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$10,000-$15,000-$20,000 Free Angel Loan – Philanthropic Lender in Los Angeles, CA

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This was a request that we got this week at CLF from an applicant/borrower in Los Angeles who needs a loan soon for reasons that were undisclosed. They want to get approval with a philanthropic lender, or as some call it, an “angel loan”.

Angel loans are rare indeed because it’s only private lenders who are serious about lending money with no expectation of getting paid back. These free loans or charity loans are always loans that you don’t have to pay back, and there has to be a darn good reason why you need the money.

These kind-hearted private organizations don’t just dole money out to anyone that comes along because they have had some bad luck and lost their house, or cranked up their credit cards to the extreme. These are loans that are almost always meant for the needy, or organizations that feed, clothe, and shelter the needy.

Many times these angel lenders will fund the building of a center to help the handicapped, or terminally ill people of a community or area in the world somewhere. The angel lenders will help pay for these centers in Los Angeles, and other communities in California – all through the United States, and around the world for that matter.

Angel loans are often the result of just one person or family that is very wealthy, such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, etc. People that have had such good fortune are literally “doing the work of angels”, and they are very selective when it comes to choosing worthy causes and worthy recipients. If you are able bodied, able minded, and simple down on your luck, you won’t see a dime from these kinds of philanthropists – and that’s OK.

If you have been down on your luck in recent past, and money has been scarce, and you are able bodied and able minded, then you can certainly sort some things out in your life. Get that much needed divorce, go back to school, stop wasting money on things you don’t need, and only spend money on the essentials of life. Make sure that if you have some kind of addiction, that you get off that and clean up your act. You can always turn your life around, and your financial situation will certainly improve quickly.

When you learn to make needed changes you can get your financial house all back in order.

Looking to find angel lenders and free loans that you never have to pay back online is not going to work, so I want you to save your time, and spend that time going back to school, or working towards finding a job that you enjoy doing.

Always try to remember that you don’t need to have all the luxuries that are forever advertised on your television, on billboards, in magazines, in your iPhone, on the Internet, and on the radio. We don’t need these “wanted things”, and believe it from someone who has experienced what it is like to live in poverty, AND live large – having lots of money DOES NOT make you a happier person. It may make things a little bit easier for awhile, but in the end we still end up dealing with all the same “mind issues” we had when we were poor.

This person that emailed us wanted to get a loan for $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 and she never even told us what she wanted the money for. Strange, because almost always these borrowers have some kind of story to tell regarding their need for an angel loan – always some story of need, want, and usually sadness. The reality is that they are also almost always capable of “pulling up their bootstraps” and getting some kind of job.

We need to be humble in life and be happy for the fact that we are alive in first place. Happy for the sun that comes up and goes down. Happy for the tide that goes in and out. Happy for our bodies, our friends, and if we live in North America, HAPPY we live in North America.

If we are willing to work hard and sacrifice some the luxuries and “wants” of life, and be grateful for the “needs” of life that we have, then we are on our way to a peace of mind and happier days. Try just waking up one morning and saying to yourself,

“Thank you for everything I have. Thank you for the life I have had so far. Thank you for my friends in this world. Thank you for this beautiful earth. Thank you for the food I have. Thank you for the clothes I have. Thank you for eyes I can see with. Thank your for the legs I have that enable me to walk. Thank you for the hands I have that enable my to hold and hug a friend, clean myself, work, play, and function. Thank you for EVERYTHING in my life.”

When you begin to learn great gratitude, and great humility, you are waking up to what is real in you, and putting behind what is false in you. Then you no longer need extended vacations, fancy cars, big houses, boats, RVs, name brand clothing, expensive hair cuts, plastic surgery, and a bulging bank account.

At that point you are truly wealthy, and the only reason you would want a free loan, that you never have to pay back, is if you are trying to give it all away to someone who is much more needy than yourself. Ironically, when your quest is to give the money you borrow to someone who really needs it, the ANGEL LENDERS WILL GIVE YOU MONEY.

So the moral of this story today for my friend, applicant, and borrower from Los Angeles is……if you want to get approved for an angel loan, you need to be working for the angels and the true person inside you that is the angel is calling the shots.

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77 Pre-apps

  1. Kimberly Malloney wrote:

    Hello Angels!
    Oh, how grateful I am to be here, breathing, and capable enough to be using this lovely computer to speak with you all. I am a 47 year old disabled woman, altough that is a label I deplore, so I will re-phrase and identify myself as a 47 year old ABLE WOMAN! I have desired my whole life to be an Angel….to be blessed with financial resources that would allow me to give freely and feel the overwhelming joy of providing someone with that singular moment where they can breathe….If only for a moment.
    I am not such a person, but I have always lived my life with one overriding principle: It goes like this- if I have two of something, I have one to spare. If I have one of something, I have half to give….and so on. In this way, I allow my “inner-angel” to manifest, as meager as it may be.
    I am also writing to make a request. I am in need of an Angel. I have honestly never asked for help in this way before, and feel entirely self conscious and akward for even asking. I need to move from San Francisco, California to Atlanta,Georgia in a bit of a rush. My father in law is elderly and ill, and requires someone to care for him full time. He was diagnosed with alzheimer’s, and told my husband and I that it was in the “early” stages; however, we have been getting reports from his work (he is a retired Optician, but a very active man), that he has had several recent episodes of getting lost, either in the store, or in his car on the way home, etc. This sparked a major change in my family dynamic. I immediately sent my husband to be with him, even though he is my daily caretaker, and together we decided that we would (ironcally enough) leave it to the Angels! The exact words we used. So, I was not searching on the internet for an Angel investor, or peer loan, but for some reason I am here. Could it be divine intervention? I do not know, but I feel profoundly blessed that I am even able to tell you all this story….if for no other reason than to give others that are in need hope a shoulder to lean on. (“If I have one….I give half!)
    I may be physically disabled, but I cannot turn my back on this man (my father-in-law). He brought to life my husband, who is the most kind, thoughtful, and loving human I have ever been honored to be loved by, and even though we don’t have much, and live from hand to mouth, I would not trade that existence for all the money in the world, if it meant giving up the gift God gave me when he brought him into my life.
    I am looking for a loan of $15,000. When my husband and I thought about asking for a conventional loan (something we would never qualify for), we had agreed that we could probably pay around $350.00 a month on a $15,000 loan over 4 years at an interest rate of 8%.
    Truth is, we really don’t even have that to give back, but I have never asked for a ‘gift’ (albeit I would view a loan such as this an AMAZING gift), and so I am trusting in the greatness of the human heart and the blessings of a collective group such as this to allow a miracle to manifest.
    Is such a thing possible? I got here. My husband got there. Who knows what the next piece of the puzzle will be.
    What I do know is that Angels and Miracles go hand in hand. I feel so incredibly honored to have been given the opportunity to write to the Angels! I feel closer to the manifestation of this miracle than ever.
    Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I can be reached at
    Blessings to all!!
    Kimberly Malloney (an Angel in training)

  2. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hello and welcome to CLF Kimberly.

    All of us at CLF welcome you, and hope one of the visiting lenders will respond to your request for funding.

  3. Kimberly Malloney wrote:

    Thank you for the welcome Admin! I would be so grateful for any guidance and direction in accomplishing this goal. I could not imagine a worse time in most people’s lives to be reaching out for charity and compassion- I have not met a single person who has not been impacted by the ecomomic downturn, and like I said before, I am not one to ask for help….I would much prefer to give.
    I do have one question. Is there a network of people or organizations that consider cases such as mine and my husband’s, and either offer advice, direction, or even a miracle?
    Am I in the right place? For some reason I sense that I am, even though I am relying so heavily these days on hope and faith (the intangibles), when I am very clear what the solution to my family’s challenges are (the tangibles).
    Again, I want you all to know how sincerely grateful I am to have found this place. Even if I am not able to achieve the loan we need, I will be able to say honestly that I am grateful. I have been given the chance to read and learn about people I otherwise would have never encountered. THAT is truely remarkable.
    Kimberly Malloney

  4. Ruth Dennison wrote:

    Are these Angel loans only for Califoria people? I am a 67 yr. old disabled widow living in Wisconsin and need help with medical bills and Bank of America mortgage.
    Thank you for the iinformationyou can send

  5. Bonnie wrote:

    The above post is a scam. This person does not have a father in law with alzheimers. She told her landlady that her husband died in august, when in fact he left her, and she scammed someone who moved into her apartment posing as the owner and took his money (first, last and deposit)and left town. Just be warned, she is a scammer and will take anything she can get and more.

  6. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Bonnie,

    All borrowers get checked out by ALL lenders so you don’t have to worry about that.

    Kimberly can defend herself here as well, and how do you know her anyway???

  7. Chris wrote:

    Kimberly Malloney is a preditor who has many aliases and is very talented at working people. Her ex is in prison and her current spouse ran from her although she pretended to us he was dead. She is no angel in training. I have been her landlord for 6 yrs and I know her well! She owes us a lot of money because she preyed on our kindness. Keep your distance. The police are looking for her if that helps.

  8. Bonnie wrote:

    I have personal experience with her- unfortunately she is my sister in law. You should probably do some better checking. She’s quite the orator and writer and manipulator. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I stumbled on this post trying to help her landlady locate her as she has just committed a serious crime.

  9. neal wrote:

    Kim Malloney is a pathological liar. She said her husband died and she took his ashes to Texas back in late 2010.
    She took in 3 roomamtes, booted them out but took their money. She owes every creditor alive, she owes us $6000 in back rent. She told us she had a trust fund and that she’d pay us from that. Then she said she had a hardship loan from a bank and she’d pay us from that loan.
    As recently as Feb 4 she said she sent us the rent for Feb plus an added $500 plus a repayment agreement, funny thing, nothing arrived and when we called her on the 7th she said just wait, the check was sent, I promise.
    She has now abandoned the apartment, left us a huge pile of junk to dispose of and left the state on her way out Hiway 40. We have reported her to the local police department who now has an investigator on the case.
    The lady sobbed on our shoulder “when her husband Vince had died”, when in fact he left the state to get away from her. We suspect she is now on her way to find him.

  10. CLFadmin wrote:

    Ok. Lenders read these comments so they can use their own due diligence.

  11. josephine w. butler wrote:

    Just need a loan to go back to school (CNA) first and (LPN) next. A car for transportation to and from work and school. Get bills caught up. Get a headstone for my daughter

  12. josephine w. butler wrote:

    If it’s real, fast as yesterday would be on time

  13. Mike in Missouri wrote:

    Able bodied, able minded, ambitious, creative, and hard working. Have GOOD credit, and have managed to play credit-card-round-robin for the past 3 years to get finances straight, get credit improved, and attempted to pry enough cash loose to get a business marketed. Credit HAS improved, nothing is behind (everything is current). I need some help with the next stage; Consolidating personal debts, so I can close extra accounts, and position myself to get that business funded (which will not happen right now, capital is too scarce). I live in Missouri, need to consolidate ~$45,000 from 21 accounts into One. There was a program called a 125-second-mortgage that would have suited this goal but such a program is no longer supported. My goal would be to eliminate the high-interest accounts that I’ve now stabilized because the rates are preventing the accounts from being effectively paid off … I’m managing to stay ahead of them and that’s all. The commitment of the 125-program called for a paypment term of 15 years; I can do that. Or I can talk about a shorter term, if I determine that I can afford to work it. If the $45,000 is not worth fooling with then please, add in a commercial building and working capital for a photography business and we can talk about how to structure $300,000. I have a full business plan. Cannot execute because of the lack of capital. I look foward to hearing some encouraging words. Thank you.

  14. K in Washington, DC wrote:

    Hello all,
    I am a hard-working and determined college grad (09′) seeking an angel lender. As a volunteer at various shelters and soup kitchens, I have seen many people who have it so much worse than I do–and for this, I am eternally grateful. I am always thanking the lord above for my numerous blessings, knowing that he has instilled me with knowledge and wisdom to make it in this world. Helping others is incredibly important to me, almost too much, at times, but I am writing in the hopes that an angel lender will offer me a loan to help me with my circumstances. Sometimes, we feel like we have to do it all, but I have no shame in asking for help. I returned to school a few years ago to complete my Bachelor’s degree, but before that somehow navigated a challenging job market several years ago, getting by.

    I used some credit cards to subsist and pay rent, as the only work I could obtain was temporary, but appreciated, of course. Added to the experience was a challenging tax fee and backtaxes that a skilled account discovered. Although I was not thrilled to owe this money, I was grateful, knowing that I would be doing the right thing as an honest citizen in rectifying any owed taxes. The taxes owed amount to approximately $20,000. Once I returned to school, I relished the experience, but encountered some health issues that required me to use some of my school loan money to support. It was a stressful time, but I kept on, knowing the finish line was ahead.

    My school loans are approximately $50,000, and I thank the lord for owing every penny of it because the education and experience was truly immeasurable. I also need $10,000 in living expenses to clear up my credit, get my health back in order with a gym membership, clear back rent, and pay for a used car. My faith and trust know no bounds and it is a wonderful time in my life, knowing that although these challenges face me, I can rise above them. Help from an angel lender will help give me the financial boost that I so deeply pray for and fully intend to repay every penny lent. Writing is my passion, and at this time I am taking any and all kinds of work to further my craft and advance. Big things are in store for me, and with your help, I will make them happen. I can provide documentation for all loans and credit history. I am employed part-time, but also taking small writing jobs when possible. I love to work, but with a checkered credit history, no one wants to touch me. Making a clean and stronger start will be possible with an $80,000 loan, one which I know a generous angel lender will be able to grant. Thank you for reading!! K.

  15. Elsa T. wrote:

    Hello Angels,
    I have been having a lot of money issues since 4 1/2 years ago not because i wanted to but, because of family medical reasons. One a very sick brother that was taken 150 miles from where we live and constantly being on the death bed he lasted suffering for 2 years than passed away. Which of course placed me and all of my family in a very bad economical situation since we did have anyone over there. Than after he passed away my mother had a Pulmonary ambolism that placed her in the hospital for 3 months and of course I had to miss work and stay more behind on everything. After a few months later my husband had total knee replacement which kept him out of work for 6 months. And well what can I say except that my credit is horrible and again not because I wanted to but of the medical circumstances. I have a full time job with a school district, started a part time home base business to help myself some but for this home base business I am lacking some funds to get me go faster and start earning good income that could help me. I have never asked for any help cause I believe in working hard but, I am in a really bad shape now. I have applied for many loans from different companies and receive a negative answer, I owe other people $6000 and am going crazy cause now of course they want there money back and I just can’t make it. I don’t want anything free
    all I ask is for a chance to get a loan and time to pay it back. I really need at least $8000 to help me pay off my bills and pay some to this wonderful persons that with there good heart helped me. I am so stressed and now more as my husband will be having major back surgery on July 6th 150 miles away from where we live and do not have anyone in that town to provide us with free shelter.
    I am more than willing to prove anything that I have said in this post,like i said I do not need anything free I just want someone to lend me a hand. I am trying as much as I can to do well and better I even got the Reneri Law Group which is helping me with my debts. Please anyone I beg for help. If I do not pay my electrical bill by June 28th it will be shutdown.
    Thank You
    and May God Bless Everyone.
    (contact info removed for privacy)

  16. Gerald Hawkins wrote:

    Hello Angels and thank you for your time.

    I live in Tampa, FL so I’m not sure if I need to live in CA or not but I could use the financial help. I’m not sure where to start. I’m married with childens and want so bad for the so called American Dream. We live in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment and we don’t have a car so we use the bus to get to where we need to go. The problem with the bus is it does not go everywhere we need to go. Because of the job market/economy I have been working a lot of temporary jobs. My wife is also getting back into the job market after home spending the the last 5 years home schooling our kids. Right now I’m getting a employment check every two weeks but its not enough. God has provided money for us when we ran out and I thank Him for that because we really needed it. I had to give up my last car because I had got behind on the payments but I was still making the payments when the money came in. The bank was willing to work something out but their numbers were to high, so now were carless. I rented a car a couple weeks ago to go see my grandmother in Titusville Florida which is near Cocoa Beach to check up on her to see if she needed anything.

    One of the guys from my church to me that his company was hiring but I couldn’t make because the bus does not go in that part of town so I missed that one. I’m going to a job fair on the 28th to find work so as long as the companies on the local bus route I can get there. My wife got an email from a recuriter at Lockheed Martin about a open position in there organization. She applied for it and the recuriter when get back with her to set up an interview but the company is located in Lakeland Florida a hour ride from our apartment. My 16yr is even looking for a job.

    Its nothing like having your own car! I’m tired of riding the bus because it makes me feel limited or like I’m stuck in a box, I don’t like that feeling. The work is starting to come in for me I just need to ge there. I would like to get $25,000 @ 7% interest for 5yrs I’m not sure what your terms are so this is what I can do. I’m tired of riding the bus so I will make the payments even if I have to work two jobs. You can text me at (removed for privacy reasons)

  17. Sandi J. wrote:

    Hello, I am in need of a low interest loan, but I am not eligible for one, due to my poor credit score. I know that “angel loans” are really often “free money”, but I don’t expect to get free money. I am trying to pay off my debt, but since I got laid off, it has been impossible to keep up. I am a “RIF-ed” teacher from Southern California. After working as a Special Education Assistant for a few years, and being heartily encouraged by teachers I worked with to teach Special Education, I went back to school and got my Multiple Subjects teaching credential in 2007. The school that employed me hired me to work for one semester with the children with Autism on a temporary permit because of my experience in this area, and had worked closely with the teacher leaving that post.

    The next year, I enrolled in an intern program to get my Special Education credential, and was given the Emotionally Disturbed class, for another teacher with more seniority wanted to teach the children with Autism. At this time I began to have medical problems that made it impossible for me to finish my program. Coincidentally, this is when the first round of “Reduction In Force” notices went out. Since I was newly hired, and was no longer in the intern program, there was no place for me, and I was let go. I became a substitute teacher in the summer of 2009.

    I hope to begin a new program this fall to obtain my Special Education credential, for I now qualify for a grant! My big problem is for the past two years, I have not made enough money to pay all of my bills every month. My family has always been poor, with the six of us living in a single or one bedroom apartment. I was the first in my family to get a degree. My father never had credit cards; he always paid cash. I did the same for most of my life. I strayed from this practice when I began to believe I could someday buy a house and would need a credit score to achieve that dream. Enter the “secured credit card”, I got one, then a store card, and a gas card, and was soon in debt. My credit union gave me a debt consolidation loan, which is down to just under $5,000. In 2007, when I was gainfully employed, I bought a car (Toyota Yaris-no frills), that I owe about $8,000 on. I also owe the Franchise Tax board about $645., and the IRS about $1500. The IRS suggested I take out a loan. Unemployment and whatever I make as a sub are my only sources of income. My sister helps out with food and gas, but has recently been put on medical leave and won’t be able to help as much.

    As it stands now, I can pay $250-$ 350 a month. I would be thrilled to to get a loan of $15,000 at 2.% interest for five years. It is not my desire to “get out” of paying for things I agreed to pay for. I just need a better loan. I sincerely hope to achieve my goal of being a self-sufficient member of society, and a super Special Education teacher in the very near future. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer all.

  18. Eugene wrote:

    I will not let you down I really need some help on my bills whatever you do for me it will be a blessing to me and my wife we need help may god shine his light over you may god bless

  19. Mel M. wrote:

    To whom it may concern: My name is Melissa, I have been searching and searching for many months now on how to get out of debt, but it seems the more I try to get out, I get deeper into debt. I just don’t know where to to turn now. I have approximately 13,000.00 in credit card debt. I have used my credit cards for everything from groceries to enrolling in a home-based business program, which I got scammed about $5000.00. I recently have been laid off from my job of almost 8 years at an Assisted Living Facility. I was so upset about being laid off, I loved those residents and did truly dedicate my time and heart to my job. I’m an LPN, and not having luck finding a job in this small community of no options except want to commute over 3 hours a day to a job. I have a family, so I really don’t want to do this commute 5 days a week, and with gas prices soaring, I don’t know if it would pay for me to travel such miles. Being a nurse, I have been told I’m an Angel, but I’m not so sure anymore,
    How could I do this to my family, my significant other knows nothing about my debt. I’m too ashamed to discuss it with him (my 1st husband died in car accident in 1998). I have been pretty good with my money situations until recently. Like I said the more I try to get out of debt, the deeper I get. I’m so stressed and depressed about this, I just have no where else to turn. I want to get rid of this debt, I can even pay $200.00 a month, if I could find a loan with a very low interest. these credit cards are drowning me in high interests and just can’t seem to get my head above water. I know this is my fault and I want to accept responsibility to find a way to get out. I came upon this Angel Loan website in my many searches. I am not asking for a free hand out, like I said, I can pay up $200.00 a month to a low interest loan. Mu promise to myself and to you is that if you can help me, I will cut up all my cards and never get another, but for now unfortunately I need them until I can get this debt resolved. I am a good person with a big heart. I just made some bad choices and mistakes. Please help me if you can…. I would appreciate anything you can do. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. my e-mail is : Thanks again, Melissa

  20. Samuel wrote:

    Pease i need a loan of $55000 to fund my flight training and will start paying within 3years from today.

  21. Tanya wrote:

    Angels, my name is Tanya and I’m a single mom with a 13 year old son. I’m in desparate need of money for a small amount. I just had my car repossessed and I need my car. I work and I don’t have a vehicle to take my son to school or go to work. All I’m asking for is 1600.00 if there’s anyway someone could possibly help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  22. Krista wrote:

    My family is in need of a loan of around $5500. We need it ASAP. We currently reside in Fresno,Ca. The money would be used in order to pay for the necessities to get my youngest daughter back home with her family. An unsecured loan with no collateral would be best. If there is any possibility of a grant or gift, that would be wonderful. If there is anything that might work for my family and myself, please contact us with the details. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

  23. Annabelle wrote:

    EKI am a hardworking single mother of two children that has dug herself so deep in debt that all I’m asking is for someone to give me a chance to live stress free so that I can enjoy my time with my children instead of always wondering when this financial nightmare will end. I know I got myself in this situation…I am in need of a $20000 loan that can be repayed in monthly installments of $500/month. It’s a lot to ask for, but it would wipe my debts clean and I can focus more on my family. Again, I just need someone to give me the opportunity to redeem myself financially, I’ve made mistakes and just want my life back.

  24. Edra wrote:

    Gainfully employed professional woman in Alaska needs a personal loan ASAP to consolidate debt. I have two daughters in their freshmen year of college, and because of creditor payments, I am unable to help them with school. My credit score is not good due to unfortunate medical and personal circumstances that occurred 5 years ago. I earn just under $70,000 per year, however debt is eating almost all of my “expendable” income (none of it is credit card debt). I would like the following terms:

    $50,000 for 72 months
    $876.66 monthly payments, which includes 8% interest
    No penalty for early payoff

    I am a very responsible and reliable individual that needs to get back in financial shape. I can provide proof of income and employment, debts, etc. PLEASE CONSIDER IT!! It would turn my life around.

  25. Charlene wrote:

    Would like to borrow $5000.00 to catch up on some delinquent bills. Just went back to work from a lay-off.

  26. Stanley wrote:

    I am writing this request in response to a hardship I encountered after committing ten years of my career supporting two men with a vision of opening a behavioral clinic to address the needs of families. Recently my contract was terminated due my position being revised and this experience left me in a severe depression while being a single dad and paying for a student in college. I have recently began to rebound and recently completed my undergraduate degree at Springfield College and successfully as a single dad have a son attending thomas College in Maine in his second year. In this process of rebounding this career setback, I’m in need of 13,000 for my son to return to school in January and I’m in need of 3,000 to minimize my landlord having to evict me. I recently obtained a contract with another clinic located in the inner city and I welcome support in resolving this matter in order to view my setback as an opportunity because that is 10yrs of live learning to empower people and communities from all walks of life that I plan on continuing to master. I am seeking resources to return to school in september of 2012 to work toward my MSW in pursuit of opening my own clinic.

  27. Enrique wrote:

    Ok, here is my story. I started a business about 18 months ago and my financial situation has been very difficult since then. I am still employed at my regular job while I tend to my business after work. However the costs have been much higher than I anticipated. I now need a loan, I will use it as a debt consolidation loan to pay off some high interest loans. I need about $10,000-$15,000. The only collateral I could give is some private stock I own which I bought a little over 2 years ago. The company’s strategy is to start trading publicly. At this point I want to hold on to my business because I do see lots of positives. Given some more time the business will stabilize. My problem was that I did not have enough capital to make it through all the early losses. In hindsight I should have waited another year before starting the business. I feel extremely confident that I will be able to pay the money before the end of the year, once I am able to get consolidate my loans. If anyone is able to help or point me in the right direction, please let me know.

  28. Zina wrote:

    I am trying to find a loan to purchase a hot dog cart so I can make some money to take care of myself. I will even take a used hot dog cart that I could make payments on. Any kind of food cart that I could use rent lease work with and share profits would be good thank you.

  29. Judy wrote:

    I have never done this before asked total strangers for a loan. I am 53, and in 2003 was diagnosed with HCV from a blood transfustion I recieved, after a botch apendectomy. They nicked a vein , looking around as my apendix was healthy. I was 22 at the time with 2 children and divorced from an abusive x husband. I got well from that surgery, went to work at a plant that made semi trailors, first women in the plant on 2nd shift at that time. Then the plant closed. I had to move myself and my children to another town which had a rental assistance program as I could not afford rent while waiting for social assistance. I decided in the meantime to go to college for graphic design. In my 3 d year 12 credits from an associate degree, my mother became severely ill with COPD at her age of 52 years old. I dropped out of school to care for her. She vecame ill in march of 1987 and was gone by august of 1987. I dont even remember that whole year afterwards I was so lost in grief. If it werent for my children I would have died of a broken heart. My mother was from Liverpool england with a tragic story of her own, she came over here as a 19 mother of one after meeting and marrying my father who was in thr army airforce stationed in liverpool. She was lost over here , no family did not drive and proceeded to have 4 more children. When she was in the hospitol having my brother, somehow our house burned to the ground with my father and our little dog in it. They both died. The rest of us luckily were shipped out to relatives as Mum was still in hospitol.
    Now back to me and what happened wirh my life. I could not go back to school as I had taken off too much time since my last semester and could no longer get student loans. I found a job bartending at a private Country Club., and worked there 8 years. I needed a change from that because I have asthma and the smoke was bothering me. I got a new job at a green house and was only there for six weeks before I fell over a ledge and shattered my left elbow and needed 2 surgerys. That took me three years to recover from. I went back to the country club, but found I could no longer lift to re stock and do the job. I started baby sitting for family and had by then met and married my new husband. We still struggled as he was in construction, and construction is slzve to the weather and job market around here, especially our long cold terrible winters.
    Anyway we bought a home and have struggled to maintain and afford our home together with his construction and my freelance art work. Then another accident I slipped on an icy sidewalj and shattered my left ankle ended up with metal and a staff infection, and then the metal started to re break my bones. I had to have another surgery in March 2010, which has left me permenantly disabled and with nerver damage, a mental block so I cannot create wirh my art work. I was going to counseling, but cannot afford to go anymore due to losing alot of insurance coverage when my husband recently retired. We barely make our mortgage much less our bills. We are now $5600.00 , behind on our mortgage and are being threatened with forclosure. We have tried every program out there, either we make too much money, or our credit is not good enough, or because our house is “underwater” we cannot find anyone to refinance with. If we coyld only get $5600.00 to catch up, I know we could make it. Please help us, I have been turned down for disability but am still trying. We have been in our home since 1992, made it our own, fruit trees a small pond garden and deck, only 850 squera feet and an average yard but its our home, so far. If you could find it in your heart to help , we would be eternally grateful and pray for you all the rest of our days. Thanks for listening.

  30. Michael wrote:

    Hello, I am in need of a low interest loan, but I am not eligible for one, due to my poor credit score. I know that “angel loans” are really often “free money”, but I don’t expect to get free money. I am trying to pay off my debt, but since I got laid off, it has been impossible to keep up. I am looking for 20,000.00 I can pay 400.00 back a month. Our house is 2 1/2 months behind and our car payment is 3 months. I need help badly.

  31. Monica wrote:

    I am someone who is a financially responsible person, I get a fixed retirement income that i have been receiving for 5 years , I would like to apply for a grant or learn How do you apply for a Angel loan? Looking to consolidate everything into one loan. I have a fico score of 700. Nothing really negitive on my credit just need to be able to make one payment a month rather than many scattered payments all thru out the month. I’ll be very grateful to every kind angel out there who stepped in and offereed my a angel loan It’ll keep my faith in humanity strong. Hopefully I’ll be able to return the good deed one day.

  32. Susan T wrote:

    I am in need of background information on this Kimberly Malloney or Kimberly Jordan or whatever name she is using. This is URGENT.

    Please respond and let me know what information I can provide to you so that you can get in touch with me.

    Thanks so much in advance.

  33. Vonnie wrote:

    HI my name is Vonnie. I got laid off back in 2009. Seemingly I have been playing catch up for the past two years. I have been working, but when I was laid off, my salary was cut more than half.
    I trying to hang on to my house, and utitlies. Presently my gas is shut off. On mother’s day I’m in my car and the breaks went out. Thankfully, I was safe. I’m behind in my mortagage, but would like to stay in my house and catch up on my car payments and also get my car out of the shop so I can drive it to work to make money.

    I’m requesting 20,000…it would allow me to catch up on my bills and pay off my car loan. I believe that it will allow me to start fresh on some level. I’m also looking for a part-time job.
    If you can help me I will be grateful for your help.

  34. Vonnie wrote:

    Hi, Vonnie again, I live in PA. I’m need ASAP. Behind in car payment and house payment. Credit is not good.

  35. ZDO wrote:

    Got behind in my rent and started using Payday loans, which are just a never ending cycle. I feel like every 2 weeks, I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul and I’m not getting anywhere. I’m barely treading water. I am a hardworking single mother that is going through a divorce from someone that has been un-employed for over three years now and is unable to provide any kind of support for our daughter. I lost my job and my home and downsized to an apartment and I’m struggling. I have a full time job now, but it just covers the essentials for me and my 12 year old daughter. I feel like if I had a $1110.00 to pay 1 months rent and one pay day loan I would be able to get ahead. I would be willing to make monthly payments of $100.00 with reasonable interest. I am so desperate to get out of this hole I have dug. I would even be willing to accept a smaller loan amount.
    I don’t have any credit cards or cable or gym fees or any of that other “extra” stuff. I have a car payment, rent, insurance, storage, food, gas, and necessities only. I will do whatever it takes. Please help if you can.

  36. Carol wrote:

    Am disabled vet living on 1121. a month. Have one son, who is disabled and makes 647 but uses every cent he gets plus needs help from me too. I have numberous health issues – CHF, CAD, Diabetes (with insulin shots), HBP, no air conditioning, older house with no insulation needing roofs, basement has mold growing which could be some of the cause of my breathing but veterans affairs at one time said they would fix my basement but apparently it never came through. Now my electricity is going to be turned off, owe 1200.00 (Got put on a budget because of high electric bills) Now that it has come back to play catch up, I find myself with yet another mouth to feed and little money to try to pay all the bills and buy food.

    I had to prove myself as a female when I first joined the Army. I need some help to pay off outstanding bills plus try to get the house fixed up and solar powering put on the roof. This takes money. I would love to get a low rate 2 percent loan or an angel grant. I just know that I am on oxygen 24/7 and the heat aggrevates my Congestive Heart Failure. I have always tried to pay all my bills and did good until May/June of this year. Please help me.

  37. desiree wrote:

    need help to pay my rent so my son and i become homeless and need to turn water in my home back on, would like to borrow $3,000. i have a job but im only on call and have not been called in for the last two weeks, i would be so greatfull to anyone that can help me, thank you for your time.

  38. Bella wrote:

    To Whom It May Concern

    I am not sure if you are able to help me as I am in England and writing on behalf of somebody Nepalese but with the hope that angel lending has some global dimension to it, here I am. My Nepalese friend, Khum has an unconditional offer to study for a Masters degree at the University of London (College details and offer letter available on request) starting this October 2012. It is a wonderful course and he has already prepared for his final dissertation ‘Barriers to Educating the Poorest of the Poor in Nepal’ which he truly believes will bring about a real reduction in the suffering of children in Nepal, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. I am seeking somebody to pay his £10,000 fees, direct to the university NOT to either of us.

    There are many strong reasons, apart from him being a lovely boy, why I want to help him rather than anybody else.

    1. He has chosen to study this wonderful course because he wants to change the world for the better. The depth and scope of his research, even at this stage, is remarkable and he has been a tireless worker for the human rights organisation CAHURAST, which involved seeking medical care and counselling for massacre survivors, defending political prisoners, diverting civilians away from conflict zones and bringing food supplies to stranded war victims.

    2. Precisely because of the above, helping Khum is the equivalent of helping so many. It is a social investment that will necessarily multiply the amount of good in the world since because his sincere humanitarian and philanthropic ambitions mean that he will use the Masters to help many people who will, in turn, help many more. It is not an exaggeration to say that helping him would potentially, mean managing to help hundreds of thousands of penniless people for the price of one. In charity terms, Khum is therefore ‘a bargain’.

    3. He (and/or I) would be more than willing to pay back any financial support, with any interest required (his credit is as clean as a whistle), and I have no doubt that he will be very succesful. Around £250-£350 is a realistic monthly amount. In this way helping him could be seen as a kind of micro-finance loan, which ironically, it is easier to get in some parts of the developing world now than it is here. He would also be happy to do unpaid work for anybody with businesses in England, say one day a week (so that it didn’t interfere with his studies). His mathematical ability is extraordinary and he can do very complex calculations in a jiffy and be a tremendous, free asset to any company department involving numeracy. I have seen him work at a variety of jobs, from book-keeping to handing out leaflets and he has always taken his work seriously and done it brilliantly. He could carry heavy boxes, be a gofer, clean houses, do gardening, anything. We just don’t have time beforehand as we must pay soon.

    4. As any cheque or other payment would only be made out to the College directly and not to Khum personally, any sponsoring individual or organisation would have the added satisfaction of knowing that they were helping one of the greatest educational institutions in the world. It is a marvellous cause in itself. It is also a charity and I believe donations to it are TAX-DEDUCTABLE!

    5. Khum has struggled so hard to get where he has. He suffered unimaginable poverty and violence as a child. He would work for many hours on the farm and in the jungle before and after school like many Nepalese children and would tryng to study while exhausted and racked with hunger pains. His grandmother, before she was sadly speared to death by a buffalo horn, felt only able to spare him one page of an exercise book per day and would tell him to ‘make it last’. This was, of course, impossible but he managed to save himself from beatings in mathematics, at least, by becoming brilliant at mental arithmetic. He gained a degree in Maths and Education and went on to become a Maths teacher and was promoted to Vice Principal although he lost this job when he refused to beat the kids. He worked in a factory in India to save the money to come to England where he studied for a Post Graduate Diploma in Kent, while working as a washing up person. Now finally he has the chance of London Univesity. He can see, smell and taste the possibility of a glorious future, but it is yet beyond his reach. I feel guilty for encouraging him when the financial side is so difficult to achieve and we are running out of time. He never ponced even a pound off me, on the contrary, he would help me out of his wretched washing-up wages.

    6. Since India and China emerged as the new economic superpowers, Nepal’s strategic importance between these two countries cannot be over-estimated. I have no doubt that eventually Khum will rise to such heights that he could be a wonderful ally and business partner for anybody seeking to promote and expand their business across Asia and would be delighted to repay the generosity of any sponsor in this way.

    7. Finally, Khum has such endearing personal qualities. He is a very ethical, kind, sweet and generous person and a real grafter. He has this huge great brain, yet little stick arms and legs due to malnutrition. He has always given so much more than he has ever received. He neither smokes, nor drinks and lives a frugal life of self-sacrifice, always sharing his dahl with others less fortunate than himself. His only indulgences are cricket and Chelsea Football Club (long before they were popular). From what I have seen of his behaviour over the last two years, Khum truly deserves help because he would never squander any opportunity but work day and night to squeeze out every last drop. And he would do this with a deep and sincere gratitude and respect, both of which, I am afraid to say, not all young people have these days. He is such a lovely boy.

    Sadly he has no chance unless we get a miracle soon. The clock is ticking, we only have a few weeks before the University need their cheque so drastic action is needed. I have written to loads of entrepeneurs and famous people without any success. If I had enough money to help him myself then I would do so willingly. I just can’t raise enough in time. I don’t really understand what sort of website this is, who might read this, whether they are people rather than machines or whether anybody can help, but I felt I had nothing to lose by giving it a try and I owe it to the boy to try every possible avenue. We just have days/weeks not weeks/months. Thank you for reading this and I wish you all success in all your projects. Because of the time frame, I would be most grateful if people only replied if they were able to really help. There is no point me applying for a normal type of loan as my credit is really awful I’m afraid and I don’t have time to go all through the applications when I have a 100% chance of rejection. So ideally it needs to be an Angel loan or gift and as I said before, paid directly to the university. Needless to say, any donor would be kept up to date with Khum’s academic progress throughout the entire study period and their identity could remain as public or private as they wished. Thank you.


  39. Art wrote:

    Hello. I am a 42 year old diabetic, living in Las Vegas, NV, who is in need of extensive dental work. The procedures that I have had done continue to fail secondary to my diabetes. I am a well controlled diabetic on insulin pump therapy. Of all the things that can be affected by this unforgiving disease the most targeted have been my eyes and my teeth. I have been informed that my only recourse now are dental implants and that the situation from this point will only worsen without this work being done. I received a modest estimate, compared to most, in the amount of just under $20,000 and can provide all specifics. I am not looking for a gift but rather a loan which I am not able to obtain using conventional methods. I fully desire to pay back my obligations. I simply need the financing and opportunity to repay. I lost my job a year ago through no fault of my own and since then we have viewed it as a mixed blessing. While we have certainly felt the financial impact of being a one income family the ability to play such a large part in our daughter’s life in these most formative years is priceless. I am blessed beyond belief and recognize that fact but unfortunately that plays no factor in the deteriorating state of my mouth. As it stands now, I am unable to eat simple foods, suffer from facial drooping in areas where I have lost teeth and just as importantly, am ashamed to smile at the great joy our daughter brings us. The psychological setbacks and ramifications of my situation are just as detrimental as the health ones. Simply put, I would love to be able to smile, eat and not suffer from dental pains any longer. My wife and I are both educated and the parents of a phenomenal 3 year old daughter. The majority of our savings (after our wedding and typical bills, student loans, etc.) went to conceive her through IVF method. The best decision we have ever made. I respectfully and humbly request your assistance. Thank you for your time.

  40. willie wrote:

    I’m looking to get an angel loan.I’m 57 years old and in good health..I live in a small town in central ky..i had a small clothing business.I also had a partner.She was also my woman.we lived together for 7 years..I ran the shop and i let her take care of all the paper work,money and so on..I thought she was taking care of taxes and everything else..the house we both lived in was in her name..We had to close the shop.The rent for the building we were renting wasn’t getting paid.I didn’t know this..The city nor the state sales tax for the business were getting paid.We had a $2000 small business loan together from our local SBA which wasn’t getting paid either..I have lost everything because of this woman.She was sending money to someone who she married last month(june 2012).I moved out..and i have move in with my 22 year old son and his mom.I have lost everything.I have no money at all.When i left i only got my clothes..if i could get my business again things would be a lot better for me.I have all my vender contact and i keep in tough with them.they want me to get my business going again..I do have a business plan and a building to rent.All i need is funding.I have put in Applications for jobs but everyone says im over quilafied because of me owning my own business for 9 years.I know lots of people in this city.I have lives here most of my life and i have coached football here for over 30 years..Right now i”m coaching Middle school football.Given the chance i could get back on my feet and help some other people!!

  41. Rita wrote:

    Need to get mom into assisted living. Pay off credit cards and medical bills. This would help and would be able to get on track.

  42. rita wrote:

    Loan needed to pay off credit cards and have emergency money. Hopefully having one loan date to remember would help improve my credit score. Mother going into assisted living need security deposit.


  43. james johnson wrote:

    I need 15,000 to help save my youth ran community business.

  44. Ann wrote:

    Hello to Anyone who wants to be my partner.

    I need to save my home. I am able bodied and willing to work. Sadly I used to be in the home furnishings business, which is still decimated by the economy, and can’t find a job that pays enough to live. I do have a plan but need to catch up before I lose my home.I will be homeless on the streets as I have no where to go.

    My proposal is that I sell you an interest in my home in exchange for the $7000 I need to avoid foreclosure.

    I live in a great neighborhood in Colorado. I have a plan for work that I will explain once we speak.

    I just need to stop taking $10 an hour jobs that are short term because they are not getting me out of the hole. I have 0 debt. My mortgage payment is very low so I can afford it if I can just get caught up. By selling you an interest in my home. I will have the time I need to increase my income and you have nothing to lose. For $7000 you will have an investment that will pay off by 1)my paying you back or 2)when I sell the house in a few years when it will be worth more.

    I have no family, divorced for 20 years, no kids. I am my only resource and with your help I can make it out of this hole.

    PLEASE contact me. It will be worth your time. I promise!

  45. Jerome and Teri wrote:

    My wife and I baught a 1995 Mobile home in March 2010 paid $15,000 down on 30,000 and our payments are $334.00 a month. The closer we get to paying off our loan the more she hassle us. We pay our home insurance on. The 10th of each month witch come out of our bank account each month. She says we owe her because Our insurance wasn’t paid. I found out she has a diffrent mortgage company I called the mortgage got all insurance taken care off. They told me I could assume the loan. I called the lady asked her if my loan was assume able. She said owe I wish it was I really want my name off of the title. I caught her in a lie
    Is there anyone that can help us.? We have paid her $25,000 and owe her around 8000 she trying to steal our home. Pay off would be a lot cheaper looking around 6000 are less to pay off bal. Please
    help God bless.

  46. michelle wrote:

    Pay off all my little debts so that the only thing left will be this monthly payment. Why? I’m a teacher and want to open a charity that will give gifts and rewards to students of large inner city public schools for acomplishments. I want to dedicate most of my income to helping to motivate students by giving awards and incentives. For example, the students at my school who win contests only get a certificate. But I want to encourage the younger students to work hard because when you win the science fair, math fair, egg drop contest or whatever, you get not just a certificate but a gift..!! A good gift like an itunes card, a ipad, a bike ,a skate board, a paint set…any gift but a gift. Even a trophy with their name would be delightful!! The students would be excited to try hard and focus and do better.

    Unfortunately with pay cuts I can hardly make ends meet much less motivate kids with gifts. We are thinking of gifts to give that require no money like lunch with the teacher…but a gift…that would be so special. My south central kids need gifts..Walmart cards for food or clothes, Target gift cards for clothes, shoes, etc…a bike, a skateboard, skates, etc…I want to give them gifts.

    The money would also allow me to form a nonprofit organization to find others who want to help me give kids motivational awards and gifts. I would initially give gifts but I want to continue the motivation from now to forever. And for all inner city schools. So I will need help. I already looked into forming the non-profit on legal zoom but I can’t afford to set it up yet. But I’m hopeful that there is someone,an angel or someone out there that can help me free myself up so I can focus on helping my kids, our kids…I may be motivating the next President or the next great inventor.
    Please help me… I have some Dentists who want to help already. They are willing to donate some gold crowns to my cause after I set it up….Help!! I want to motivate the kids NOW!! By telling them what amazing gift will be given to kids who come everyday on time…or who get on the honor roll…or who never have to be referred to the office for bad behavior…The students are so into technology …I would love to have my science book on an ipad so that the students who come everyday on time and get an A or B can use the ipad or an electronic reader instead of using a textbook….even that would really motivate the kids to work harded.

    A smaller amount of money would be great help but 100,000 would pay off every single debt I have except my house note, let me open the non-profit AND start giving gifts to my middle school this school year. Big nice gifts…20 dollar gift cards, 50 dollar gifts and 100 dollar gifts.!! Im so excited about the prospect… I just need help. I just need help. I want it before January so that I can start giving gifts to the graduating seniors of 2013 to help motivate the 6th and 7th graders to work hard starting NOW!!! But I want to be sure to be able to continue the motivational rewards. I need help, help, help!!! Please someone. I actually already started asking other teachers retired and current to sit on my board to help me make decisions and solicit funds… Im ready to help NOW!! Please somebody help me..We are losing to many kids. Have you been to the inner city public schools lately. They want to use technology, the kids want to be inspired, entertained, motivated…Its not happening yet but maybe we can motivate them to stay with us mentally by giving big rewards for success…I eventually want to reward teachers also…especially those who inspire, motivate and innovate!!!
    I’m getting overly excited seeing the kids faces when they hear the rewards!!
    Please someone Help Me!!!!

  47. ROBERT wrote:

    I am in need of an Angel loan as medical expenses divorces has taken its toll. I’m 55 years of age and have loans out from my retirement account. Straight out I need 20.000 but would be hreatful for anything. When I divorced I gave the house to my ex so my kids had a home. Between that and now medical it’s to much to take. Please help.

  48. Amanda wrote:

    Hey! My name is Amanda and a couple of days ago I found out that my mom could possibly have cancer again. My mom is the strongest woman I know! 🙂 she’s already survived cancer twice. 🙂 I need a 15,000 loan, from a LEGIT LENDER. I’m sure it is obvious to why I need the 15,000 loan. I need the loan ASAP for bill consolidation. I have been scammed so many times it hurts so bad bc they don’t know what my family and I are going through. please contact me if you’re a legit loan lender. God, please hear my prayer. Please. You can contact me at (removed email for borrower privacy)

  49. PS Corya wrote:

    First I would like to say this is the hardest thing I will ever do. I know my financial situation is no one’s fault but mine. Being 51 years old, three grown children, and divorced, I have served my country proudly and have worked since I was 14 years old. I was taught to work for what I wanted…not depend on a man to take care of me.
    I have always found a way to work through my problems. I didn’t pick the easiest way out but I did my best to overcome the hardship and become a better person because of it.
    This time is different and it seems out of my control. I got injured at work…a concussion, that at the time, was not extremely serious. Everything from that day forward has been a first for me. I have never had a concussion before, filed a workman’s compensation claim, missed work because of an injury, had a case worker assigned to me..who was suppose to look out for my best interests only to find out being honest was used against me instead of help me.
    Over the past year I have seen my family doctor (who won’t see me anymore), 2 occupational doctors referred by my case worker, and had my symptoms separated from the concussion, a neurologist who says i have migraines and prescribes medication that won’t help. Two neuro/physic doctors that my case worker told about my past and have been diagnosed with “emotional distress” which only showed up after the concussion.
    I was told in the beginning my body reacted as if I had a stroke. My case worker made sure that was never addressed. I was released from work. comp. in July only to find out I still can’t return to work cause I still have dizzy spells, severe head pain, short term memory and concentration problems, my left side is still weaker than my right side and i still pass out for no reason. I wore a heart monitor for two days and found out there is a problem with my heart.
    My employer has accused me of abandoning my job, dropped my insurance, won’t allow me to return to work. I have been denied unemployment, medicade, I have no income and am about a month away from loosing my home. I only have the bare essentials….electric, water, and a friend who takes me to get food vouchers once a week so I have a meal a day.
    I need an angel loan to help me. My medical bills, creditors, and get an attorney. If I could get $25,000 to get me through. I would be able to pay it forward when someone comes along and needs me to help them. Please consider my request and be my angel on earth. Thank you!!!!!

  50. Jill wrote:

    My family and I are in serious need of an Angel loan….We recently had to relocate to Anchorage Alaska for my husbands job and paid everything out of our own pockets just to get here….since the move it’s been a struggle. I had lost my job, and now my husband being a truck driver is gone most of the time. I finally was able to get work recently, but since it’s just me and our son most of the time we are having to play catch up on the bills. We just need a small loan, 2000.00-3000.00 to help us get caught up and avoid anymore late fees.

    I know a lot of other people need money too, and desperately..I just hope the may be some room for us too in the mix. I am desperate to find something, and I just feel like I am getting nowhere. Thank you for reading. And bless you for having this site up.

  51. Gilbert wrote:

    Please forgive me if this seems to be rambling. I am asking for a hand up, not a hand out. I fully intend to pay back any funds. I am currently fully employed. I am a school bus driver durng the week and a field supervisor for a sign spinning company on the weekend. I work seven days a week. My bills are rent$1300, storage$550, utilities$50, carpayment$300, insurance$190, phone$250, gas$150, laundry,food. I have a low balance credit card $300. One revolving account payment of $119. I average $2600 a month from my bus driving,and $900 from my weekend job. i have fallen into the pay day loan pit. Unexpected expenses has caused me to use those services and I havent been able to break it. At this time I can not make rent, car payment, credit card payment. Now about me, I have sevred in two services (Marine Corps-6yrs, Navy-4yrs), I am used to hard work. Legally my marital status is married. I have been seperated from my spouse since 2004. We have a daughter who is now 14. We have been room mates since the seperation living in seperate rooms. Without me there would be no health insurance for spouse. I have been supporting my spouse and child as best I can. My spouse hase’nt worked since 2000 due to Fibromyalgia and ruhmatoid arthritis. I need to be able to break this cycle or we may be on the street. And then the dominos will fall quickly, loss of car then loss of weekend job. Please, I just need a break. Will you help me before we become a statistic?

  52. Debbie wrote:

    Hi, I am a 51 year old single person with no dependents. I have been working at the same job for over 5 years and recently got into a financial crisis in which I have been trying to juggle my bills by taking out very high interest payday loans and I am starting to drown in them. I have had migraines off and on for over a year which debilitates me and then cannot work, which gets me into a financial crunch. I always been healthy up until then. All I am asking for is 5000 dollars to catch up on my payday loans, pay them off, and get back on track with my life. Headaches have been subsiding so not sick so much these days thankfully. Thank you for your time.

  53. David wrote:

    I am 56, male. I have been trying to put my wife through college for the past year. During this time we were hit with a large unexpected school expense that I unwisely funded to pay off the debt. This decision has cost me dearly. I can not get out of the payday loan cycle and I need 25k to right my finances. This would get rid of the paayday loans and bring my bills up to date. My credit has been reduced to poor due to this financial mistake. I make good money and normaly can meet all my needs until now. Your help would be a blessing for this year and would end a sever night mare for me. I need this funding in the next few days to save my assets. I liive in Texas if that matters.

  54. Benietchi wrote:

    how much you need to borrow
    – what type of loan you need
    – what State you live in
    – how quickly you need the loan

    Personal loan
    I live in California
    I need the loan as soon as possible

  55. David wrote:

    I am looking for an Angel Loan for $15,000. I have had a lot of heart problems and have many bills I owe to hospitals and doctors for treatment. Just trying to try and get out of this. Plus, my wife just lost her job and we are in a real bind now. Just asking for any help that could be provided to me.

  56. Nina wrote:

    This is not esay to write . I do not like ask for money beacuse we are hard working people that just got behind on their luck . I see that there is lot of people asking for help , and this is great that somebody is at least reading and listening. Me and my husband would like some help achiving that all American Dream. We would like to pay off all of our debt and start fresh. We both work now , but for some reason we can’t get ahead. If anybody is reading this please i’m not asking for free money i would pay back every penny plus intrest . My proposal would be if instrested is : I woould like to get $15,000 loan with 12% intrest to pay back over 4 years period with total paying back $18,674.31. If this is something that can be done please e-mail me , or if there is other opetion that you would like to present i’m willing to listen. Please and Thank You .
    God Bless You

  57. Summer wrote:

    Hello Angels,
    I am reaching out to you for a 2,000 dollar loan. Me and my fiance had unexpected surgery pop up. He is offwork for two weeks. He is a welder so the doctor won’t release him to go back to work until where the cyst was removed from his tailbone is completely healed shut. This has left us on the short side of expenses. We both.have missed work. I work part time under the table and only bring home 130 dollars per week. We have a 3 day pay coming from his work B.C. Fabrication which is 286 dollars. We get paid weekly and are willing to pay off with income tax. I wouldn’t be looking or asking if we didn’t have 3 children to provide for or have a credit score higher than 530. Thanks so much for reading!

  58. Summer wrote:

    Hello angel lenders,
    I am requesting a loan of 2,0000 dollars because we had an unexpected surgery pop up. My fiance had a cyst removed from his tailbone a week ago. He had an check up and the doctor isn’t releasing him back to work until next week. This has left us short on expenses for bills and to provide for our 3 kids. He makes 460 per week at B.C. Fabrication. I make 130 from a part time job under the table and get an Indian check of 3,000 twice a year. Our credit scores range in bad
    In the 400-530 range I do believe. So this is why we can’t go to a bank and we do not want to get wrapped up in payday loans. Thanks for reading!

  59. Milena wrote:

    Hello! This is true? Where in the world has to be something that is
    does not require back? Need would be $ 20,000 because tenants have no home, no job, two loans and more debt on utilities, I would have to electricity.Bili very grateful.

  60. gaby wrote:

    I know there are money angels out there who are willing to help individuals who are struggling financially. I need desperate help just to live again!

  61. gaby wrote:

    If you can truly help me contact me please!

  62. Milena wrote:

    Hello! This is money down the drain? Apply to Serbia? Should my family 10000th We have two loans, high electricity bills and even private debts that had to be taken. Thank in advance.

  63. Donna wrote:

    Hi I am asking for 30,000 I need to pay for surgery for my daughter and be able to pay my bills for the 6 months I will be off work with her. I have always been able to help people in need and never had to ask for help for myself but now with her illness and being in the nhospital alot I find myself in a major bind and having to ask so if there is anyone out there that can help me I need 30,000 I will pay back 33,000 to 35,000 I will need at least 3 years to 3 1/2 years to pay it back. I work at a hospital and I am trying to start my own business so I can be closer to her. I am a single mom of 5 and a grandma of 3. Please will someone help me out I need the money by Tuesday February the 26th 2013 Thank-you

  64. Lisa wrote:

    Hello, I am a bit nervous about posting this, as I am not sure if this is a legitimate website for “Angel Lenders” or something else. I have to take a chance as I feel lead to take this step. I am in the need of $3,000 to replace what I took from my joint account in order to help a woman who was in need of moving allowance to get her kids back.

    I showed love and compassion for someone who ended up taking me for granted. Now I am in a situation that my husband is unaware of and will be extremenly disappointed and very upset. I am employed and so is my husband, however he is not aware of what I have done. The young woman said she would repay the help in the next 48 hours, and I have not seen her or heard from her.

    I have to replace the funds as soon as possible to keep peace in my home. That was bill money and part of our taxes on our home. I do not have good credit to apply for a traditional personal loan, so I have been searching all over the web to find someone or a company who would lend to me the $3,000 with a repayment of $150.00 a month until repayed. I found this website and hoping for a miracle and or a blessing.

    Thank you and I hope to hear back from someone, if this is a sincere place for outeach and possible funding.

    Thanks again

  65. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Lisa,

    This is a zero risk site. You are not applying with us directly. Legitimate lenders are given access to these pre-apps and then they can consider contacting you with an offer. All lenders are monitored and vetted to make sure they are not nefarious. If a lender ever asks for money from you up front, or access to your bank account, etc., they are to be reported. We had one such lender since 2008 – they failed and were reported. That’s about as safe as it gets.

    We ask you not to use personal information here on our site though. You can use personal information later when you are speaking with the actual financial institution. If you don’t get a response from a lender that means none of them are prepared to enter into business with you (for various different reasons – location, State law, amount of loan, content of comment). If you are not contacted by email in the next 10 business days, you are not likely going to be contacted all.

  66. Gabor wrote:

    Hi Angels,

    This is a very nice things to do. I’m 45 year old , living in New York state and I never ask before for this type of help. Due to the really bad 2012 -Sandy hurricane, bad winter storm- my small business-computer repair- completely died.I’m rescuing animals -mostly cats- from the street.I’m running out from money. I have a 725 credit score, clean credit with no late , but i have a high debt and looks like I,m unable to get any regular loan ( i did try banks , P2P ).
    I would like to get a $ 15,000 ( $ 20,000) loan to start a new, unique business -nobody doing it in the area.
    I will able to pay the money back, but i’d like a 48 months term.
    Thank you

  67. (Name Protected) wrote:

    hello everyone my name is maya nash and i live in Bremerton, Washington.. it is very hard for me to come on to a site such as this but here it goes – i am 21 years old i have had alot of bodily damage done to me threw out my life when i was 5 i was mauled by a pitball and had to have 3 reconstructive surgerys between 2008 and 2009 i was in a house fire, hit by a car on my bicycle, and kicked by a horse. leaving my relativly young body in complete ruins. i use to be able to work out and i have had a hard time with my bones breaking down on me that i can no longer and i have gained substantial wieght and cannot loose it. in the short run all i am asking for is a 26,000 loan so that way i can get wieght loss surgery done to help me loose wieght and get some of the stress off my body and heart to where hopefully i can heal up enough to be able to keep a job and go back to school someday to make a better life for my daughter. my fico score is around 600-610 my husband is self employed and i am on unemployment currently we make plenty to pay it back within a 60 month lease with no problem. i am needing it within the next 2 weeks. i want to thank you all for reading.

  68. Yan wrote:

    We need US $13,000,000 soft loan for our low cost housing business for only 3 (three) years period. We give u 5% successful fee. Please contact us now at: (removed phone number and name for privacy of applicant)

  69. Cassie wrote:

    Dear team,

    I’m from Australia and just happened past your website. I am from a God fearing family and volunteer my time, money and resources to assisting those down on their luck. A month ago my Uncle passed away and I took in his Children. Now I’m behind on loans, rent and accumulating debts. I know this is a test of my strength, but I don’t know how much longer I will last. Please help me – I know you may not be able to considering I live in Australia. But I would sincerely appreciate it if you could keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


  70. Lisa wrote:

    I always believe there is someone worse off than me. I grew up as a ward of the state of Alabama, I was blessed that I was kept in the same foster home for most of my life. I lost my “dad” in Nov 2012. I have no family to look to for help. After a house fire in 2010, we find ourselves with a house that is in need of repair because we got a bad contractor. After working years in a home improvment store, I was able to buy clearance items that I could not normally afford. I filled my home with nice things. Lost most in fire, the contractor filled my home with cheap junk. Laminate, instead of hardwood. I rescue abused dogs, needless to say, floor not holding up at all. He knock a hole in my brick home to put my breaker box outside hanging on the brick, where anyone can turn off my power. I have other situations in my life that I wish to remain personal. I need $15,000-$25,000. The lower amount will help me get my cars out of title pawn with unbelieve high interest. And payoff some medical debt incurred. I have never done anything like this. So I don’t know what to say, what you expect me to say. I am a good person, I can provide references. Part of my debt is helping others, buying things I could not afford to help someone else out. I do not except to get an answer. It’s just awesome to know that there are still “angels among us”.

  71. Mary wrote:

    Hi! I’m on this site because I’m desperately needing money. I’m working here in USA, however since my husband is not working for 6 years now, because he has no permit to work, we are drowned in debts. I can’t apply for another loan because I already have a bad credit. The reason why I’m sending this because I really need money. We’ve been away from our family for 6 years, and we really want to visit out sick father. However, I tried everything to borrow money but no banks gave me the chance. If a good hearted person would be willing to lend me money, that would be a great blessings for us. I want to borrow $20,000. I hope that there is a good hearted person who will pay attention to my message… Thank you very much in advance.

  72. Audrey wrote:

    Hello, I am contacting you and am sincerely in need of financial help for legal assistance. I have currently sued my mortgage lender Bank of America. I wrote my own lawsuit as a Pro Se Lititgant and in May 2013 won a Temporary Restraining Order against B of A. In June 2013, and still as a Pro Se Litigant, I won a Preliminary Injunction against both Bank of America and Seterus Inc.

    In 2011 Bank of America transferred my loan to one of their subsidiary companies. They told me to keep my same account number and continue to pay their subsidiary. Within 4 months, Bank of America had REJECTED 4 of my mortgage payments stating that they no longer owned my loan and had transferred it yet again to another servicer named Seterus.

    Even though Bank of America ADMITTED they had continued to send me loan servicing documents TWO MONTHS after the loan was “allegedly” transferred, they told me that the letters were sent “inadvertantly” and that they were “sorry for the “inconvenience”.

    My home was placed into foreclosure because of the rejected payments, and they simply said, “sorry for the inconvenience”. I need money and/or legal assistance. My case has true merit and multiple attornies have stated that COURTS RARELY EVER GRANT Pro Se Litigants a Preliminary Injunction unless the EVIDENCE IS BLATANT AND OVERWHELMING!!! Please Help!!!

  73. mary unger wrote:

    hi my names Mary.we have 2 boys and due for another baby in a week.we r completely broke have a bunch of bills past due,rents behind,need to go shopping and wanna move a few hours away so wer close to family.i am trying to see if i can get a 20,000 dollar loan to catch up,or im afraid wel b living on the a stay at home mom and we have filed for bankruptcy almost 7 years ago so no one will really give us a loan yet.we also need a new vehicle,we need everything as of now.please let me kno if u can help:)thanks in advance

  74. mary wrote:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I am seeking a loan for the amount of 12000. I would like to pay off my high interest credit card debt. I have closed all but one account and once I obtain the loan funding I need the plan it to pay off and close down my last account. I am current on all credit cards and I have never been late. I have tried other lending site but have been denied due to cc balances being to high and too many inquiries. I have no desire to own credit cards again since I tend to spend more than I make with them. I would like a loan term of 48 months if possible. I can pay 12 percent interest. Thank you for reading my post and have a nice day.

  75. mary wrote:

    I forgot to add the following information to my comment

    I live in Lynn MA

    My credit scores were 644 676 710

    I could use the loan within the next 30 days


  76. Jerry wrote:

    I am requesting a Collateral loan for $15,000 using my fully paid for home as Collateral to show that I’m serious and not just asking for free money. I’m 51 years old and this is the only home I own, and my primary residence. The reason for this loan is as follows. After being Honorably Discharged from The United States Army after Desert Storm, I started a career driving trucks Inter-state. However, over the past 20 or so years my Health started to fail and I developed Severe Heart Problems, where as my heart would STOP for up to Three minutes at a time, and several times during the day for as long as 10 second Intervals. (The Veterans Hospital Discovered it.) So I was told I needed a Dual Chamber Pacemaker to force my heart to beat at a regular pace, or risk a major heart attack. It was a No Brain-er. I had the procedure. After which, while going through recovery, The Company I was Driving for released me from duty. I was told The Insurance company would no longer be able to cover me while operating a Commercial Vehicle because the Risk of an accident was to great Because of The Pacemaker, and The Medications I have to take. I’ve sought work in the same field, but get the same response and reasons. So after several attempts I was told that it may be best if I apply for Social Security Disability while I move into this new stage of my life, and start training for a less strenuous occupation. In which I am in the process of doing. However, during this period I’ve ran extremely low on Money. My savings is Gone, and My checking is Almost Gone. All this happened over a Two Year Period. (I stayed hopeful to long, I should have applied earlier as a fall back I guess.)Be that as it may. I am now expected to receive Social Security Disability at The End of 2013. But the Bills are Piling up and the money is running out. I put in for food stamps and am waiting for a reply. But Social Services doesn’t help with other bills like Taxes, Water, Garbage Pickup, ETC. So I’m trying to Borrow enough to get me through until my Benefits Kick in. I’ve tried Traditional Lending, but because I’ve Always paid for everything out of Pocket, My credit Score has Very Little Activity. At 51 all that shows on my Credit Report is about $4,500 in outstanding balances. Paying back this type loan would be No Problem because I’m used to doing Business this way, and if the interest helps others? All the better. All I ask is, Please consider my request. Your help would be GREATLY Appreciated…

  77. Nicole wrote:

    I have been disabled since 1993, went back to school and graduated college in 1997. Was able to manage to work for five years after that. However my legs continued to break down further, from the original accident in June of 93, that was a work accident, I was passenger and our work truck was hit head on . I have had innumerable surgeries, the most recent August 16. My mother has worked for more than 35 years, even after a five way bypass in 2009. In she was told that her heart at only 23 percent functioning, and that would explain her extreme fatigue and inability to meet everyday tasks to work. With the news of this I knew life would be changing rapidly, a of todayI have relocated my mother, and my uncle actively being treated for liver cancer into my already cramped two bedroom duplex with my 7 year old son. I recently applied to see if I qualified for a mortgage, however my credit scores ranged from 546 to 616, in large part due to so many medical bills that have piled up. An opportunity has come up that the owner of my neighboring duplex is willing to carry the contract, if I can come up with the 20 percent down. I live in Tacoma, Washington. Been in the same place for 3 years. I just want the last bit of time my mother has to be comfortable. She lost her husband and my father of 41 years on 12-12-12. We are still fighting too get