood transfusions – insurance helps but the process and my other medications are quite expensive.
    I’ve reached the point in this cycle where I am running out of money around the middle of the month so I incur insufficient funds fees at my bank. I only get paid once a month and I have started the last three months down $1000 before I ever pay a bill for the current month.
    I’ve borrowed from family and friends to the point that I will never be able to repay them. The anxiety of it all is more than I can take. I’ve thought seriously about suicide and subsequently had to begin counseling to curb this instinct.
    I am about $35,000 in debt but it feels like i am seconds away from living in a cardboard box. I am pretty sure this is some kind of scam but I am desperate (which is why these scams work) and have run out of options. Please be real and Please Please help me.

  53. Chrystal wrote:

    I guess I should have said:
    I live in Macon, Georgia
    I have a poor credit rating (hovers between 500 and 550)
    I have bills and need $35000 immediately.

  54. Michael wrote:

    I foolishly went to the casino with $2,500 dollars and lost it. I needed $5,000 to pay bills and go to Texas for two of my grandkids birthdays. So now I would like to get a loan so I can pay part of my bils and still go to Texas.

  55. Lisa wrote:

    5500 needed to pay off gambling debt. I am disabled and receive a monthly benefit check. I am married to a full time employed husband and our combined income is close to 90,000. I would need an unsecured loan, I can make monthly payments.

  56. Lisa wrote:

    what does ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ mean? Should I fill out a loan application with your company?

  57. rosio wrote:

    i lost my job in 2009 lost my house in 2011 had a break down and ended in the hospital few times my ex husband threw me down some stairs and i got injured i had a fractured skull from him kicking me after i had hit the ground from that force trauma i ended getting vertigo that makes you lose your equilibrium room spinning and nauseous i could not keep a job so i applied for disability and that took about 3 years bills stacked up now in debt with $35,000 my credit score is at 545 i have no bills no credit cards to help my credit score go up no bank will give me a loan because of my low credit score and history that i didnt make any payments wen i didnt work .I get benefits every month for life now i get $1723 plus $800 in child support that $2523 a mouth i know i cant pay back that loan and fix my credit so i buy my house and my kids can enjoy being kids again in there own home . i just that one bank to give me a change once again .

  58. gouri wrote:

    I look forward to hear from you.

  59. Angela wrote:

    I’m praying for a Christmas miracle! My family has struggled with financial problems and I have developed a gambling problem that has made things much worse. They say you have to hit rock bottom and this is it. I am done!!! I will no longer do this to my family! My biggest problem is that when I don’t have enough money to pay all of my bills I go to the casino to try to win it. Stupid thing to do!!! I am determined to fix this mess! I desperately need to find someone to help me with a loan to get out of this “Rob Peter to pay Paul” cycle.
    I would like to find a loan for $10,000 to get caught up but desperately need at least $5000 to pay my landlord. Unfortunately, at this point I would have to consider any amount and interest. My income alone is $72,000 and have been at my job for 16 years. I have the honor and integrity to repay anyone who is willing to help me turn it all around. My credit is extremely damaged from years of this vicious cycle. I have no traditional lending options. I’ve used the crazy lenders with the 300% interest that has only made things worse.
    We used to have very good credit. New cars, credit cards and owned our own home. We had to walk away from our house in 2009 due to an Interest only ARM and a house that had declined significantly in value. We’ve been in a downward spiral since. We can’t seem to catch a break. I was hit by a texting teenage driver with 4 years of medical care and surgery to recover. During this time my husband needed a cardiac procedure. With no Mortgage Interest to deduct and large incomes our taxes are killing us. I have never been more dedicated to fix my finances and get my life together so we can purchase another home. I want to see light at the end of tunnel. I want to have hope!
    I am a very honorable and trustworthy person with a conscious. I want so badly for a fresh start I just need someone to have faith in me and help lift me up. I pray every day for God to help me out of this mess and get me back to where I need to be. I cannot remember the peace that comes when you are able to pay everyone what you owe them
    Please help me and my family. I don’t want to live like this any longer.

  60. Athula wrote:

    dear human beans,,
    need very kind asisstance ,to developmy business,thanks with best regards,
    athula delpearachchi

  61. Athula wrote:

    please lend the hand to develop my business again ,then only i can buy a house ,

  62. Ryan wrote:

    Hi- I am looking for a loan of $30,000 due to my gambling debt. It is all sports gambling related. I owe family members, bookies and an account for $20,000 or that and racked up another $10,000 in credit card debt/late payments as a result of the gambling debt. I have a credit score of 575 and am having trouble getting approved by a bank or credit union bc my balance is too high on my credit utilization. I make a salary of $125,000 a year with a bonus of $35,000 (based on last years number) paid at year end. I am looking to get an immediate loan of $30,000 to relieve me of the immediate debt and willing to pay that entire amount of with determined interest within a 12 month window (backloaded payment accounting for year end bonus full payment of loaned amount). Please let me know what else I would need to do in order to get approved. Thanks in advance.

  63. Christine wrote:

    Please help.

    I am working and had salary 100K/yearly.
    I have bad credit and can not get loan from any bank, credit card, relative, or friend.

    I need a loan of 30K. This loan can fix all my mistakes and save my family.

    I will pay back the loan within 1 year with monthly payment of 3000 per month.
    ( 3000 X 12months = 36000).

    I can submit all document needed for my income. If more things need to prove or notary, I wil do

  64. Eric wrote:

    I’ve gotten on the wagon and deemed it time to climb out of the hole. My credit rating has tanked and I’m ineligible for conventional loans.

    I have been employed full time with the same non-profit organization for over 15 years and I earn $96,000 per year. I love my work (vocation really) but got into debt erroneously seeking solace from stress and issues in casino gambling. Never again.

    I am seeking a loan to payoff approximately $35,000 of debt. I can repay the loan at rate of $1,050 per month.

    Documentation available.

    Clearly, I’m seeking Grace as I change my lifestyle. Consideration is appreciated.

  65. RK wrote:

    Looking for a debt consolidation loan

  66. Jackie wrote:

    I am deep in gambling debt… Have a job and i could afford to pay up to 500 a month.. I need to pay asap…people are asking for their money back… i stated to borrow momey from people thinking i can win and pay it back but, it does not work!

  67. Laura wrote:

    I need to borrow $40,000 to consolidate debt due to a massive gambling debt. I finally admitted I have a problem and have started getting treatment for my addiction. The guilt and shame over what I have done is literally eating me up. My husband is understandably upset to find out how badly I have hurt us credit wise. If there is truly help for people like me it would be wonderful. I have a steady job with a net pay of 3k per month and have the ability to pay back the loan if I can just get these debts consolidated into one payment. I am determined to find a way to correct my mistakes so that I can regain some measure of respect for myself. I have agreed to let my husband handle all the finances as he is much more responsible than I have been. I hope you will consider my request.

  68. Bart wrote:

    i need to borrow $20,000 dollars to consolidate my gambling debts nd catch up bills. my credit is hot and dont wanna loose my home or ar if i could get loan it would get me back on track and getig help for my addiction hope u can help help me thank u so much

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