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$15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca – Poor Credit Borrower

San Bernardino Credit Card Debt LoanOk, this applicant was not a man of may words, and was very concerned about his personal information privacy – and we DO NOT blame him on little bit.

This was just a pre-app and we could “read between the fields” so to speak, and we could tell the borrower was quite frustrated at the time of the form being filled out online. We understand his frustration, and many applicants who have bad credit find there is a high level of frustration when trying to get approved at all – let alone get approved for an APR that doesn’t choke you up and bring tears to your eyes.

We “get it” at CLF. We see applications for loans coming through here every day, all day, and through every night. There are applicants trying to get approved overnight and they are quite desperate to get approved for some quick solution to their financial problems. It’s really a drag that some folks have to end up in such dire straits when in comes to the amount of money they owe on their credit cards, but it seems to be a problem that is growing.

Our quiet young applicant in this case was obviously annoyed, perturbed, or upset about his lack of ability to get approved online. He was very likely the problem that caused his bad credit situation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some compassion for his situation, and try to at least help him find a loan, and help him better organize and prioritize his monthly budget.

And to be fair about it, our applicant from San Bernardino is only around $16,000 dollars in debt on his plastic. That’s not all that bad really – if you consider that the average mean amount of the credit card debt Americans carry is close to $15,000.

So we did our normal canvas of the area in Southern California for a lender that would consider a personal loan, and we did find him the loan he needed.

$15000-$17000 Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca – Poor Credit Borrower Application

Personal Loan Amount :: $15,000 – $17,000 dollars.

Personal Loan Application and Processing Speed :: As fast as you can. Are you the actual lender, or are you just another go-between, middle man, commission based site?

What do you need this loan for? :: To pay off credit cards because I am drowning in debt right now thanks to powers that be outside of my control.

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? ::  I’m in San Bernardino County and that is all I am willing to tell you right now thanks.

Zip :: Will submit later.

What is your employment field? :: Advertising business.

Employment Position :: Lead advertising manager.

When are you paid? :: Monthly – last Wed of each month.

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: Poor.

How did you find us? :: Using AOL search.

Bank Name and Branch :: Will submit later.

How are you paid? :: By direct deposit.

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $4670 per month salary.

Do you agree to have this information published online, minus your PRIVATE information? :: Yes, but later please.

Loan Request from San Bernardino, Ca – Extra Information for Lenders to Review

Any extra information here please :: I work for Tri-Tech and I have been working there for four and a half years so far. No problem with my bosses or employment security.

Note to Lender :: I will be a reliable customer and I will make sure to make all my monthly or biweekly payments on time.

Have you ever given defaulted on a loan you have held with a creditor? Yes.

Final note on this loan :: Borrower was excluded from the group of “approval applicants” with a database that was not accurate. This database entry was tracked down, changed, and enabled this borrower to re-apply with a different lender, and get approved.

As it turns out, this borrower did not thoroughly check out his credit rating with the three major credit bureaus, and that resulted in a serious amount of pain and annoyance. If he had done his home work and had his credit scores checked out, he would have picked up on the error, and straightened out his situation for the better. A borrowing lesson the hard way for sure.

In the end however, he was successfully approved for a personal loan, and he was grateful to our staff for helping him. Ta-da!

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63 Pre-apps

  1. Melissa wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow…. I would like to borrow $20,000-25,000
    – what type of loan you need… bad credit loan to pay for a wedding
    – what State you live in… San Diego, CA
    – how quickly you need the loan…. within the next 2 weeks. Need to pay for a few deposits.

  2. co c mach wrote:

    -how much you need to borrow…i would like to borrow $10,000-15,000 -what type of loan you need…bad credit loan to pay off my dept -what state you live in…Los Angeles,CA -how quickly you need the loan …ASAP

  3. Elsa wrote:

    Hi, I am desperately needing a $15000 loan to payoff in 5 years
    I have very poor credit, family illnesses circumstances.
    Please help me, I have applied everywhere just not to even receive a call or e-mail saying no.
    Thank you

  4. Julie Glaspie wrote:

    I’m in need of a $50,000 unsecured personal loan. I need this asap. I want to pay off all of my bills, get a vehicle. I have a good job and will be able to pay this back on time.
    My credit has improved. My scores are in the upper 600’s and I’m still working on getting things off of my credit report.
    Please – I’ve been trying to get help for 2 years and no one will help me.

    Thank you – Julie

  5. Michael Bliss wrote:

    I need a loan to purchase a mobile home because the one on the property I just got is completely destroyed and can not be fixed. I also have to fix my water well because they took my pump and wiring out of it. I have a poor credit score my mid score is 529. My wife and I are both on SSI and only make $1770.20 a month. I hope some one can help me.

  6. Greg G wrote:

    Need $10-15000 for home repair and bills. Poor credit score, but making3000/mo gross now. Just need a break to get things right

  7. Rob K wrote:

    I would like to apply for a loan of 35K to consolidate debt into one payment. If you’re able to assist, please let me know. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  8. sid phillips wrote:

    i need to borrow 8 to 10 thousand dollars quick, bad credit, own a small business and need to get back on my feet, i have prayed about this so i know GOD will answer my prayers, this will pay off all i owe and i can start fresh, got into business with a relative and they cleaned me out and nothing i can do to retreive it. i need to get some things taken care of real quick and i am behind on my house payment so maybe someone will see this and read it but i have just about given up hope.

  9. CRJ wrote:

    I am getting married in 3 weeks to the woman of my dreams. We have planned and prepared for the wedding of her dreams. However, needed repairs to my home and unexpected expenses related to her relocating to texas has depleted my rseources. I now find myself without the resources to pay for our wedding. For this reason, I am requesting a loan. My credit is poor. My FICO score is 550-580 (depending on the credit company). I have a good job and the avialability to reply on your terms. Please help me pull off this wedding. Any help you can provide would be great.

  10. Aaron wrote:

    Hi I need a personal loan for 17,000 to consolidate my little credit cards and loans into one my credit is fair and never had any late fees or bad delinquently payments.

  11. Christina wrote:

    Hi my name is Christina, and I am trying to consolidate
    My debt. I’m looking at at least $17,000, but my credit isn’t
    To bad andI know I could have it paid off in 5 years or less, with
    Payments no more then 300-400 a month. I just can’t seem to find
    A lender to work with me. I look forward to receiving an email from you.

    Thank you,

  12. Tina wrote:

    i need to consolidate some debt i need to borrow 20000.00 asap thanks

  13. Brandon wrote:

    I am 29 and a recent college graduate with poor credit. I am preparing to move for work as a contract overviewer for a company that I have been working for since 2006; making an average monthly income of $1,475, increasing to $4,700 after the move. The move is not susidized. The move is estimated at $7,000. Also an uprfront deposit for rent $1,500, and the additional $1,500 rent. There are other personal debts that I am looking at consolidating totaling $13,000. I am looking for help before Aug 1. I am looking for a 48 month loan. Thank You, Brandon

  14. Nuri wrote:

    I need a 7500 dollar loan. My credit is in the mid 650s.

  15. Vivian wrote:

    Dear Angel Loans, I am requesting an Angel Loan for $25,000.00. I would like a fresh start in this life and I will need the Angel Loan by August 6th, 2912. I will gladly appreciate the Angel Loan, Thank You and God Bless You Always.

  16. Vivian wrote:

    Dear Angel Loans, I am requesting an Angel Loan for $25,000.00. I would need the Angel Loan by August 6, 2012. I would greatly appreciate an Angel Loan for a fresh start in this life. Thank You and God Bless you Always.

  17. Kala L. wrote:

    I am interested in trying to get an unsecured personal loan for 17000. I would like to consolidate all of my debt into one monthly payment with a lower interest rate. Repayment term I’m looking for us around 60 months, and the sooner on the loan the better.

  18. Lynn wrote:

    I am interested in a loan of $10,000 – $15,000. Lost our home approx. 2 years ago. We are now renting and were on our way to improving credit and savings until I lost my job. Now we are in danger of being evicted from our rental. Husband has steady income at a job he has been at for 7 years. We just need to get back on our feet so that we can again move forward. It is difficult with 2 sons at home. We just need a fresh start to improve our situation. Looking for a loan for approx. 3-4 year term. Please help!

  19. Lynn wrote:

    Am looking for a loan of $10000 to $15000 over 4 years. Lost our home 2 years ago when husband’s company folded. We were doing better until I lost my job. Now we are in fear of being evicted from rental. Just want to pay everyone up to date to get a fresh start for my family. Please help.

  20. C. Ann wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow…. I would like to borrow $25,000
    – what type of loan you need… bad credit loan to pay for a house
    – what State you live in… Kansas City, KS
    – how quickly you need the loan…. within the next 1 to 2 weeks. Home is under contract.

  21. Audrey wrote:

    Need a high risk loan because I have bad credit I need a 18500 loan to pay off husband medical bill where he had 2 major surgery last January 2012. If you could help me you can let me know. I think I applied with this company another time. If you don’t want to give me a loan could you please know. Thank you for your time

  22. MaLing wrote:

    I need to borrow 10,000 loan so I can payoff my debt and not get evicted.
    I need a high risk loan because I have very very bad credit.
    I live in Ohio.
    I need this loan ASAP.

  23. Tewanna wrote:

    I need a loan for $25,000 to pay for emergency home repairs to correct a plumbing and mold problem in my home. I require the loan within the next 24 hours to pay for the initial materials required for the repairs to the contractor. I would like the loan repay payoff to be for 60 months. I am able to make a loan payment for $525 per month.

  24. Exiquio wrote:

    Need 10000-15000 for personal loan bad credit asap my car my rent medical bills and relocation cost and care for mother pls at my wits end

  25. Joni wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow…. I would like to borrow $15,000
    – what type of loan you need… bad credit loan to pay for lawyer fees in getting sole custody of my disable son
    – what State you live in New York
    – how quickly you need th…e loan…. as soon as possible

  26. sonya wrote:

    If there is someone who can help me get a loan to pay off some credit things on my credit & i have a wedding coming up with my fiance who is station in afghanstian soon coming home, we are having a military wedding . PLEASE if anyone can help me with a loan of 5,000.00 my man has been shot 3 times now . I need this ASAP .thanks & god bless. I am from Hanover,PA

  27. Steve wrote:

    I am in need of a 12000 dollar loan to purchase a pick up truck to drive to work which I have just secured back in February. I have not worked since 2003 because of an injury and subsequently that injury accelerated a arthritic disease that caused my spine to fuse completely which was a very painful process. I am now about 90% fused, and have a very limited range of motion. This is why a truck instead of a car because a car sits very low to the ground and I have to physically force my body specifically my head to get inside and out, it’s very painful. Now I have been working to rehabilitate my credit but it is a long process and I have been turned down by a half dozen creditors because I can avail no down payment for a loan. I am an able bodied individual again but after that injury things just snowballed. I am from Ohio and asking for help. Thank You to all.

  28. Jayson wrote:

    I am a disabled veteran living in Dayton, NV and I am in need of an emergency unsecured loan in the amount of $10,000.00. My wife needs to have some medical exams done for possible breast cancer however, the insurance company will not pay for these tests. We have also taken in a homeless veteran and his family and need to complete some repairs on our house before winter hits. My credit score is 614, I would appreciate the funds as quickly as possible so that my wife can get the required testing done.

    Semper Fi

  29. Betty wrote:

    I would like to apply for a personal loan to pay-off all of my monthy bills except for my car payment where do I get the application to apply?

  30. Gracey wrote:

    Hello I’m in need of a personal loan of $1300.00at least for rent and bills my purse was stolen with all my home and bill money along with my children’s Christmas money!! I would need it before the 28th of November 2014 my credit is poor. Please try to help me!I live in san bernardino. san Bernardino county

  31. lee wrote:

    requesting $21K; bad credit loan for urgent need – have family; save home. Live in Los Angeles, CA – loan needed ASAP – within the week if possible.

  32. Rose wrote:

    I am in bad need of a personal unsecured loan of $25,000 as quickly as possible. My husband passed away about 7 months ago leaving no life insurance or pension. I work full time and thought I could manage but cannot. I have a lot of bills included his funeral expenses and credit card debt incurred through his illness which I cannot pay. Hope you can help me without a lot of hassle and red tape. I believe my credit score is in the low 600’s. I live in New York State.

  33. Alvin wrote:

    I need a loan for $17000 to be able to purchase the house I am in. I have poor credit but really need this loan so I don’t have to move my family again. I would be very grateful for any help that could come from this. My health is failing but I don’t want to leave my family without a house. Pl lease help. Thank you…

  34. Patrick wrote:

    I am looking to pay off debt and get my credit back up to afford a VA Loan. Want to get credit cards paid off and some tiny loans that are holding me back.
    Thank you.

  35. Charlene wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow———–$16,000
    – what type of loan product you need—-$unsecured
    – what City and State you reside in—–$Bronx, NY
    – what your credit score numbers are—-low 600s
    – how quickly you need the loan———as soon as possible

  36. Kimberly wrote:

    I need a loan from 16000-25000. I need to have reconstructive plastic surgery after I had a massive weight loss of 250lbs.I have massive extra skin causing me problems and the surgery price is actually $25000 and it will be done in 2 surgeries 6 months apart. 1st Surgery date is July 21st is $18,100. second surgery is $6600. My credit score is 650. And i have a small home which i currently rent out that I can use as collateral. Please see or for detailed information about my situation.

  37. Kiley wrote:

    I am in need of an $18000 loan asap to pay off my 401k so i can reborrow to pay medical bills and payday loans as a result of a recent back surgery! I am back to work now but everything has piled up on me ! I only need this loan for 1 month but my credit has suffered badly and no one will help! I know the 401k is not the thing to do but only seems my best option for me at this point! Thank you for any considerations!

  38. Bruce wrote:

    Me and my family are in need of a personal loan of 20,000 dollars. Simply put, my wife and I have a plan to get our finacial house in order to be able to purchase a home in a couple of years. We are just trying to get level to put our plan in motion and we can’t seem to do this without a loan of this nature. Our credit at this point and time is poor, but we make decent money. We are tired of living this way and we are just trying to make a fresh start.

  39. Latonya wrote:


  40. Faye wrote:

    We are currently homeless, and have been since March 2015, after 21 years of residence in the same apartment complex. We have an opportunity to purchase a 3 bedroom sectional for $15,000; would like a home loan for $20,000 for closing costs, furniture (we have none) and first home owner’s insurance payment. My credit is terrible, 515 on one credit site, and rent in this area averages $800/month plus you pay utilities. I am working on cleaning up my credit score but cannot continue with the average rental costs in our area. A 15%/6 year loan would be fantastic!
    Thank you!

  41. Rita and Bob wrote:

    I would love to borrow $20,000, we are about that much in debt. I would like to start all harrassing phone calls. I have extremely poor credit but we are good people, just got in over our heads and just need a fresh start. Would love to just have one payment instead of several. If you could help, we would be so grateful. Would love to get our lives back.

    Thank You,

    Rita & Bob

  42. Amy wrote:

    Hello. I am in desperate need of at least $3000. I am a single mom and do not receive state assistance. I do have a good job but have fallen behind on my bills and am on the verge of losing everything. My credit is not so great. I live in Nebraska an am unable to find the help locally. I will need it within the next day or 2. Thank you.

  43. Sharon wrote:

    My husband got hurt in a bad accident that left him with extensive memory issues. He also has a migraine headache 24/7, it never goes away. I have a severe back problem, and I’m in constant severe pain. We’re both on Social Security Disability and we’ve gotten way behind on our bills, due to medications we needed, that insurance didn’t cover. The very cold winters up here in Maine really eat up the heating fuel too. We don’t even have a vehicle that’s running. Our pickup needs a transfer case and something else. We’re very depressed about being so far behind and we’re 2 years behind on our property taxes with the 3rd year approaching fast. Then we’ll lose our home. All because we have bad credit and can’t get a break. Our credit wasn’t like this before my husband’s head injury and broken neck. We just need a chance to get ahead again. Im writing this as a last option. Neither of us have any remaining family, so we can’t even turn to them. We really need immediate assistance from somewhere. Until I hear from you I hope you’re all well and have a good and safe time over the holidays. Sincerely, Sharon.

  44. BERNICE wrote:


  45. dan egbert wrote:

    need a loan asap for 15000.00 to pay off cards to get my score back up looking for a pay back over 5 years with 10 percent intrest payment around 300

  46. James wrote:

    We would like to borrower around 50,000. To pay off our home and pay back loans from family. I have a full time job with a salary of roughly 6000 a month. We have really back credit due to mostly medical bills. We would like to have around 8 years to pay it off. We need this loan asap, like in the next 3 days.

  47. Michelle wrote:

    I would like to borrow $30,000 and will pay up to 10% interest over 10 years. I am a home owner and have been employed in the same industry for over 40 years.

  48. Elon wrote:

    I am a single mother and I’m really struggling to stay afloat right now. I’m on the verge of being evicted, My house has been broken into 3 times in the year I’ve lived here. I lost a really good paying job when I had to temporarily move to Texas to care for my mother. Know I only make minimum wage. I just need some relief. I’ve prayed so hard and I just can’t find a way out. I’m drowning and just need that extra help to get my kids out of this situation. My neighbor has bed bugs that have now moved into my house and my bills and everyday expenses are over welming me and I’ve tried to do it alone. But I don’t have the resources. I ruined my credit when I was young and I’m paying for it now. I’m really in need of this loan for my children’s sake. Any type of help you can give me I would be great full. I live in Ohio and in about $15000 to $20000 to move pay my bills and buy us new beds and clothing due to the bugs. I need this loan immediately. Thank you for your time. God bless you.

  49. cynthia wrote:

    I am disable widow might have to have knee surgery and I have to pay bills three times a month my bills are falling behind and I would need a $400.00 loan to help me get caught up on my bills if approved I like to payback in installments over a three month period I will appreciate it. thank you

  50. Cora wrote:

    I need a $20,000 dollar poor credit loan to pay off my manufactured home and pay off every loan and credit card I owe. I’m from Troy Alabama. credit score 598, I would like to get this loan within 1 week

  51. Tim wrote:

    I need $50000- $75000 for moving expenses and to pay off some overdue bills. Currently my 2 girls and I are staying and paying rent in my ex-wife’s apartment while she has been out of town. She is coming back next week which means we need to move. Her boyfriend will be coming too and my girls don’t ike him. Need the loan immediately to secure a house and pay for moving expenses. My credit is horrible but have a decent job that pays me roughly $10000/month. I would like to take 10 years to pay loan back at 8% but will consider higher interest for faster reaponse.

  52. Connie wrote:

    I would like to borrow between 3000 and 6000 I would like to pay off a loan that comes out of my check each payday and to catch up some bills I’m really in a tough spot my credit score is 586 and I could use this as soon as possible thank you I have worked at the same place for over 12 years

  53. Michelle wrote:

    I need a %15,000 loan at 18% interest for 5 years.

  54. linda wrote:

    I am in need of a loan in amount of $20,000-25,000 asap. Mortgage company threatening foreclosure on my home. I have poor credit. I have title loan on my car and payday loan. Need to pay off these and start fresh. Also found out bedbugs are in my home. Gotta get rid of furniture , have exterminator treat for bugs. Then replace furniture! Please help this week if possible! Thank you. I have steady job and social security check. Can pay back in 5 years. Please help me asap. Also have my wedding coming up soon. May God bless

  55. linda wrote:

    Missed information: credit score is poor. In 500s. I live in Springfield Ohio. Need $20,000-$25000 asap…preferably this week. I guess this would be a personal loan. Thank you for the urgent response.

  56. Luis wrote:

    I need a 400 dollar loan by Tuesday my son is graduating and wa t to throw a party for him and his friends will pay back in 6 month.
    And then I would love a 10000 loans so I can pay off all my debt, and help my dad with the surgery I pay it back in 5 years my credit is poor no one want to help I am from alsmo,tx
    Hope you can help me

  57. Stacey wrote:

    how much you need to borrow: 17,000.00
    – what type of loan product you need: personal loan
    – what City and State you reside in: Zion, IL
    – what your credit score numbers are: 522
    – how quickly you need the loan–I need the loan as soon as possible, im going to lose my house to foreclosure if this is not paid by July 5th in an auction. My husband was not working at the time and now my financial status is great, however I don’t have enough to reinstate the mortgage. I can pay back the loan no problem what-so-ever, I just don’t want myself, my husband and three children to be homeless. I am desperate!

  58. Tammy wrote:

    Hey there – I need a loan about 15,000 and I need it asap. I want to pay off my three loan and also I have a emergency that I need. what can I do to get the loan? I wanted it be install payment because everytime I try to apply for a lot of money that I request I always get denied and it frustuated me I really need the money to pay of three of my loan and for the emergerncy really need it asap what can I do please help me out
    thank you


  59. Michael wrote:

    I need to borrow $11,000 – $18,000
    I can pay every 2 weeks.
    I have Steady Full time employment at same job since 2006. Need to pay off 4 small loans to only pay 1 loan. And want to pay off credit. card.
    Credit Score numbers are 648-650 depending on which service

  60. Rickey wrote:

    Need a loan 8000 please need it tomorrow

  61. Ronda wrote:

    Help i need to Borrow 15,000 Dollars asap
    need to pay off some bills and have a emergency i work full time and get payed every 2 weeks at same job for 17 years
    will pay off as quickly as possible
    please help me

    thank you


  62. Rob wrote:

    I need a loan as soon as possible to pay off taxes and other bills. I am retired work 2 part time jobs, wife works full time. ad a daughter and 3 grandchildren move home daughter has no income this has put a strain on our income This loan will be a great help by paying off debts Thank you

  63. Karen wrote:

    Hi, I need to borrow 25,000 for emergency repair to my house due to plumbing and heating and air issues. I am hoping you can help