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150,000 – 160,000 Small Business Startup Loan – Bad Credit Applicant in San Diego, Ca

This loan was requested for a small business startup. The applicant is asking for a startup loan so he can get his landscaping business off the ground. He has many years of experience working the landscape business in California. He has worked in San Franciso and San Diego, and just needs the startup capital to buy transporation, buy equipment (list mentioned below), hire employees, and purchase advertising in the local area.

His first jobs and employees are already set and ready to go. You would think he would be successful in getting his startup capital, but these days banks are tight with their lending for small businesses. Why? You can argue this one till you’re blue in the face, but it was a combination of banking deregulation 20 years ago. It’s both the fault of Republicans and Democrats. ALL of the American politicians are to fault, and the electorate is to blame for putting them in power. (enough politics)

Small Business Startup Loan With Bad Credit (San Diego)

Why do you need a loan? – I need a small business loan of $150,000 to $160,000 in the next couple of months. I need to buy a new truck and trailer, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, whipper snippers, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, sheers, hedge trimmers, etc. I know what I’m doing and have over 20 years experience landscaping. I already have my staff lined up, and over a dozen clients (job sites) lined up. Essentially this is a turnkey business. I just need the equipment and I need a start up loan from a bank or a lender in my area (San Diego)

If for Business, tell us a little about your business – I will be cutting lawns, trimming hedges, weeding gardens, and clearing land with a crew of 3 employees. These are co-workers from a landscaping business I used to work for in San Francisco, and now want to work with me in the San Diego area. Have clients already lined up in San Diego that need and want our services for their property.

How Much Do You Want To Borrow? – Between $100K – $150K

Length of Employment – Over 2 Years

Time at Address – Between 2 – 3 Years

Age :: Over 30

Extra Info Here – anything else that would help us get your loan approved :: I can buy all the equipment I need with this small business loan, and buy it quickly. I can be fully functionaly within a month, and succeeding within 5 months. I can pay this loan off in 15 years so I don’t need a long term financing agreement.

Sex – Male

Marital Status – Married

Ever Claimed Bankrupcty? – Yes – discharged

What State and City of your primary address? – San Diego, CA

Have you checked your credit report lately? – No

Would you consider your credit rating to be? – Poor

Collateral? – No

Down Payment? – No

Do you a have co-signer or co-borrower? – No

Employment Background – Landscaping since I was 16 years old. I am looking for this loan so I can create jobs for other people in my neighbourhood, and there is plenty of room for a new landscaping company in and around San Diego. We will only hire legally registered citizens of the United States.