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Non-Profit Debt Consolidation For Bad Credit

This consumer has experienced what most people do sometime over their lifetime. Financial emergencies driven by major repairs, health issues or loss of income usually translate into debt situations. If they are unprepared for this sort of thing, they usually end up in some sort of debt situation. They often turn to debt consolidation companies […]

Low APR Loans For Bad Credit Applicants (We Can Dream)

This applicant is really dreaming when he is asking for a low APR loan for someone with bad credit. The reality is that once your credit rating tanks, not only is it difficult to find a low APR loan, it is difficult to find a lender that will lend money to you at all. Fortunately […]

Bad Credit Loans For Debt Consolidation – Los Angeles, CA

This client lives in Los Angeles, California and is applying for a bad credit loan so that he can do some debt consolidation of his six credit cards. He has all these credit cards and they are charged up to the maximum. He wants to avoid having to pay a great deal of interest on […]

Need A Loan With Bad Credit in Oakland, CA for $10000

Our current applicant is applying for a bad credit loan and lives in the Oakland California area. He has a great job that pays well, however he freely admits that he is not good at saving for large expenditures that come along. In this case it is the taxes on his home and his health […]

Bad Credit Home Loan for $1,000,000 in Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood

Well this is certainly one of the unusual home loan applications that we have received in a while. Essentially this applicant is self financing his own film production and has run out of cash. He has turned to his current lender for further financing who will not loan him any further funds due to his […]

Bad Credit Car Loan for $15000 in Los Angeles, CA – Neighbourhood of Torrance

Our newest applicant is applying for a bad credit car loan for $15,000 and lives in the Torrance neighbourhood of Los Angles. He has seen a car that he would like to purchase which the dealer is currently holding for him on a first right of refusal basis and now he is looking for a […]

Bad Credit Bank Loan – Indio, Ca – $2000

This applicant is applying for a small personal loan of only $2000, however with his bad credit rating he is having difficulty in finding a financial institution who will lend him this bank loan.  He has taken steps to change his bad habits, however the damage is done and he has to live with a […]