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10000 Dollar Debt Consolidation Loans in California

The latest applicant is applying for a $10000 dollar debt consolidation loan is California to help him repay several credit cards. He is applying well in advance of needing the money since his statements have not arrived yet; however he knows what the balance will be and when the money will need to be paid […]

Really Bad Credit Loan in Los Angeles, CA

The latest applicant has applied for a really bad credit loan and lives in Los Angeles, CA. His application is actually a bit confusing. He has asked to borrow $5000, but has also indicated that the minimum he needs is $1500 to pay his rent. At the very least we will have to clarify how […]

Fast Short-Term Loan for 2000 – 10000 In Oakland Ca

This client is an excellent example of where a fast short term loan can actually save him some money compared to just allowing his credit card debt to run a balance. Every time you do not pay the balance in full on your credit card by the statement due date, the credit card company is […]

Bad Credit Loans For Debt Consolidation – Los Angeles, CA

This client lives in Los Angeles, California and is applying for a bad credit loan so that he can do some debt consolidation of his six credit cards. He has all these credit cards and they are charged up to the maximum. He wants to avoid having to pay a great deal of interest on […]

$30000 Fast Loan for Surgery in Modesto, CA – Please Help

Our latest client is in need of a $30,000 fast loan for surgery scheduled for the following week and he lives in Modesto, California. The actual surgery is ahead of schedule due to a cancellation by another patient. He has not had time to make financial arrangements due to the suddenness of the operation. He […]

Overnight Loan for $4000 To Pay Off Bills and Other Stuff – Bakersfield, CA

This client has got himself into a financial cash flow problem and the only way out of it in the short term is to take out a loan which must be processed and the money delivered overnight. He has applied for an overnight loan for $4000 to pay off bills and other stuff which includes […]

Quick Personal Loan to Bail Out Relative – $5000 in Escondido, CA

This latest client is requesting approval for a quick personal loan to bail out a relative for the amount of $5000 and lives in Escondido, California.  Normally lenders are not that interested in what an unsecured personal loan will be used for. The lenders are focused on the credit worthiness of the applicant and their […]