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How to Recover From a Really Bad Credit Rating

The latest person to write into our web site has gotten himself into a really difficult situation from a credit rating perspective. Basically he has been turned down by all lenders due to his bad credit rating and frankly we do not think that any of our lenders would entertain a loan to him. He […]

Is It Worth Damaging Your Credit Rating Further By Using A Debt Relief Program?

Our latest applicant is worried about the impact a debt relief program might have on his credit rating. It is already in bad shape with all of the credit cards that he has and the level of debt that he has compared to his income. There are several solutions to his issues, some might be […]

How To Improve My Credit Rating Fast

This client has done everything right in terms of paying his bills on time and avoiding debt, but has far too many credit cards which makes him a perceived credit risk in the eyes of most lenders. He has a good job and makes sufficient money for the mortgage he has applied for; however is […]

Bakersfield Auto Loan (the REDcard Problem) Part 1

Mark and Shirley (from Bakersfield California) were in the market for an auto loan and they didn’t have bad credit. Mark and Shirley were lucky people because they had good credit. Their credit was good enough that it turned out their FICO score was around 700, in fact more accurately their FICO score was closer […]