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$10,000-$15,000-$20,000 Free Angel Loan – Philanthropic Lender in Los Angeles, CA

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams.

This was a request that we got this week at CLF from an applicant/borrower in Los Angeles who needs a loan soon for reasons that were undisclosed. They want to get approval with a philanthropic lender, or as some call it, an “angel loan”.

Angel loans are rare indeed because it’s only private lenders who are serious about lending money with no expectation of getting paid back. These free loans or charity loans are always loans that you don’t have to pay back, and there has to be a darn good reason why you need the money.

These kind-hearted private organizations don’t just dole money out to anyone that comes along because they have had some bad luck and lost their house, or cranked up their credit cards to the extreme. These are loans that are almost always meant for the needy, or organizations that feed, clothe, and shelter the needy.

Many times these angel lenders will fund the building of a center to help the handicapped, or terminally ill people of a community or area in the world somewhere. The angel lenders will help pay for these centers in Los Angeles, and other communities in California – all through the United States, and around the world for that matter.

Angel loans are often the result of just one person or family that is very wealthy, such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, etc. People that have had such good fortune are literally “doing the work of angels”, and they are very selective when it comes to choosing worthy causes and worthy recipients. If you are able bodied, able minded, and simple down on your luck, you won’t see a dime from these kinds of philanthropists – and that’s OK.

If you have been down on your luck in recent past, and money has been scarce, and you are able bodied and able minded, then you can certainly sort some things out in your life. Get that much needed divorce, go back to school, stop wasting money on things you don’t need, and only spend money on the essentials of life. Make sure that if you have some kind of addiction, that you get off that and clean up your act. You can always turn your life around, and your financial situation will certainly improve quickly.

When you learn to make needed changes you can get your financial house all back in order.

Looking to find angel lenders and free loans that you never have to pay back online is not going to work, so I want you to save your time, and spend that time going back to school, or working towards finding a job that you enjoy doing.

Always try to remember that you don’t need to have all the luxuries that are forever advertised on your television, on billboards, in magazines, in your iPhone, on the Internet, and on the radio. We don’t need these “wanted things”, and believe it from someone who has experienced what it is like to live in poverty, AND live large – having lots of money DOES NOT make you a happier person. It may make things a little bit easier for awhile, but in the end we still end up dealing with all the same “mind issues” we had when we were poor.

This person that emailed us wanted to get a loan for $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 and she never even told us what she wanted the money for. Strange, because almost always these borrowers have some kind of story to tell regarding their need for an angel loan – always some story of need, want, and usually sadness. The reality is that they are also almost always capable of “pulling up their bootstraps” and getting some kind of job.

We need to be humble in life and be happy for the fact that we are alive in first place. Happy for the sun that comes up and goes down. Happy for the tide that goes in and out. Happy for our bodies, our friends, and if we live in North America, HAPPY we live in North America.

If we are willing to work hard and sacrifice some the luxuries and “wants” of life, and be grateful for the “needs” of life that we have, then we are on our way to a peace of mind and happier days. Try just waking up one morning and saying to yourself,

“Thank you for everything I have. Thank you for the life I have had so far. Thank you for my friends in this world. Thank you for this beautiful earth. Thank you for the food I have. Thank you for the clothes I have. Thank you for eyes I can see with. Thank your for the legs I have that enable me to walk. Thank you for the hands I have that enable my to hold and hug a friend, clean myself, work, play, and function. Thank you for EVERYTHING in my life.”

When you begin to learn great gratitude, and great humility, you are waking up to what is real in you, and putting behind what is false in you. Then you no longer need extended vacations, fancy cars, big houses, boats, RVs, name brand clothing, expensive hair cuts, plastic surgery, and a bulging bank account.

At that point you are truly wealthy, and the only reason you would want a free loan, that you never have to pay back, is if you are trying to give it all away to someone who is much more needy than yourself. Ironically, when your quest is to give the money you borrow to someone who really needs it, the ANGEL LENDERS WILL GIVE YOU MONEY.

So the moral of this story today for my friend, applicant, and borrower from Los Angeles is……if you want to get approved for an angel loan, you need to be working for the angels and the true person inside you that is the angel is calling the shots.